9 Easter tips

9 Easter tips to embrace these holidays

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Hello Easter holidays. I see you. Almost.

If you have kids then your week has probably been as bonkers as mine has been. The homework may have eased off but the end-of-term craziness will have not.

A big tick for us is that the youngest member of the SY clan has settled in really well to his new school. I’ve settled in well too, thanks for asking.

Even made my debut on the tuckshop this week. I tell you it is not the tuckshop I remember back in the day. No cream buns and apple turnovers.

But a very good selection of home baked cupcakes. One mum got into the theme of the week too.

9 Easter tips

So now, we’re staring down the barrel of two weeks of no routine. It’s that love-hate scenario. I like the break from routine but juggling a home-based business during holiday time is not the most relaxing task.

We’re heading away to spend the actual Easter weekend with the Woogsworld clan on the beach north of Sydney but until then it will be a mix of play dates, sleepovers, movie visits and getting out and exploring more of our new home, Brisbane.

Your Easter may look a little the same.

However the next couple of weeks is looking for you, I thought I’d share here with you some of my Easter tips for embracing the break if you get one, embracing your visitors if you’re hosting them and for avoiding the chocolate overload if you choose to.

1. Don’t have any Easter traditions in your family? It’s never to soon to start. We always give the kids (and now big kids) new winter pyjamas at Easter. It’s the time of year when the season starts to turn so it’s become a thing.

2. Add some Easter decor accents to your home. I love this simple idea I photographed at Francesca’s Flowers recently.  It’s just slightly out of frame but she’s also hung decorative eggs in glass balls.

Francesca's Flowers Easter decor

3. Rabbits are always a good idea. Just like pineapples, owls and flamingos, you can find a rabbit shape in just about anything. Think lamps, statues and even serviette holders. Oh and don’t just trot them out at Easter. Rabbits are very happy being out and about all year round.

Rabbit serviette holder

4. Who says it’s all about chocolate? Not me. Give me a long soak in the tub using an Easter treat from Lush and I’ll be a very happy girl. Just serve me a wine on the side.

Lush Golden Egg bath melt ballistic

5.  Prepare ahead for the overload of chocolate. Depending on the age of your kids, the amount of chocolate that will descend on your home can become ridiculous. If you can stash some of it away, store to incorporate in cooking or baking in the weeks following. Remember this super indulgent recipe? It’s not for the faint hearted but it is all kinds of sinfully delicious.

6.  Got guests coming to stay? Order food and drinks online. Seriously, do it. People panic that the shops will be shut for one day. Like we’re going to run out of food or something. And have you ever been at Dan Murphy’s on Easter Thursday? I have. Once. That was all it took for me to come to my senses. Have it all come to you. So much less stress and a better way to control your budget.

7.  Going to someone else’s place? Don’t go empty handed. Be the guests they invite back because you chip in for food and drink (or bring copious supplies with you). A hostess gift always goes down ok too. Something fun for their home that suits their style. My mate BabyMac was on to something when she gifted us a SodaStream after her last visit. It’s been the gift that’s kept on giving.

8.  Stay active. This is one of a couple of times a year when the green flag is raised on indulgence. Champagne and prawns anyone? Chocolate for breakfast? I say tickety tick but the new me will plan to put my sneakers on and conquer the hills. The old me wouldn’t have even packed her sneakers.

9.  Stop and take a breath (if you are lucky to have a break). We’re a quarter of a way through the year. It’s time to pause. Open up a good book – or two – and take stock. Share in the good times with family and friends and re-charge for the next quarter. I’ve just joined a book club with some mums from school and their friends. This is a good thing for me as it will make me read more widely than what I do. Homework for this month is to read The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I’ve also added another French-translated novel to my list, The List of My Desires (pictured). Wish me luck.

The List of My Desires

So tell me, do you have Easter plans? Any traditions you’d like to share? 

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  1. Bed Bath N’ Table have the most gorgeous Easter decorations. I’m a sucker for the little rabbits! Our Easter plans are to head to a friend’s farm for the first week of the holidays, and to potter around with the kids. I can’t wait. Enjoy your time with the Woog clan!

  2. Vanuatu is our Easter plan!! We had a very traumatic start to the year and in some ways we really only got into the swing of things mid- March, so when my darling turned around and said he would like to go to Vanuatu for a week there were no complaints from me! So, the Bunny will have to find us there. We go on Easter Saturday and the next day is my darling’s birthday – so it will be a very celebratory holiday. Really looking forward to two weeks off with the kids – and being away from the place – running the P&C is a bit full on at this time of the term!

  3. Oh I thougoughly enjoyed the film le hedgehog (based on The Elegance of the Hedgehog), the book is on my must read list… I hope that you have a lovelyEaster with your family and friends.

      1. I am not too sure how redily available it is, I rented it through my Apple TV, it is a lovely, touching film, well worth hunting down. Enjoy!

  4. My son and his family are hopefully coming down to the coast for Easter, can’t wait to see them all! My grandkids are all little so it will be easter eggs and of course THE bunny. As for my kids I will give them something but not much, they are adults. I am going to ask my partner to give my car a good clean inside and out lol not very easter-ish but I never get time to do it. Other than that, we will have a family get together with 4 generations. My daughter is a chef, my son cooks nearly as well as her and my daughter-in-law is the dessert queen – so food will be fantastic. Be happy to have my family around me, safe and happy. Some cooler weather would be good too 🙂

    1. Thanks Megan – they didn’t react well with me – and the more I’m learning about my auto immune condition and gluten, I’m discovering that even if something is gluten-free, certain ingredients can mimic the gluten which is why I do get reactions to things like quinoa that should be ok for me.

  5. We have generally hosted extended family celebrations over Easter, but not this year. It’s also my 16th wedding anniversary the week before Easter, but I’ll still be here in Hong Kong, so we’ll be going away on my return- to the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort.

    If the weather is kind we’ll be hiking and mountain bike riding to make up for the food and drink indulgences, and if not we’ll just be lying about reading! For the sake of my health I’ll be hoping for a little sunshine each day to balance things up.

  6. Number one resonated immediately! Our 4 are all teenagers now and ALL received a pair of pyjamas each every Easter! And as its a special occasion (and its only on special occasions) that the ‘brands’ come to play. My two girls request Peter Alexander and as the boy go with the flow they get something from there as well. I also give them their winter scarf & a beanie that has been made from my knitting needles and they receive a book for some winter night reading. I have given my children each of these items from when they were having their first Easters. PJ’s, knitted & a book – along with an obligatory Easter Egg or two. Regardles age this has been their gift and will probably be their Eater gift for a long time to come xx

    1. This is the kind of ramble I love! What a special way to celebrate Easter – and I love that your kids have had the same gift since they were babies. I will enjoy the book club. I’m a reader but tend to stick to the same, easy stuff. Plus conversation, wine and dinner that comes with the club is a good thing too I think!

  7. Ahaha, for a second, I thought that was a potato covered in glitter! I don’t eat a lot of chocolate, so my parents will often get me a small gift instead, I think I may ask for some Lush bath bombs, it’s been a while!

  8. Hi Nikki so glad I found your blog -thanks for helping me find a bit of confidence again in the fashion stakes. Sometimes being on the “other” side of 45 can present challenges & I have started to become invisible in some stores but after checking out your blog I’m back on track! Made an investment purchase of a leather jacket this morning after your post yesterday! Just about to message hubby to let him know that, thoughtful wife that I am Mothers Day is all taken care of! What a lucky man! Thanks again. PS We also have always done PJs or slippers with eggs – & still do athough the 18yr old wants a bottle of southern comfort or some more Becks beer to go with it. Xx

    1. LOL Deb … can’t wait to hear how the message goes. Maybe that’s what I should do?!! Want to share where you found your jacket? And thanks for reading – that invisible feeling is not nice. You’ll never feel that here.

      1. Thanks Nikki. Jag is where I ended up – liked the 1 you featured at Sussans but none left on my size & only a couple online . Was about to leave Chermside to go home & order online & saw the 1 at Jag. They have 25% off jackets & knits at the moment so it came down to slightly cheaper than Sussans at 375. So took the plunge! Trying to hunt down a pair of those divine Frankie 4footwear silver sneakers you have too – a necessity really comfy shoes. Xxx

          1. Hi Deb, Your post really resonated with me about being invisible. I used to go into shops, pre NPSY (Nikki Parkinson Styling You) and I could not find what I was looking for or the assistants looked at me like the frumpy 45 year old who would never be able to wear something from their store. But the NPSY experience has changed all that – I have found an inner confidence about what I wear and how I pull an outfit together and now have shop assistants actually being pleasant to me! Regarding easter – we do the whole PJ’s scenario with a block of cadbury’s for a treat but I then give my kids $20 each to choose a charity to give to – most years when they were younger they loved CARE Australia but now the older ones have more local charities that they are aligned to and I hope that it gives them a understanding that Easter is not just about chocolate or religion but about thinking about others and how they can help – even in a small way.

  9. We used to buy our kids Pjs too,and a few eggs and of course new slippers!I love all the rabbits that are around we don’t really have any Easter traditions anymore with grown up children.I do hope our ensuite Reno can get something done attm it is just an empty shell,the plumber comes this week so I hope I see some progress over Easter ,it is also our 29th wedding anniversary at Easter this year so I hope we do something to celebrate.
    I am happy that your son has settled in his new school well and you have too.Good luck with the book Nikki and I wouldn’t mind making a egg tree.Enjoy the school holidays that are coming up!

  10. PJs here too! Home made hot cross buns on Sunday. All weekend. Being in a ‘tourist town’ Easter is actually a great time to be at home. So much to do

  11. These holidays I will be juggling work and child care, then some fun on my non-work days with the kids. This is my first year with 2 at school, and I’ve missed my little preppie this term- though it has been lovely to have the first full guilt-free days to myself in 8 years! We will visit friends, the park, go see a puppet show, maybe make the drive to Brissy to check out some of the school holiday events, and stay in our PJs some mornings til lunch time!! Happy holidays Nikki and co x

  12. We normally go home to my parents farm for Easter. It’s the most magical time of year there. The weather is perfect and the trees are gorgeous and harvest is on. At 38 weeks we won’t be making the 7 hour trip this year and I’m sad to miss it! We do the pjs tradition too! And my mum gives slippers.

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