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Things I’m loving

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It’s very quiet around these parts of late.

Our family of five is just three.

It’s very quiet on the home front and I keep cooking way too much at each meal time.

Master SY senior has moved back to his residential college on campus at uni and Miss SY has moved in and started first year at my old college.

She’s embraced college life with as much enthusiasm as her brother did last year. Just with more cushions.

Things I'm loving- Miss SY moves into college and embraces cushioning

Am hoping she doesn’t take seriously this gift from her former employers at Willow and Bird.

Things I'm loving- Miss SY moves into college and embraces cushioning

Exciting for me – maybe not so for her – is that I get to show up at college a lot this year.

It’s celebrating its Centenary. Last Saturday night some of us “old girls” got to mingle with the new girls at the launch of the Centenary year.

I was disappointed that nary a permed head of hair nor taffeta frock could be seen. VERY UNLIKE back in the day.

The Women's College Queensland celebrates its Centenary

Much to ALL my children’s embarrassment, they’ve been getting more than the usual quota of hugs of late.

I’m afraid they’ll just have to live with it.

The teenagers were about the same age as Mr SY junior is now when Daniel Morcombe first disappeared. Mr SY and I were working at the Sunshine Coast Daily at the time and we both agree it’s the story that most sticks in our mind from our time as journos.

It was all too close to home for so many of us.

Read these stories by my friends and former Daily workmates – Debbie’s Letter to Daniel and For the Morcombes, The After Time begins – for an insight into how personally so many were affected by what happened to Daniel on that December day.

The Morcombes symbolise dignity and selflessness.

The very worst thing happened to their son, yet each day since that moment they’ve determinedly showed up to not only fight until they found him and that justice was served but also to work tirelessly to help educate all Australian kids about keeping safe.

Work they’ll continue to do with your help.

So, last Friday as we were celebrating a family dinner by the river and the lights were switched on Brisbane’s Story Bridge, it filled my heart to see that my new home felt the same as the Sunshine Coast did.

It was a sight to behold and my dodgy Instagram photo doesn’t do it justice. Check out these professional photos here.

Brisbane's Story Bridge lit up in red for Daniel Morcombe

I’m loving that it is so much easier for us to catch up with family, now that we mostly all live in the same city.

Mr SY manned the barbecue for a recent family birthday bash at the “bowlo”.

Barbecue style

I whipped up a flourless chocolate and raspberry cake which sadly yielded no leftovers.

Flourless raspberry dark chocolate cake

Raspberries have been oh high rotation of late thanks to the discovery of a value-for-money source at Jan Power’s Queen St farmers’ markets.

Wanted to buy Mr SY one of those old lady shopping trolley thingies so he can do all the food shopping each week. He poo-poo-ed the idea but does come home on a Wednesday with a bag full of assorted bites and pieces for dinner the next night.

This buffalo mozzarella was put to very good use.

buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and baby spinach It’s not all been about eating in.

Like good-value BYO restaurants that serve up tasty fresh food? You’ll love Cafe De Siam in Paddington.

It’s an unassuming kind of place but one that we’re very glad to have stumbled upon – first through a post-move takeaway order – and lately as a place to grab a fresh, healthy dinner.

Things I'm loving Cafe de Siam

On the home soft furnishing front, I continue to mix things around. Last week it felt like a yellow and pink week.

Things I'm loving - cushions

This week it’s blue and pink … and say hello to this new addition.

Walked passed Du Monde on Saturday and heard it calling my name.

Things I'm Loving door stop

Over to you … tell me three – or more – things you’re loving right now. Go! 

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I am STILL cooking too much, and The Damn Emos flew the coop almost 4 years ago!

    But it is all good cause one came back and Boo and MPS eat enough for 11 anyway.

    When are we starting up our cushions anonymous club? 😉

    • LOL. As long as our club encourages purchasing of cushions … oh wait, that’s not how it works does it?!

  • mary_j_j

    Ah, the shopping trolley! I have one, that I purchased when I had two children two and under. It folds. It saved my supermarket shopping ability for quite some time! Loving that the weekend is here after a very busy week, and we booked a holiday for the Easter hols – to Vanuatu!!

    • You know what – I’m going to source one. I do like the idea and maybe we can make it a trend! Oh and yay to Vanuatu for Easter.

  • What are those divine looking medallions on the BBQ? I must eat one…
    I am bursting with pride that my eldest has just finished the prac segment of her Aged Care Course, and the nursing home is so happy with her that they have asked her to apply for a job there. I am super happy that I am finally coming out of a post operative fog and I am loving the support and kindness of friends right now. Have an awesome day Lovely!

    • They are pork medallions in plum sauce – we buy them from Meat at Billy’s in Ashgrove. Well done to your daughter and I’ve been thinking of you glad you’re out the other side now x

  • Adrienne

    Trolleys are very de rigeur. My daughter wouldn’t even be seen with me when I bought one a few years ago. Now she will walk to the shops with me! The ones sold at the New Farm markets are made in Spain and brilliant quality, if a bit pricey.

    • Well, I need to check them out. Even if it’s me who uses it – not him!

  • I WANT A KANTHA QUILT! I am loving uni at the moment. Am also loving my crazy macrame pot holder that I found at an op shop, that now has a maidenhair fern in it. Retro-tastic!!!

    • Was there a foot stamp with that want?!! Oh and yes to loving uni and anything retro.

  • Naomi @ Not Just A Mummy

    I’m thinking my couch needs a yellow and pink week… Oh soft furnishings how I love thee! Apart from the aforementioned, I’m loving hot baths with Dr Bronner Lavender Castile Soap (to soak away the third trimester aches and pains), haloumi cheese (ongoing affair) and ‘Elementary’ direct from the US (love me some Johnny Lee Miller)

  • Carla Moulds

    The chocolate cake looks amazing, is the recipe easy Nikki.

    • Yes the recipe is super easy Carla – for this size cake I did it does take 12 eggs though.

  • I am loving your & pillow 🙂
    At the moment I am loving green tea, pillows and my Nora Roberts book.

    • Yes it’s one of my faves Sam! Love your three … pillows are always a good idea!

  • I’m so in awe of the Morcombes’ strength, dignity and resilience – they are such incredible people. I hope they felt the love of the nation during the trial.
    As for what I’m loving…
    1. More walking. Since moving offices into the CBD I have increased the amount of walking I do by at least 20 minutes each day. The fresh air and sunshine are doing me good. I’ve yet to venture into Rundle Mall as yet…!
    2. Homemade soup. I had the biggest craving for minestrone soup yesterday, so that’s exactly what we had for dinner last night (and I had for lunch today). It was awesome!
    3. My Kitchen Rules. It’s the one program my husband and I can agree on and it’s so fun to sit on the couch and play culinary “expert” together!

    • I think they have felt the love and I hope that people still continue to support their work. Now you have me longing for soup – and soup weather!!

  • Petra

    Oh the perms and taffeta – memory lane! I’m loving…
    1. that our house has sold – yay!
    2. that my (Italian) MIL is cooking yummy foods (we’ve bunked in with them for a while), and
    3. having a good turf out of “stuff”!

  • Mish Young

    My in-laws use to live not far from that bus stop & we drove past it every time we visited them. My son is only 3 years younger than Daniel & I often wonder if his abduction was the reason my son studied Kung Fu for 9 years, so that he could stand up for himself & those that are unable to defend themselves …

    I adored going to the markets in the CBD on a Wednesday & its definitely the thing I miss most about working close to home again.

    The things that I am loving right now, include:
    1. A new friendship with a woman who has a sparkle behind her eyes that is infectious to everyone she meets
    2. Dinner with beautiful friends on both Friday & Saturday nights this week
    3. Feeling confident about my studies again, now that I have passed the WHS unit – it was SO difficult!

    • Smart son if that was is subconscious motivation Mish. Love your three things … new friendships are fabulous x

      • Mish Young

        Thanks Nikki, he’s only had to use his skills twice in the past 12 years. I agree new friendships are fabulous! 🙂 x

  • 1. A Weekend away with 10 close friends in beautiful Margaret river, too much wine, not enough sleep but so much laughter – great for the soul.
    2. This Luxe Anorak from Portmans, my favourite autumn wardrode addition–1
    3. Love Child, Australian drama at its best.

    • Oh so good for the soul and loving Love Child. Great wardrobe addition with the anorak!

  • I love a yellow and pink week. I think they are my favourite colours to feel as well. I went to Shitsville last week but then in the context of what the Morcombes have been through, my worries are miniscule. I am loving my family hard right now, excess hugs here too. I am loving the Baker’s desire to make raw desserts (yum) and I am loving the weather – sunny but not hot. Lovely.

    • I know. We’re still having trouble with our telecommunications and refinancing of our old house into investment property but these are just annoying frustrations. Not anything when compared with The Morcombes. Yay to excess hugs and yay to desserts!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Thank you for sharing what you are loving this week ,I am still adjusting from being a house of 3 to 4 my sons girlfriend now lives here full time while they save for a house ,takes a little bit of patience and a lot of holding your tongue to have a female that is not your daughter here!
    We are finally doing up our ensuite a long time in coming ,but I have to think of the end result,I like pinning things on Pinterest and looking at tiles etc but is very daunting and messy and we have to share one bathroom but it will be worth it.
    I am also loving my new frangapani’s are flowering that my son bought for the back garden a lipstick a currabin and a densepa,compared to Qld I think ours are flowering late but they are beautiful!

    • Oh a bathroom reno would definitely send me into the time-zap that is pinterest! Good ideas on The Block too. It would be a big adjustment with extras in the home – especially after you were previously an empty nester!! Our frangipanis are still flowering which is lovely!

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Yes it is a time zap and messy and the block is great inspiration and I forgot to day how gorgeous is your daughter and I’m sure she won’t be wild ,I love her love of cushions as well x

  • Samantha Keogh

    Thanks for sharing Nikki.
    We too are making the adjustment to a different routine with a uni student in the family now. How lucky are we to watch our lovely children grow up and transition to through life’s milestones. Sadly something the Morcombes couldn’t do with Daniel.
    I second the Something Gorgeous’ motion in favour of Trilogy Rose Hip oil. Terrific stuff.
    I confessed to Vanessa at SnS my ‘girl crush’ on House of Cards’ Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Very stylish lady (except for the smoking). Fabulous wardrobe.
    Have a great day!

    • We are SO lucky Samantha to be able to see that. Daniel went to my teenagers’ high school (long before them) but his presence was very much alive there.

      That’s two on these comments for Trilogy Rosehip oil! House of Cards has been on our list to watch – so need to get into it!!

  • I’m also adjusting to being only a family of 3 now uni is back and my son in Sydney. So with that in mind the 3 things i’m loving are :
    1. My son, goes without saying, however I’m so proud of the man he is becoming.
    2. Trilogy, Rosehip Oil. Gosh I love that stuff, it really makes my skin feel hydrated.
    3. Friends. I recently celebrated a milestone birthday (see blog) and my friends threw a party for me. I feel so pleased to have these beautiful people in my life.

    • Just read! Happy birthday to you – friends are everything. And how good is it to see our kids grow up so beautifully? Love the dart board idea by the way!

  • I also bought a doorstop. A little tropical number from The Brown Trading Co.
    I love my new Garnier Instant Blur, thanks to you Nikki and I had the best Soy hot chocolate from Cafe42 in Cleveland last Sunday. As a Sunny Coast expat now living in Brisbane, it did my heart good to see how many people in the city were wearing red on Friday and then the bridge, wow! A lot of love and support out in the community for the Morcombe family.

    • Just checked out that door stop Michelle – might make its way here too! Glad the Blur is working for you and yes, love the support of the Brisbane community for the Morcombes.