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Go-to dresses are essential in any wardrobe.

You know the kinds of frocks I’m talking about?

The ones that could work at the office (or in a meeting) or for an occasion – a wedding, the races.

The ones that make a perfect canvas for new or existing accessories.

Remember when I featured this monochrome frock from Mossee last year? It was all of those things.

Well, they’ve done it again for autumn-winter 2014 with the Daisy dress.

Let’s look at it on the model, shall we?

The model

Mossee Daisy Dress AW14

Mossee Daisy dress $159.95

and me

Mossee dress | Ella Grace necklace | Sophie Kyron earrings | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels | Samantha Wills ring

Mossee dress* (I’m 167cm tall and wearing size 16) | Ella Grace necklace* $99 @ Runway Style | Sophie Kyron earrings | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels | Samantha Wills ring

On the model, the dress is a much looser fit than on me. On the site it says the dress is designed to sit away from the body so maybe consider how you like a dress to sit when deciding on sizing for you.

Also, you can see that on an average height, the dress comes to the knees.

The fabric is all polyester but is a combination of the black jersey pieces with the daisy jacquard. It’s not a stretch fabric but it does have a good weight. You’re advised to be careful with jewellery etc when wearing it as it might pull.

Ella Grace necklace at Runway Style

I’ve kept the accessorising similar to what I would do wearing this dress to an event. Statement jewellery near the face is always a good idea at an event as that’s where people look when talking to you so can make for a great conversation starter.

I’ve had the earrings for years. Just love them. The necklace was sent to me recently and I thought the splash of turquoise would be a good idea for this look.

You can find out more about this collection of costume jewellery at Runway Style. Click on Anna Nova and Ella Grace.

The Model and Me Mossee AW14

Do you love a go-to frock? 

* These pieces were sent to me for editorial consideration

Comments 27

  1. I buy all my clothes online and the first thing I would notice would be the length. I wouldn’t buy the dress because I prefer knee length dresses…. Curious thing is that yours is clearly longer.

  2. Loving that necklace. I may have even just purchased it after seeing this post…
    I’ve been meaning to mention this Nikki for a while now: you are looking really well in these, and the everyday posts. Luminous :o)
    Thanks for this website – it’s a must read each day. X

  3. I love the dress! Looks similar to one I had back in the early 90s. You’ve styled it beautifully – the necklace (which is stunning) looks fabulous with this dress. I always feel the need to add a pop of colour with b+w. I do love a ‘go-to dress’ and this one looks versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

  4. Yes, I have a few go to dresses and they are a saviour when you think you have nothing to wear! Love this look on you Nikki and love that necklace. Styled to perfection. Looking forward to the weather to get a bit cooler so I can wear some of my autumn/winter maternity wardrobe. Kinda getting over the summer one.

  5. I really like the look of this dress, very pretty and as you say it could be quite versatile. I love seeing you model things as we are quite similar in height, I’m 170cm. It really helps to see what the actual length would be on me. I generally tend to avoid dresses that are a loose fit but the way this one has that band of black around it helps to create the appearance of a waist. I think I could probably wear this.

  6. Looking your usual lovely self in that dress, Nikki! As you pointed out the dress does look quite different on you to the model, and that is one of the very frustrating things about buying online – if you don’t know the brand it can be rather hit and miss. Really love the necklace – it’s a stunner!

  7. I really like the dress, very versatile, for me I think it would be too long (163cm). Love the Model and me posts.

  8. It looks lovely on you Nikki it would be a great go to dress ,I do have a long sleeve black lace frock I bought last year ,but have not had an occasion to wear it yet ,with some patent wedges as I can’t do heels.
    Love your model and me posts Nikki!

  9. Great dress – looks lovely on you Nikii. You must have a good eye when shopping online. I would have passed it over, thinking “way too short”. I suppose most models are up around 6ft, so something to bear in mind when trying to visualise how it would look on you. Some sites, helpfully, give the model’s height, usual size and the size she is wearing.

  10. I love your blog, I read it first each day…I miss Sand S. It inspires me to think outside my normal buying patterns…thank you Niki, Thankyou so much.

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