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I do love it when the edge of a Queensland summer is shaved off … even if it’s ever so slightly.

While we haven’t had cause to dust off our winter woolies just yet, it’s just a whole lot more pleasant getting dressed – and sleeping at night.

Elsewhere in Australia, I know you’ve had a taste of the season to come so I’ll keep these autumn-winter themed posts coming.

Today’s Model and Me post features two pieces that I know will be on high rotation in my wardrobe.

Winter in Queensland is all about layering. We start off very cold and warm up as the day progresses. If you don’t master layering, then it’s easy to get caught out feeling too hot or too cold depending on which end of the spectrum you’ve chosen to dress for that day.

When it comes to layering knitwear, I opt for either cotton, merino or cashmere. Fine knits are my friend. They don’t add bulk but do add warmth. And these particular fibres breathe beautifully.

Jen Hart from Everyday Cashmere has created a great business offering beautiful cashmere pieces that are wardrobe investments.

I’ve got one cardi I’ve been loving to death for two years now and it keeps on giving. So when she suggested I try the new winged sweater from her latest collection, I didn’t think twice.

And I knew what I’d team it with: one of my trusty relaxed linen Witchery tees and a pair of Country Road’s autumn equivalent to the chambray pants so many of us know and love.

Here are the models wearing the sweater and then the pants.

The model

Everyday Cashmere winged sweater

Everyday Cashmere winged sweater

Country Road indigo utility pants

Country Road utility pants

and me

Everyday Cashmere winged sweater | Country Road indigo utility pants | Witchery tee |Frankie4 Footwear loafers

 Everyday Cashmere winged sweater* | Country Road indigo utility pants | Witchery tee | Frankie4 Footwear loafers

This is actually a piece that I’d get a lot of wear out of because it doesn’t fully cover the arms. You could layer a long-sleeve Metalicus top underneath for colder weather but for me, it works beautifully over a tee.

I’m wearing the M size so that the band sits across my hips and bum to balance out the winged sleeves. Because of this styling you could wear it with both streamlined pants and maxi skirts as well as ones with more volume.

If you’re cold, slip your arms underneath and button up the neckline to close it out. My big busted sisters, this is a great neckline for you in a knit. Yes, you’ll pay for the initial investment but it is one that will keep on giving each season.

In this outfit I’m wearing underneath what I would consider my autumn base layers – a tee and pants. You add on top for interest and/or warmth.

This AW14 version of the Country Road summer chambray pants I featured here and in countless outfit posts are well worth checking out. The fabrication isn’t exactly the same. The originals were a mix of viscose, lyocel (tencel) and polyester. These are 88% tencel and 12% cotton.

The cut, however, seems the same to me. Do try on at least one size down from what you normally wear in pants at Country Road (I’m wearing a size 14). They stretch very, very easily. And like my chambray pants, I roll them up a few times for a length that suits me.

What I love about this style is that they are as comfortable as pyjamas or trackies but very ok to wear outside the house.

I call them Sneaky Soft Pants.

The Model and Me: Everyday Cashmere knit and Country Road pants

Tell me, do you love a knit? A sneaky soft pant?

* The cashmere knit was sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Hi there!

    I am looking for a Blouse or anything in the same style as the one I bought in 2016 (I think)

    The label has Style 60186427, CON115, $2015.

    Would love to have this style again.


    Margaret Bradley

  2. I have been coveting these CR pants since you first posted about them, last season. However our budget is very tight and I ended up buying a pair of printed slouchy pants form Target instead. Big mistake as, while they were great comfy pants for running around after my 4 year old in, they tore apart at the seam after less than half a dozen washes. But I am pleased to report that my dear husband took my many not so subtle hints, scoured Melbourne for them and I received them for my 42nd birthday yesterday! I love them and they will help me feel stylish and comfortable at the same time this winter and beyond!

  3. Popped into CR tonight and grabbed these babies. My daughter (17) and a fashionista turned her nose up at them on the hanger but once I tried them on I got the thumbs up! Winning. I imagine these will literally end up free on a cost per wear basis…can’t wait to wear them.

  4. Thanks for liking our Winged Sweater. It is my favourite piece, loose and relaxed and not too tight, then when the weather changes you can button the double collar and slip your hands inside. Perfect for summer and winter in a moment! it also comes in chocolate. x Jen

  5. That whole outfit is not my usual style but I’m thinking for weekends on the side of a footy field it would be peeeeerfect! But I’ll confess something- I don’t own any Country Road stuff! It’s always seemed to posh/grown up for me lol

    1. I’ve been wearing Country Road since I was a student Reannon so have kind of grown up with it. Designs have definitely changed over the years and Trenery probably offers more of what the traditional CR did but I’ve been a fan since back in the day.

  6. Great outfit Nikki and put together beautifully, it’s what I would describe as “stylishly relaxed”. Yesterday, I bought a pair of the country road tencil pants that are very similar to the chambray pant so they must be the same ones you are wearing. They are so versatile. CR were having a “buy 3 items and get the cheapest one fee”. Love a good deal. Jo x

  7. I love a “sneaky” soft pant and prefer a fine knit over a thick one I have 99% soft knits and a couple of thick ones for the freezing days.I find I am warmer with a fine knit layered with a singlet or tee or a long sleeve top under than a thicker knit!
    I am loving both these pieces but I do have to do a wardrobe edit before buying any knits so I don’t buy the same colour or style.I also Am loving these new darker wash CR comfy pants,I have bought a pair of tracky like material printed pants in black grey and taupe and they look so dressy but are so comfy.Keep the new season looks coming Nikki ,love a new season and cashmere is a beautiful fabric,love this outfit on you!

  8. I just bought a pair of printed pants that are my end of summer/autumn “sneaky soft pants” but I do love the darker denim of these CR pants for winter. They look lovely on you too. I love that knit too – the colour is to die for!! x

  9. I have had a moth problem here in Brisbane, in a walk in robe. The winter stuff just doesn’t get worn often enough so that when you finally want it, it has holes. 🙁 Any thoughts?

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