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The Nina Proudman effect is alive and well.

I was in Byron Bay last weekend and just about every fashion store I walked into was carrying the Nina-style vibe.

Walking past the closed Tigerlily store on a Friday night and seeing last week’s red jacket in blue from the window was enough to send me back the next day to see if it was still available in my size.

Sadly it wasn’t. And after much internets searching, I just had to let it go.

I’d become the victim of my own obsession.

Onwards and upwards. It’s another week. Another new episode of Offspring and new obsessions to be made.

And coincidentally more Tigerlily!

I talked last week about the two main outfits Nina wears – the jeans outfit and the maxi skirt outfit. This week it was her third style of choice that featured – the maxi dress outfit.

The maxi dress outfit

Offspring Season 5 | Billie and Nina Proudman with baby Zoe

Nina is wearing a Tigerlily maxi dress from last winter. It has sleeves but this look could work equally as well with a sleeveless or tank-style maxi and jacket. There are a few other Tigerlily maxi dress options (apart from included below) here. Plus also check out the maxi dresses currently available at Mister Zimi.

The white draped jacket Nina was wearing has appeared in previous seasons. It’s the kind of jacket you’d see more of on sale from about August but I’ve located a few. There is the one below from Target – plus this one, this one and this one at The Iconic (all with limited sizing left).

Nina wore her Tsumori suede boots from last season (you can get the back story on those boots here) but I think this look can be achieved with an ankle boot too. I may even like it better.

Nina’s still wearing her trademark layered fine necklaces, which you can see in the photo above proving very attractive as play things to baby Zoe. I don’t know about you but I had to put away my fine jewellery until my babies had moved on from the grabbing stage. Both the jewellery brands I’ve linked to below have had pieces appear on Nina in past series.

Let’s not forget about Billie – she’s wearing a Karen Millen tank. The leather jacket she wore with this outfit was a Boss by Hugo Boss design. The massive yellow and black earrings (I never did find out where they were from – anyone know?) and giant black cocktail ring also re-appeared from last season’s wardrobe. Bold Billie is BACK.

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Tigerlily dress $179.95 | 2. Target jacket $49 | 3. Nicole Fendel earrings $69 | 4. Misuzi necklace $159 | 5. Django & Juliette boots $199.95 | 6. 1&20 Blackbirds twin belt pack $8.48

Loved Zara’s maternity jumpsuit look?

Not sure it would have helped Jimmy in his post-proposal endeavours 😉 but she looked super cute in this look. It’s not an exact match (hers is an old-season Tigerlily) but this jumpsuit would let you create a similar look. This one too. Finding a summer weight cardi like this is difficult at this time of year but you may already have one in your wardrobe. Otherwise keep an eye out in stores from late July.

Jimmy Proudman proposed to Zara Offspring Season 5 Ep 2

And as for baby Zoe – who is actually played by twins Willow and Mia – the rattling of my old ovaries continued. Here she/they is/are in another top by Oishi-m.

Baby Zoe Reid in Oishi-m Offspring

Almost as cute as Baby Zoe is the linen that was on Nina’s bed in last week’s episode. The owl pillowcases are from an Australian textile company, Feliz. Feliz is about “fun, organic, locally and ethically produced homewares – all printed and made lovingly by hand”. I’m in love.

FELIZ Pink Owl Pillowcase | as seen on Nina Proudman's bed (Offspring)

You know my policy on drinks in jars, don’t you? The drink tastes better because it looks better!

Well, the jars served up at Jimmy’s tacoria are pretty damn good looking. They’re from Rainy Sunday – a small contemporary craft label making boutique drinking jars and stylish wooden mason jar stands. What started as a favour for a friend at her wedding has turned into a fully fledged business.

Rainy Sunday Drinking Jars | As seen on Offspring

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Any episode of any TV show that starts with Chrissie Swan has me front row and centre. Love her and love her cameo on last night’s episode as host of the fictitious Best Mother awards.

What we also learn in this scene is that Patrick’s sister Kate and her bike delivery boy boyfriend are now living in the States, which is code for don’t expect to see this actor this season. Insert sad face here.

This episode has a number of focal points – the re-emergence of Nina’s ex-husband, Billie’s non-date with “lock up the horses” Hotty McHotteson Lawrence (Nina’s psychologist) and Jimmy’s haircut proposal to Zara that involved him breakdancing to Rockmelons’ That Word played by a mariachi band (#onlyonoffspring) at the opening on his third tacoria.

And let’s not brush over Zara’s determination to prove to new hospital gyno Elvis that she is the “wild” one in the ward. “It’s like my trademark,” she told an unconvinced Elvis.

Nina set Elvis straight. As only Nina can.

Over to you? How are you coping with the re-appearing Patrick? Are you worried for Nina’s fine necklaces breaking? Did you buy her Tigerlily dress last winter? Fave part of last night’s episode?

Photo credit: all images from the show are courtesy of Channel Ten

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  1. Girls, there are jackets on eBay! I’ve seen a couple of the Red ones, the blue one and the Cote Jacket that Nikki talks about in her blog.. Go have a look. Good luck x

  2. Oh Louise, I simply cannot imagine your loss – I’ve lost a mum but not a partner. Grief is funny thing and impacts us indefinitely I think – we just don’t realise in what way until we’re in it.

  3. Love, love, love your column Nikki!!! I am sooooo excited that I found it and check most days for updates. And can’t believe that I actually bought the Maxi that Nina wore this week, last year as well!! For everyone out there it’s called the Tigerlily Batik floral maxi and you see some occasionally on eBay. I agree, we should all be stocking up on Tigerlily this season as its sure to feature on next years Offspring series. Your column is just the best!!! ThankYOU thankYOU!!!

  4. Hi everyone! Does anyone know what top nina was wearing at the start of the show? It wasn’t on long but it was white with a light aqua green style embroidery. Loving this season!

  5. Hi I’m desperate to find Billie’s leather jacket from ep 2. Think you said it’s Boss by Hugo Boss. I’ve been looking online & can’t find it. Do you know if it’s current season & still available? Thanks for the info!

  6. Hi love your blog! Do you happen to know the quilt cover label on the first episode (it’s a yellow and white pattern with the owl pillowcases)?

  7. I must admit I loved Offspring last night. So fond of it. Even Tech Guy sat down and watched it with me, and admitted he liked it so much, he wants to buy all the old episodes so we can watch it together. Awwwww … And the baby/babies are gorgeous!

  8. Thanks as always for the SP Nikki! I love your suggested outfit – I have the blue (fake) ankle boots but need the maxi to go with them!! And that lovely bedlinen. Methinks my retired ovaries will be doing the same when Offspring e v e n t u a l l y returns to my screen! xx

  9. I don’t know what it is about Lawrence, but it’s SOMETHING! Loved the proposal – hilarious and romantic and zany and very Offspring. I’m so glad Zara said yes. I just hope she doesn’t get cold feet and I hope Kim organises the hen’s do!

  10. Hi Nikki, just wondering do you know the brand and style of the black dress Nina was wearing in the ‘best mother award’ scenes? love your blog!

  11. Fantastic to see Chrissie Swan last night she is perfect for Offspring. We now have Nina’s crazy attempt at a one night stand to look forward too next week and I guess Jimmy and Zara’s wedding later this season. That will be a nice counterbalance with last seasons funeral.
    So very happy that we still get to see Patrick.
    Loving these Offspring posts once again Nikki.

      1. I don’t think it’s Zara and Jimmy’s baby. That’s my hunch 😉 Definitely Zara… not Jimmy. Megs xx

  12. hi nikki, nina suits those clothes so well!
    I’m always laughing at billie as she is always over analysing … she is hilarious!
    seeing Patrick is always ‘easy on the eye’ and it helps to ease him out of the series after the dramatic ending last year …
    also I thought zara was going to say no!
    thanks nikki lol m:)X

  13. Thankyou – I can never find belts – I clearly just don’t know what shops to go in to, but two belts on way to me now!

  14. I cry too much watching the Patrick scenes. I’m a hormonal mess lol but I’m not ready for Nina to have a new man ( that guy in the ads for next week is not ok with me!)…

    I agree, ankle boots much better than the knee highs. For me the stand out piece was Zara’s cardi she wore over the jumpsuit, so pretty!!

  15. I must say I like Patrick Brammall, so I guess I smiled when I saw him on the short for next week… not to replace ‘Our Patrick’ of course ! Maybe he will be a light hearted distraction

    1. This is what I love about your blog Nikki – these suggestions/tips people share. Andrea, this site is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  16. I adore the blue version of Nina’s red jacket from last week too. I went in to Tigerlily yesterday at Warringah Mall here in Sydney but there is only a size 6 left if anyone out there is still looking 🙂
    Laughed and cried again last night. Nina’s sadness following the proposal last night was palpable (sob, gulp). But looking at next week’s trailer, I’m not ready for Neens to move on yet!!!

  17. such a gorgeous blog – my friend recommended i read it and i love the beautiful conversational tone of your posts! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the enviable style of Nina…. my little shop Cranmore Home stocks Feliz’s linen and it has been flying out the door since Nina’s bed was ‘dressed’ in it xx

  18. I loved Nina in the maxi dress and jacket and boots!I agree about Nina’s fine jewellery she must invest in a trendy teething necklace and that baby Zoe is so beautiful!
    My favourite moment I think was when Billie said to Nina you are seeing Patrick aren’t you and sent her off to have time out,Billie being the loving sister.Thank you Nikki for sourcing those pillowcases if I buy them I will be blaming you,they are lovely.Thank you for the Offspring wrap up!

  19. I loved Nina’s dress and loved her little dance as she left the reception desk after trying to convince Zara to go to the opening. Love seeing Ghost Patrick but agree with Michelle who said it is taking a toll on her emotions.

  20. I laughed a lot in last night’s episode – especially Billie on the phone to Lawrence using her serious deep voice. Kim is hilarious too! It’s lovely Nina still ‘sees’ Patrick, although I did feel sad for her vision after Jimmy’s proposal. Loved Zara’s jumpsuit and Nina’s dress was gorgeous. Very Neens! Thanks for the wrap up Nikki – I love them!

  21. I have the Tigerlily bomber jacket in the same print as Nina’s maxi dress. It has grey jersey lining and is a shape that’s much more flattering to me than last week’s red jacket.

      1. Yes Nikki. I bought it last year and love this for work with a pencil skirt or on the weekend over jeans and a t-shirt.

  22. Loved last night’s episode – the highlights being Billie’s awkward date with Lawrence at the Tin Pot Cafe (around the corner from where we used to live) and that great scene at the end with Nina and her ex Brendan – I thought that was a really believable conversation and well acted. Now on to the clothes, I loved that maxi/jacket look but there’s no way I was wearing delicate necklaces with my little boys. In other news, I picked up a couple of those gorgeous drinking jars last year – they are gorgeous and are perfect for milkshakes too! Great wrap Nikki!

    1. Love that it’s a real cafe Vanessa! And the scene with Nina’s ex was so very real. I didn’t wear any delicate necklaces either – even attempts at non delicate ones ended up in tears (mine!). And great work on the jars. I’ve got a few jars but not with fancy lids!

  23. I loved Zara’s jumpsuit with “baby pouch” as my sister called it, but agree that it would have been tricky to get out of for the “post proposal endeavours”! Nina’s dress was gorgeous too, I was a bit surprised to see it had sleeves when she took her jacket off!

  24. I have a skirt in the same fabric as Nina’s dress. Might trot it out for a twirl today. Too soon? Don’t care! Lucky Melbourne’s weather has been fabbo!

  25. I’m so glad you found those drinking jars. I was drooling over Geraldines last night. I am probably the only one but I kinda liked Jimmy’s haircut. And hot ghost Patrick is adorable but the emotional toll his appearances are taking on me is high.

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