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Hello new school year.

Thanks coming around so quickly. Once the nerves (mine and his) have settled at our new school, I’ll be back home relishing the peace that has descended on the house.

Oh wait. I’ve still got uni students at home for a few more weeks.

Master SY mentioned a few minutes before bed last night that he was “actually excited” about going to his new school. I think the visit yesterday to meet his teacher and see his classroom really helped.

Me, I’ve planned out an outfit (check later on Facebook or Instagram for today’s #everydaystyle) – it’s a combination of comfort with a key accessory or two.

There will be definitely comfortable shoes on my feet as the chances of getting a park nearby on the first day – when EVERYONE is parking and walking in – is as high as finding your dream pair of shoes in your size in an end-of-season sale. It just never happens.

Now, I realise that for many, planning what to wear on the school run is not on your list of priorities. That’s ok. As you were.

But I find if I make a little effort, it sets me up for the rest of the day. Yes, I work at home but I’m often off running errands after the drop off and maybe heading out to after-school activities at the end of the day.

A polished, smart-casual look works best for me. This two-minute makeup – or a variation on it – goes a long way to giving me a little lift too.

And if you work in an office, it’s about making your outfit work for your office not the school run (you’ll find some summer officewear tips here). That was me for many years. The key I found was wearing flat shoes into school, switching out to heels when back in the car or at the office.

If the whole concept of the school run is new to you – or you’re looking to change up your casual everyday style – then one of these two outfits below might offer some inspiration.

Oh, if you’re dropping off your child for the first time, there are two other essentials: big sunnies and waterproof mascara.

Don’t leave home without them.

The dress

What to wear on the school run - the dress

1. Blue Bungalow dress $89 | 2. Ruby Olive earrings $22 | 3. Colette Hayman bag $54.95 | 4. Mollini wedges $129.95 @ Style Tread

The pants

What to wear on the school run the pants


1. Country Road top $69.95 | 2. All About Eve pant $79.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Witchery scarf $39.95 | 4. Sambag ballet flats $180

Is school back for you? What’s your school drop-off uniform? Post a photo in the comments if you’d like to share.

PS. If you happen to see me at our new school, please come and say hi. It will make my day.

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  1. I have been so busy with our new crazy routine of Kindy drop off then taking little miss to her swimming and dancing lessons that I am only just getting a chance to catch up on some blog post reading. Those pants look perfect to me. There is nothing like a comfortable pair of pants to get down on the floor or sit on Kindy child size chairs at morning drop off. I will have to check those ones out for sure. Love the base of the outfit is neutral and you could add any colour to it that you like with the shoes and scarf.

  2. I hope the first school drop off was a success! Outfit number two is my go-to style for during the week, though sometimes the pants are patterned and the top is plain. I’m all about breton stripes at the moment and seem to be buying them at a rate of knots!

  3. Great post Nikki! Love the second outfit. I’m usually overdressed when I drop bub off because I’m on the way to a meeting and I always pop flats on so I don’t look too over the top. I stand out enough as it is for obvious reasons. Great tips! x

  4. Great outfits, Nikki, especially a bit of colour. You’ll be proud of me as I wore a neon top! Felt very brave. Also wore the Ecco shoes that Fox in Flats got me onto. I do as my fash bloggers tell me! 🙂
    Not a lot of accessories but wore my grandmothers ring that I wear to special events for my girls, representing all the family are there for them.

  5. I won’t be dropping my daughter off to Kindy till next year so I have a year to be a little more relaxed at home while running after a three year old and 11 month old. But all these outfits work for mums who stay at home too. Love all the suggestions. The khaki pants and stripe tee has inspired me to style a maternity outfit for myself. Hope master SY enjoys his new school and makes awesome friends. And I hope you you get to meet some great mums too. X

  6. Today my Miss 7 started back at school, and tomorrow Master T has his Best Start Survey for Kindergarten. So, I made sure I put my best foot forward – its amazing how many people say you look nice when you make a little effort!! Being the P&C Prez makes me even more resolved to look good. I see it as an important job in the school community. Next week will be the killer – with my baby boy starting fulltime school, though he is so looking forward to being a Big School Boy. I am already a blubbering mess – not helped by the husband being on the mercy dash to the UK with no return date set. Enough on me, those outfits look great. I would play along with #everydaystyle if I could work out how to do a half decent selfie – I’ll get there before too long.

    1. Mary, you are one hell of a lady – the P&C president’s job is a huge one. And it’s ok, I’m a blubbering mess every year – not just the milestone ones. Re #everydaystyle … you know that my 8YO takes the photos? Get Miss 7 on to it!!

  7. I’m doing my first pre-school drop off on Friday. I intend to wear a dress over swimmers with my Birkenstocks as I’ll be doing laps shortly afterwards. I never get to actually swim myself when I have a child in tow so I can’t wait for this school year to kick off!
    Hope the first day went well for both of you xx

  8. Loving that dress! All very casual on the dress front here – not many (in fact any??) who work in an office. Lots of retail (own business) and mums at home. School yard was hectic today and our preps start tomorrow so will be even busier then. For the next few weeks I am a shorts and sleeveless top or tshirt….. too hot for anything else. I *will* be investigating that frock though.

  9. I love all the outfits Nikki even though I am long past the school run days they appeal to me as everyday running around casual outfits.I own that Country Road tee and it is lovely.
    I do hope Master SY settles into his new school quickly and I hope your nerves go away,it is always hard for children to settle back into a new school year but even harder when they change schools.I do hope your boy makes new friends quickly and so do you and I’m sure anyone reading this who lives near you will want to be your friend Nikki x

  10. Hope the first day goes well for both of you! That is great that Master SY got to go and scope out his new school and teacher before he actually starts, I am sure that will help alot. Love that second outfit – that is perfect for so many things.

  11. I love the first outfit – especially the earrings and bag! Hope all goes well for your son today – and for you – always feels strange after long holidays. Me? I homeschool (2nd year now) so no more stuck-in-traffic-fight-for-a-park-runs! Yay! We dress in cool, comfy clothing, perfect for tropical h/schooling!

  12. oh thinking of you guys today Nikki. I hope it goes completely smoothly and a great day is had by all.


  13. Thanks Nikki. Lovely outfits. A little planning goes a long way. Wearing an outfit that you are comfortable and confident in sets you up for the day, whatever it may hold. Best wishes to you and Master SY at the new school.

  14. Love these outfits – the first in particular.
    I don’t have an outfit specifically for school drop off but I go with what I have on that day, so sometimes it is gym gear, other times a frock. I just try and look reasonably presentable, throw on an accessory or two and never leave home without my sunnies!

  15. Good Luck for today Nikki…It feels just like yesterday that I was hyperventilating at the school gate 😉
    PS totally agree on the outfit planning, when my girl moved schools I did the same too. If you feel good your confidence increases 10 fold.x

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