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At least one of my friends in Australia had cause to light the fire at her home last night.

It’s that image that I’ll need to keep in my head for many months here in Queensland. I’m at that point during summer that you cannot even remember what it feels like to feel cold … short of blasting the air-con at a temperature that is far, far below energy efficient recommendations.

The autumn-winter fashion season is a tricky one up here – both for those trying to sell seasonal clothes and for those of us wanting to buy and freshen up our wardrobes.

It’s such a short time of the year when it’s actually cold that it’s difficult to justify a big spend on clothes geared for that short time.

Instead, I aim to look at what’s trending for autumn and slightly tweak that so it’s wearable now and can be layered up as the temperature goes down.

Should you live where you do get a decent winter – and where you may feel like you’ve been robbed of a decent summer – then of course the autumn-winter fashion season is your best wardrobe friend.

I got the chance to get a sneak peek at the season to come at the David Jones autumn preview in Brisbane last week. Everything shown is actually available in store now. Crazy, hey?

It wasn’t the big show featured in the images below, instead an edited version that included about 36 looks for men and women, each highlighting the season’s strongest trends.

The good news is that what’s hot for autumn winter 2014 is largely an extension of trends we’ve seen in previous seasons and most of us probably have elements of those trends hanging in our wardrobes.

Shades of grey

Grey is the new black – particularly when it comes to casual wear for autumn. Think fancy grey marle trackies and knits layered in a number of different shades. I actually like grey as a neutral and love a soft pant so will be embracing at any possible opportunity.

what's hot for autumn winter 2014  - shades of grey - Jac and Jack

Jewel tones

Love a splash of colour in winter? This year it’s all about the brights. My money is on cobalt, fuchsia and emerald green. Maybe a little ruby red and orange thrown in for good measure. For maximum impact go for block colours – either in an entire frock or as a separate.

what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Ginger & Smart


what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Dion Lee

Denim decoded

Oh dear, it seems the concept of Double Denim refuses to jump back in the Hot Tub Time Machine and swirl its way back from whence it came. No, apparently we’re still supposed to get excited by this mix. There is everything from denim pant suits in chambray through to contrasting dark and chambray denim. It’s not one for me but go for it if you are sweet and young. I will not get in your way.

what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Zanerobe

Print run

Digital prints are still in play. I do love them as part of a statement dress or skirt. Animal print is still very strong. You know this makes me happy. One of my fave looks of the night was a fuchsia shirt worked back with an animal print pencil skirt. And Camilla, of course. Love me a Camilla piece or two. I do.

what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Camilla


what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Nicola Finetti

Deconstructed glamour

Possibly my fave trend of the season. I love a touch of glamour but the deconstruction part comes from breaking it down a little so that perhaps that outfit you thought was just for wearing out at night, really can be worn just because. It’s got some kind of detail, like a metallic fabric but the essence of the whole outfit has a minimalist slant.

what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Ellery

The icons

If you’re a girl with a classic wardrobe personality then this season there is so much for you. This trend is where I suggest you make your seasonal investments, whether that’s a glamorous ball gown because you have an occasion that calls for it … or a pair of long black boots, leather pants or a well-cut winter white or grey coat that will serve you on many a day throughout the season.

what's hot for autumn winter 2014 David Jones - Rachel Gilbert

So tell me, are you ready to refresh your wardrobe a little? Which trend do you think is you? Which trend would you already find in the autumn section of your wardrobe?

Photo credit: Getty Images for David Jones

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  1. Oh I am SO glad that bright colours are still going to come into play – I usually hate the drab-ness of Winter (you can keep you’re grey’s I’m afraid, they drain me of all colour). And that print dress is gorgeous. Def going to buy a print pants or skirt to refresh my work wardrobe! Thanks for the inspiration, I’ve needed it 🙂

  2. Sounds like there are going to be some great clothes around this season. Grey is a great neutral and I love a relaxed pant. Throw in some jewel tones and a bit of sparkle and it sounds fabulous. It still seems so far away from cool weather here but as difficult as it is we really do need to start thinking about it now. Our winter up here probably only gets to the equivalent of other places autumn. I have been caught out in the past and if we don’t grab things to get us through winter now by the time it cools down enough to really think about it the shops have moved on to the real winter stuff which we only get to actually wear about 2 days a year 🙂

    1. So very true Mindy – even in the south of Queensland it’s the same. This is the time of year I’m more likely to find pieces that last me from now through to September with a little layering on the cold days.

  3. Deconstructed glamour is my fave. I love me a bit of shimmer and sequin, and any opportunity to wear it will be embraced with vigour!

  4. Grey is a definite mainstay in my wardrobe, even through the hottest months. With my slightly “schizophrenic” fashion personality (which I”m attempting to tame!) I have a touch of all of these in my closet. I’ll try not to wear them all at the same time though!

  5. From the look of things, this coming season looks fabulous – particularly the jewel tones and prints. I’d better dust off last season’s grey boots too. Winter is a long 6 month affair in Melbs! I am with you on the double denim too. Thanks for the wrap.

  6. I am going to live a little and say I love the prints dresses, I have no where to wear them but just a tiny hiccup, and the grey is a great alternative to black.

  7. Loving the grey as an alternative to black! Works well with the brights too. I need the soft pants in my wardrobe – perfect for uni!

  8. omg i am so scared winter and autumn will be here soon….I cant wear anything for these seasons because my bust is so big that jumpers look bad on me and cardigans make me look like a 90 year old granny.

  9. Love your work Nikki. I’ve got a few grey jumpers in my wardrobe so glad to see I will be “on trend” when I wear them. I love animal print and metallics – I can never go past “shiny things”. I rocked double denim last year, glad to see I can do it again this year 🙂

  10. Thanks for the heads up Nikki. I love all shades of grey. Much softer against the complexion than black sometimes. And a pop of colour (cobalt blue!) is always fun. I will ‘shop my own wardrobe’ and keep an eye out for some lovely items to add to my AW14 looks. Though as you say, It is hard to imagine though given I sit here typing in a sleeveless maxi dress. Have found several bargains on some American sites given their opposite seasons.

  11. We do get a decent winter where I live and some seriously cold days and big frosts but it won’t be till about May I think before I reach for a jumper ,I do like grey better than black,love jewel tones and do love leopard and digital prints,I do love denim but I don’t think I can go back to double denim!I also love a comfy pair of pants especially if they feel like track pants but are NOT I don’t do track pants.
    Thank you Nikki I have bought a blue patterned scarf for autumn and a a Verily kimono jacket that I think you have but that’s it so far,thank you for this post my NYDJ grey skinnies will be worn a lot this winter.

  12. I feel freezing for about 6 weeks and that’s it. It’s still much too warm and sunny (and ready for my tropical cruise on Saturday!) to think about autumn/winter clothes! Soon???

    1. It’s difficult to think about AW clothes but the problem is the ones that best suit a warmer winter are in store now so I like to plan a bit around that and buy key pieces so I don’t miss out or only high winter stuff is available in a couple of months.

  13. I just can’t wear winter clothes here (in Qld)! I just wear the same stuff all year ’round, perhaps with a short-sleeved cardy. I love lots of pieces from the photos above – including those metallic-look capris. I remember back in the 80’s we actually had a fire going mid-winter on the Gold Coast. Haven’t done it since!

  14. Oh yes, I have started buying my winter work wardrobe pieces. Predominately grey and blue so far {I’m a sucker for a touch of blue}. Also loving the fact that I can wear a fancy pair of trackies to work…My inner elasticated pant girl is delighted! x

  15. Hi Nikki, had to share – I finally found the perfect pencil skirt I’d been looking for forever. Its by Sacha Drake from Soul Diva in Buderim. So excited its such a perfect fit, heading back next pay for some more Sacha!

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