How to update your wardrobe with AW14 fashion trends

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Hello March. I see you and recognise you for what you are.

You tease us by being “officially” autumn but still offer up more than a glimpse back at summer too.

It’s about this time that we start to get a bit twitchy with our wardrobes. All perfectly natural fashion behaviour.

Our favourite stores are seducing us with bright and shiny things and we suffer the onset of fashion amnesia, completely forgetting what we actually wore last autumn-winter.

I learned long ago that before allowing myself to play the new-season fashion seduction game, I really did need to dig out what I already had hanging up in the spare wardrobe or folded away in storage.

Lest I suffer from Repeat Purchase Syndrome (RPS).

Has RPS ever happened to you? Where you fall head over credit card for a new jacket or top, only to bring it home to find one hanging in your wardrobe so similar that they could have been separated at birth from said jacket or top?

Another key to tackling a new fashion season is to find out what key trends are influencing what’s in store.

This exercise is not to become a complete slave to one or more of those trends but to acknowledge the ones that already fit in with your personality and lifestyle.

In acting on that acknowledgement, you will bring a fresh lift to your current autumn-winter wardrobe. And that’s a good thing.

Westfield has flagged 9 key AW14 fashion trends.

AW14 fashion trends Westfield #flatlaythenation

I was asked to pick two trends and showcase how I would interpret them for my Australian – and Queensland AW style.

I chose Punk and Fit and flare skirts. I know. My multiple wardrobe personalities could not help themselves in choosing polar opposites.

But the thing is I do need a variety of styles in my wardrobe. You may be the same too? I need outfits for working at home, for meetings out, for events and for going out with family and friends and I like to mix up just what I wear to suit the occasion or event.

Living in a state that doesn’t experience a winter like my southern sisters means I’m always careful about what AW trends I embrace. They have to work early in the season but can also be layered for those few cold weeks.

And nothing, absolutely nothing comes into my wardrobe unless I LOVE it.

Life’s too short to wear clothes that don’t make you feel fabulous.

Fit and flare skirts

Skirts are not always around in any given fashion season.

It doesn’t mean you can’t wear any that you might already own. It just means if you’re a skirt person, it’s difficult to find something fresh to add your wardrobe.

Not this season.

THE skirt of the season is fitted around the waist and hips and then flares out after it’s bypassed the bits I like to bypass.

For me, if that flare happens from the waist, the flare is of parachute proportions and not flattering at all.

With these skirts, the flare helps to balance out the hips and keep things nicely in proportion. It’s streamlined so can be dressed up for the office but it can also be worn more casually. Think lunch or brunch with the girls and teamed with ballet flats as I’ve done below.

My AW style doesn’t mean packing away colour until September either.

I love the freshness of this yellow and blue combination and the fact that it could be adapted for summer just by switching the 3/4 sleeve knit for a tee or tank. The knit, scarf and ballet flats combination would also work well with skinny or slim-leg jeans. A lightweight scarf is perfect for a Queensland autumn (and I find for most of winter).

Westfield AW14 trend:  fit and flare skirt #flatlaythenation #chermside #sportscraft #ninewest

Nine West ballet flats $99.95 | Sportscraft skirt $149.95, knit $99.95, bag $149.95 and scarf $89.95


Don’t laugh. Stop laughing now.

Remember, this is all about interpreting a trend to suit your own style. I’m not planning on getting piercings and getting a mohawk.

But I am lusting over a leather jacket.

I lusted last year as well but settled on a skirt and some pants (very happy with said settling by the way).

This year just might be the year of the leather jacket. There are so many around from which to choose.

When the girls in the Westfield Chermside Sussan store told me this one below was walking at the door, I was not surprised.

It’s got shape and detailing, is made from incredibly soft leather and is in a design that will stand the test of time.

Yes, it’s an investment purchase but this is a good price for what you get. Working it into an outfit that suits my style is as easy as adding a white tee (with a bit of bling), light-wash skinny or boyfriend jeans, a statement necklace and heels that have a fashion edge but can actually be walked in.

The key to making this trend work for my style is balancing out the “tough” pieces with feminine pieces like the necklace. I’d wear this outfit out on a winter’s date night or mid-week catch up over champers with the girls.

Westfield AW14 trend: Punk #flatlaythenation #sussan #ninewest

Nine West heels $139.95 | Sussan leather jacket $399.95, jeans $79.95, tee $59.95, bag$59.95 and necklace $39.95

Share your AW14 style and WIN

The outfit ideas I’ve shared above are photographed in “flatlay” style. If you’re on Instagram, you would see this style of photography a lot.

It’s a way to stylise and group together clothes or other objects in a way that ties them together in a theme. You photograph it from above (I find standing on a chair or stool helps).

The background you choose should contrast and complement what you’re photographing. Shoot on a “square” setting so that you’re framing the shot as you want it to appear on Instagram. For other tips on how to create a great flatlay, click here.

It’s time to get creative because just by photographing and sharing your Westfield AW14 flatlay on Instagram or Facebook tagged with the #flatlaythenation and your suburb, you are in the running to win a trip to London or a $500 Westfield giftcard.

Click HERE for the full details.


I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Which AW14 trend or trends most fit your style personality?

Coordinated by The Remarkables Group. These garments were borrowed for the purposes of this post.

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  1. The punk style (mixed in with lacey feminine pieces) is my favourite style, in fact my leather jacket is my favourite piece of clothing….and I`m 50 this year, lol.

  2. I can’t choose! I love classic styles, so would say Film Noir, fit & flair and a bit of boudoir…but I also love bright coats and blush tones. I feel that I could style any of those trends in my own ‘style’

    Loving the shoes from your ‘punk’ flatlay! Nice styling 🙂

  3. i love your selections – chic as always! I tried this too…it was fun and who doesnt want a chance to win something?

  4. Wow. I love what you’ve chosen! And I have actually been looking for navy ballet flats, so even though everything else is more gorgeous, they’re what I’m most excited about!

  5. Love the Fit & Flare & the Film Noir styles – but they make my vintage gal heart sing the most!

    Here here to the cooler weather, it was getting rather difficult to put stockings on in the morning when it’s SO humid outside …

  6. I like what you have chosen Nikki I don’t wear skirts very much as having no waist find them unflattering and not me,but love the patterns in this skirt I love those shoes but could never ever walk in them but they are gorgeous all the same.I have a leather jacket ,well actually two a black and a tan one so it must be in fashion already!
    I have purchased the most beautiful leather leopard print Italian loafers online and can’t wait to get them.I do love a change of season and I hear you about the RPS I have done that not since your manifesto but in seasons before so will be doing an audit before purchasing anything else.Great post Nikki I like the flat lay too ,there used to be an app that I used that you take pics of your outfits and then you can see what you own or what you want to wear without even opening your wardrobe but cannot remember the name.

  7. I quite like the “flatlaying”! I like both combo’s however neither would suit my bigger bust. I love skirts tho’ and will look out for the fit/flare style and give it a go! Have a great day – thank goodness for the bit of rain eh?!

  8. So excited about the new season, Nikki! Yay for the fit and flare skirt. It’s my first autumn and winter back from maternity leave and gee it will be nice to be getting around in ‘proper’ clothes. Not that I don’t love trackies but it’ll be lovely to be a little ‘dressed up’ for the cooler months this year.

    SSG xxx

  9. The punk outfit you’ve pulled together is great! Love the combo. I’m not really sure which of these trends would suit my style. Probably need to get to the shops and see how they’ve been interpreted. Was looking through red carpet photos from the Oscars and was a bit surprised to see the ‘fit and flare’ style on some women. I’m not sure that I like it. I am HAPPY to see coloured coats on the list – love colour in winter!

  10. Hi Nicky, thankyou for replying to my question about your height, and the Motto pants. I have ordered a pair, yours look great. I bought a leather jacket about 6 years ago, and absolutely love it. My daughter has borrowed it, makes me feel a bit cool haha! I’m newish to your blog, and slowly working through my wardrobe, and buying/updating new pieces. I like the idea of fit and flare skirts. I wear a uniform for work, so don’t need a massive wardrobe. Sussan have some great jeans this year I’ve noticed. Been eyeing a few of their pieces for winter. Have a great day, Kathryn

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