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If you’ve been reading Styling You for some time you would have seen me refer to the label Verily – many times.

Perhaps you’ve even bought something from Leonie Macleod – the designer behind the label?

Leonie is based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and I first met her a couple of years after interviewing her daughter Hannah who at the time was a fashion designer (Hannah’s label has been on hold for a while now but she still works in fashion – for a luxury designer label).

When I heard that Leonie had decided to enter the industry as well, I was intrigued.

Since that time, I’ve watched Leonie grow and adapt Verily to meet a changing, GFC-affected industry. It’s that adaptation that is the reason why she continues to attract a loyal and growing fan base.

This season – AW 14 – is no exception.  Quite a bit of the range has been released online already but you can check more of it out here and even make an inquiry about different lengths, longer sleeves etc. Now that’s customer service.

Today I’m featuring a great trans-seasonal outfit from the collection – a maxi skirt and a cowl neck top.

The model

Verily AW14 cowl top and Marrakesh maxi skirt.jpg

Verily bamboo square cowl top $72 | Verily Marrakesh Maxi $88

And me

Verily AW14 top and maxi skirt | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Samantha Wills earrings and ring | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

Verily AW14 top and maxi skirt Samantha Wills earrings and ring Noosa Amsterdam cuff

Verily bamboo square cowl top* $72 (I’m wearing a size M) | Verily Marrakesh Maxi* $88 (I’m wearing a size 16) | Zoe Kratzmann wedges $265 @ Styletread  | Noosa Amsterdam cuff | Samantha Wills ring and earrings

When it comes to maxi skirts, I’m more likely to opt for a tube-style skirt. Pleats and gathers and lots of fabrics do not do anything for my hip region.

I had a feeling this skirt would work as it has the streamlined effect of a tube skirt but in a style that’s easier to walk in. You do have to master a Geisha-style walk in a tube maxi, as evidenced by Mrs Woog a couple of years ago.

This a-line jersey maxi feels light and lovely to wear. The pleat at the front is a master-stroke in flattery and I’m in love with the pattern.

If you follow along with my #everydaystyle challenge on Instagram, you’d have noticed that I have a thing for knotting the end of a long top or skirt.

For me, showing a little bit more of the leg (or hip in a top), helps to balance out the proportions of the outfit and make it look more flattering.

It may work for you too. Try it unknotted in front of a mirror. Then knotted. Which do you like more?

Want some more tips on how to wear a maxi skirt? This post I wrote last year may help.

The shoes

Verily Marrekesh maxi dress | Zoe Kratzmann wedges

Zoe Kratzmann footwear is another national fashion business based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. I fell in love with this shoe label as Zoe has this amazing talent for designing wearable shoes that have a fashionable edge.

This wedge is a shape that she’s used a lot in her previous collections. The height is just right and I find I can wear them all day.

In this style, she’s created an open-toe bootie. It’s a shoe I could wear almost all year round in Queensland – except for a couple of months when my toes need to be encased in socks and boots.

Love the metallic here – it’s still a neutral-coloured shoe but it’s got that difference I like in my shoe-robe.

The Model and Me Verily AW14 maxi skirt and cowl top

What are you thoughts on maxi skirts? Would I find any in your wardrobe?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration 

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  1. I love this look. I don’t usually wear a maxi skirt only because I can never find one long enough that reaches just above my ankles they always seem to drape at my shins.

  2. I love the ZK captain metallic shoes but can’t find a Melbs stockist. BTW you would look perfect in Melbourne dressed like that!

  3. This outfit is just gorgeous on you Nikki – and the shoes are fabulous! I love the little knot on the skirt and also doing a little “tuck-in” with the top really gives it a different “fall”.

  4. Not keen on maxis for myself but have just bought a Verily dress after reading one of your posts. It arrived last week and I am very happy. I was a bit nervous about not being able to try it on but it is brilliant and I am going to take it on an overseas trip as it will travel so well. Light, non creasing and versatile. Brilliant.

    1. Adrienne, I’m always nervous ordering online from someone new but once I’ve done it once and understand the sizing/styling then I’m good to go in the future. Glad this has worked for you as Verily clothes are perfect for travel.

  5. I love a maxi and bought a verily skirt last year on your recommendation. It has been fantastic. Great brand, love the look. I love that top on you.

  6. Love this skirt on you Nikki the colours and pattern is gorgeous and I do love it with those Zoe Kratzmann wedges,it is a beautiful outfit and yes I do have a maxi skirt and I do like my skirts and dresses knotted,lovely model and me post!
    Verily is such a great brand.

  7. Love the print of that skirt – Leonie really does have a fantastic way for keeping fabric so fluid!

    I’ve been lucky to have worked with Leonie a little and been privy to her processes, from selecting and ordering fabrics seasons ahead, to watching her plan her patterns, all the way through to winging it as a (very amateur) model for her range! I was invited to be her assistant and ‘runner’ with her latest photoshoot (featuring the SO-beautiful Carolyn Donovan) and couldn’t because of my day job. Boo!

  8. morning nikki, from southern climes much cooler here at the moment! and raining … I love the skirt and the top is similar to the one I bought last week … but head over heels about your heels! … OMG I want them!
    btw sometimes my emails haven’t been arriving and I like them each morning <3 … so just to let you know something is amiss. or they may only come a couple of times a week? … thankyou and have a great day cheers m:)X

    1. Hi Merilyn, what’s probably happening with the emails if you use gmail is that they go into the spam folder. You need to physically go in there and mark not spam. Gmail started doing this and it’s super annoying. My daily email is set automatically to go out Mon-Fri if a post has gone up on the blog – and I rarely miss a post unless it’s a public holiday. Hope that helps!

      1. thanks nikki, you are super efficient and that is why I was wondering and yes I checked the spam and no they weren’t there either. mind you, not hard for me to just log on to your blog, but it is like a little gift in the mornings … like clock work I thought and I tell you, I’m not that type at all! guess that’s why I’m so impressed! …… cyber space!!! lol m:)X

    2. Hi there, I too am having the same problem of missing my morning dose of Styling You. I noticed today and yesterday emails haven’t arrived. I tried to resubscribe but the system wouldn’t let me as it recognised my email address. I don’t use Gmail and I checked spam. Thank you Angela

        1. Hi Nikki. Love your blog. I too am having similar problems. Some days I dont get your emails. Some days they end up in the Spam box…..! Many thanks for your fantastic blog. Louise

  9. I really like those colours on you Nikki- a true Autumn look.

    I love Zoe Kratzmann shoes too and have a few pairs from a local stockist, but these ones were really narrow across the toes, so despite loving the look I had to let them go.

    1. Johanne, I have to tell you when I first tried the wedges on I was afraid of that too but they stretched for me very quickly and I’ve been wearing them successfully ever since. This collection from Zoe is fabulous. And always feel free to give a shout-out to a local or boutique or stockist here as it’s impossible for me to list them all!

  10. Love the colours !! I used to wear maxis all the time, but not so much recently ! I really like the patterns and shape of that one ! Plus the shoes ! You look great in that outfit !

  11. I always feel that I’m too short for a maxi and a look a bit oompa-loompa-ish. Maybe I just need to knot them. Love that top. And the colour is divine. A really lovely outfit.

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