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I know if you’re regular around these parts you’re probably wondering where #everydaystyle has gone. It’s Friday. It should be here. I’m sorry. It will be back next week. Please still do share your daily outfits.

This week’s work plans spun a little out of control after my beautiful Nan passed away on Monday. The funeral is today and I’ve been helping out the family doing things like writing Nan’s history, finding old photos and putting together the order of service.

This is stuff that generally comes easy to me – writing and computer stuff – so I am glad to help out in a small way.

I’m also a sucker for nostalgia. And nostalgia is definitely what I’ve had by the bucket load this week.

Family history is important, I think. Nan – she was born Dorothy but was known as Tobe all her life – was married to Arch, my Pop. Pop died two years ago and we’re grateful that while he was still able to he had written down his life history.

From that, I was able to take bits out and re-write so we have Nan’s documented as well. So much of their life was about things they did together.

They met during World War II in Brisbane – and were married (Nan in a gorgeous blue frock) before the end of the war.

Nan and Pop Wedding Day

It was a love story till the end. They worked super hard in the early days but by the time I was a kid I think they were doing ok.

In my childhood mind, they were always jetting off to exotic places, returning with souvenir spoons and Nan with a new charm to add to her charm bracelet. It was through her eyes – and that charm bracelet – that I dreamed of travelling. And trinkets.

Before they retired to the Sunshine Coast in the late 1970s, they lived in an apartment in New Farm. New Farm was always a pretty inner-city Brisbane suburb but not the kind of trendy suburb it is now.

After visiting the nearby Powerhouse Markets one Saturday morning earlier this year – not long after we moved to Brisbane – I insisted we do a drive by of that apartment block. It’s still standing – from the outside largely unchanged.

That apartment was the height of 1970s elegance at the time. I remember Nan had a “thing” for purple. Quite similar to my thing for pineapples 😉 Even the dreaded wooden spoon was purple. I can’t remember her using on me or my brothers but it would have been waved around as a threat for sure.

It was after their move to the Sunshine Coast that my memories are wrapped up in the beach holidays we had with them.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by Pip Lincolne at Kidspot if I wanted to offer up a prompt for the Voices of 2014 Flashback Friday challenge.

When I suggested HOLIDAY as the prompt, I couldn’t have suggested a more timely and apt prompt to go along with the nostalgia I’ve experienced all week.

And when this photo popped up as a possible inclusion for the slideshow at Nan’s funeral today, I knew I’d found the photo that best marks what holidays meant to me … back in the day (that’s my Nan in the purple swimsuit kneeling on the sand.)

Friday Flashback Mooloolaba Beach 1979

Holidays meant long mornings on the beach and in the water … but not before sunscreen was applied. No rash vests around at that time.

It meant not caring that was I was in a bikini – or thinking that I should have had my body bikini ready before summer!

It meant swimming in the waves at Mooloolaba until we were called in to go home.

It meant hanging out with cousins.

It meant tucking into early breakfast of cut paw paw and orange … hoping that some of Nan’s slice with lemon icing and 100s and 1000s on top would be on offer for afternoon tea.

It was the stuff that childhoods should be made of.

And I’m so damn blessed that I got to experience that.

Rest in peace Nan. Thanks for the memories.


If you’d like to join in this week for Kidspot Voices of 2014’s Flashback Friday, it’s super simple.

To play #flashbackfriday…

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  1. Such a beautiful photo and so many happy memories. Your nan was a real styler – you have it in your genes! This is such a beautiful tribute to your nan, Nikki. The good thing about memories is they last forever xx

  2. Oh goodness, I have started a charm (albeit a pandora) bracelet for my daughter (who is scarily well travelled and 7 mind you) from our travels. I will give it to her when she is a little older and fingers crossed she loves it. You had some wonderful times with your Nan. How lucky to have had her in your life, and for your children also. Hugs to all of you x

  3. Yes, you do look a little like your Nan – isn’t that wonderful? Your “holiday” snap is so similar to my family’s holiday snaps – I must try to upload for the “flashbackfriday” thing! Lovely story too.

  4. Beautiful memories. A sad day for you today, but from my experience, can also be a calming, retrospective experience. A walk through history, that cements you to who you are. All the best for today.

  5. Beautiful words Nikki, thinking of you today. No wonder you love wearing blue so much! Are you the little topless cutie in that wonderful beach pic?? xx

  6. Lovely! And you definitely have a good share of Nan’s genes by the looks of that pic…and to live to the ripe old age of 98 they are obviously good genes to have! xxx

  7. I hope all these lovely memories and stories provide you some moments of happiness as you make it through the farewell to you Nan today.

    What a stunner in that blue dress, and the hat, all so fabulous.

  8. What a beautiful reminder of your Nan Nikki ,memories are priceless.I will be thinking of you today as you farewell your purple loving Nan and lots of love to you and your family xx

  9. Such a beautifully written post Nikki. As Cicero said “Memory truly is the treasury and guardian of all things”.

  10. You are right to treasure memories of those days, Nikki. Sadly, geography meant that i never spent any time with any of my grandparents, nor my kids with theirs. That’s why I’m so happy that now I’m a grandparent I can be involved in my 18 month old granddaughter’s life. I am told that when they turn the corner to our street she starts squealing out “mimi mimi” . God bless today as your family gathers to remember your wonderful nan. Xx

  11. I’m sure you will deliver a beautiful message about your special nan, nikki!
    tissues here, as I remember writing mum’s eulogy etc. to honour her life … someone’s life reduced into a few minutes, takes a really special thoughtful process, but somehow, it is especially healing for the one who writes it.
    ‘linking with love’ m:)X

  12. You look so similar to your grandmother! My father passed away in the last few weeks, despite the sadness I have cherished the nostalgia and shared memories with family. I too feel blessed for my childhood. I hope these memories give you comfort x

  13. You look so similar to your grandmother! My father passed away in the last few weeks, despite the sadness I have cherished the nostalgia and shared memories with family. I too feel blessed for my childhood. I hope these memories give you comfort x

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