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All is right in my TV world. Game of Thrones is back. And so is Mad Men.

I’m not planning to play Game of Thrones dress-ups any time soon but Mad Men? That’s another fashion story.

The Madison Avenue, New York styles of the 1960s have endured, re-surfacing almost each season in some shape or form.

We may not wear the corsetry underneath but we’ll happily add a bit of shape and structure to a frock to mimic those silhouettes.

For autumn-winter 2014, Brisbane-based designer Sacha Drake has released an amazing dress – the Hendricks – that very much carries with it the style hallmarks of the Mad Men character, Joan Holloway, played by actor Christina Hendricks.

The model

Sacha Drake Hendricks Dress AW14

Sacha Drake Hendricks dress $299

and me

Sacha Drake Hendricks dress | Gorman jacket (two years ago) | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Dinosaur Designs ring  | Misano pumps  | Alexius Designs clutch

Sacha Drake Hendricks dress* | Gorman jacket (two years ago) | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Dinosaur Designs ring | Misano pumps $109.95* | Alexius Designs clutch*

Sacha Drake Hendricks dress | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Dinosaur Designs ring | Misano pumps | Alexius Designs clutch

I’ve shown you two different looks with this dress to show its versatility. I’m wearing the black but it’s also available in navy and shiraz.

You could work the first look for work or an autumn day at the races and then take off the jacket for a night out or cocktail event.

These are the things I think about when making the decision to invest in a wardrobe piece like this when mostly my wardrobe requires me to have the smart casual section sorted.

As you know – if you’re a long-time SY reader – I do prefer clothes that flow rather than fit. Mostly this is because I have a short waist. There is not much of a distance between my natural waist and my hips, so anything cut to sit on my waist flares out over my hips in a not-so-flattering way.

This dress, however, with its high empire waist design has the effect of lengthening my waist, making it a flattering, fitted design for my shape.

The fabric is also fabulous as it’s got weight to it but it has a stretch so, yes, you can sit down without it limiting your ability to breathe. And that’s a very good thing! It’s also fully lined so works for wearing with hosiery.

The reason that Sacha gets the shape right is that she cuts each of her designs on a size 14 as well as the industry-standard 8. She is a size 14 herself and wants to know that her designs work on all women in her size range.

I’m wearing a size 16. The size 14 did fit but was tight across my bust and didn’t skim my hips as easily as the 16. I never worry about the number and I suggest you don’t either. Try on sizes above and below your normal and go with the garment that best works for you. Not what the tag says.

The shoes

Alexius Designs clutch | Dinosaur Designs ring | Misano pumps

Alexius Designs clutch | Dinosaur Designs ring | Misano pumps

This dress would work equally as well with a pair of black or nude pumps but when there is an option to pop your outfit with some colour, I say why not?

These fuchsia suede pumps offer an outfit statement that’s easily achieved. The height is not too high but high enough to suit the styling of the frock.

Misano is a Perth-based company that designs shoes for distribution in shoe stores throughout Australia.

The Model and Me Sacha Drake AW14 Hendricks dress

Do you love Mad Men? Love a 1960s styling influence?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous. Love the earrings! I can’t believe I haven’t bought a Sacha Drake dress yet! Must get onto that. x

  2. Great advice there Nikki on ignoring the size on the tag and concentrating on the fit. And if the fit isn’t right in any size, give it back to the assistant and keep shopping. Some labels aren’t cut well for any size and not worth owning. I’d love to try the Hendricks dress. Looks classy.

  3. Huge Sasha fan here and I’ve neglected to buy anything of hers that’s an LBD. Pretty sure that’s changed now. You look stunning.

  4. Hi Nikki, you look fabulous and I think the styling of Mad Men is gorgeous, but I have never been able to warm to the program due to its (I’m sure authentic at the time) portrayal/treatment of women, Scenes between Betty Draper and her children particularly put my teeth on edge. I have enjoyed Masters of Sex much more (and no, not just because…), but because each of the women and their roles, although very limited (Virginia Masters is shown having to get her boyfriend to countersign the contract to buy a car) is given slightly more room to move/develop. Lizzy Caplin is the main fashion inspiration, with Libby Masters presented as her more feminine alter ego but I have also enjoyed the outfits that Allison Janey (a tall woman with striking features) has also worn.
    I am also thrilled that Sacha Drake has started to produce LNBD’s like your post! I find it so much more flattering than black (although you look great in both)

  5. This is my type of cocktail dress. You look fab Nikki. As always. Hope you feel better soon. Can’t believe you have the flu!! x

  6. I’m also a Mad Men and GoT fan, but agree Mad Men is the only one that provides real life dress-up possibilities. I do love Christina Hendrick’s womanly figure, as this is so rare in the mainstream media.
    The high-waist on that dress reminds me of a Cue dress I had back in the mid 80’s, that I wore to death.
    Couldn’t agree more re sizes Nikki, it’s just a number and I just go with what gives me the best fit.

  7. Beautiful dress, but for those of us 50 plus who grew up in Queensland, the décolletage is showing that we’re Queenslanders. It does pose a challenge to find an evening dress that is higher cut! I have found statement necklaces rather useful as wrinkly chest covers!

  8. I have never watched mad men but I do love this dress on you Nikki it has an understated sexy look and oh so chic!

  9. This is gorgeous! I have never watched an episode of Mad Men but I do love the styling. Love those earrings!

  10. I own about half a dozen of Sacha’s dresses, and they really go the distance as investment pieces. Do you think the fabric of the Hendricks is hosiery friendly, or is the dress lined? Would love to wear to the office, but hate when unlined dresses cling to my stockings!

  11. You look so great. I really like the day to night wear you could get from this dress. I love Sasha Drake stuff and for me it’s one of those dresses that you could wear for a life time! Classic styles. One day I will treat myself to one of her dresses. It’s on the bucket list of things to do. Being a kindy teacher it’s clothes that can get dirty so it would have to be a special occasion dress for me!

    1. The key with that special occasion purchase is making it timeless and something that could be styled for lots of different special occasions – when I buy for a particular occasion, this is what goes through my head!

  12. I’m having a love affair with dresses at the moment. In the last 5 months they have been my most coveted item of clothing. I love this dress! I often go on to sacha’s site and lust after the clothes. Now, if only I didn’t have champagne tastes on a beer budget 😉

  13. you look good in that nikki! a stunning “frock” and is a style classic and love those shoes too!
    loved that leather jacket I spied somewhere on the weekend … lovely!
    do not like mad men way tooo sexist … however that is how it was in the 50’s and sixties but we need to move on and that perpetuates silly games and behaviour! the fashion is very feminine though and my mother looked stunning in her coquettish “frocks” ie gold de-lusted satin with hour glass figure styling … a fave of mine and I still have it in my art box to present to the world one day again maybe! … thanks nikki always inspiring! love m:)X

  14. I’m a big fan of Sasha Drake because her garments are so flattering and that dress is fabulous. I love her seamless pants, so comfortable and so stylish. Love the cut of the Hendricks and the length. I think I may have to get one as my LBD.

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