The Model and Me: Elm Knitwear

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Last week in Queensland we had one of the hottest and most humid weeks of the summer.

Just getting dressed and going about my business was draining enough.

Let alone trying to think about – and try on – new-season clothes.

But the fashion industry marches on. And in other parts of Australia, the first toe-chilling hints of autumn did arrive … so I decided it was time to start trotting out some new-season Model and Me posts.

This is actually my favourite time to update my winter wardrobe as the pieces available now are ones that I’m more likely to wear in a Queensland winter.

This week, I’m featuring a knit that well and truly fits a Queensland winter brief.

It’s a piece from Elm Knitwear – a Victorian-based label – which retails throughout Australia and New Zealand. It doesn’t sell online as yet but is very happy to take inquiries via its Facebook page and point you in the direction of a stockist near you.

Elm specialises in knitwear, although it also does a great range of non-knitwear (remember this cape I featured last month).

Here’s an image of one from its new range on a model.

The Model

Elm Knitwear knit AW 14

Elm Knitwear Make your Mark knit $99.95

And Me

The Model and Me: Elm Knitwear knit | ASOS leather skirt | Frankie4 Footwear loafers | Uberkate earrings | Red Phoenix Emporium bracelet

Elm Knitwear knit*  (I’m wearing size 14) | ASOS leather skirt | Frankie4 Footwear loafers | Uberkate earrings | Red Phoenix Emporium bracelet

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of stripes. I poo-poo the old-school fashion myth that horizontal stripes are a figure flattering no-no.

I also love the relaxed styling and feel of this soft cotton knit.

I’ll mostly team a relaxed top with streamlined pants or skirt. In the model image, she’s rocking leather or pleather pants and I’ll no doubt do the same when things cool down.

Given that I had to rush from the air-coned Lady Room to quickly get a photo without melting, I opted in this instance for a leather skirt (great contrast of texture with a knit) and loafers.

Leather – or faux leather/pleather – is still huge this season. Whether that’s in a jacket, pants, skirt or, as in this knit, a tan feature around the neckline.

Frankie4 Footwear loafers

I need to talk about the shoes. I just love Frankie4 Footwear (you could win some in my current giveaway) and these are my latest purchase. Loafers are here to stay this season and these ones tick comfort and support boxes as well. That’s a winning combo for me – especially now as I walk practically everywhere from my new home.

The Model and Me Elm Knitwear AW 14

So, tell me … has it cooled down at all for you? What’s on your autumn-winter wardrobe hit-list?

* This piece was sent to me for editorial consideration.

  • melinda

    Love this look Nikki , and I am loving all of your fashion tips. I just bought some workout gear from Female for Life ,after I saw you modelling… love love!!!! So comfortable and stylish as well as making me look and feel great. 😉

    • Oh I’m so glad that you’re loving your Female for Life gear – I love mine too!

  • Karen L

    Love this whole look Nikki – as always you look fantastic. The knit is definitely something I would wear for winter here in Perth, although it hasn’t cooled down yet! Ankle boots in a neutral shade are at the top of my wish list along with a chambray shirt 🙂 xx

    • I couldn’t wear this yet here in QLD Karen – just did for the shoot and quickly removed!

  • Love it! You look incredibly gorgeous. I recently purchased a pair of faux leather leggings from Sussan which I’ve already rocked on a few occasions. For autumn/winter I would love some more blazers in lots of different colours and some gorgeous knitwear because it gets flipping freezing in Adelaide!

    • I’ve seen you rocking them Sonia and yes, you will wear them lots in the coming months!

  • Oh that knit is totally Melbourne…. *clicks through to site*….

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    We have had a few cooler nights and mornings but it’s not cold as yet and probably won’t happen till April or so!
    I love the first drop of winter clothing too I always think they are the best as I like to layer.I have now rectified my autumn buying,I bought a navy and white Piper woman fine knit to wear with jeans and I had a look at Gorman online and bought a snakes and ladders gorgeous 3/4 sleeve top that was 70% off and it is cream orange and grey so will go perfectly with my NYDJ grey skinnies and I found the most divine orange leather shoes at a very posh op shop BNWTs in the softest leather and a brand new witchery scarf! I do love stripes Nikki and I love this knit on you and those shoes do look comfy.Love this model and me post!

    • Great buying Lisa. I found Melbourne-based labels such as Gorman can offer up some great sale pieces that we wouldn’t wear in summer (Melbourne needs the options!) but are great for our winters.

  • Johanne Taylor

    Those shoes look smart and comfy: great combination.

    I also love that the model on the Frankie4 Footwear site that you’ve linked to is wearing almost the same outfit as you, Nikki!

  • shredder

    Hi Nikki. Love this post! Wish I could find elm knitwear online. Can you give more details on the asos skirt? Is it still available? What size are you wearing? xoxox

    • shredder

      p.s is it ok for busty women to wear to heavy knitwear? I struggle with tops, especially in cooler seasons. Adding extra clothing makes me look even more top heavy.

      • It depends on the knit. The finer the knit the better and this is a fine knit. Also a v-neck or deep scoop neck can work. Keep the bottom half streamlined and if cold add on an open jacket over the top to create an illusion of length underneath.

    • I bought the skirt last year Shredder so not sure if they’ve released similar this year. Here’s the post I wrote at the time

  • Adrienne

    Hi Nikki, speaking of the giveaway, just wanted to let you know that my daughter tried to enter but couldn’t. It seems that because we have the same address she was locked out.

    • Yes, Adrienne, it will only allow one entry per ISP (internet service provider) … if she went somewhere else and accessed via wi-fi say at a cafe, she’d be fine. Sorry if it’s a hassle but have to implement because otherwise computer robots hijack the competition.

  • Wendy

    As someone who has to wear ‘comfy’ flat shoes due to foot issues, it is great to see them popping up in your model and me posts. Thanks!!

    • You’re welcome Wendy. I won’t be dropping my heels any time soon but have a big need for comfortable, good looking flats now that I walk most places.

  • Tamsin Walker

    This looks great, cooler weather is always not far away on Tassie. I just invested in the new JAG cream quilted jumper and also a Bettina Liano pleather jacket. Would love tips on what to pair a black jacket with on the bottom half….black and black or avoid it?

    • I’d avoid the black and black. Black and denim always looks good. Black and winter white is a great combo. There is also a fair bit of black, red and white around.

  • Caitlin @ Chasing Cait

    Definitely with you on poo-pooing the myth that you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes! That knit looks amazing on you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy that hot leather skirt from Asos…… x

    • Glad you’re with me Caitlin! And the skirt I bought last winter from ASOS and had it taken up. I’d say they’d have them back or some variation!