The Model and Me Lola Australia

The Model and Me: Lola Australia

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You know what excites me?

A fully unpacked house, cold drinks on a summer’s afternoon, watching next season’s Downton Abbey courtesy of parents bringing store-bought DVD back from the UK (why oh why do Australian TV channels still treat us like idiots? Two words: Fast. Track) … and being introduced to an Australian fashion label that feels like it could have been made especially for my style.

Yes, today’s Model and Me post is dedicated to all of the above but especially Western Australian-based label Lola Australia.

Before Christmas, Lola Australia kindly sent a number of pieces and if you follow along on Instagram you would have seen me wear and share those.

I love Lola Australia’s bohemian-chic styling.

The cottons are a delight to wear – especially on our super hot days – and the silk dress I’m featuring today is just one of those wardrobe pieces you know will serve you well through this summer and beyond.

Being 100% silk it does cost more than the cottons in the Lola Australia collection – the cottons are about half the price of the silks and just as great quality. 

The model

Lola Australia swing silk shift dress

Lola Australia swing shift silk dress $264

and me

Lola Australia silk shift dress, Zoe Kratzmann wedges, Red Phoenix Emporium earrings and bracelet

Lola Australia silk shift dress* (I’m wearing the size XL and am 167cm) |  Metalicus slipZoe Kratzmann wedges, Red Phoenix Emporium earrings and bracelet

As you can see, I’m doing that thing where I wear a fitted slip dress under the main attraction.

I do this often – for extra length and modesty should a gust of wind come my way and send my dress upwards. An event that would not be pretty for all in viewing range.

This dress is thin silk. This is a bonus for the height of summer when it takes superior wardrobe skills to look and feel cool when the weather is anything but.

The downside with such flimsiness of fabric is that I tend to not feel like I’m wearing enough. I think it’s that paranoia about the potential to accidentally flash more than I ever want to flash.

Whatever the reason, a slip solves all and ensures that this dress will be on high rotation for many a summer to come.

I adore the pattern of the fabric, the sleeves, the cut-out stitching detail at the hemline and the style – nothing beats the subtle shape of a shift dress when the going gets hot. Nothing.

The Model and Me Lola Australia

Found an Australian label you love lately? Love a shift dress?

* This garment was sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Hi Nikki I think you look much better than the model,you give the dress more shape and looks wonderful, I would like to know where you get your slip for underneath. Hope you have settled in your new home.

  2. Yes, I love a shift dress and while Sportscraft is hardly new, I will mention that I took the risk of ordering one online in the sale which arrived yesterday and the fit is perfect. You have to love a label that you know is reliable. The other thing is that if it doesn’t fit, you can return it to any store. As I have almost forgotten how to actually post something these days, it is a definite plus!

  3. Love these posts Nikki. It’s great to see clothing on “real” people rather than models, I find it sells the clothing more tbh and I wonder if designers/retailers etc realise this?

    1. Some do Rach … particularly the smaller independents. It’s my wish that more fashion companies extend their marketing budgets to photograph their designs on more than one size. I truly believe they’d make more than the money it would cost to do so.

  4. Wow, you look amazing! I purchased a nude coloured metalicus slip on your referral and I couldn’t be happier! They fit so snug and look really sexy under a kaftan as it looks like you are wearing nothing!

  5. Love it. The round neck wouldn’t do me any favours, but really dig the print. And those Red Phoenix Emporium earrings seem to go with everything?!

  6. You look fabulous, I love your model and me posts. I bought a Trelis Cooper silk dress during the online sales – it arrived today and I adore it! Will have to post a pic on IG x

  7. Gorgeous! I love the pattern and something cool and floaty in this hot weather sounds perfect. I’m off to visit the Lola website, too!

  8. Well, now I have visited the Lola website and easily found a dozen stunning things for my wish list! I love how the same fabric is used in a range of dress styles -do you want mini, midi maxi, sleeves, long, short, none? There is something for everyone.

  9. Hi Nikki, you look gorgeous in this silk dress. I have looked at their online shopping and the designs are fantastic. I will be in Perth in a couple of weeks, so have contacted them for a list of stockists, so I can have a play!!

  10. Yes I love a shift dress Nikki and love anything in silk ,and I adore the pattern too.You look lovely I really like this dress on you.I love model and me posts!
    I am very pleased your house is unpacked xx

  11. Hi Nikki, just wondering as I, like you now, live in Brisbane….just how hot is the metallicus slip? I know you wear it a lot and I would want to do that too for all the same reasons but wonder whether it would make all the cool clothes decidedly uncool!

  12. Nikki, you look lovely, as ever. Love the colour combination. Following your wise advice I purchased a Metalicus slip for layering. Whilst I was online searching for pretty kaftan, I came across Qld store Spirituelle – they do a lovely range of cotton kaftans and slips to wear under. x

  13. New label to me too, and I live in WA! Looks like just the dress for the heatwave we’re having 🙂 Love your idea of wearing a slip underneath floaty fabric.

  14. I love this look Nikki, and the layering looks fantastic, but don’t you get hot? I’m not sure if it’s just psychological but I always feel way hotter in 2 layers!

  15. I have a lovely silk Lola in a bright blue and white pattern, that has elbow length sleeves and shirring under the bust, which are my favourite features to flatter my body. It is not too sheer and a bit longer than your shift, so I can wear without a a slip underneath.

  16. This looks so good on you Nikki (you look great with pink) and the Metalicus slip is perfect for it. Last time I wore silk (20 years ago), I spilt food down my front (always lands on my boobs!) and couldn’t get it out, so don’t buy silk anymore! Will check out Lola’s website. Love The Model and Me 🙂

      1. Nikki…what’s the Gorman shop you mentioned on your facebook page today? In Brisbane? I’ve tried their website but I can’t get connected to it 🙁 Thanks.

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