Everyday style outfits of the week

Everyday style outfits of the week

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

I tell you, there’s a whole lot of love in this everyday style community and I thank-you from the bottom of my shoe-robe for joining in – photographing yourself, leaving comments on other people’s photos, telling others they look great.

How good does that feel when someone compliments you?

Well, today, I compliment you all. And if I could I’d send you all a glass of champagne to celebrate your fabulousness.

SY #everydaystyle (the outfit you liked the most)

My week felt “normal” for the first time since school broke up last year. My normal is still all over the shop and may involve a day trip to Sydney but it’s the kind of normal I know and love.

That trip to Sydney allowed me to blazer it up and you know I like to do that at any opportunity.

If you’re new here, I have a collection of blazers that can take my mostly smart casual wardrobe to an acceptable level for city meetings. One piece of clothing can really make such a difference.

So, this was my outfit on Tuesday I wore to Sydney to meet with my agency and also to view the autumn-winter collection of Blue Illusion. I love this dress from their spring 2013 collection and I featured it on the blog here.

Blue Illusion dress | Sussan jacket | Sophie Kyron necklace | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Samantha Wills ring

Blue Illusion dress | Sussan jacket | Sophie Kyron necklace | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Samantha Wills ring

Your #everydaystyle

Everyday style outfits of the week

Left column (from top): @norlinm | @thestylishwoman

Middle column: @obsessivecreate | @bespoke_heirlooms | @klassstyle_11

Right column: @peta_ballerina_traineemama | @kimbalikes

Blog roll

Just More: Melinda is such a beautiful soul. Her blog is not strictly fashion but she does have amazing style and I love it when she shares it with us. She’s a young mum now living in Sydney and blogs about lifestyle topics aimed at helping you get more out of your life … more that makes you happy.

Just More

Dad Down Under: Matt has been the token male sharing his style in #everydaystyle and we’re grateful for that. He’s a Melbourne stay-at-home-dad who loves to cook and find ways to stay fit while caring for his toddler son. Matt and his wife made the move from the UK for the lifestyle and judging by his style, he’s embraced that. Oh, and he’s got a # challenge too … Friday happy hour #HappyHourDDU

Dad Down Under

Join in

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself showing your everyday style to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can.

So tell me, do you have a favourite outfit you wore some time during the last week? Why did you love it so?

PS. Want even more style inspiration? check out Kimba Likes’ Wardrobe Wednesday posts. Other bloggers link in their wardrobe/fashion posts each week. Lots of ideas from these women!

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  1. HI Nikki..I only just read this post! Thank you so so much for featuring me in your everyday style series ..I can’t tell you how special it made me feel..it is certainly my high point of not just the day but the week..have had a really dull week with lack of motivation..thank you for making me feel positive!!
    P.S. I’m certainly going to participate in your fab giveaway!

  2. Q. I’ve just bought a turquoise maxi skirt but don’t know what shoes to wear with it? I also bought a Bonds White T-shirt, Orange Scarf & Liberte Chelsea Necklace in Gold to go with it. I’m more of a GP Boots, Asics or Havianna’s type girl so desperately need help and you were the first person I thought of Nikki. I love your style so value your opinion. Hubby’s coming home this weekend after being away with work for a month and I wanted to make a conscience effort to look more feminine for him now that I’m feeling better and more comfortable in my skin post-breast cancer.

    Oh and I’m desperately waiting for your book to come out later this year, can’t wait! It’s exactly what I need to help me out of my fashion rut!

    Thanks in advance.

    Lia xxx

  3. This is such an attractive place to hang out! I LOVE everyone’s everyday style! Loving Norlin’s look – so tempted to get my hair cut!!

  4. So much love around today its wonderful.
    How gorgeous does Norlin look? Wow I say! I just adore this little community you have created Nikki, so many inspirational woman who are all supportive of each other – its delightful. Happy Valentines everyone xx

  5. I love the Blue Illusion dress you’re wearing and the blazer turns it into something that looks so professional. Just right for meetings. What a wonderful supportive community of women, and all so stylish at #everydaystyle – love how we can all celebrate each other and also our style differences.

  6. I totally agree Nikki about the love on IG so many kind people ,If I could send you a glass of champagne I would too ,have a lovely V day Friday and a great weekend x

  7. I love Norlin’s green + blue combo! And do I spy leopard flats in that bottom row? LOVE!

    Thank you SO much for including my little space of the web in your post. Happy Valentine’s Day! xx

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