Everyday style outfits of the week - monochrome

Everyday style outfits of the week

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Now, before I get into this week’s everyday style round up, if you haven’t already got dressed, I’d love you to consider wearing something red today.

If you do so, post a photo here in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #redfordaniel.

It’s almost three years ago since I wrote this post and asked you to wear red and it would mean a lot if you could do again – for Daniel and for the whole Morcombe family.

I know that so many charities need our money and support but if you can also send a few dollars to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, do so knowing that they will continue to help prevent what happened to their own child happening to others.

The Morcombes’ dignity and ability to work for the greater good have always amazed me. It takes pretty special people to work beyond grief and create a legacy that will make a difference in other families for many, many years to come.

… now to this week.

I love looking back through the #everydaystyle feed on Instagram each week and after last week’s apparent glam trend, I went looking for this week’s trend.

And guess what I found?

For many of you it was all about monochrome.

This pleased me.

Black and white is a timeless and powerful combination. It always looks polished. It can be accented with a splash of colour. And it’s the ideal trans-seasonal combination when we may not want to break out our black-on-grey-on-black wardrobes just yet.

Scroll on for some of fave monochrome outfits from the week.

SY #everydaystyle (the outfit you liked the most)

When it came to which outfit of mine you liked the best, it seems that Faux Fuchsia is on the money. Sequins ARE key.

I employed some sequins in the form of a sass and bide tee from about 12 months ago to get me motivated for a Monday. Worked them back with my new favourite pants.

Sass and bide top Country Road pants Misano shoes

sass and bide top | Country Road pants | Misano shoes

Your #everydaystyle

Everyday style outfits of the week - monochrome

Left column (from top): @melissasdressupbox | @funkyolgirl

Middle column: @icurvy | @hairromance | @shergb

Right column: @kimbalikes | @chasingcait

Blog roll

Blonde AmbitionBrooke shows up in the #everydaystyle feed looking like a ray of stylish sunshine. She’s a Brisbane-based journalist and blogger with a lust for life that matches her wardrobe. Love her bucket lists.

Blonde Ambition

Mummy of Style and SubstanceKellie was one of the first bloggers I met in real life – almost four years ago. We rendezvoused at Sydney airport – Kellie from Melbourne, me from Brisbane – flying in for the day for one of the first ever beauty bloggers events. She started her blog as a place to share information and thoughts on things that mums might be interested in – not about parenting or kids.

Mummy of Style and Substance

Join in

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself showing your everyday style to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can.

So tell me, do you have a favourite outfit you wore some time during the last week? Why did you love it so? And are you wearing red?

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  1. Hi Nicki! Thank you so much for adding us to your blog roll. I only picked it up today as we had a visitor come through to Woman of Style and Substance from your link. Thanks again xx

  2. The Morecombes are the most dignified, inspirational, incredible people. I’ve just put some red on (a sickly red that makes me look like I’ve drowned, but still it’s red) thanks for the reminder.

  3. I’m in red today and pleased to be able to show some respect, solidarity and support for the Morcombe family. PS. I also picked up those pants this week – hope I look as good in them as you. xx

  4. This is possibly the first week in ages that I haven’t worn just simple black & white … I DO however have lots of red on today for Daniel

  5. I heard Daniel’s dad on a radio show yesterday talking about the Daniel Morecombe Foundation and the work they do. I am absolutely humbled that, after having been through so much, they are doing so much for others. We should all be so thankful for the good things we have in our lives. And yes, definitely wearing red – well, reddish orange :).

  6. I’m afraid I’m b&w monochrome today – don’t own red at the moment – but so glad Daniel’s killer’s trial is over and the family can get on with life. Just LOVING the ladies today – especially funkyolgirl – great style!

  7. I am wearing red today too,the Morecombe’s are such amazing and inspiring people in the same situation I don’t know if I could do the same work they do!
    Loving these everyday style pics I missed 2 days this week as I spent 4 hours at the Drs one day and did house work yesterday,I just want the weather to cool down so I can wear some different outfits.love your Sass and Bide tee and sequins must be key you look amazing in that outfit!

  8. Nicki you have sold me on the Country Road pants. Everytime you wear them they look fab. I am a 12-14 do you recommend the 12? Also i am about 165cm tall do you think length wise they will be ok?

    1. Josie, I can answer this – I am a 12-14 too and about the same height as you, and tried these pants on over the weekend (but bought the grey drapey pants instead)… 12 will be fine (the sales assistant recommended sizing down to avoid the tracksuit look in the leg) and length is great. You can also do as Nikki does and roll them up.

  9. Good Morning Nikki, I’ve been up early and ironed my red shirt to wear to work! (I wear a uniform and have different coloured shirts) I love the first dress, she looks fantastic doesn’t she! Yay for Friday! Kathryn 🙂

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