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I’ve been taking a few nostalgic steps down Fashion Memory Lane of late.

Or more specifically delving into my huge box of photos – photos shot on this quaint thing they called film.

This fashion nostalgia has been brought on by a couple of things. First, Miss SY moved into my old university college so I just HAD to show her the photos of me in a toga in O-Week didn’t I? Because I  TOTES was just like her. Except we never said TOTES.

It’s also my 30-year school reunion later in the year and the organisers are on the hunt for suitably embarrassing photos from our school days. Suitably found.

That box contains my fashion history – the good, the bad and the downright ugly. In any of its forms I’m glad it’s there. To look back on, to smile at the memory and know that the fashion choices I made were right for me at the time.

I’m not alone in this Memory Lane style trip.

Two of Australia’s iconic fashion brands are celebrating milestones this year – and that’s what we’re kicking off with in this edition of Newsy bites and style insights.

Sportscraft 100 year anniversary

The iconic Aussie brand that sells a shirt every minute has enlisted eight Australian personalities to help them blow out the 100 candles on the Sportscraft cake. The line-up of talent includes Rachel Griffiths, Michael Klim, Ita Buttrose, Kylie Kwong, Nick Farr Jones, Gracie Otto, Samantha Harris and Anthony “Harries” Carroll.

Read more about Sportscraft’s 100 Years of Australian Lifestyle here and check out the video below for a quick history lesson.

Sportscraft 100 years

Cue celebrates 45 years

Also celebrating a milestone is Cue. Forty-five years young, the brand has called on women around the country to send in their vintage photos wearing Cue for a possible update of the You & Cue book. They’re particularly looking for Cue magic from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Here’s my contribution: a blue, drop-waist number from 1986 that served me well for many a uni ball mainly because it didn’t require dry cleaning. In fact, any spilt drinks seemed to just flow right off that fabric! My girlfriend had the same in purple. If you’ve got a Cue fashion gem to share, email it to [email protected]

Nikki Parkinson Styling You Cue 1986

Project SPF

My thoughts on sunscreen and the need to wear it every day are common knowledge around these parts. It’s one of the statements in the Styling You manifesto and very much a part of my forthcoming book.

The Project SPF campaign (a Queensland Government initiative) is aimed at getting young women thinking about protecting their skin and has the support of some high-profile fashion and beauty leaders, including Australian fashion designer Juli Grbac (pictured below).

Juli, a Queensland girl now living in New York City, says the tanning culture is last on the style agenda in NYC. “There is a ‘health is beauty’ resurgence in the fashion industry and undamaged skin is a huge part of this,” she says.

To inspire young women to back the campaign, a design competition is calling on young creatives to submit a piece of originally designed sun-safe fashion. Details here.

Juli Grbac and wardrobe | Project SPF

Review Weddings

Planning a wedding and love vintage-inspired feminine styling? Australian label Review has introduced styling sessions at selected stores.

The private events help bridal parties with styling for their shape and taste. Each group gets refreshments on arrival and a dedicated host to offer styling advice. More details here.

wedding styling at review

Inside out

It’s been almost a year since I wrote this post about ethical fashion choices. Since that time, I’ve tried to be more mindful in my fashion shopping choices.

It’s not always easy but I still think it’s something for us all to think about and act on if we can, yes?

A new campaign is launching this month – Inside Out.

On April 24 this year, people around the world will come together to remember the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory fire victims and raise awareness of the fashion industry’s biggest challenges. Organisers want fashion to be a force for good.

The campaign asks one simple question: Who Made Your Clothes? Wear an item of clothing inside out, photograph it and then share it with the hashtag #insideout.

More information here: Fashion Revolution Day.

Fashion Revolution Day 2014 Who made your clothes

It may be April Fool’s Day but I’m not fooling you with these newsy bites. Have you got any fashion-y news to share? Some vintage Sportscraft or Cue in your cupboard?

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  1. Hi Nikki, can’t believe Sportscraft is 100 years old – wow. I do love visiting the store and have bought loads of fave items there… however Metalicus has become an obsession, and I must say thank you for giving me the nudge in that direction.

    I did my third shop there two weeks ago… had an email this week from my husband saying ‘please pay this tax bill, next one due April, please don’t buy any more clothes until May.’ So May is looking good for shopping!

    What fun to go through your photo albums.. hope the school reunion is a blast when it comes.

  2. What a lovely photo of you Nikki, you look so young and earnest. I’ve had a few Cue dresses over the years, well I remember having them, but not what they looked like! That was back in the 70’s, I think they had a shop in Brisbane, or maybe they sold through Myer or something? I’ve been reading through the comments, had a laugh when I read you liked Staggers jeans, I used to have a pair that were SO high waisted and lots of zippers. Must have been about 15/16 so it would have been 1976/1977. Oh the memories, Amco Peaches jeans too, that’s a blast from the past! I love Kylie Kwong, will be interested to read the article – of course I had to comment here first. Kathryn 🙂

  3. The first Cue dress I wore was one my mum bought me and it was a light grey colour and I wore it to a party. I had a guy tell me I looked pretty spunky that night. I think i was 16 at the time?! Cue has always produced some fantastic dresses and work pieces. Wish I had a photo of me in that grey dress but I don’t.

  4. Love the wedding event idea by Review – they do the most divine dresses. I hope many a bridal party will enjoy this concept. As for Cue, I don’t think I will ever get rid of my floral Cue dress I wore for our engagement party. The memories attached to that dress are far too strong!

    1. Review is very much in your styling Sonia and a great way to spend a pre-wedding afternoon if the bridal party suited too! And never get rid of that dress. I’ve gotten rid of too many of mine!!

  5. Sportscraft 100 years old??? Wow! Re the 80’s, I remember Stuart Membrey and how cool is was to be a “Stuart Membrey Kid”. I was torn between my trendy friends and my boyfriend’s surfie friends!!! But alas, I didn’t keep anything from those wild quiff-haired days 🙁

  6. Snap! I can’t believe it. I have been digging and digging and digging to find UPF clothing that has a fashion foundation rather than just the kids rashie at the beach look. Can’t wait to see what Project SPF brings. Yay!! Thanks for the most helpful newsy bit:) Ax

  7. I love your newsy bites posts yours are so much more exiting than mine!
    It’s good to reflect on old photos and have a laugh.I’m afraid I don’t have any vintage Cue or Sportscraft in my wardrobe. I do have a few vintage pieces mostly ponchos and capes for winter that have stood the test of time,that’s how well they were made.
    Nikki I also have been being more mindful of what I buy I think ethical fashion is a very good idea and something we all should take on board and I have noticed some of the shops making very cheap and nasty clothing that I would not buy,not going to name names ,I have decided I am going to go with the quality over quantity for winter and pare down my wardrobe this year!I have been finding I am more drawn to the homewares departments ATM I don’t know if that’s because it’s still so hot or that we are doing our bathroom and a new robe and we will just have to do the bedrooms as well ,so sad NOT 🙂 have a wonderful day Nikki

    1. I too feel the pull of the homewares departments Lisa and winter is an easy time for me to pull back because it’s such a short season and I have some fabulous basics that are as good as new from previous years.

      1. It’s good to know I’m not the only one in the homewares department and I might change my mind once the first frost hits!

  8. Nikki I am just a year older than you and was at another UQ women’s college at the same time. I love your photos and tales from that era, brings back such great memories! To this day some of my closest friends are from my college days.

  9. morning nikki, this is the time of morning when I create, green tea in hand enjoying my inbox newsy bits … love it! … warm balmy weather here, <3 magpies singing outside on the deck, water lapping at the boat … so gorgeous and good to be alive!
    you look so sweet in that 'nearly vintage' frock I hope you still have it!
    I loved the dropped waist look, as I am short of it!
    I especially loved a country road black crepe dress that took my any whereI could sash up or whatever … it had the batwing sleeves too … wish I still had that! oh well I do have some old blazers which I pull out when in season! love some vintage especially when it is flattering to one's figure! happy day to you all lol m:)X

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