Everyday style outfits of the week | printed pants

Everyday style outfits of the week

Nikki ParkinsonEveryday Style, Fashion 21 Comments

Owning and wearing printed pants was probably something I never thought I’d do.

But it’s been more than two years since I had to eat my fashion words because the minute I tried this trend that doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon, I was hooked.

Making pants your statement piece in an outfit leaves you open to call on your wardrobe basics for the rest. Your outfit immediately has a focal point.

The best bit?

More often than not the printed pant is a super comfy design as well. So you get to wear the equivalent of tracky pants outside the house and no-one can call you on it.

Well, except for Mr SY. In the beginning he wasn’t so much of a fan but I think I’ve managed to turn his opinion around. Either that or he’s just given up expressing it. Well, it is footy season.

This week, it warmed the cockles of my printed pants collection to see so many of you rocking them for your everyday style.

Mostly you favoured the black and white printed pant – and if you’re keen to try this trend but don’t know where to start, this is where you do start.

What you add on top is as easy as a black or white tee … or get wild with a block colour. Here’s a link to my blog archives featuring the printed pant.

The thing here is to have fun with it. Look for a style that suits your shape and work your pants back with a top that also works best for your shape. I’m a big fan of the half tuck of a top into this style of pants.

SY #everydaystyle (the outfit you liked the most)

I first blogged about this dress in January. It’s light and lovely to wear and was perfect for a social morning out with girlfriends.

The shift style is one of my go-to styles of frocks as it skims my waist and hips but still offers some shape. Colour-wise, I love a splash of pink. I do.

Lola Australia dress | Metalicus slip | Swedish Hasbeen clogs | Red Phoenix Emporium bracelet | Dinosaur Designs ring | Maiocchi cushion

Lola Australia dress | Metalicus slip | Swedish Hasbeen clogs | Red Phoenix Emporium bracelet | Dinosaur Designs ring | Maiocchi cushion 

Your #everydaystyle

It was clearly a printed-pants week. This pleases me.

Everyday style outfits of the week | printed pants

Left column (from top): @calimmityjo | @irismaystyle 

Middle column: @sugercoatit | @queenofthrift | @organised_house

Right column: @thesundaystylist | @shoppegirls

Blog roll

I’m a Big Girl Now: Looking for plus-size style inspiration? I’m a big fan of this blog. This Sydney mum and nana (I can’t believe that!) shows that style really doesn’t come with a use-by-date and is not dictated by what size we are.

I'm a Big Girl Now

Glamour Mama: Pre-babies, Kate worked in the fashion industry for 20 years – that definitely shows. She’s not afraid to wear sequins in the sandpit and is an inspiration for any mum trying to find their way through their new-found style playground.

Glamour Mama

Join in

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself showing your everyday style to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can. For consideration in my outfit of the week round up, I look first for clear, in-focus photos without text or borders on them. These work in best with the montage layout.

More inspiration

Check out Wardrobe Wednesday with Kim-Marie on Kimba Likes.

Over 30? Rach from Redcliffe Style links up with other style bloggers each Thursday for 30+ Style.

How was your everyday style week? Would I find printed pants in your wardrobe?

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  1. I haven’t embraced the printed pants trend but I do admire those who have. I often look at the clothes my 3 year old daughter and her friends wear compared to what us grown ups wear and wonder at what age do we stop wearing such wonderful fun colours and prints and why. Why is it OK for a little girl to wear a mint and white striped skirt with a pink white and mint patterned shirt but as an adult I wouldn’t be caught dead in such a combination? Am I the only one to wonder this?

  2. I love printed pants!
    Last year I even branched out into printed leggings…so far they have only been worn inside the house…but maybe this year I will introduce them to the external environment!

  3. I’m not sure if I should wear them (these loose baggy-but-comfy pants)! My only best body parts are my slim legs (I’m top-heavy), so I tend to wear tights and tunics for winter! Advice anyone!?

  4. I’ve been living in my print pants this pregnancy and I’m sure I will be wearing them next season too. Such an easy go to piece to wear. So many stylish ladies on instagram!

  5. After reading your post early this morning, I shopped my closet lol and pulled out a pair of printed pants that I just haven’t had the confidence to wear. Black and white pants, black tee and a big chunky gold necklace. Thanks Nikki, you’ve done it again! Love that dress!

  6. I might just have to say it again…I love that frock of yours. A shift with a sleeve pleases me no end!
    Thanks so much for the mention Nikki. I was quite late to the jazzy pant party, but now I’ve stepped over the threshold, there is no turning back. xx

  7. I loved your Lola pink dress it really suits you Nikki ,pink is a lovely flattering colour!
    Thank you for featuring my printed pants,live all these styles they look great I have been a fan for a long time too,comfy and chic ,what is not to love and isn’t glamour mama gorgeous.
    Have a lovely weekend Nikki X

  8. I am recent convert to the printed pant and started with black & white too. And like you say, they really are glorified/dressy trackies. What’s not to love?

  9. hello nikki, I love the patterned pant, but not a patterned top … a personal minimal style I choose … I am a fan of soft and silky, loose and gathered at the ankle as long as they don’t balloon out too much at the hips etc. … loved the style in the nineties when I was at art school … and love it now! it says RELAX! but also makes a statement! cheers m:)X

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