Beauty Favourites May 2014

Beauty favourites May 2014

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It’s a marketing minefield out there when it comes to what’s new in the beauty industry.

Product-wise, each month I share with you five of my beauty favourites. Things I’ve been using during the past month that I’m likely to keep in my beauty kit long after the trial period has finished. Things I’m likely to re-purchase.

Maybe one or two of the below fits in to your beauty regime – and budget – too.

Beauty Favourites May 2014

1. Color Wow Root Cover Up $49.95:  You know that week before you’re due for a hair colour freshen up? One day you don’t even notice your roots, the next they’re screaming back at you from the bathroom mirror saying get me to a hair colourist quick smart? This is the product you need on hand for those days. It’s a powder that you apply with the supplied brush to camouflage your hair re-growth. It won’t make it completely disappear but it will make your roots blend better with the coloured part of your hair. This is the blonde shade but it’s also available in light brown, medium brown and dark brown. Buy at Hairhouse Warehouse.

2. Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust $22.95 (on sale at Adore Beauty): I know there are rules about shimmer and one’s age and not shimmering it up but I say poo-poo to those rules and many more where those rules come from. A little pearlescent glow never did anyone any harm, I say. Mica is the ingredient in this product that brings on the shimmer and the mica in this product is manufactured under strict laboratory conditions to ensure it’s free of contaminants found in mica’s natural state. This is one of those multi-purpose products that I love. It’s a loose dust that actually contains 24-Karat gold flakes and it can be used as a highlighter, eye shadow, all over shimmer or mixed with a moisturiser. Even mix with a gel and add to your hair. This particular shade is bronze – I’ve used it for a shimmer at the top of my cheekbones and as an eye colour. You might prefer the gold, silver, champagne or rose gold shades. Cruelty free.

3. Arbonne 10-in-1 CC Cream $49:  I’m no stranger to a BB or CC cream. If that’s all just a lot of double letters to you, check out my back story on these creams. In a nutshell CC stands for colour correction, so a cream like this has the consistency and weight of a tinted moisturiser but the masking and correcting ability of a foundation. BB stands for Blemish or Beauty Balm and many BB creams also have this colour correction element in their formulas – also working over time to even out the complexion just as a skincare product would. I do like wearing this one. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite of a very extensive BB/CC collection because I like a sunscreen in my BB or CC but as for colour (and I’m using the Light) it’s fabulous. My girlfriend Victoria sent me this trial (she’s a consultant – follow her Instagram I@thearbonnecollective for beauty inspiration)Cruelty Free.

4. Zazi Mineral Cosmetics Lipstick $25: Zazi is a Queensland-based mineral cosmetics company offering Australian-made products. Its initial product offering was mineral makeup when founder Roz Smith created her own in a way to help her daughter who had teenage acne. The lipstick range has been created like the mineral makeup with natural products that protect and treat. It’s a complete delight to wear  – something my lips will love through a windy, dry winter. Natural, cruelty-free.

5. Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara $24.95: Sensitive eyes and mascara are not usually good makeup mates but there are more formulas out there now that are worth trying. Jane Iredale and Ere Perez have long offered great options but I was excited to discover this one at budget level. It’s the type of mascara that delivers fibres to the end of lashes – so great if it’s longer lashes you’re after. The fibres are natural and this style of mascara means you won’t get clumping or smudging. This particular mascara isn’t showing up online at Priceline at the moment but worth a check in store. Natural, cruelty-free.

Ok, so now it’s over to you … I love how you share with us all any products you’ve discovered. Share in the comments below.

PS. My beautiful Nan passed away yesterday afternoon. She’d just turned 98 last month so had lived a very long and full life. This post is dedicated to her. She kept her beauty regime up until the end – Ponds Cold Cream morning and night on her face. It very much showed in her skin. Here she is (on the left) almost 50 years ago with her eldest daughter, my late mum. Rest in peace Nan and say hi to Mum for me. x

My Nan, on the left, with my late mum at her wedding to my Dad (both happily remarried).  This is 45 or so years ago and I swear Nan's cheeks still look this good today.

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  1. Hi Nikki
    Sorry about your Nan, it really leaves a gap in your life once they are gone :o(
    I have just started using Jeunesse skincare and nutrition products, what an amazing company, the anti-ageing skincare/nutrition are based on stem cell technology. I am starting to see and feel fantastic results already! More information is available at or you can email me at [email protected]
    Good luck with saying goodbye

  2. Nikki, sorry to read about your Nan. It’s over 20 years since my Nana pasted in her 90’s too. Even now when us cousins get together we often have big discussions of the great times we had with Nana. It’s memories to treasure and you never loose these. Fran xxx

  3. Condolences to you Nikki. I lost my wonderful grandmother 19 years ago, when I was 31, and I still miss her. She was 91. One thing I learned from that experience was that just because someone is old doesn’t mean that you won’t grieve and feel their loss deeply. Your Nan must have been very special to you, especially because she was 98, and you are losing her as a grown woman. How stylish she was! My gorgeous grandmother, a dressmaker, would always tell me “comfort must give way to elegance”. God bless our grandmothers.

  4. RIP Nan. We’ve also recently lost ours at 98.

    What a beautiful photo of those two ladies. Really like the wedding dress – I’d wear that now..

  5. So sorry to hear about your Nan Nikki. My Grandma mixed it up with Ponds cold cream and oil of Ulan but she also would bake her white skin in the sun and cover herself with oil and as a result has recurring skin cancers on her legs and arms. She was a red head with white skin too!

  6. Dear Nikki, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. What a long line of beauties there are in your family. Hugs to you and yours – take it easy this week xx

  7. Nans are always very special. No matter their chronological age, we are never ready to say goodbye. Sending love to you Nikki. x

  8. Nikki, I’m sorry to read the news about your Nan, my thoughts are with you. Grandparents are special and it sounds like she was a lovely woman who was greatly loved. Beautiful too!
    I’m excited about the root cover up product. Very. Off to investigate.

  9. Condolences to you re: your nan. Hugs. I miss my nana often.
    Can’t wait till your post on Thursday workshopping All The Important Issues (what Nina wore and how we copy it.

  10. Condolences to you and your family. Gorgeous photo and you can see the family resemblance. Might check out the Mascara you mentioned when I’m next in Priceline. I love to try different ones. Lovely that you mentioned the Ponds Cold Cream, I did a little Blog post of my own the other day on that very product. I know of so many older ladies that swore by it, and they all had beautiful skin.

  11. Oh, so sorry to hear about your Nan. She’s in good hands now. Ponds seemed to be the go-to face cream for that generation eh? Thanks for sharing.

  12. So sorry for your loss, Nikki. I’m sure you and your family have plenty of wonderful memories of your Nan that will keep her living on in your lives. I think when we talk about those we’ve lost and remember all the things that were shared they never truly leave us.
    I lost my Grandma nearly 30 years ago, but she lives on in how I make a pot of tea, (never tea bags for her) and whenever I wear blue (her favourite colour).

  13. So sorry about your nan- what a great “innings” though! Loved this post! Am in the process of switching all my make up to cruelty free products only and this came just at the right time! Many thanks. X

  14. My deepest condolences to you and your family Nikki on the passing of your beautiful Nan. Not an easy time, but am praying you are warmed by all the memories you have of her.
    And thanks for this very informative post. I am a big BB and CC girl too, makes the whole makeup regime a much quicker one, unless I am off to something more important for the day then I need a stronger cover. At the moment, I am switching between the Revlon Photoready BB cream with SPF30, the Loreal BB SPF12 and the Big Easy by Benefit with SPF30. I am big into SPF as I am also a medical doctor and I see way too many skin damage that could have been prevented by using SPF. So leaning towards the Revlon and Big Easy. It’s down to colour and how it blends into my skin, and longevity. Giving it another week or so, before I decide.
    Whoops sorry for the long spill! obviously passionate about the BB’s and the CC’s!

  15. Nikki I am very sorry to hear about your Nan, That is a beautiful photo you have shared! And it is evident she has passed onto you some great tips you have been good enough to share with us – it doesn’t matter so much what you use as long as you do it consistently.

    On the topic of new make-up products … I have been able to try the Dermalogica skin perfecting primer. And I agree It is pretty amazing!

  16. Hugs to you Nikki. I found it hard saying goodbye to my last Gran as it really felt like we were losing not only our matriarch but also a big chunk of our family history. Having said that she too had reached a ripe old age and it was her time – which made it easier to let her go. I also agree with others about Miss SY and your Mum – especially the smile.
    I haven’t really tried out any new make-up lately but I do like the sound of that mascara and the gold dust. I’m with you on the shimmer “rule” and happly flaunt it!

  17. Saddened to hear of your Nan’s passing, Nikki. xx
    “What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” – Helen Keller

    I have just discovered MAC patent polish lip pencil – similar to the Covergirl lip perfection jumbo. Have asked my SIL to purchase for me while she’s in the US. Will report back to you!

  18. I am so so sorry to hear about your Nan passing away,my thoughts are with you Nikki.Your Nan was a wise woman.
    The root powder looks like a great product,I haven’t had time to but any new beauty items,it has been hectic around here.
    One of my lovely grandmothers was a very well groomed woman and wore her lippy to the letter box and looked after her skin I still miss her wise words,big Hugs and love to you and your family Nikki xx

  19. Dear Nikki, your nan looked beautiful, my Oma was a fan of Oil of Ulan and used that every day and had beautiful skin too. Sounds like you were so lucky to have this lady in your life.

  20. with tears welling as I read the last of your post this morning nikki …
    sending my sincere condolences.
    ponds cold cream was my mother’s regime and her skin always felt like silk and looked beautiful too … it probably had nasties in it. not the huge choice in those days, not like we have now … too many choices! … it was a staple of that generation. love m:)X

  21. Blessings and love to you Nikki… sad to hear about your nan’s passing.
    You clearly come from a line of very beautiful women, and now you have that continue with Miss SY too.

  22. My condolences to your family Nikki – what a great age and gorgeous photo to treasure. You must see your mum every time you look at MIss SY’s lovely face – such a resemblance. X

    1. Do you know Christa, I’d never seen it until someone said so on Instagram. It makes me smile and yes if you swap mum’s hair for long blonde I do see it. They never met so it’s a lovely thing.

  23. Hello Nikki. Condolences on the passing if your Nan. My dear Nan died last month. She was 101! We had a great gathering for her 100th, but this past she really had become increasingly frail, so I think was her time to go. She and Grandpa ran a fruit and vegetable business as well as raising 6 children. In later years, Nan’s garden was always full of roses, herbs, fruit and veg. Ponds cream and Oil of Ulay were her creams of choice. This month I am trying some of the “Go To’ skin care products recommended by yourself and SoniaStyling. The Gold Dust sounds worth investigating. Thanks again for the the tips.

    1. Oh yay to your Nan. My Gran (my Dad’s mum) lived to 102 – raised 7 kids – hardy stock. I’ve also been using the Go-To lips! and the cleanser. Lucky I bought two of the Lips! as Mr SY has been nabbing it on these windy days.

  24. Hi Nikki, so sorry to hear of your loss. Your Nan and mum were certainly beautiful ladies. If my years in the beauty industry taught me anything it was ‘never underestimate the power of the brow’. This week I was thrilled to acquire (bought myself for mother’s day) Stefan Brow Sculpt. A great powder duo that comes with a little angled brush to define the brows. Just like a pop of lippy, I never leave home without doing them now and powder is, in my opinion, so much better than brow pencil. PS: My Nan was an Oil of Olay lady and kept hers in the fridge.

  25. Sorry to hear about your Nan, Nikki. What a beautiful photo. My Nana used Ponds morning and night too, it’s one of my favourite childhood memories, watching her apply and then tissue it off, then put a bit more on. She had lovely skin too. I wish I’d taken heed when she told me to stay out of the sun! She was nearly 102 when she died, hopefully we both have inherited longevity from our Nans and our granddaughters will talking about us with fond memories x

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