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There’s just so much happening in fashion and beauty land, Stylers.

On Sunday we had the Logies. Scotty Cam may have taken home the coveted gold statue but it was the red carpet that had me transfixed.

Plenty of discussion happening over on the Styling You Facebook page about that too. Thanks for joining in. The SY Facebook community is now 30,000 strong. Wowzers.

Speaking of wowzers, this month’s newsy bites and style insights post has some particularly good morsels from the SY email inbox for you. Enjoy.

Mean Girls turns 10

This is either going to make you feel old or nostalgic. Or both.

The 10th anniversary of the now-cult movie, Mean Girls, is tomorrow. Yes – a Wednesday. And you know “on Wednesdays we wear pink”.

Mean Girls 10th Annivesary

Do yourself a favour, if you haven’t seen the movie, put it on your list for the weekend. Then check out this post of 63 quotes from the movie. So “fetch”.

Here’s a little pink inspiration for you for tomorrow. No pink clothes in your wardrobe? Why not pop a pink lippy? Love this one from Max Factor in Vibrant Pink. Available here.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Vibrant Pink

Unite in white

If pink is not your thing, this Thursday make white your thing and share what you’re wearing via the #uniteinwhite hashtag.

The annual Witchery White Shirt Campaign is on to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research. Support by buying a shirt at Witchery (100% of gross proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation) or wearing a white shirt from your wardrobe and donating to the OCRF here.

Those who have been reading for some time here know it’s a cause very close to my family’s heart. Mr SY lost his mum at age 54 to this insidious disease that has no early detection test.

Witchery Unite in White #uniteinwhite

Topshop X Kate Moss

There’s worldwide excitement about the release tomorrow of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection. I’m heading to where it’s all at early tomorrow morning before the doors officially open on the Brisbane store. If you’re a boho fan or looking for some party outfits and are a fan of sequins then I think you may be in luck.

The collection is geared towards a northern hemisphere summer so will work as trans-seasonal pieces now for those of us who live in warmer parts of Australia.

Topshop X Kate Moss

Dinosaur Designs Seed Pod collection

Tomorrow I’ll also be checking out Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection – Seed Pod – at its Brisbane launch. It’s no secret I’m a long-term fan of DD and can’t wait to see more of what’s on offer with this collection.

I see a couple of birthday hints in my near future. You can check it out here.

Dinosaur Designs Seed Pod Collection

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane

Brisbane’s fashion industry spotlight is on again this August 25-29. Expect an exciting line-up of Queensland and national designers showcasing their new spring/summer collections. It’s always such a great event and worth planning a trip to Brisbane for. More information here.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane

That’s a wrap for this month. Tell me do you have any news to share with us? Planning to wear white on Thursday? Keen to check out the Kate Moss collection? 

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  1. Oh Mr Max Factor you are calling my name with that vibrant pink!
    On a more serious note… As someone whose mum survived cervical cancer and is super vigilant about her own health – for those of you due for a pap smear: please book it now! It’s not nearly as awful as you might remember and is over the in the blink of an eye (OK, maybe 5 blinks).
    Please take care of yourself and your health. x

    1. Oh yes it’s calling your name. And I agree re cervical cancer – there is an early detection test so women should be viligant about having it done. I hope we get to that point with ovarian cancer.

  2. I can’t believe Mean Girls is 10 years old!! I love anything Dinosaur Designs too. Have a great time at the launch. 🙂

  3. Mornin’! Thanks for the info Nikki – do you know I haven’t seen Mean Girls yet?! Might have to check it out! I can definitely do pink tomorrow, and white on Thursday! A combo I love is pink and navy – or is that a bit too 80’s???!!! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love your news Nikki I will wear white on Thursday finally found a gorgeous white linen shirt that I like! I really hope they do find an early detection for ovarian cancer.I will of course donate as well.
    Have fun at top shop and Dinosaur Designs I’m sure you will find something you love.
    My news is the tiling of the ensuite has started ,not very exciting to any one except me but news all the same,have a great day Nikki X

  5. morning nikki, totally off topic but obviously need to chat with girls!
    it’s raining on our tin roof and that always reminds me of qld!
    love it! and still a bit warm …
    white shirts are always a good idea and to wear one for a good cause is somehow supportive!
    btw that outfit with the navy top and coral pants looks fab on you and I am coveting your navy scarf with white hearts! … I only have 1 million scarves but seems I always need another one! … have a good day! m:)X

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