The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1: an 8YO’s review

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Master SY Junior has taken over the blog today.

He’s sharing with you his thoughts (as an eight-year-old) on the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) after I gave it my verdict on the blog last week.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 8YO review

I’ve been impressed to see him work through NAPLAN questions in Samsung’s free Skillsbuilder app.

As a parent I can see that being able to help him build his confidence before sitting for any official test can be a good thing.

In my son’s case it’s not necessarily that he doesn’t know the answer but that he’s not confident enough to back himself by hitting the “submit” button.

Check out his thoughts on this video interview I did with him.

His key points

I like when you turn it (the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition) on. It’s like a little blob (the way the screensaver dissolves to the wall paper).

I like doing my Skillsbuilder, which my mum uploaded for me. It’s going to help me do NAPLAN. It’s making my brain lock all these answers in. 

NAPLAN is like Maths and English, I guess. They’re my favourite subjects so I might be fine with NAPLAN.

(If you don’t know the answer) there’s also a hint button that gives you an idea. If you still don’t know, you can just have a guess. 

If it comes up with the red thing, it tells you the correct answer and says what it’s means and stuff about the answer if you don’t know it.

I normally just have a try and do my best.

I haven’t been using it (the S Pen – stylus) that much, I’ve just been using my fingers but it’s also good so I don’t get the screen dirty.

It’s like playing a game because you’ve got to go into it and do stuff … (it’s not like a game) because you don’t do stuff like build a city or something. 


Samsung has one GALAXY Note 10.1 (wi-fi 2014 edition valued at $649) to give away to one Styling You reader.

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To enter, answer this question:

Why would the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 appeal to the kid/kids in your family?

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Comments 61

  1. The whole Becker clan would make great use of the Samsung Galaxy NOte 10.1. With just a laptop between 4 (a dying one might I add) is just not cutting it these days. With one just started high school and one in year 4 the demand is certainly there for more technology in the Becker lare! and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 sounds just perfect. From homework, to study ladder, to recipes and craft oh and not to mention the kids and their apps! It will definitely get put to good use in our home 🙂

  2. Little kids or the big kids…..the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 appeals to us all. My daughter started year 12 this year.Having a NOTE would make her study time that much easier and bags that much lighter…. not carrying around so many books because amazingly the note only weighs 580g wow!! Her bag feels about 5 to 10kg sometimes seriously!?! .Portability is another factor for her too, my daughter likes to sit out the back and study sometimes so the NOTE would be very handy in that way.
    Myself, love the thought of the NOTE in my hand or on my lap checking emails and social networking while sipping my cuppa.
    As for hubby he’d probably just use the NOTE for games lol

  3. My two little Monkeys love learning apps and we all love watching moves and looking at photos together. The screen is the perfect size for family sharing! 🙂

  4. My family of 6 would love the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 because it is compatible with their other Windows friendly devices. The slim line case and stylus make it an easy to use learning and fun tool.

  5. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 looks to be a great size, as in, not something that is too little or too big. We have trouble with things disappearing into the lounge at our house. lol

  6. Appealing is what Samsung brings to the home,
    My boys wanting to know more now they’re grown.
    A portable tablet for internet and of course, a phone.

  7. These days technology is almost as amazing as a child’s imagination..
    well almost but not quite 🙂
    What better tool is there to challenge, excite, thrill and educate than the wonderful samsung galaxy note

  8. As much as I don’t like encouraging the notion of ‘Keeping up with Joneses’, not having what ‘they’ have is like being the black sheep of the flock.
    But owning the Samsung Galaxy Note is like a jigsaw piece that would help the kids fit right in!

  9. My grand children love to visit, play with me and do things they don’t get to do at home and I certainly love spending time with them. However they do enjoy playing games on small devices which I find a challenge as the screens are so small…and I am not nearly athletic enough to get into the best position for success either (as demonstrated here by Isabelle)! A Galaxy Note 10.1 will let this old grandma (be taught how to) play their games with them. A win all round!

  10. My own little Master 8 will also be tackling the ultra daunting task of Naplan. He refuses to put pen to paper in order to get use to the style of testing, however, he is obsessed with all forms of technology. If only naplan tested for tech heads, my master 8 would rock it!! He’s also been asking for his own tablet… Poor single Mumma cannot provide that for him. He’d be over the moon to win one. I showed him Master SY’s review and he told me he’d use it like him too.

  11. Oh my goodness we soooo need this ! Myspn is starting his VCE this year and is the only one at school without a laptop or tablet

  12. In our house, my daughter is the only one without a “machine” – she has to ask Daddy really nicely and even then, there’s always a football score to look up. Having her own “machine” would set her up for success in learning and play!

  13. My son is grade 3 and being a first time NAPLAN kiddie I would love to give a real helping hand to conquer testing with confidence. I also feel this would be beneficial for his mathletics that he completes each night. Although I would love to win it for myself I think my little man needs this so much more!!!

  14. My kids would love the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 because of its portability and accessibility to games, the internet and more. It would make learning fun and be of benefit to everyone, including Mum!

  15. It’s portable entertainment with endless possibilities and avenues for them to be creative. It’s a tablet that really lets kids experiment and realise the potential we always knew they had.

  16. With its advanced technology and ease of use as well as amazing application options the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 is a great educational and leisure device

  17. Samsung GALAXY Note
    Your full of technology so you have my daughter’s vote
    If she owned you you’d be her pet
    she’d take you everywhere to help her become a vet
    She’d discover a cure to save her little Pappy
    and that would make her and her doggy very happy.

  18. I suspect if we won the amazing Samsung Galaxy Note, it would be mostly mummy’s, with my 3 kidlets getting a limited amount of educational activities as rewards for doing homework, housework chores, good behaviour and so on. We can’t afford one either for various reasons, so although I don’t feel we “deserve” one, it would be marvellous to win!

  19. The Samsung Galaxy note would certainly hit the right note in my family,With so much housework to be done the kids can have some fun

  20. My two boys are techno-crazy. My not-quite-two-year-old can navigate his grandma’s iPhone better than she can! I would love to give my big grown up boy (who just started kindy) any advantage in developing his curious little mind and making learning fun, interactive and stimulating.

  21. The Samsung Galaxy note appeals to my three boys for three different reasons.For my two year old son it would be a much larger screen than mummy’s Samsung phone to watch his beloved giggle and hoot. For my four year old kindy boy it would be an exciting introduction on electronic learning and I’m sure for taking pictures of himself pulling all kinds of faces. For my eleven year old it would be excellent for homework and being portable he can study anywhere.

  22. My three young sons love playing the great games and children’s learning facilities on my I-phone – but it’s just too small! They would love playing them on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!

  23. My daughter would love the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 because she currently has a very small device that is too small for her to focus on properly – I don’t want her to damage her eyes before she’s four! She loves doing puzzles and counting games so the GALAXY Note 10.1 would be perfect!

  24. My son feels he is the only person on earth without a notepad. While his heartbreak hasn’t really melted my heart, the educational aspects appeal to me, and the whole concept would make his year.

  25. I’m a single Mum on Disability and cannot afford luxuries like this. My 18 year old daughter was accepted into University in the first round offers a few weeks ago and will be starting in March – doing a double degree – Teaching Primary and a Bachelor of Arts. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would be the perfect accessory for her University work and lighter and more portable than her laptop. It would also be an amazing congratulatory gift as I am so proud of all the hard work she put in last year during the HSC 🙂

  26. What a great prize! This would appeal to my daughter (and therefore me) because she’s finding it difficult to navigate the computer mouse. Every couple of days we log on and do the Reading Eggs program. She’s loving the phonics and letters, but it would be great to point and press the answers rather than use our clunky old mouse on our slow old computer. And the portability! YAY!
    Good luck to everyone. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  27. Life’s tough enough for some single parent families. A samsung galaxy tablet would be the world for a friend of mine’s 9 yr old daughter. Everyone needs a head start in life and so many opportunities could be made available to her if she had access. For some downtime she’d revel in the Sketchbook app.

  28. I had one and it got stolen out of my handbag during a peak our train trip. Honestly the most useful and user frinedly gadget I’ve ever had. I used it not only to stay in touch with my family and friends, keep my newspaper subscribtions, etc, but also to work during my commute because it’s much lighter and easier to carry around than a laptop.

  29. My son, Adam, has learning difficulties and I have found that convention type learning with a pen and paper is difficult for him. However, we have been using games and educational sites like Mathletics on the computer and he’s been excelling. A SAMSUNG Galaxy Tablet would make using these programs a lot easier, more mobile. And the benefit of being able to get Adam to do “school work” on the tablet while waiting at appointments rather than playing games is also a huge plus.

  30. My 18 year old daughter has an intellectual disability and has recently become my assistant in helping me as I am a Thermomix Consultant. She tries to help me so much with researching recipes and then practising all the wonderful recipes whilst watching and therefore developing her learning capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy Note would be awesome for her!

  31. My children would be able to use the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10.1 to help them with their homework and it means they wouldn’t have to use my ipad !!

  32. A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would give my 20 year old 4th year apprentice pastry chef somewhere to store his fabulous recipes, ideas and secrets for his future business.

  33. My boys are technology obsessed. The flexibility to use this while we are on-the-go is a major plus for our busy lifestyle. My youngest is crazy for maths, so it would be great to help him advance at his own pace.

  34. The kids in the family would be so motivated by Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1! Not only would they love doing their work, but it would be like a reward, just to do things that help with their learning! Double winner! If they can get it off me that is…oooh I can just imagine all of the uses….

  35. my daughter is just about to complete Naplan too and loves electronic devices. We struggle to get her to work on maths exercises unless it’s on a laptop. This would be perfect, she could easily do just a bit each day, so it stays fun.

  36. We have an obsession with anything ‘space’ in my house, so the GALAXY Note 10 will be a winner just based on the name. Getting to use a ‘pen’ on it when we dont yet have our pen license will double the excitement. And then, if we can find some space themed games/learning activities to put on it I doubt he will ever ask for anything ever again. Come on universe, gift us this star product.

  37. The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 would be a great help for any child that is in their schooling years. It certainly would encourage them to study and get ahead in their education. Reading, writing, arithmetic. My children would love it of course, and so would I. I’d love them to go forward in leaps and bounds, thanks to modern technology. 🙂
    [email protected]

  38. We are currently having some behavioral/attitude problems with my 15yo step son and so, we have been giving him some extra attention to help get him back on track. However, as a result of this, I am worried that my younger step son may be feeling a bit neglected. I think a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 might be the perfect gift for him – it’s like a (very fancy) toy but can actually be used to support his education and would be much better than simply buying him another game. It would really help send him a positive message that education is important and we think he’s doing really well!

  39. This tablet would be an amazing addition to my little boy and would last him throughout his school years and hopefully into high school. He is extremely smart for his age and I’d love to help further develop all learning aspects to prepare him for kinder next year. He really loves his leap frog learn to write pencil and this tablet would finally allow him to use it!

  40. My youngest (he’s 8 too) is a techno kid. Back in prep his teacher recognised he had trouble holding a pencil and writing like the other kids and the start of the school day was traumatic because writing was hard. His teacher brought in an iPod so he could learn in a way that suited him and he progressed in leaps and bounds. He doesn’t have access to a tablet at the moment but if should be lucky enough to win one it would help him tremendously with preparing for Naplan as well as schooling in general. He would be over the moon with a new Galaxy tab.

  41. He is so sweet Nikki! I have never prepped my kids for Naplan, but now we are looking into High Schools for the twins they are asking for a copy of their naplan results…. (which I didn’t realise they took into account for admittance) makes me rethink that I should have done something like this for my kids.

  42. My 2 little boys (aged 2 and 3 1/2) have recently become my coaches whilst I run around the paddocks doing Michelle Bridges ‘Learn to run’ program. They sit on the trampoline with their Daddy and yell out what’s next from the print offs. I know they’d love to do it from website as they love ‘Mooochelle, she’s a nice lady!’ They love the games on their Nanna’s tablet so learning from their own would be magic!

  43. My eldest son is 8 this year and just like Master SY Junior he will be sitting NAPLAN tests for the first time. He is very keen on technology so the Skillsbuilder on the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 would be a great incentive for him!

  44. Lovely interview must say! A device that can help kids learn in a fun
    and interactive way is a boon especially when my work takes up my
    valuable time,teaching kids with this Galaxy Note will be a great aid in our
    household galaxy! 🙂

  45. How very cute your son is Nikki and I like that he was honest to say no it’s not like a game it’s got maths and stuff .I like how it helps your son learn and that’s a good thing!No kids in my house so I hope whoever wins it helps their child/children learn and I’m sure it is more fun than sitting at a computer!

  46. Android through and through in our house so an addition to the family would be most welcome. Anything that makes learning fun and easy is a bonus – maths, english, writing – yes please.

  47. It would appeal to my kids because it would stop them fighting over the laptop (and stop me from having to set up the laptop all the time at the kitchen bench because we have no office!) My eldest is also 8 and I can definitely see it being a more attractive way for him to “study”, whilst my youngest (6) would just be getting a head start with this technology!

  48. Thanks for the great review Master SY & Nikki of course. This would be wonderful as our android tablet died recently. Most secondary schools (at least in my area) expect students to have a tablet which they load all text book information onto. It’s great in some ways as it saves money on buying every text book & also saves the kids backs as they don’t need to carry so much around in heavy backpacks but the initial outlay can be quite expensive – worth it in the long run I think.

  49. Love the interview!!! Well, I homeschool my son, and currently we share my laptop, so him having his own device would be really special for him (and would make my job easier).

  50. That wouldn’t just appeal to my girls……….they would absolutely flip out!! So Miss 3 is exceptionally savvy with my mobile phone, Miss 6 is the middle child and definitely in our house the middle man so to speak, she’s my go to when I need a little technical assistance. And then there’s Miss 9 who would love nothing more than to be a fashion designer. The Samsung Galaxy would perfectly suit each of their different needs and skill levels. It would be the perfect teaching tool and reference guide for my dynamic little family who are always hungry to learn, create and absorb the world around them! Oh and I’m not even going to start with the reasons why the big kid in our house would love one…….armchair, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, T.V…….he can do it all from the one spot, now that would appeal to him!!!!

  51. Hi! Are the comp dates all
    Right or am I still asleep? Has it finished today at 5?
    In any case, the Galaxi note 10.1 will appeal to my children as a studying tool and as medium to express their creativity.
    For me, it would be interesting to see how their little brains adapt fro
    Using the IPad to a different device.
    It is their world now. I will steal it when they go to bed and catch up!

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