Should you change skin care products?

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Ahh, should you change skin care products?

This is a topic I get asked about quite a bit. I usually respond with two things:

1. Are you consistent with what you currently use?

2. Are you happy/unhappy with the results?

Should you change skin care products

These two questions are super important for a number of reasons.

The consistency question is the top priority in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what your skin care products claim to do, if you don’t use them then they can’t do the work, can they?

Only when you are consistently using your products – any products – can you make an real assessment as to whether they’re working for your skin.

And by working for your skin, I mean are they doing what you’d hoped they would do. Are they helping to decrease break-outs, are they addressing the hydration of your skin, are they helping with any redness?

If your answer is yes to both the above questions, than you’re excused for the day. Go straight to the top of the skin care regime class and collect your gold star on the way through.

If your answer to question one is “could be better” then I’d love you to set yourself a challenge to cleanse, moisturise and treat your skin twice a week for 28 days. No excuses, just make it happen.

Then you can give me your answer to number 2.

And if that’s still a “no, I’m not happy, could be better” then read on. It might be time for you to explore a little shake up of your skin care routine.

How to choose new products

1. Look at your current offering and work first with what you’ve got. Yes, you may have decided that the overall result is not working for you but maybe it will be ok to hold on to your cleanser or day moisturisers until they’ve run out. I’m never about a wholesale dumping of what we’ve paid good money for.

2. Decide what you’d most like your skin care to do for you. What’s your main concern? That’s how you you’re going to narrow down your product focus and ensure you spend your dollars on products that work for you – not your daughter or your sister or your girlfriend or your mum. Also decide what’s most important to you in a product. Is it its cost? Is it that it’s chemical-free? Is it that it’s cruelty-free? Is it that it’s a salon prescription for your skin.

3. Get advice. Personal recommendations are great but what works for your friends or relatives may not work for you. It may even make your skin worse. If your budget stretches to it, then head to a respected and recommended salon and put a plan in place for your skin care that includes regular facials. A beauty therapist can also help pinpoint particular problem areas you may not even realise exist. Don’t automatically buy the products they recommend. Ask for samples before spending up.

4. Do your research. In stores – boutique-style, beauty counters or budget – you can easily be bombarded by clever marketing and signage. Before heading in store, let your mouse finger do the clicking and search for products to suit your skin and in a price bracket that fits your budget. Read a bunch of online reviews. In store, always ask for samples – not possible generally in a supermarket – but in other places like Priceline, department stores and Mecca Cosmetica yes.

5. Start with the basics. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking you need a hundred different products to keep your skin on track. You don’t. Yes, I personally get carried away at times (technically it’s my job so that’s ok) but when it comes down it, the essentials I think should be on your basics skin care wishlist are: cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen, serum, exfoliating product. Every morning: cleanse, apply serum, moisturise and sunscreen (yes to combining a moisturising sunscreen for day). Every night: cleanse, apply serum, moisturise. Every few days, use an exfoliating product after cleansing (granules or an AHA/lactic acid formula).  My only other product addition I would include is a good eye cream. I tend to use this around my lips too.

3 skin care ranges to try

I’ve been trialling these three ranges over the past few months*. Each is priced differently but each sets out to do what it claims to. One of these ranges might suit you.

I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to have all your skin care products from the same brand but if you’re new to this product journey then I think that it’s not such a bad place to start. As you get comfortable with certain products, you’ll also get more comfortable with choosing a different cleanser or moisturiser or serum and mixing it up between brands.

People for Plants

People for Plants

This Australian new-kid-on-the-skincare block launched last year. It was created with a vision for organic skincare products that work. It’s a cruelty free range created from highly potent certified organic ingredients – no parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, petrochemicals, silicones, phthalates, nature identical ingredients, GMOs, PEGs, DEA, TEA, EDTA, MEA, carbomers, ethoxylates or 1,4-dioxane.

What the products do contain are botanicals that help with general and specific skin care concerns. They’re not 100% organic but the percentage of organic products is labelled on each product. All are priced under $29.95. I used a selection of the products from the “ageing concern” category for about a month: Foaming Gel Cleanser ($24.95), Mist Toner ($19.95), Day Cream ($29.95), Night Cream ($29.95) and Rosehip Calendula Chamomile Face Oil ($29.95)

This range is incredibly nurturing for your skin – and accessible. That as well as its transparency in regards to ingredients makes it a winner in my books. You can also buy at Priceline.

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue range

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Range

I’m yet to meet a Jurlique product I haven’t liked. This Australian-based skincare company has its own farm in South Australia where for 25 years it has grown biodynamic ingredients for its products. It guarantees there are no synthetic chemicals sprayed on ingredients from that farm. This is very important for those with sensitive skin.

This range includes Jurlique’s Comfort Complex which soothes skin sensitivity and enriches skin with cucumber and chamomile. I’m very much prone to redness and used the three products in this range for about a month with success: Calming Mist ($55), Restorative Treatment Serum ($80) and Soothing Moisturising Cream ($85). A starter kit is available for $59.

The Calendula (grown on the Jurlique farm) in these products is key to calming, restoring and soothing skin sensitivity. The formulations are more than 95% natural and don’t contain alcohol, parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals, silicones, formaldehyde donors and artificial colours and fragrances.

HydroPeptide skin care range


I was introduced to this range by my therapist at Endota Spa Rosalie, Katrina. I made a pact with myself at the start of the year that I was going to aim to have a facial every month. I’ve sort of kept to that pact. Last month didn’t happen because of the dreaded flu but I’m back on track. I figure if it’s every six weeks then I’m still ahead of last year. My skin really is showing for it.

This Endota spa stocks a number of skin care ranges but after consultation with Katrina it was decided that HydroPeptide facials it would be – the emphasis with this treatment and products is very much in boosting hydration levels in the skin. That’s something my skin very much needs year round these days – age will do that. I’ve been using the home products for about a month now and they very much have helped in that department. My skin also has a smoothness and brightness to it that is an improvement from before.

Morning and night I’m using the Cleanse ($65), Serum ($190), Power Lift ($120) and Eye. About once a week I’m using the Peel Kit ($99) – two products that work together to offer an in-home version of what Katrina uses in her facials. It’s not an inexpensive range but it will appeal to women who are regular salon-product buyers and looking for a little more from their products.

The key to these products is the peptide technology contained within. The peptides work at a cellular level to increase hydration, smooth the skin and make it more luminous. They work alongside antioxidant-rich botanical stem cells, AHAs and hyaluronic acid for a powerful age-preserving combination.

* These products were sent to me for editorial consideration

Over to you … what’s your skin care regime look like? Are you consistent? Does it work for you? 

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  5. I’m a bit late I know ! If anyone is still reading, the Sukin range is so gentle, does a fine job and costs next to nothing – just at your chemist 🙂

  6. Having just turned 40 and dealing with oiliness, rosacea and pimples most of my life, I am very much into the right skincare. Having tried so many different products, I have noticed a big difference by combing natural, organic products with active serums. I love the Pai brand-the Hydrating cleanser and moisturiser are great for sensitive skin. I also invest in good serums from Medik8 and Aspect.

  7. I’m pretty consistent with cleansing, mist toner and moisturiser then my bb cream for day. I need to remember to exfoliate each week. I love Endota Spa at Rosalie. I need to get back there for another facial!

  8. I agree, it’s always good to do a little overhaul and reassess your requirements. I love Jurlique products and it’s always nice to discover new brands too. I’ve found some wonderful products via samples.

  9. Hi Nikki, would love you to do a similar post on products for oily skin! I’m pushing close to 40, have had oily skin all my life, large pores etc, but not too many blemishes these days. But honestly, by lunchtime my makeup is sliding off my face! I just have no idea now about what my routine should be and what products to even try, especially now I’m looking at anti-ageing skincare.

  10. Hi Nikki, I think that’s the advice I needed – to be good for 28 days (I’m very good mornings but not so at night!), before I change anything. Apparently the spots I’m getting on my jawline are a side effect of turning 40! Am about to try Clinique’s anti-blemish solution on them. Must start using a serum again too. Do you think Trilogy’s rosehip oil would do the trick when my daytime moisturiser is Garnier BB cream? Thanks for all your tips! xx

    1. Let me know how the 28 days go! And those spots on the jawline – I had them about 10 years or so ago. They can also be brought on by stress – well so said my facial therapist at the time. Being consistent will help get your skin back in balance. Yes to the rosehip oil!!

  11. I’ve been umming & aaring over new skincare for a while, not because I dont like mine but because i’m sick of orering it online. I want to try Zoe’s Go-To range but I’m not sure about using a foam cleanser ( they are no good for my skin) & again its online only & the People for Plants sounds good but again a foam cleanser….

  12. I feel a little up in the air lately with my skincare. I want something reasonably budget friendly that works. Once I’ve used up all my bits & pieces, I’m thinking of trying Zoe’s Go-To cleanser & moisturiser but stepping it up a notch with a treatment serum that exfloiates, brightens etc. Plus a sunscreen of course. I’ve always taken care of my skin but with 40 just around the corner, I need to step it up a notch and like you say…be consistent!

  13. I’m a QV gal. I do mix it up from time to time but in terms of skincare, I go gentle and mild with rosehip oil at night and sunscreen during the day.

  14. Totally agree with you, Nikki…which is why I recently gave my skincare routine a major overhaul. I now use Go-To (cleanser, exfoliating wipes), Garnier (micellar cleansing water for night) and rosehip oil. The improvement in my skin has already impressed me. Just by being consistent, keeping it simple and using a few really great products has made all the difference.

  15. Has anyone tried Arbonne products? I’ve been given some samples and am about to give it a go. I think my skincare program could benefit from good products and consistency. I’m trying to go all natural like the ones available through nourished but find that my budget is holding me back.

    1. Lots of people on my FB page have but many are also selling it. They’re not totally natural – if you look at ingredient list you’ll see scientific ingredients too. If natural is important and budget is tight, look at People for Plants above – they’re transparent as to % of organic ingredients and all under $30.

  16. I have sun damaged skin and in my 50’s still get clogged pores. I find that the Priori range really works for me. Expensive though and I would like to know of something similar but cheaper. My dermatologist recommends either Nivea or Clinique’s City Block for sun protection and Cetaphil for moisture/ cleansing.

    1. Your dermatologist’s recommendations are spot on – and the Priori range is a good one. If you wanted to cut costs maybe just swap out their cleanser for Cetaphil and stick to the serum and moisturiser.

  17. I swear by Dermalogica products I use the barrier repair ,the skin smoothing cream and the ultralcalming mask and the intensive mousturiser mask and leave the masks on over night like the therapist told me a couple of nights a week,when my cleanser runs out I will be using the Garnier cleansing water and I use cetaphil in the shower.
    my skin has behaved itself for about 18 months on this regime so no I don’t need to change at this point and I also use rose hip oil as a serum.I buy the large sizes and find they last a very long time,great post Nikki!

  18. I guess I have just come to the conclusion that sometimes I need to change things up because I have different issues to deal with. Dryness is a big thing for me now that I have never been concerned with before. So I have gone with an ultra hydrating night cream which is helping (along with a couple of days a week mixing some of the night cream I was previously using with my usual SPF moisturiser for the day). I have also found that a lot of salons will offer a special rate if you buy a “group” of facials/skin treatments up front, ie. 6 for the price of 4. Great post Nikki!

  19. hello nikki! I’m sure we all have that drawer with half used products which are way past the use by date some having ‘cost an arm and a leg’ and dissatisfied to say the least!
    my doctor put me onto this cream for itchy scratchy legs as I have keratosis
    but she uses it on her face and so do I and it is the best thing since!!! … Hamilton skinactive urederm high potency urea cream $10 or less… yes!
    they also have a urederm cleanser in a pump pack … for very dry/sensitive skin … it is not as green as I’d like but it does the job … in my early 60’s
    sun damaged forever, but most people comment on my skin looks and want to know what I use. I have been using this for three or four years and I’m very happy with this product! mr m uses it when he gets a shaving rash
    and it disappears in no time … all good … cheers m:)X

  20. I love the Clinique range and if consitent (ahem) my skin benefits greatly
    Love the moisture surge at night after a windy dry day or need a pick me up

  21. I’ve been paying the price of growing up in Queensland and having skin cancers removed from my face for years. My specialist who does all my surgery said 2 products that cost peanuts were the best. 1. Cetaphil for cleansing. ($7 from chemist, use in shower, brilliant) 2. Sunblock – any kind, just use it. He also gave me a great tip for scarring post surgery but it also works on all sorts of scarring and as a parched skin therapy. Buy vitamin E capsules from the chemist (yes, the ones you swallow), pierce them with a needle and firmly massage the oil within into your skin. Trust me, it works !

  22. I started using the Triology rosehip last year and this year added their cleanser and most to my regime. I use Nivea q10 eye cream – love it. Think I need to add an exfoliant to my weekly routine, but as I have such sensitive skin are always reluctant to try something new in case I have a reaction to it. Wonder if trilogy do one?

        1. Vicky – I have had success with just using baking powder mixed with a little water as an exfoliant on my sensitive skin – just remember to go slowly at first. Cheap as chips as well!

          Cindy F

  23. I have recently added Swipeys from Zoe Fosters Go-To range to my skincare products…and I love them…I use them twice weekly and they make my skin feel great.

  24. I love these kinds of posts! My skin is looking okay lately, the only things I don’t change are Lancôme eye cream and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen brandwise, other than that – richer moisturiser for the cooler weather. I use of mix of cleansers and moisturisers depending on how my skin is feeling or looking. Sleep, or lack of is the biggest thing for me, struggle with insomnia and it shows. Not using a serum at the moment, should look into that – any suggestions please?

      1. Thanks for the link Nikki, it looks and sounds great! I am thinking that the blend of oils might help me sleep too 😉

  25. I am religious in my skincare approach these day. Other than the obvious wrinkles, its the dryness that I have the biggest problem with. I struggle to find a product that is moisturising enough for my parched skin and often find myself using a night cream under my foundation. Love the sound of HydroPeptide range! x

  26. I am a huge lover of Clinique. Their moisturising range for my super dry skin is fabulous. Though I may need a change. Maybe I should consider a facial every month as well. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.
    V x

  27. I love the info you provide and other readers suggestions.
    Onto the Garnier primer, heaps cheaper than Benefit’s and great.
    I am committed to cleanse and moisturise and SPF and do not stick to one brand.
    My concern is for the teens in the house, their bathroom is like a lab. Recently my daughter wanted the Zoe Foster range but I found it odd to buy just online and not to sample first. Whilst it’s probably a super product, I have encouraged her to stick with shopping at Priceline and dept stores and talk to staff and sample things.

    1. I’m impressed that your teens are in a skin care routine! As for Zoe’s range, I can recommend it – I think it does work in this case for online as she’s incredibly knowledgable about skin care – not bring in stores would keep the prices down too. The cleanser, swipeys and moisturiser would be good buys for your teens.

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