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Can you remember the first time you heard of the trend bo-ho?

Actor Siena Miller was its poster child in the early 2000s and despite me buying and wearing a very unflattering tiered peasant skirt, I was convinced this trend would be fleeting.

That structure would return to fashion and I could forget attempting a look that was a cross between Laura in Little House on the Prairie and what I stole from my step-mum’s hippy wardrobe of the early 1970s.

Structure did return but bo-ho has remained as well –  a style embraced by women the world over.

For me, it’s not an everyday style but it’s one that fills one of my multiple wardrobe personalities. I may no longer attend music festivals – the spiritual home of bo-ho – but I do like to dress from time to time in a style that’s flowy and romantic.

And so when my friend and blogger, Em from The Beetleshack, launched her online clothing store, Bohemian Traders, I was excited for her but also excited for my new and future retail therapy opportunities.

Miss SY has been just as excited (stay tuned for a look at her in Bohemian Traders).

Me? I’m a sucker for a kimono at the best of times and this cotton printed number easily won me over.

Here it is on the model.

The model

Bohemian Traders Kimono

Bohemian Traders Falling Flowers kimono $119

and me

Bohemian Traders kimono | sass and bide tee | Blue Illusion pants | Swedish Hasbeens clogs | Bohemian Traders necklaces | Dinosaur Designs ring | Samantha Wills earrings

Bohemian Traders kimono* | sass and bide tee | Blue Illusion pants | Swedish Hasbeens clogs | Bohemian Traders necklaces* | Dinosaur Designs ring | Samantha Wills earrings

I’m often asked about wearing extra layers or long sleeves when it’s hot and I get that it’s a personal thing but for me I wear a lot of sleeves during the hotter months.

Mostly I do this if I know I’m going to be out in the sun and I choose pieces in fabrics that are breathable. The cotton in this kimono fits that criteria for me and if it were a hot day like we had yesterday, I’d just have a light singlet underneath, not a tee.

There is a fair amount of fabric in this free-size piece so the best way to balance it out is to show your legs as the model does or wear streamlined clothing underneath. I’ve worn pants here but it would work equally as well with shorts or a shift dress.

As the seasons change, it’s also the kind of piece I’d wear with jeans, tee and  ballet flats.

The Model and Me Bohemian Traders

Would I find a little bo-ho in your wardrobe?

* These pieces were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. This is a good look on you!
    I can’t do it – I am broad across the shoulders and I look like I am wearing a dressing gown.
    I have a kimono wrap from Veronika maine which I have done as an everydaystyle outfit – that is my bit of boho.

  2. Love it on you Miss Nikki!!! …and also love,loove,lurve your shoes too. 😉
    Boho …fusion of ethnic, flowery and floaty…is perfect for summer
    Prefer vintage/ girlie / ladylike for winter.

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous, Nikki – not just the style, but also the colours – so fresh on you! I love kimonos as a light cover-up, will check out the BT website. Thanks!

  4. This is such a beautiful kimo – I love it. It looks great on you to. Thanks for introducing me to Bohemian Traders as this is the type of fashion I wear, adore and am always on the look out for -thanks great post

  5. I love the bohemian traders clothing line ,the only reason I haven’t bought a kimono jacket is because I bought a Verily one and a Millers gorgeous tie died embellished lapelled one!
    I have always loved boho I remember I used to wear a maxi skirt with boots and a crochet cardi over the top I thought I looked wonderful but looking back I really didn’t.I haven’t worn my kimono jackets yet but will with a shift dress or pants,you look lovely Nikki!

  6. I love the look of it and think you look great. It is just not my style though I do have one kimono which I love. Love the hair too!

  7. Nikki, you look AMZING. obviously I’m a super sonic Boho fan- so wearable, so practical for my stage in life.

    Thank you xx

  8. You look beautiful Nikki. I love this combo and how you’ve incorporated a bit of boho in your wardrobe in a way that works for you.

    I am a big boho fan although it features most heavily in my summer wardrobe where it manifests as floaty skirts and dresses, coin necklaces (I also have the BT coin necklace in yellow) and belted waists.

  9. Bo-ho is an interesting style. If I had long, flowing, curly blonde hair, and was younger, it’s a look I would probably embrace – to a point. It’s a very natural, friendly look. I prefer the more structured romantic look, as in TS boutique or Flower. You however, look lovely as always!!!

  10. I love this kimono and your hair looks divine. Talking of hair, your gorgeous girlfriend Maria was spot on when she described my style – classic with a touch of romance…That hint of romance feeds my need for the odd kimono/cape in my wardrobe, which I love.x

  11. The dressy version of bo-ho which I like to call hippie-luxe, is my favourite look and has been for many years. If I didn’t have a corporate job and only had to dress for me, this is how I’d dress all the time!
    I do have one of these kimonos and also love the bags from Bohemian Traders, which you could sneak in with a less bo-ho outfit.

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