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Do you know how much I love that I get to share my obsession with Offspring here on the blog every week – with you. Thank goodness you also share my obsession with all things Nina Proudman. Thank goodness.

I’ll get to the de-brief about Nina’s main outfit and the storyline soon but first I want to introduce you to a special mum.

Jodie Sindle is mum to twins Mia and Willow – the two girls who play baby Zoe in season 5 of Offspring. I’ve said it before and I’ll say at again. That baby/those babies they do shake up the old ovaries.

Here’s a little insight into how they came to be on the show. Thanks Jodie for sharing with Styling You.

Baby Zoe

The Nina and Patrick baby Zoe  played by twins Willow and Mia Sindle

Tell us about your babies. 

To say we were surprised to be expecting identical twins is quite the understatement. Mia and Willow were born in March 2013 and were five weeks premature. Mia weighed 2.2 kgs and Willow 1.8kgs. They spent three weeks in special care at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. It’s hard to believe they were once so tiny and fragile when you see the girls’ very squeezable and loveable, chubby cheeks today. I don’t think anyone would ever suspect the rough start they had to life just by looking at them now.

How did the role in Offspring come about? 

We responded to a casting call for six-month old, identical twin girls, brunette, for filming in Melbourne that was posted on the Australian Multiple Birth Association Facebook page. At this stage we had no idea it was for Offspring. As my husband, Olly, is a video editor/director, we decided to apply as we had an interest considering his line of work. We were very surprised to hear it was for the role of Nina and Patrick’s baby. I am an avid Offspring fan, so we decided to go for it. We were soon offered the part after meeting with the casting coordinator and producer. We were very torn whether we should then proceed and wondered if it was the “right” thing to do. We eventually decided, seeing it was such a unique opportunity, that we would accept. It would give our girls some memorable experiences to look back on later in life and, essentially, all they had to do was do what they do best – that is be babies!

What did a typical day on set look like?

The laws are very strict concerning children in the film and television industry. You can only ever be on set for a maximum of four hours at a time, and only ever three days in a week. Olly and I had to be super organised on filming days and a lot went on behind the scenes, from our perspective, to ensure that the girls had had enough sleep, were well fed, etc so they were happy and contented. It is a hard enough task juggling this for two babies when you’re just at home, let alone when fronting up to a film set!

The typical day involved firstly meeting the on-set nurse who remained with us for the duration of the call time. We would then see the ladies in wardrobe who had the clothes ready for that day’s scenes. I would dress Mia and Willow and together with their doppelganger doll, they would all be wearing identical outfits. We would either wait around to be called or very quickly, be whisked in front of the camera, depending on what the schedule was like for that particular day.

Sometimes it involved just a quick shot and we could go home. Other days, we would go to a couple of locations in Fitzroy or Collingwood, within the one call time. As the girls’ parents, we were very involved as we could best get them to smile, laugh, fall sleep or have their eyes follow us across the room for the camera. Everyone was extremely warm and friendly, and seemed to have a genuine love and affection for Mia and Willow, particularly those in wardrobe and the hair/make up departments, and Kat (Stewart) and Asher (Keddie). It was really nice arriving to such a warm reception and having people so excited to see our girls. We made some good friends and we even met Mia and Willow’s now nanny whom has since become a much loved member of our little family.

“Zoe” comes across has having an easy-going temperament … is that the case? 

Yes both girls do have a very easy going temperament. I think it was a great age to do filming as separation anxiety hadn’t kicked in yet and it was a very stimulating environment for them to be in; to have lots of people to interact with and things to look at. We had some beautiful moments, particularly with director Emma Freeman, who at times got the cast and crew to sing to the girls which was just lovely.

Had we filmed, say now, with the girls being 14 months old, I really don’t think it would be that easy. Mia and Willow were, and still are, generally placid and happy babies … most of the time! It can be pretty intense some days being parents of twins (not that we know any different) but we count ourselves so lucky. They are a lot of fun and it is incredible to witness their twin bond and how similar, yet so different, their individual personalities are.

Did you have some favourite outfits from what they wore on the show? 

The girls’ wear mainly Oishi-M and Cotton On Baby as Zoe. There were quite a lot of simple Target and Kmart essentials added in too which I think gave a very realistic, down-to-earth tone to her wardrobe. With Melbourne weather being rather unpredictable (to say the least), there were times when a jacket would very quickly be added, or on some near 40 degree days, just a simple singlet and nappy would be the only option. I really liked that the clothes were not over-the-top or too girlie. They were mostly gender neutral which is refreshing, considering a lot of kids labels really stereotype boys in blue, and girls in pink. A lot of the Cotton On clothes were similar to the ones we have at home and we already dress Mia and Willow in. They are bright, fun and affordable.

Do you think the girls will do some more acting?

No, the girls won’t be doing anymore acting – we’ve retired! It was a wonderful experience and one we are very grateful for. Mia and Willow now have a little bank account each and they can decide what to do with it in the future. But we are not looking at signing up with a agency or building their careers or anything like that! The “stage mum” persona, which we caught a bit of a glimpse of in this experience, sits very uncomfortably with us. I think we would only ever do something like this again if the girls were at a age where they could actually verbally tell us this is something they want to do. Then of course we would support them all the way.

Nina Proudman style

The main outfit worn by Nina in this episode featured a green top, scarf, skinny jeans, chocolate suede boots (yes, it looks like she’s swapped out the blue ones!) and Nina’s trademark layered necklaces and slung shoulder bag.

Nina Proudman wears American Vintage top and Acne jeans.

The top was American Vintage (a French label that offers classic basics). It’s not currently available but to buy American Vintage online for delivery in Australia, try ASOS, Revolve Clothing, Classic Spirit, Cecilie, Another Love, and Frockoholics.

Nina’s jeans are by Acne. I’m guessing this style.

The below outfit is pure inspiration. A kind of get-Nina’s-style-now-but-at-a-fraction-of-the-cost outfit idea (well except for the boots – they’re an investment!).

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Country Road top $34.95 | 2. Blue Bungalow scarf $39 | 3. Bohemian traders bag $119 | 4. Maria Rossi boots $379.95 | 5. Colette Hayman necklace $3.97 | 6. Adorne earrings $12.95 | 7. Target jeans $24 (on sale) 

Billie Proudman style

Billie Proudman Season 5 Offspring Episode 3

Billie’s pants sure caught my eye in this scene. Worn back with black top, trench and heels, they really do get to do the talking in this outfit. Can anyone help out with where they’re from?

Billie Proudman wears Cue skirt and top Offspring Season 5 episode 3Billie’s poolside outfit is from Cue … not current season but definitely her trademark strong bold graphics in a business-like design.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Oh my … “Hotel me!” may just be the line of the series. Classic Nina.

I did love that Nina did meet her male equivalent in Leo (Patrick Brammall – if you haven’t seen him and the classic Upper Middle Bogan then do yourself a favour!). It was like she was going to have a casual fling with her mirror male image.

With him the astronaut, her the florist. HAH!

My heart broke (again) for Nina when she saw Patrick while trying to get into the “sex holiday” business and announced that she didn’t think this “whole one-off casual sex thing is me”.

Even more heartbreaking was Billie and Mick’s skype and phone call break-up. Do you think it’s all over red rover? The romantic in me hopes not.

Just a few episodes ago, Billie was back. She was pulling all the lines and being the strong one for Nina. I hope she makes it through. I really do.

Over to you. Best bits/worst bits of last night’s episode? Want to re-create Nina’s green top look? Love the babies?

Photo credit: all images from the show are courtesy of Channel Ten. The photo of the twins was supplied by their mum Jodie.

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  1. Hi thanks for a great blog. I love Nina’s style and glad there are so many others too! I have several pairs of long boots and skinny jeans, plus a few similar necklaces, so I am currently teaming them with scarves for the ‘Nina’ look (bought a nice one at Just Jeans this week). Wear them with white shirts/ plain tshirts? I am also on the lookout for a denim jacket and brown crossbody bag. Some of her clothes are a bit expensive but love how you source similar with reasonable prices. Enjoy the long weekend. Keep the fashions coming…!

  2. Ok I need help!! I can say for sure the yellow bag Nina has for the pool you can also get from Pillowtalk! But I want Ninas one piece with two straps and towel, any thoughts?? Thanks! Did we ever find out who makes the new Doina cover?? 🙂 x

  3. Love the green top so glad to know where it’s from. Would anyone happen to know where Nina’s nappy bag is from…I love it looks big, practical & stylish?

    1. I second the nappy bag request! I give birth in about 10 weeks and am desperate to track it down. I agree, it looks super practical and stylish at the same time. Win!

      1. I also want to know as I am expecting twin girls in a months time. It looks big enough for two babies. All the bags I have seen are not quite big enough for me.

  4. Thanks for the great post Nikki, you Nina style for everyone comment inspired me and I picked up this outfit from big dubs for the grand total of $52! Now just to wait till those boots arrive…..

  5. Do you think that Patrick popping up during sex was guilt? Will Mick be back or is he leaving the series for a while I wonder. I thought they might have introduce the new love interest to Billie because he was leaving. Love the show and your site. I wish they wouldn’t play all the good bits on commercials talk about spoiler alert! Ok I will shut up now!

  6. Hello Nikki, do you or your readers know that Nina, Asher Keddie, has played a wonderful mother in the previously successful series
    Love My Way ?
    She is an absolute natural with all the baby scenes, don’t you think ?

  7. Oh love this interview! How gorgeous are those babies and their Mum! I was also devo re the Skype call and that sibling hug at the end nearly undid me. On the clothes front, I’m thrilled to say I picked up that green CR top earlier this week. Finally, I think those pants are from Zara – Glamour Mama wore them on floral day of the #snsprint challenge last week. x

  8. Straight after the “Hotel me” bit, it was Nina’s “strut” that had me laughing out loud! The way she was trying to act like this was the most normal thing in the world for her! So funny…. and yes, Patrick walking away was heart-breaking – thank goodness he wasn’t gone for good!!! I feel the producers are helping us to let go of Patrick gradually. Great job! LOVE this show!!

  9. Oh man. So many tears. So much going on. And yet still so beautiful. Loved Nina’s outfit last night – that colour green was EVERYWHERE last year so I’ve got a few tops already. Hooray! Love the scarf you’ve suggested.

  10. LOve the babies, so cute, thanks for the interview. Love Nina’s style but thanks goodness she didn’t wear something I ‘had’ to have this week and frantically search for :). The Nina/Billie dynamic is so good this season……one for sisters everywhere. I hated the airport ‘hotel me’ scene…it had me squirming while watching it and I thought my heart would break when Patrick turned to leave. What i find odd this time is how strange/odd Geraldine is…she is not a big part of the show now and always says crazy things…..hope it’s not a lead in to dementia/alzheimers. Once again your wrap up is wonderful to read. Thanks 🙂 x

  11. I find everytime that Patrick pops up it instantly makes me get all teary… and for some reason I kind of forget about him as I am into the story line but up he pops and it makes me sad 🙁 And then to top that off with Billie last night anddddd even when Klegg was so lovely and supportive when listening to Kim.
    My god I love this show!!! xxx

      1. It sure is, but my poor tear ducts hahaha. I get sooo emtional and it’s a TV show, but you are correct those writers def know how to push our crying buttons…. I am so exhausted from the crying LOL
        P.S. I don’t normally ride rollercoasters you know 😉

    1. Does anyone know where the yellow pool bag is from shown in the photo of the girls at the pool…. I think I seen someone write on Facebook it was from Myers?

  12. Thank you for including Billie …I tend to favour her style for work as I work in a relaxed “corporate” office. I like most of Nina’s looks for weekends or working from home. The babies are gorgeous…I’d love to know who their mummy was referring to when she said they’d “caught a glimpse” of the stage mum syndrome while on Offspring 🙂

  13. I have the Target jeans already and finished off the outfit with another trip to Target today – The Country Road top has been replicated by Target for just $5!!…and grabbed me some black suede (faux of course) knee high boots for just $36 on sale. Another great Nina post thankyou 🙂

  14. I love the story about the twins. They are really gorgeous babies and sound like they have a lovely family. I also loved last night’s episode. Nina was at her awkward best, especially the comment about flowers being the sexual organs of plants..I actually have acne jeans in a similar style. Bought them on ebay and I love them. Only paid about $50 I think..

  15. I love that you’ve shown a pair of Target jeans here. An easy way to get the look, but completely accessible and achievable for most people’s budgets. Thank you! For $24, I might have to pick myself up a pair, they look great. Last night’s episode was a cracker – so many highs and lows. Such brilliant writing. I feel for Billy. Though she’s made her mistakes in the past, I don’t think she deserved that.

    1. I bought a pair of Target jeans last year on the day I was going to a Pink concert, just bought them on the fly as I had nothing to wear – and they are the best jeans ever! Whenever I wear them ppl comment that I look good. They are nice and long too, which if don’t often get being almost 6ft. They were around the $25 mark. Highly recommend.

  16. The Kim and Clegg moment broke my heart. Especially when Clegg told Kim it was time for her let the people who love her to care for her. Just beautiful. I also love Nina’s jeans and desperately want some skinny jeans to tuck into my boots, but I’m afraid I can’t do it with my well developed “child bearing” hips. Any advice?

      1. Hi Nikki, I took the plunge today and bought not one but two pairs of skinny jeans. I got them at Target – I bought the Classic Straight (maybe not really classified as “skinny” but they are to me) and the Modern Slim Leg. They were $30 and $20 and with the 20% off all women’s gear at Target today, I only paid $40 for the pair!! Great value and I’m really happy with their fit. Thanks for encouraging me to try them out.

    1. Jeans west do a great range called curve embracer that are available in skinny leg styles but made for curvier hips! And they have 40% off at the moment too!!

        1. I knew last nights were from Acne, but I didn’t think they suited her body as well as the Mavi’s (that’s mostly what she wore pre-pregnancy), but maybe I’m biased. They give great butt lift!

  17. I loved the babies story ,so interesting and a great insight into acting and how sets work etc and I agree they are gorgeous babies.Thanks Nikki for sharing.I also loved Billie in her gorgeous pants.
    I loved Nina in her green top and yay for her wearing scarves again!
    I really liked her “hotel me” and Billie trying to look Hot for Mick ,but what I liked the best was how the siblings all get together and support each other!

  18. My laugh-out-loud moment was when Billie turned the fan on so she could get the wind-machine ‘look’ for her Skype call. Another bittersweet episode that captured everything perfectly as usual. From Clegg’s reaction to Kim’s news – his softly spoken “can I look at you now?” – to the cringey awkwardness of the casual fling thing and the beautiful tableau of the three siblings at the end as they comforted Billie. Le sigh . . .

  19. What a cracker of an episode!! Any idea where the top is from that Nina is wearing in the beginning of the episode – it’s the green and white one 🙂

  20. classic! … just as I started watching it, mr m walked in … hello!
    I didn’t look at him just said chic flick! … bye!…
    he mumbled something!
    hate to be disturbed or interrupted when watching it! …
    I love how those writer’s hook into our vulnerabilities nikki!
    lol & tears! … cheers m:)X

      1. Mine arrived home in the middle of it and tried to talk I cut him off with a swift “I’m watching Offspring” so he quickly disappeared to put the bins out!

  21. A classic episode, with both tears and laughter for me. I loved Clegg’s reaction to Kim’s break-up (so kind), but the standout for me was Billie and Mick. Really can’t blame Mick for moving on, but (and it’s a long time ago) I still remember that hope that everything will be OK in a relationship that’s gone bad. I’m with you in holding out hope they’ll get back together eventually- well this season.

  22. My heart broke for Billie, damn Mick, but I guess we knew it was coming. Yes the Patrick scenes tear at the heart strings. It will be a sad sad day when he eventually does disappear from Nina’s thoughts. Those little girls, Mia and Willow are just super super adorable. Thank you for sharing a little insight into their life. V x

  23. Wow. I’m so impressed by Jodie. I have identical twin girls as well and when they were little it was all I could do to get out of the house! They are gorgeous and do so well in the show.
    I thought Leo was a real sweetie. I just LOVED that silky green top but I’m a sucker for that green. Thanks for another fab Offspring post!

  24. Wow! What an insight into ‘Zoe’?! Thank you for sharing. The babies are adorable! My heart broke for Bille – damn Mick! Next weeks Billie/Lawrence scene looks hilarious. Nina was rocking the green top, in her trademark style. Love it!

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