How to change hairdressers

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There’s a lot to be sorted when moving. A lot.

You’ve all played along with my internet saga? Well yes, that’s kind of fixed. I have internet but the accounts and plans are still all mixed up.

They keep phoning Mr SY who’s successfully delegated all communication about communication to me for the past decade or so. All he knows – and wants to know about the bundle – is that it brings him Fox Sports through the TV.

Anyway, after internet, I’m thinking that finding a new hairdresser has to be up there with being a potentially stressy part of a move, don’t you think?

I’m blonde.

Well, I’m a long-term investor in being blonde.

My hair gets to about the five-and-a-half-week between salon visits and the re-growth seemingly takes over. And and that point: That’s. All. I. Can. See.

Yesterday all was restored in the blonde department and I’m very happy with the result.

It’s nerve-wracking changing hair stylists and colourists but I want to share with you my story as I think if you can make it work for yourself, should you find yourself in a similar situation, it’s a win-win for you and continual Good Hair Days.

Let me start with my previous hair stylist. The gorgeous and amazingly talented Maria Faulder at Suite Three Hair on Buderim.

Someone I’ve very honoured to call a girlfriend. We’ve shared more champagnes that I care to count, we’ve holidayed together and we’ve solved life’s first would problems by the river at Cotton Tree.

So, when the subject came up late last year as to how I was going to manage my hair once I’d moved from the Sunshine Coast, neither of us could look at each other as if we did, it was only going to end in tears.

Much as I would love to drive up the Coast for my six-weekly appointments, adding three hours of travel to three hours in the chair just wasn’t feasible for me.

So …

She did the next best thing and referred me to a hair stylist in Brisbane.ย Someone who she’d worked alongside with at fashion shows and at training events – and importantly had a lot of professional respect for.

At my last appointment for 2013, she organised for my appointment to be made with this new stylist, calling them up, talking through my hair and what colour they used – down to the specifics as it’s the same salon colour.

Kind of like sharing your medical records. Only more fun.

So, when I arrived at Globe Creative in Paddington, I had none of the nerves you might have at the thought of handing over your hair to someone new.

Salon director and owner Josh Magee made me feel very much at home from the moment I stepped in the door.

How to change hairdressers

I left several hours later feeling fresh, blonde and grateful.

Grateful for a successful transition and grateful that next time I see Maria, it won’t involve work. It will involve friendship and champagne. Always with the champagne.

And that’s how to change hairdressers, Stylers.

Tell me … have you got a hairdresser transition story to share? Followed the one hair stylist around your city each time he or she moves? Had a bad break-up with definitely no sharing of colour history?

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  1. Hi Nicki, I’m glad your change of hair stylist has gone so well! Do you have any tips for starting to color my hair? I’m 38 years old and starting to get some greys coming through that I would like to cover. I also like the idea of more polished looking hair as I get older! I am a brunette with summer / winter coloring and 6 weekly maintenance would be a big commitment for me! My hair is medium length, a little bit longer than yours. I’ve got no idea where to start – semi with foils or solid permanent color or ??
    Thanks Ann

  2. My hairdresser died unexpectedly a couple of years ago. I’d been going to her for over 5 years and miss her much more than I thought I would. She’s been impossible to replace ๐Ÿ™

  3. I’m the luckiest girl in the world my best friend is a hair dresser and she comes to my house and does my hair for me. People always comment on my hair and if they don’t know me ask me if I curl my hair and I just laugh and tell me if my best friend wasn’t a hairdresser my hair wouldn’t look like this!

  4. I was stuck in a rut and needed a change. I saw a Kindy Mum who ALWAYS had immaculate hair (even in gym gear, go figure) and asked where she went. Got the name and salon and phoned for an appt. was really excited to go to my appt but when I got there she greeted me then let me sit for 45 MINUTES while finishing two other clients. No apology just “Saturdays are crazy here!” Yes, but don’t overbook clients then!
    She talked to everyone else in the salon who were all her BFF’s but me. However she did transform my hair and I left looking like a goddess but $320 poorer. Got 100 compliments on my hair.
    Six weeks later I fronted up again for a trim and more colour (blonde when you’re not a natural one is a big commitment). Again she was 45 min late, no apology, talked to everyone but me etc. when it came to the trim, I swear she literally had the scissors in her hands for 2 mins. I got charged $95 for a “cut”. Another $320 later and I had to break up with her! Fabulous hair but she truly couldn’t give a shit about me as a client. And for that $$ you like to feel a tiny bit special, even if its only for a few hours every six weeks!
    Oh look that turned into a novel. :/

    1. Oh wow Vicki, that’s just not good, is it? Time is so precious. Our $ are so precious. Hope you’ve been able to find somewhere that makes you feel special while in the chair. Another hot tip – always book the time for when they first open if you can – that way you’re less likely to get caught up in any time squeeze later in the day.

  5. I haven’t been to a hairdresser in years, the small talk freaks me out too much haha. Then they ask me what I want done and I just don’t want to deal with knots and much past that I don’t care ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I still travel to Brissy to see my fabulous hairdresser, haven’t gotten the nerve to try anyone out on the sunny coast as yet! Someone even told me there were no decent hairdressers to be found up here – this I don’t believe!!

    1. Complete rubbish Maaret … so many good ones on the Sunshine Coast. Many who compete against (and win) and work on national fashion shows alongside their metro counterparts. You could not go wrong with Maria at Suite Three!

  7. How awesome is your Powerhouse Hair Team?! That’s going above and beyond – love it! My previous hairdresser had a baby. She works from home and is currently doing hair 2 weekdays per week, which doesn’t quite work for me as I work full time. I let her know this and also the new salon I’m going to. Even though there was no exchange of information, my newby hit it out the park (taking me back to balayage) and has been scoring homeruns ever since!

  8. My cousin is a hairdresser and I was her guinea pig (sorry, ‘hair model’) all through high school. Never paid for any of those cuts, because she was doing them for professional development and got marked on them. After high school she moved away, and I started getting one of the girls she had trained up to look after my hair. I followed her to 2 other salons and across most of Brisbane over 15 years. When we moved up to Cairns, I had to bite the big one and start over. I had some terrible haircuts, colours and general experiences, but towards the end of last year I found a little salon right around the corner from home (and work), that is amazing, and affordable. I’m actually headed back there tonight – he has spent the last 3 visits just trying to help me grow out a hack job that had me in tears. Hopefully tonight it will be at the point where we can start grooming it into something pretty, instead of just being ‘manageable’ and ‘not-mullet-like’ (those were actually the terms we used in our first meeting!). Am dreading our possible move interstate if it means I will have to subject myself to this all over again.

  9. That’s great that your new hairdresser turned out to be just as good as your old one and yes it is serious business especially when you are blonde I think.My hairdresser uses 3 colours on my roots so it’s not something I would want to change.Nikki I can’t believe you are still having internet issues that would be very trying!

  10. Haha. When I saw your post yesterday I was wondering if you’d go to The Globe. I don’t know Josh personally but I’m good friends with his lil sister who honestly has the best luscious locks you will ever see! I’ve been through Stefan ( even did a tv ad once for them) and then followed one of the managers when she opened her store but it was too far for me to keep travelling so I found a stylist closer to home and have followed her as she’s moved to run a salon at home. I think skills, friendliness and location are the keys to finding a good hair stylist. I used to be blonde too but couldn’t keep up with the maintenance so now I mix between dark red and brown and can get away with 8 weeks between visits. X

    1. Oh that’s a small, small world isn’t it Bec – Josh is fabulous and he talked about his sister. I was a Stefan salon goer back in the day – started at uni with a lovely lady called Liz at the City salon and I followed her to Carindale before I got my first job in Maryborough … I wonder where she is now.

  11. I had to change hairdressers years ago because I kind of assumed my hairdresser was gay and made reference to it and it turns out he’s straight. I’m not in the habit of making casual assumptions about people but he flaps around like a wounded albatross and had spent the last 20 minutes telling me about his elongated holiday to San Francisco – gay capitol of the world. He was also in Cube (gay nightclub in Canberra) EVERY SINGLE TIME I WENT THERE. He acted like I was the bitch from hell when I tried to set him up with one of my gay friends. Like he was SUPER shocked that I thought he was gay. Weird. So I had to change hair dressers which was a shame because he was great with curls. I’ve also had 2 hairdressers die while I’ve been a client of theirs. Weird right?

    1. Oh Smags that is hilarious if not sad for your hair … and definitely the last bit just quite weird. You have the most amazing hair – it should be framed. But then you wouldn’t be able to breathe so maybe not my best idea!

  12. I still go back to my home town every 2/3 weeks for work meetings so haven’t made the big move to a new stylist yet!

  13. I am very lucky to have had the same hairdresser for 10+ years. Nikki I love how you have handled this move – almost like a military operation. Lots of planning = stress minimisation. I would never had thought to ask my hairdresser for a recommendation if I had to move towns. So clever!!

    1. Most hairdressers do regular training and some work in shows for the salon colour/product they use and sell so they get to know others. Wouldn’t work in all cases but if leaving the area, at least try and get the colour details to hand over to someone else.

  14. I had a wonderful young hairdresser who from what I gather had a falling out with her boss. When she suddenly up and left they would not tell me where she had gone. I was devastated. To this day NO ONE has managed to get my hair looking as good as she did. She had a natural eye for peoples most complimentary colours and doos. She was a hair whisperer ๐Ÿ™

    1. Bren I am not sure if you have tried this or not, but if you know her full name (or even if you don’t – first name & hairdresser might work) Google or FB stalk her and see if you can find her. I did this when a massage therapist left a business and I was desperate to find them. Sounds a bit creepy but worth it if it matters to you.

  15. Neat photo! 4 months before my wedding (17 years ago) I tried a new hairdresser in Manly (Bris) where we’d moved to, and said to her “I want your hair” – instead she chatted away to her work pals and cut my hair in a super short Coco-Chanel style – not the shoulder length waves I was after. I sobbed all the way home. My dreams of having my hair up in a chignon for my wedding were smashed as my hair didn’t grow quickly after that. I’ve never gotten over it. I also never went back to complain – what was the point?

  16. I’m still in the “I can’t believe he left me” stage almost a year since my darling hairdresser up and moved states, after 17 years of me following him all over the East and inner city. I have a new one but I think I have to find another one. Yuck. Glad you’ve transitioned well!!

  17. In my earlier 20s and moving from the country to Brisvegas, I used to fly (7 hour drive) to my hometown every 6 weeks to see my hairdresser of the day. I finally cut the apron strings and it took me 6 years to find another one I was half happy with. Two years ago I moved and after 20 odd years with my Brissy hairdresser, I wasn’t at all looking forward to finding a new one.

    The real estate agent for our new property had great hair (though very different from mine) so I asked her recommendations. Having lived here for a long period herself (and being a Sydney girl), I figured she would have done the hard yards for me and save me the same heartache.

  18. I’m glad it was a great experience Nikki. I must have been worried for you because I dreamt last night that you had a hair disaster! I should have known you’d have it sorted ๐Ÿ™‚ I, on the other hand, am very unsorted. I’ve put off going to the hairdresser for around six months rather than face finding a new one!

    1. I’m so glad you’ve been worried – such a first world problem! I would have been scared except for the referral and hand over – I trusted my old stylist to only recommend someone she trusted! I’m sorry you’re not sorted – have you asked around on Facebook for recommendations in your area?

  19. I didn’t get my hair cut for a 10 months when we emigrated. I waited until my first trip back to England to go back to my comfort zone – Crazy I know but the fear of a bad haircut made the wait bearable, Gorgeous Maria from Suite Three is the bomb. Thank you for sharing her with us all, because I have found the perfect hairdresser that’s more than capable of taming my mane!

  20. I have longer relationships with hairdressers than with some old boyfriends! So when I moved to the UK, I got the courage up to ask for the details of the colour from my SYD hairdresser to take with me. Having a great relationship with your current hairdresser certainly helps. I like that Maria could ‘refer’ you and she’s very lovely for doing that.
    For new hairdressers, I do try to find one that has the same kind of hair as me so that understand my issues, ie fine hair. Also helps my hairdresser is a Mum so she knows I can’t spend hours everyday or wads of cash on product. I think I love her!! Ha ha! Great post, Nikki.

  21. Was the hardest thing about moving to Melbourne from Adelaide & my hairdresser of 15 years. It took me 4 1/2 years to find one I was happy with & felt I could trust. The internet only took 3 months to sort out!

  22. Again, very relevant post. I’m moving to Buderim, and I think you’ve just answered my question about finding a new hairdresser!

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