Everyday Cashmere uses two different sized models in its marketing

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Good morning Stylers.

It’s been some time between newsy bites and style insights posts but there have been a few interesting bits landing in my inbox of late so I thought I’d share them here.

Uncovering The Brisbane Look

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Uncovering The Brisbane Look, a documentary directed by the amazing Hailey Bartholomew for QueensPlaza.

It may have been commissioned as a commercial production but it was anything but. Key players in the Brisbane fashion scene were interviewed for their thoughts on the evolution of the Brisbane look as well as what they think makes the look.

Here’s a trailer. It will screen at QueensPlaza until the end of the month and then should be available to view online for those living outside of Brisbane.


Yeojin Bae for Metalicus

I do love a designer collaboration. I do.

And I think this combination of designer and label just works.

I’m already a huge fan of Metalicus for its wearability but when you add in key styling elements from Yeojin Bae, known for her subtle sex appeal and street glamour, it’s got my attention.

Shop the look here.

Yeojin Bae for Metalicus

Everyday Cashmere includes two model sizes

You know how I’m always banging on that brands should be featuring other sizes in their marketing? Not just a standard model size?

Well, I’m pleased to report that Australian lifestyle label, Everyday Cashmere, has listened. They’ve now photographed each of their online products on two different sized models.

It really makes it so much easier to visualise yourself in a garment if you have more than one reference point, don’t you think? You may not be either of those sizes but you might be able to position yourself in between.

Everyday Cashmere uses two different sized models in its marketing

Esprit for International Women’s Day

Esprit has partnered with the Australian National Committee for UN Women to launch a collection in support of International Women’s Day – this Saturday, March 8, 2014.

The range is available until March 16 in Esprit retail stores and online with donations from every item purchased going towards lifting women and girls out of poverty.

The collection of over 30 styles includes stripe tees, cashmere sweaters , jersey dresses and structured clutch bags for the girls and merino wool sweaters and chunky knits for the boys, all in hues of Purple Aster, Magic Berry and Aubergine.

Not being a huge purple fan on account of it being my school uniform colour, I do appreciate the significance of it and would happily support the cause with this clutch.

Esprit UN International Women's Day clutch.

Curvy Couture Roadshow

Fashion should be for everyone so it excited me very much to hear about The Curvy Couture Roadshow (CCR) happening in Melbourne on March 30.

It’s the first plus-size fashion event to be associated with the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, as part of their Cultural Program for 2014. It’s also the first event to showcase so many independent Australian plus-size designers in one place.

The event involves runways with plus-size volunteer street models, a market full of local and interstate designers and a warm, welcoming festival atmosphere for everyone. 

Get your tickets here. And more information here.

Curvy Couture Roadshow

H&M in Australia

Swedish fashion store H&M will open its first Australian store next month at the iconic Melbourne GPO. The store will be a full concept store, spanning about 5000 square metres.

To celebrate the Australian launch, a specially designed launch collection “Australia Exclusive”, will also be available exclusively at the store opening in April 2014.

Taking inspiration from the latest global trends, this unique fashion capsule collection was developed with the Australian lifestyle in mind and features 47 limited edition pieces of apparel and accessories for both men and women.

Here’s just a taste. Prices in the collection range from $12.95 to $199.

H&M Australia Exclusive collection

See anything of interest here? Got any shopping or style news to share with us? Leave a comment below. 

PS. It seems my love of cushions is now news.

Comments 29

  1. I actually don’t own any tracky dacks, but those ‘lounge pants’ from everyday cashmere look SO comfortable! Really love that they’ve embraced using duel models.
    I’m so excited for Curvy Couture Roadshow! Booked my flights last week!

  2. Checking out Metalicus as I write this comment. Love these newsy bites and thank you for reminding me about International Women’s day. x

  3. I love that you have multiply fashion personalities Nikki!
    Also those pants from Metalicus look like the most comfiest things EVER!

  4. I bought the viscose dolman sleeve top from Metallicus(in the picture with the beanie) yesterday. It’s flowing in the body, with fitted sleeves, which I think is more flattering than the whole thing being floaty. The fitted items in this colab are seriously tiny and really will only be for our very slim (seriously, size 6-8) sisters- but the SA says they are aiming for a younger demographic with these pieces.
    The SA in the store (who I know reasonably well) told me that they have a new design director and Metallicus is going to have more ‘sized’ items, and while in the past they only had a few basics in sizes 1 and 2, they will be making selected items in size 3 as well. We talked about the fact that the one size fitted jackets are too small for both of us, but she believes some fitted jackets will be included in the sized range in future. Great news!

    1. Oh Johanne thanks for the heads up – yes, I had a look at the fitted items and they were very fitted (will suit a lot of Metalicus fans though). That’s super great news re the sizing on things like jackets. I do love their styling and wearability but haven’t been able to work with the jackets at all.

  5. Loving the look of the metallicus range I would like to try on those pants!The everyday cashmere idea is a great one too,thank you for sharing your inbox news with us Nikki.
    I only have one piece of news I bought the new Garnier Micella cleansing water yesterday and tried it last night for $12 a bottle for 400ml it is great value and the bottle says it has 200 uses in it ,it didn’t irritate my skin and is really good at getting makeup off so I thought I would share this!

  6. I really like the look of Metallicus but have never been into one of their boutiques, but on reading Sharon Coutman’s comment below, I see that I have a figure like hers, and as she finds their clothes wearable, I must now check it out!!! It’s one of those things where (for me) I don’t know if I should enter a shop because the sizing could be for a totally different body shape etc etc. I also love the idea of Everyday Cashmere featuring two body styles for their clothes – fabulous idea.

    1. Not all styles will work Petra but I’ve been wearing Metalicus since I was pregnant with my now 8YO and I’m not typically what you would picture as a Metalicus wearer. There are different shapes in each range and I always find pieces that work for me.

    2. Petra, please check them out. I mainly find the stretchy fitted skirts and pants and loose tops are my thing. I have the skirts in a range of lengths and find I can style them to suit both my every day life and work. Like Nikki, i have found the jackets so far are a no go.

      1. Oh thanks Sharon, I will definitely pop into their boutique next time I’m at Robina Town, and I think they sell their gear at Myer/DJ’s too.

  7. Yeojin Bae for Metallicus popped into my mailbox last night. Serious love at first sight!!! Being a menopausal classic sized 14/16 apple with boobs, belly, no hips and slim legs, Metallicus has become my go to label. Will defs be trying the slouchy pants and tee combo and the pencil skirt.

  8. Loving everything. Definitely looking into the Esprit and metallic us collections. So looking forward to H&M. Exciting!

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