Everyday Style outfits of the week

Everyday style outfits of the week

Nikki ParkinsonEveryday Style, Fashion 47 Comments

I love that every week more and more people are jumping in and sharing their everyday style with SY readers.

The photo doesn’t have to be fancy and even snippets of what you’re wearing give us a bit of a hint. I love hearing how this challenge helps you to get creative with what’s in your wardrobe. It’s certainly still having the same effect on me.

Everyone has a different technique when it comes to sharing their #everydaystyle.

Mirror selfies are popular and I know that a lot of people rope in anyone they can to quickly snap their outfit.

Me? If you didn’t already know, I get my eight-year-old to take my photo – usually each morning just before we jump in the car for the school run.

Here’s proof (when BabyMac visited last week, she snapped this behind-the-scenes photo):

everyday style behind the scenes

Now that he’s been outed, he’s trying to negotiate a fee. He does a good job and his height in comparison to mine makes for a flattering angle when it comes to capturing what I’m wearing (if you don’t have a small person to take your photo, get the big person to sit down or lower themselves to a child’s height and test it for yourself).

He holds the phone with steady hands and taps the centre of the phone to focus and get the best light. We’re done in about 10 seconds.

Oh, and he chooses the #cushionoftheday to work back with my outfit. And yes, I have a lot of cushions. No, I have not counted them. To do so would mean admitting to my obsession. They are throughout the house and I rotate them to suit my mood.

I then usually edit the image in Snapseed. I find this a good app for cropping and brightening. My verandah location is a great backdrop but at some times of the day it’s not the best for light.

My friend Jo at iCurvy (featured in the outfits of the week below) uses a free app called Tadaa to achieve the effect she often uses with her Instagram outfit photos. She’s just gone on holidays but is going to share a post on her blog with tips on how to do this. I’ll link the post in here when it publishes.

SY #everydaystyle (the outfit you liked the most)

This is the outfit that you most liked this week. I’ve featured it a few times in #everydaystyle as well as here on the blog. The colour and pattern make me happy and the shape is loose without being tent like. Winning.

Boom Shankar dress | Bohemian Traders Necklaces | Swedish Hasbeens clogs

Boom Shankar dress (it’s on sale at Birdsnest here) | Bohemian Traders Necklaces | Swedish Hasbeens clogs | cushion of the day: Freedom Furniture

Your #everydaystyle

I love seeing how everyone shows their personality and dresses for the occasion – even if that occasion is the every day. These are just a few of my fave styles from this week.

Everyday Style outfits of the week

Left column: @gourmetgirlfriend | @sassycortis

Middle column: @styleandshenanigans | @andandreastyle | @icurvy

Right column: @ellaspurling (and her mum!) | @babymacbeth

Blog roll

Chasing Cait: I’ve known Caitlin since back in the day. She was PR for Sacha Drake and I was a journo discovering Sacha for the very first time. She’s a Brisbane girl but now lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand, as a stylist and a blogger. Her advice is on the money and she knows her way around a woman’s body shape. Love her outfits because no matter how cold it gets in her adopted city, there is generally a splash of colour to be found.

chasing cait

Geelong Fashionista: Kirsty is a blogger I’ve only come to know via #everydaystyle (I love that!). As her blog title suggests, she’s based in Geelong, Victoria. She was inspired to start her own blog after reading others and has been blogging since 2012. She loves shoes so much she took a year off work and travelled overseas just so she could fulfil her dream of owning a pair of Manolo Blahniks – bought in New York.

geelong fashionista

Join in

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself showing your everyday style to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can.

So tell me? How do you take your #everydaystyle photos? Employ child labour like me? Or prefer a selfie?

Comments 47

  1. I used to be an embarrassing jeans and tshirt practical wear mum..every day. However, you’ve lifted me out of that over the few years I’ve been blogging. I take more selfles than I like to admit 🙂 and there are always plenty of little helpers screeching for the job. Negotiating a fee is funny, it happens here too as they get older. Oh and I’m a scarf junkie thanks to you. I’ve already attacked the stores as the autumn/winter collections arrive. 🙂 Thanks Nikki.

  2. I’ve joined in once with a mirror selfie but I think I might need to employ my 9 year old daughter to take a pic or two instead. No doubt she will also try to negotiate a fee, which is probably fair enough as it’s sightly more glamorous than her current paid chore of cleaning the bathroom bench 😉

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a love of cushions. I need to stop myself from buying them. I live in a granny flat, and only have a 2 seater lounge, but I have 8 cushions, I’d have a dozen more AT LEAST, if I could.

  4. Dear Nikki. Love this everydaystlyle trend you started. Even if I don’t instagram it, you inspired me to put little bit more effort into my daily outfit. It’s great to see the outfits yourself and the other ladies pull together. So lovely to see other women ‘showing off’ their style and it gives me new ideas for my own wardrobe. Long may it continue : ).

    1. Oh Sam, it’s so ok that you haven’t posted – if it’s helped in this way then it’s so worthwhile continuing. It’s been such a great thing for me too. Working from home, it’s so easy to wear the same thing every day – this makes me think first and mix it up.

    2. Oh Sam, it’s so ok that you haven’t posted – if it’s helped in this way then it’s so worthwhile continuing. It’s been such a great thing for me too. Working from home, it’s so easy to wear the same thing every day – this makes me think first and mix it up.

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  6. Love it that your gorgeous photographer has come out! I can just imagine the negotiations for a fee, and he is Very Good at model photography! I hadn’t thought about the height angle before, but of course, yes, great tip 🙂 I generally balance my camera on the patio gas heater, a little wobbly, then make a quick dash for it. So enjoying all the inspirational women you feature – such fun too.

  7. Loving the links to Instagram accounts and via that to websites for lots of stylish inspiration from different sources.
    And I do like your description Nikki, “loose without being tent like”. That’s what I’m often going for!

  8. I always wondered if you had a professional photographer in the wings at 8am in the morning! Your little man does a great job, well done him. I’m going to show this to my son to convince him he needs to do more of my pics. And thanks for the tips on Snapseed and Tadaa, I’m going to check those out.

  9. Am loving this series and I know a couple of these ladies in my ‘hood in real life, and they are gorgeous girls inside and out and it is reflected in their pics that you feature.

  10. Lots of gorgeous ladies today – I am so happy to be included in their company, thank you Nikki. If I had to pick, which would be hard as they all look fabulous, my pick would be Jo from icurvy. She is a seriously stylish lady. x

  11. I got my girls to take turns (or whomever that was willing at the time) to take my outfit shots during the holidays. They used to fig over who should take mummy’s photo. Now they groan!! Master 8 however is eager to take mine. I just need to train him. I love th cut of the Boom Shankar dress you’ve shared this week. You’re right, it’s loose but still gives you a nice silhouette.

  12. thanks for the mention Nikki!!! loving my everyday style – even trying to get some of these crazy Aucklanders involved xx

  13. I’m not brave enough yet to join #everyday style photos. When/if I do, I’d get one of the kids to take my pic. My son (9yo) has seen the pic of your son taking the photo (cause I can barely sit at the computer on my own 😉 ) and we talked about what fee he might ask for if he was taking them. He said $1 a day. Good luck with the negotiations.

      1. Nice work – books are always a good choice. My son (9yo) is tucked away on a pile of pillows right now finishing off the last Percy Jackson book. I love that there are more and more great books around for boys.

  14. Another fabulous roundup so stylish people. I look forward to Friday with the introduction of new blogs to read. Thank you Nikki. Have a lovely weekend. X

  15. Hello N
    I love your blue and white dress, so pretty, and I love seeing what real life people wear so thanks for sharing!! I have a London bus and a thank you card here that I’ve been meaning to drop off all week. Happy Friday!

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