11 ways to shake up your beauty routine

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I had a facial last week.

No biggie, you say? Well, yes … and no.

See, the thing is I actually do believe that I deserve a bit of regular pampering (budget permitting). And my skin is not getting any younger.

Yes, I’m generally happy with how it looks and I am Miss Good Two Shoes when it comes to cleansing and moisturising every morning and night but nothing does beat a little professional boost. Particularly if you can do that on a regular basis.

So, my 2014 beauty resolution is to book in for a facial every month.

Not only do I find the whole massage your face thing extremely stress reducing but I know (from times in the past that I’ve been consistent) that my skin really does look a whole lot better. It’s the cumulative effect of this consistency that does it.

This little resolution of mine got me to thinking. How else could I shake up my beauty routine?

Perhaps you might be looking for a little jolt in the direction of your beauty cabinet too?

11 ways to shake up your beauty routine


1. Book in for a facial. Yes you might be “sold” into buying products at the end of it but think of the experience as a treat for your skin. Don’t buy when you’re still in that blissful post-facial stage. Instead ask for samples to take home. If you like the samples and the cost fits your beauty budget then swap them out when you run out of what you’re already using. For the record, I had a HydroPeptide facial at Endota Rosalie. It’s designed to really pump up the moisture levels of dry skin. It did just that.

2. Change your skincare products. When was the last time you bought something different for your skin? If it was 10 years ago then chances are your skin needs a little something different. Ask friends what they use, talk to experts when you are having a facial or ask for advice in store. Get samples where you can before making a wholesale switch. You know what I’ve had success with for a while now? Avon‘s Anew Clinical PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33. Yes, Avon.

3. Get consistent. If you’re not already, that is. Do you cleanse and moisturise morning and night? Create the habit and you’ll feel not quite right going to bed with a face of makeup on. Think how much cleaner your pillow case will be too? Keep a pack of cleansing wipes and moisturiser beside your bed for *those* nights when you may fall into bed utterly exhausted and possibly tired and emotional. Make sunscreen a daily part of our morning routine. Make a serum a daily part of your evening routine. Keep it simple and create a routine that you can be consistent with. For a supermarket buy, I cannot go past NIVEA Pure and Natural cleansing wipes and I also like new kids on the facial wipes block: Kosmea facial cleansing wipes and Dermalogica pre-cleanse wipes.

Body care

4. Create time. I’m guilty of really looking after my face but completely letting any body scrubbing and moisturising slide. If you have a bath, make a weekly appointment with it and create a home spa that’s conducive to you making regular body pampering a vague reality. In between, stock your shower with products that may allow for a short pampering every day. Anything that can be done or used in the shower gets a tick in my book. That’s why you’ll always find NIVEA in-shower body lotion in my shower. When I’m a little less lazy, I reach for a Sodashi body oil and swear my skin sings along to Pharell Williams’ Happy (sorry if that’s now in your head too).


5. Buy a new lippie. You know my thoughts here. This is the most simple way to give your makeup look a freshen up. Instant mood changer. Cargo is new to Mecca Cosmetica and I’m in love with the Essential Lip in Punta Cana (bright fuchsia).

6. Get your foundation colour-matched. Or maybe it’s time to look at a new foundation that better suits your skin for where it’s at now? The colour thing is the most important though as our skin can change colour slightly between seasons. You don’t want it to look like you have foundation on. Your skin should look normal, just an enhanced version of normal.

7. Try a new eye colour combination. I know that I am guilty of reaching for the same grouping of neutral eye colours … every time. You can still stay neutral but why not swap your taupes for coppers? I have worked Maybelline NY’s Big Eyes in Luminous Brown into my mix and it makes my blue eyes pop.

Hair care

8. Consider a new hair style or colour. This is a big one and not one to be taken lightly but one to be considered I think. It’s amazing the difference even a slight change can make. Work with your hairdresser though and book in for an extra consultation time to really discuss options or ideas you might have in mind.

9.  Change hair care products. Not sure if it’s a scientific fact but at the SY Institute, I’ve found that my hair can get a bit clued up to the fact that I’m using the same products on it every time I wash my hair. Switching out with a different shampoo and conditioner usually brings it back into line. Maybe that’s just me? In any case, I always have two types on the go to keep my hair on its game.

10. Teach yourself a new way to style your hair. I’m so, so guilty of styling my hair one of three ways – straightened with irons, flicked out with irons or scraped back into a pony tail. Are you guilty as charged too? Wrap your hair around Christina Butcher’s (AKA Hair Romance) book, Braids, Buns and Twists, and you’ll be mixing it up in no time.


11.  Seek out a new signature scent.  I play favourites too but every so often I’ll stumble across a new scent I’d like to call my own. That happened recently on a visit to Libertine Parfumerie and I now have my olfactory set on a fragrance that was inspired by the scent of cognac.

How’s your beauty routine looking? Anything you’d like to shake up? 

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  1. Great post Nikki! I love my skincare products and have had a regular beauty regime since my mid teens! I get 6 weekly facials and change my products every few years, on recommendation of a new product from my beautician! Our skin does get ‘used’ to the same products after a while. Now at 40, I feel my skin has benefitted from my love of a good beauty regime. so it was no surprise that skincare was one of the first posts on my blog earlier this year! I’m now going to try the garnier primer I just saw on your fb! Leanne x

  2. This is a very good point! Not sure where you are but Mecca Maxima in Brisbane City has access to an outside walkway that is well lit during the day. And the Myer beauty department is right on Queen St Mall so you could step outside to check it.

  3. Thanks for this post Nikki. It just so happens that last week I had a long overdue consult at my local Mecca Cosmetica to get me out of my beauty rut. I came home with two samples of foundation (both divine and much nicer than my current supermarket offering), a new concealer and a brush to apply it. I have never spent much time or money on cosmetics except for lipstick, (preferring to invest in clothes and shoes) but as I get older I think it is equally important. Thank you for your tips. Next on my list is a consult with my hairdresser! Oh and a facial!

    1. I think if you can nail a foundation that works for you (and a brush is a good investment as you use less) then you can buy budget for for lipsticks, eye colour, mascara etc. The foundation helps create the makeup canvas and is just a more polished version of you.

  4. I’m trying to shake up my beauty routine in a couple of ways:
    1) having just moved house and having to pack my bathroom drawers – I realised how much product I have! So I’m shaking it up by using and finishing up what’s already in my cupboard instead of always being tempted by the new (supposedly) wonder product!
    2) Then I’m hoping to slowly replace some of my key beauty products (cleanser, BB cream etc) with organic versions – products that are better for my body given I’ve read something like 60% of products get absorbed and there’s some yucky stuff in some of the moisturisers in my cupboard!

    1. Two very good aspirations there! You can only imagine how much product I packed up and shifted! It’s better organised now but I do have to keep a lot on hand for my job (well that’s my excuse anyway!). Two organic ranges I can recommend: Sodashi and Twenty8

      1. Yes, beauty products are to you what guidebooks are to me – tools of trade (I tell myself as I buy the latest Paris city guide – for research purposes only of course!)

  5. Thanks for these tips Nikki. My beauty routine is rather simple. Make up comes off as soon as I walk in the door {on the rare occasions I am actually wearing it!}. Would love a monthly facial – when I am no longer a student maybe – but do splurge on SKII facial treatment essence as it lasts for ages! Do you mind me asking, what’s the stay power like on the Cargo lippies?

  6. Some really great, simple ideas here Nikki. Some I’ve been thinking about doing the past few weeks.
    I’ve been seriously contemplating changing my skin care products as I’m sick of having to order them online but they’ve been so great I’m unsure…. I’ve also been thinking of going a few shades lighter with my hair too. It’s only hair right? I most definetly need a new shampoo & conditioner but just need to figure out if maintaining my colour or keeping my curls in check is more important ?

    Oh & thanks for the reminder about face wipes- they can be a lifesaver can’t they?!

    1. I break out in a cold sweat if we run out of face wipes in our house! And re hair and skincare changes … I’d get some salon advice on both counts. You’re going to need easy routines with a new bubba on the way.

  7. Thanks for this post Nikki, I’ve been a bit slack lately with my cleansing and moisturising routine at night, but this has been a timely reminder! I am loving rose hip oil at the moment and just recently bought The Body Shop’s vitamin c skin boost, it feels so amazing on my skin! And I think I may invest in some Benefit Cosmetics, been reading about them for a while now on your blog, on BabyMac’s, Woogsworld and others, and I think it’s time to try!

  8. This is a really useful post Nicki, thank you! I’m a Beauty Therapist and I wholly agree with obtaining samples rather than purchasing full size products after beauty treatments. Many people believe that you can only use the products aimed at mature skin when your middle aged too but actually your skin is classed as mature from 25yrs old as that’s when skin starts to show signs of aging. My Mother introduced me to moisturiser at age 16 and I’m so glad she did. I’m also guilty for sticking to the same products but there is so many great ones out there now (not always expensive ones either!) so it’s fab for you to encourage people to venture out of their comfort zone.

  9. I’m so glad you’re talking about Brisbane places! Think I’ll book in at Endota Spa – the HydroPeptide facial is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks 🙂

  10. Thank you Nikki. I recently shook up my hair routine but it took me six months to work my way through all the aspects of everything I was doing in my routine. A change is as good as a holiday. Sometimes it’s helpful to have somebody else summarise what you’re thinking about.

  11. I agree with having a facial when you can afford it,also my Salon that is 5 minutes away has regular specials they SMS to me and I have found have them as late in the day as you can so you don’t have to put makeup on top,my salon Cosmetic beauty and laser uses Dermalogica products which are one of the only 2 brands, I can use and are very generous when giving out samples,I also have all the products to do a facial at home now!I do pamper my body as well as my skin is much dryer ,I use the Frank coffee body scrub and then moisturise after my shower.
    Funny you should say about a new haircut I found one I loved in a mag and asked my hairdresser if I could have it,and she said yes but as it involves a fringe I am getting it next time I go and I am a bit excited at new hair.
    I bought 2 lip crayons yesterday from Priceline and am very happy with them they are Face of Australia glossy lip crayon I bought the jam fancy and the raspberry coulis shades and they are great not drying and very glossy and they were $4.95 each so win win.
    Great post Nikki Thank You.

  12. Nikki I’m from NSW. When as a child I first went to Rosalie my excitement was huge, a suburb with the same name as me! I hope you were just as pleased after your facial.

  13. I’m such a lazy beauty girl! One thing I do every week (which is less for beauty and more me just switching off) is have a bath with Epsom salts + coconut oil. I switch off for half hour and just soak in the tub with candles and sometimes music. So relaxing and the coconut oil leaves my skin feeling super soft!

    While on the subject, since we moved to Sydney my hair seems to be missing the Townsville humidity and my scalp has gone horribly dry! I’ve tried lathering it up with coconut oil and also the MooGoo scalp cream but not much luck. Any other products/ideas? x

  14. Thank you this is great! Love a spruce up. For Brisbabes, Clinic Aesthetic within the Mater Private Building in South Brisbane truly changed my life. I have no connection to them other than as an occasional client, but have adult acne around my chin/jawline and their recommendations for products/make-up have had a life-changing effect on my skin. It’s made my day-to day routine so much better, reduced inflammation/scarring and I feel soooo much more comfortable going about my day. Plus, their cleanser lasted me 15 months – great investment. Mineral make-up… longer. That’s using it daily. Worth the extra $ for the quality. There is hope out there! I never thought I would have the skin I have now. I live in Melbourne now, but when I fly home still book in to see them!

  15. great advice Nikki! I too am on the monthly facial (swapped out with microdermabrasion) routine for the next 12 months leading up to the wedding (squeeeee!!!)
    I’m also taking my WHOLE makeup bag into my friends at Bobbi Brown in downtown Auckland and they are going to help me give it an overhaul (much like I do with people’s wardrobes).
    Always looking to change it up but sometimes I don’t know how so will definitely be following some of your tips xx

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