GlamPalm hair iron: is this your new styler?

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I blame my hair. I do.

I’m no expert in this hair styling game but what I do know is that my hair has been responsible for my never-ending quest to find and adopt solutions that wrangle it into some kind of shape.

I don’t have curly hair. I don’t have fully straight hair. Instead I have something in between with a very strong and random wave down the back section.

I know we always want what we don’t have (particularly in the hair department) but all I truly longed for in my 20s and 30s was sleek, straight, non-bouffy hair.

Now, I’m talking about the Olden Days here.


Before hair irons.

Yes, young Stylers, such a time did occur and it was not pretty.

I’ll tell you something for nothing, though. The first time my hair experienced a styling iron I swear I had my first ever Serious Good Hair Day.

My hair felt and looked less bouffy and I just felt more “together”.

That day was about 12 years ago and I’ve since made it a personal mission to try each new big thing that comes along in the hair styling iron department.

The latest new big thing is the GlamPalm hair iron.

GlamPalm sits easily in your hand while you style ... glamour in the palm of your hand

Well, the latest new big thing to hit my hair.

The GlamPalm has actually been available in other parts of the world since 2008 but it only launched in Australia last year.

What makes the GlamPalm hair iron different?

GlamPalm hair iron comes with a leather heatproof clutch, section clips and heat-resistant cap

  1. The big difference is that it’s the first hair iron that won’t damage your hair and requires no heat protector to use safely on your hair. GlamPalm has called it Healing Stone Technology. A special mineral mined in South Korea (the mine is owned by GlamPalm) is infused into the ceramic plates to make this possible. Using it will actually improve your hair’s condition.
  2. GlamPalm’s inventors come with a strong styling iron history behind them. They developed the world’s first ceramic-coated heat plate as well as first free-voltage and automatic shut-off functions, first tilting and cushioning plate, first 3D swivel and pivot cord and first built-in temperature sensors.
  3. All irons are manufactured with screws – no pressings – to ensure lifespan and quality.
  4. There are three GlamPalm hair irons from which to choose. Each is designed to work best on different lengths and thickness of hair as well as for styling functions.
  5. There are 11 heat settings and it takes 10 seconds to reach your desired heat.
  6. The plates are cushioned and have a tilt function, making for easy gliding through hair.
  7. The irons include a 3m swivel pivot cord, great if your electricity plug is some distance from your mirror.
  8. Each iron comes in a leather heatproof clutch bag with a heat-resistant cap and two section clips.
  9. A two-year warranty applies.

GlamPalm irons allow you to set the temperature which best suits your hair and its condition

The result

A company can list off all the benefits and technological stuff but, for me, it’s always been about how a hair iron makes my life easier AND makes my hair look and feel.

You can see from my video below that I’m no professional when it comes to wielding an iron. What I am is someone who’s just found a way of wielding that works for me.

I know I would get a more professional finish should I section my hair out more and take up smaller sections to iron but I’m a lazy-girl beauty queen from way back. I take the quickest path to create an easy look that’s not bouffy. All up it’s about 10 minutes.

So because I’m not as precise as a hairdresser would be, the test with any new iron is always in how my hair looks using this exact same lazy-girl method.

With the GlamPalm hair iron (I’m using the GP313 – designed for use on medium to long hair for mostly straightening – the plates are medium sized and have a flatter barrel), as I mentioned above, you don’t have to use a heat protectant first. That’s a win in the lazy-girl department.

I’ll admit I was nervous at first. I’ve been banging on about needing such a product for a very long time … as long as I’ve been using hair irons.

It only took one use of the GlamPalm irons to reassure me that my hair was going to be ok. Very ok. My hair is actually more glossy and the colour is seemingly refreshed (and in the video and photos my colour was at the end of its six-week cycle!).

As for how long it takes, the GlamPalm got my tick here too. One or two run-throughs of each section were mostly enough. The ability to set the temperature to suit your hair type is key to this working for you too. I set mine at 180 – the standard – and ideal for my coloured hair.

GlamPalm hair irons before and after

How does it stack up?

As I said above, I’ve tried almost every big thing that’s come along in the hair straightening iron department.

Until the GlamPalm arrived, I’d been switching out my styling between the ghd eclipse (launched 12 months ago) and the L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod (launched about 18 months ago). I’d also previously used the Cloud Nine.

The Steampod lacks the portability of the GlamPalm and is much heavier in the hand. It does do a mighty fine job of keeping my hair free from the ravages of a Queensland summer through its “treatment” steaming process. And I do like that I only have to dry my hair to 80% to use it.

The eclipse was definitely an improvement on the original and Gold ghds, with its new technology offering stability in temperature from roots to tips. But the temperature is set at 185 degrees so, unlike the GlamPalm, doesn’t allow for higher or lower changes depending on your hair type and condition.

Price-wise, the GlamPalm ($278) is comparable to the Cloud Nine and L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod. It comes in $20 or more under the ghd eclipse. If choosing on budget alone, I’d look at something else altogether – like the Elkie Creative Styler – for $100 less.

But if you’re in the market for an upgrade of your current hair iron, then I’d definitely add the GlamPalm to your research and shopping list. It ticks all of my hair styling boxes.

For more information and to buy, visit


GlamPalm has one hair iron to give away to Styling You readers. You’ll be able to choose an iron that best suits your hair and styling needs.

Win a GlamPalm hair iron

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How would a GlamPalm hair iron help you harness the power of a Good Hair Day?

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  1. Thanks sooooo much for this review! I live in northern NSW and have very similar hair to you so this review is exactly what I was looking for!!!

    1. Post
  2. I was desperately looking for review for glam palm as I don’t wish to splurge on another hair iron that I might not like. I have used Hotlips, GHd and Steampod and I noticed you used them as well! I am so glad Someone has a comparison for these irons as I think! Thank you so much! It’s going to be in my cart!

  3. I purchased one several weeks ago and I have long thick curly hair. After straightening it with the glampalm it DOES NOT look like the glossy straight locks being shown all around the internet. No matter how many products I add to my hair to help the process, it resembles a dry horse tail. I ordered the widest iron as per the ordering suggestion and find it impossible to style my hair. Extremely disappointed. I’m happy to take a photo and upload it here if anyone wants to see the reality of what this straightener can do on someone with truly long, coarse curly hair. It doesn’t fry/frizz my hair the way a GHD brand tended to do, but nor does it leave it looking glossy and silky smooth either. All the $$$ I paid and it didn’t deliver the results it claims to do.

  4. Curly hair is the glampalm and straight hair is with the ghd you choose which irons better my hair looks so unruly with the ghd dry and brittle too

  5. So hard to get in the US I found a distributor if anyone needs in the states I love my glampalm best freaking iron out there way better than ghd , ghd burns the crap out my hair and leaves it dry and brittle what sucks also I love my extensions and I use bellami clip ons my bellamis also disagree on the ghd to style they become very unruly with that iron my glampalm solved my extension problems I don’t have blonde hair I have a dark auburn but my glam palm definitely brightens the lowlights I have in my hair the picture with curly hair is my glampalm it looks much healthier the straight hair is the ghd you pick which iron is best

  6. Frizzy sides! ~Unruly on top!
    Help needed for my crazy mop!
    Using GLAMPALM’s hair iron, surely I’d say:
    “Feel the power! …Great hair today!

  7. I have curly hair, and where I work (in an office) my hair must be neat and tidy and they consider curly hair untidy. Yeah for me! so I have a cheap old hair straightener I got at BigW, as that’s all I could afford, and that’s what I’m stuck with…unless I win!!!

  8. Everyday I go through the same routine with my hair, some days it behaves and other days it’s like a wilful child and stubbornly refuses to do my biding, A Glampalm would ensure I have the upper hand.

  9. No need to use a heat protectant first! You’ve got me at that. Quick to heat up! Perfect. Good for my hair! Even better. Wow my hair will look glossier! That’s really what I’m after. Thank you.

  10. The GlamPalm straightener looks like it works brilliantly, but an added bonus is how cute the package is! I’d love to be seen porting that around!

  11. My hair is so thick my hairdresser looks sick when she see’s me coming because it takes so long to colour and dry, a great straightner would really help at home, when your hair looks good you feel great!

  12. I have curly hair, but the ugly kind. Straightening my hair is a must in the morning a new straightener that actually works would help.

  13. Trying to grow my locks long,

    But it’s frizzy and wrong.

    With Glam palm, there’d be no fizz,

    So my hair would look the biz!

  14. A Glam palm would be an amazing help in making me have a
    good hair day because it would mean i could roll out of bed use my glam palm
    and have beautiful shiny straight hair just like a supermodel

  15. My hair iron is old and daggy, the looks comes off very drab, winning a new Glam Palm would give mea lift and make me feel real Fab

  16. G lam Palm oh please be mine.
    L eave my hair looking fine.
    A GlamPalm with one flick.
    M ay just do the trick.

    P lease banish bad hair days for good.
    A nd make my hair look like it should.
    L eaving me looking so swish.
    M ay you please grant my wish.

  17. People often “yawn” BUT I “roar” the moment I awake,

    My misbehaved mane needs a sturdy steel rake!

    Combs! Brushes! A waste of time,

    I’ve tried Curling Wands! Straighteners and fruitlessly
    spent every single dime!

    Plentiful complimented with a misbehaved kink!

    I walk out of the bathroom and I’m on the BRINK!

    The kids are quietly eating their breakfast and don’t dare
    say a word,

    Getting so emotional over “hair” is truly absurd!

    “Control” I’ve yearned for far too long!

    “GlamPalm” my bathroom this friend does belong!

    Less time on my disobedient mane,

    Confidence! Calmness! Time to gain!

  18. The GlamPalm gives me the confidence to fly out the door every morning because it’s the best Hair Traffic Controller!

  19. I am always trying to stop my hair from flying all over the place. The “Glam Iron” looks like it would harness my fly awau locks.

  20. The Glampalm Hair Ircon would be such a lifesaver to me, If i don’t straighten my Hair it ends up looking all boofy as i have VERY thick hair And also my Hair straightener has just decided to die on me the other day so i have to wear my hair up 🙁

  21. Well clearly this is a NEED not a WANT!! My GHD’s died 4 days ago.. Im in mourning & have jumped on line to research the latest & greatest in straighteners.. & BAM!! GlamPalm is clearly my winner! Now my only problem is… First day back at work tomorrow & I’m considering a sick day for my hair 🙁 So thrilled to have discovered GlamPalm! I hope you are as wonderful as the reviews 🙂

  22. I have beautiful hair, i just dont know how to do it properly! I’d love to be able to look like i had just left a salon every single day, with no more bad hair days!

  23. I have the most horrible, thickest, fuzziest, curl-frizzed hair. The only person I’ve seen with hair like mine is Effie! When I was 18 I decided to get it chemically straightened. BAD move! Sure it came out straight but sticking out at all angles and looked like I had a triangle wig on my head! I often day dream about being rich……not to buy cars or houses but to pay for a hairdresser to straighten my hair for me everyday! But maybe, just maybe this GlamPalm might be the answer to my hair styling woes.

  24. By gaining control of the frizzies and fly aways, refining my wild locks to absolutely smooth perfection it’d be one good hair day after another and a very happy, happy me.

  25. By making my hair straight, frizz free and without a single kink I’d have already harnessed the power of a good hair day before even setting foot outside the door, would be win win from there…..ready to take on the world and more 🙂

  26. With a young lady coming of hair straightening age , a Glam Palm would help us BOTH harness the power of a Good Hair Day. The efficiency of this miracle iron would avoid the queue and arguments of our time consuming hair taming schedule. From Frizz to Pizzazz ..

  27. With GlamPalm professional precision,
    Unruly hair wont be a decision,
    Kiss goodbye to my wild frizz,
    No more mornings in a tizz!

  28. On holidays this would be perfect. Its small enought to pack and makes hotel stays all the better knowing I can have good hair on those long shopping days and nights.

  29. The GlamPalm hair iron would help take the fuss of adding heatprotector so it’d speed up my time making me shine & straight for my day ahead!

  30. Well now that I have moved out I no longer have a straightener always have to borrow my sisters and it’s hard I really need to harness my own

  31. To straighten, style, burn, really is a chore.
    My arms around my head until I’m sore.
    My husband looks confused, the kids unsure.
    Because my follicle flattening is such a bore….

    Yep. I’d love a new swanky Glam Palm hair iron!

    Cheers, Trish xx

  32. A few months ago I visited anew hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist (a gay man) waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling,you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.

    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God), it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! Ha, ha!

    So as you can see I need a GlamPalm hair iron to help me harness the power of a Good Hair Day through its “treatment” steaming process and put me back in control of my own hair!

  33. My hair’s texture has changed since becoming a mum
    and so has my hair StYling energy. Would love to set things straight and feel GLAM again with a good hair iron in my PALM.

  34. I’m always tempted to buy a straightener for my curly hair but at 40 still never have….. Perhaps the Glam palm will be my first! Might save my daughters staring with concern at their mother early each morning as I wait for the coffee machine to warm up saying ‘Mum your hairs a bit funny..’ “How darling?” They then flip their heads over and shake their hands through it and flip upright ‘like this!!’ Before much laughter. Its true. I look like a crazy bag lady upon waking. But the last laugh is on me. They have inherited their dads and my curls and it’s cute at 6 and 8 years respectively. They’ll hate me in their teens!! I would love the chance to try to straighten my hair at home and perhaps pass along the knowledge to my girls if and when they need it!

    [email protected]

  35. For my girls, so each morning they head out the door to high school, confident and feeling great. no makeup, just wonderful hair.

  36. From a frumpy mum wavy no-do, I would love to look a little bit spesh, even if my toddler is the only audience. With a Glam Palm in hand, I could even make my trackie look a bit like a going out outfit

  37. My little fly aways are hard to tame,
    My very old hair straightener I blame.
    I need some help and tips to conquer a good hair day,
    With GlamPalm hair iron, they are here to stay.

  38. Remember that Friends episode – the One in Barbados? Remember Monica’s hair? That pretty much explains my hair in this weather! With Nikki’s (stand up applauding) styling education I think I’ve got my clothes, shoes and accessories on track but glam hair I do not! It’s time I stop chopping of my head in photos and get pretty hair to match with GlamPalm.

  39. We all share the same frustrations and concern we wake up post wash in qld looking like a 80’s goddess with a huge frizzy head of hair. My miss 8 calls its mums scary hair ! So taming is the goal let me see if this is the business.

  40. Dear GlamPalm please help me with Healing Stone Technology,
    To harness the power of a good hair day, as I’ve thrown my broken hair iron away 🙁
    Now I suffer ‘hair frizz’ in Summer, always up in a bun is a real bummer.
    Styling You please restore easy, silky straight hair glory!

  41. I have a 7 week old son so anything that makes my hair look fantastic and in very minimal time is worth it’s weight in gold and I must have it!! Pretty please 🙂

  42. I have a lot of trouble with my hair in humid conditions as it goes frizzy at the slightest hint of moisture in the air. I only have a mini vidal sassoon straightener which does a good job but is quite time consuming. This one is great when I travel but would love a full sized one to save me heaps of time & energy. This model did a great job on your hair Nikki & my hair’s texture & amount of waviness is quite similar to yours but a much shorter bob so should give perfect result for me too hopefully! With this I may never again experience a bad hair day!

  43. I have very straight fine hair but I have loads of it. I keep it really short and use loads of product to give it body. My new hairdresser showed me how to use a flat iron on my hair at my last visit to flick it up and put and it have it some amazing body!!! A glampalm would change the way I get reedy of a morning.

  44. With two boys under 2 1/2 my hair gets no attention! its always up. The GlamPalm would give me glam hair days quickly everyday!

  45. As I dont have such luxe things as GHD or L’oreal this would just help update my look and achieve frizz free styles that my poor old iron just cant manage

  46. I would love the GlamPalm so much right now! Pregnancy is not being so nice to my hair at the moment! I have tried other stylers but nothing seems to work! The GlamPalm would be the one that would work wonders and make me feel and look beautiful!

  47. I would no longer be self conscious about the unsightly kink on the back of my head. The GlamPalm would restore my self confidence; with bad hair days being a mere memory.

  48. Oh Hair Oh Hair
    You give me quite a scare

    Why is it that you feel
    The need to curl like an orange peel

    Oh how I wish for shiny and sleek
    to brush against my plump little cheek

    Forever straight in under an hour
    a GlamPalm would give me the power

  49. The glam palm would do a good job of convincing people that I have hair on my head…not a bird’s nest….Although, after straightening my frizzy locks…I might be looked at as a habitat destroyer…

  50. Popping the GlamPalm hair iron into my handbag I could get to work early on the train with my hair in a bun/pony tail. Then transform my look to sleek and stylish in my morning tea break.

  51. I never wear my hair out EVER, always in a plait or as my hubby says a librarian bun. Its only because its like every hair is trying to get away from the other one, love the confidence to actually wear it out from time to time

  52. Cheap straightener’s just don’t work for me. If you sneeze in my direction the hair will curl again. Glampalm will give me choice again.

  53. The GlamPalm hair iron would help reduce the frizz and give me that just-visited-the-salon look, leaving me feeling confident & happy.

  54. This is perfect timing and I can’t quite believe it’s before my eyes. My daughter’s straightener finally fell apart and I can’t afford to buy her another one.

  55. my nirvana has been found a straightening iron that reduces my frizz, tames my waves, creates softer, glossier hair without damaging it or pulling it out, choice of temperatures and no need to use a heat protectant which weighs down my fine, very oily hair please please let me win the Glam Palm 🙂

  56. The sleek,shiny hairstyle I achieve with my Glam Palm hair iron will give me confidence that I’m looking my best the whole day through.

  57. The sleek,shiny hairstyle I achieve with my Glam Palm hair iron will give me confidence that I’m looking my best the whole day through.

  58. without one lets just say I’d be having a bad hair day every day. Humidity, colouring, frizz, dryness. My hair needs every helping hand

  59. My very curly, frizzy hair is usually only straightened at the hairdresser as I don’t have the time (or patience). But to have the chance to feel great more often if I could straighten it myself would be awesome.

  60. OMG so many good reasons, how will you choose? Sorry I have no pics, I am an ordinary person with hair issues. Please pick me! This iron might just make my day perfect, everyday!

  61. I’ve given up using an iron on my short hair as they are too awkward to manage. Now I go for the mop-like urchin look much to the dismay of my children at times. Perhaps I could Glam(Palm) up and surprise them one day!

  62. My hair is the same as yours Nikki – not quite straight and not quite curly! My GHD is now three years old and I would love to be able to show it the door and ensure my hair is picture perfect before leaving the house each morning.

  63. My hair is the same as yours Nikki – not quite straight and not quite curly! My GHD is now three years old and I would love to be able to show it the door and ensure my hair is picture perfect before leaving the house each morning.

  64. I bought my first straightening iron almost 10 years ago and can safely say it’s seen better days. I don’t straighten my hair everyday when I do I stand a little taller, backs a little straighter and that inner confidence that can often hide just bursts out. It’s amazing how just by straightening my hair improves my attitude so much so that I vow to do it everyday. But with three kids time to yourself is a luxury so instead I wait as long as I can before having to wash it. Thank-god for dry shampoo

    [email protected]

  65. as a mother of a hairdresser who gets so cranky when trying to straighten my hair and says its unmanagable I would love to show her its not 🙂 thank you for the chance

  66. hi,my daughter just started to look in the mirror and discovered she wants to use the hair iron herself ..well the truth is…she’s not confident in using hair irons.their too heavy,hard to hold, can’t do it on my own,is all i,

    using the glampalm hair iron would and could empower the good hair day to a smooth start on her beauiful long hair(very thick & curly too)

  67. Glamour in the palm of my hand! This is the tool I always was looking for as my 7 year old ghd broke down and with research I discovered that glampalm is the original manufacturer of the ghd! I would mean so much to get this styler as I am a mum of 4 and dont have much time in the mornings. it would mean so much if my hair stays straight until i shampoo it again. Love you Nikki my email is [email protected]

  68. I have short thin hair with a natural wave, and not much of it. I tend to avoid using any products as it weighs down what little hair I have. I’m the queen of the back comb and I ditched my GHD 2 years back and I now use a low heat blow dryer and an assortment of brushes to straighten my hair. The GlamPalm sounds like the perfect product for fussy hair like mine! Thanks for sharing Nikki!

  69. It would mean, that especially with the humid weather we have been experiencing, I would no longer have to walk around looking like I just stepped out of an electrical storm. Truly, I always feel incomplete, unless my hair is done.

  70. Looks great! This would SAVE ME precious time in the morning – I cannot leave the house without trying to tame the frizz and, with long hair (I refuse to cut it as the already-hideous frizz becomes even more hideous ringlets with frizz), it takes FOREVER. Instead of calling them good hair days, I’d like to just be able to call them ‘every day’.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  71. Looks great! This would SAVE ME precious time in the morning – I cannot leave the house without trying to tame the frizz and, with long hair (I refuse to cut it as the already-hideous frizz becomes even more hideous ringlets with frizz), it takes FOREVER. Instead of calling them good hair days, I’d like to just be able to call them ‘every day’.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  72. I need something quick and easy as I have very curly ringlets in my hair if I leave it there is no control and always frizzy. I always tie it up. Or need mountains of product. I need something quick and easy that does magic

  73. I always feel much more confident when my hair looks good, and I love it straight or with some soft curls which I would also be able to create with this amazing GlamPalm!
    Plus having 4 kids to get to school every day, I need something that works its magic quickly and efficiently.

  74. Wow the GlamPalm sounds fab. I have fine, thinish hair especially since huge chunks fell out after having my last bubba 6 years ago and only some grew back. Add to that a double crown and 2 strong cow licks at the front on either side of my forehead – over one of the cowlicks the hair breaks at around 5cm giving me a very fetching one sided cocky crest. More flicks over my ears give me wings rather than Farrah flicks! Adding to my styling dilemmas, my hair is neither curly nor straight and can only be described as witchy-poo frizz! It is the furthest thing from wash and wear hair that you could imagine. In order to tame the craziness going on with my hair I’ve tortured it in many ways over the years with hair straightening treatments and appliances, all of which have taken their toll and made my hair fragile. Straightening my hair is the only way to tame it and having a heat controllable, gentle appliance may just improve my chances of having good hair without the damage.

  75. Looks fabulous! I’d have a good hair day because my hair is just like yours, Nikki, straight but with an annoying wave in the back. So it would help me have lovely straight styled hair 🙂

  76. Oh it would be nice to have a GlamPalm,
    To transform my ‘fro into straight and calm,
    I love my curls, don’t get me wrong,
    But why must they be oh so strong?
    Industrial strength, will only suffice,
    Only the Glampalm can get it straight and nice,
    I have no straightener much to my sorrow,
    The only time I use one is when I can borrow,
    So please pick me and I’ll put it to good use,
    And free myself from the cans of hair mousse!

    (Note – these are actual pictures of my hair :O )

  77. I would love the privilege of owning the one and only Glampalm! At the moment my hair is dead from the constant use of another straightener brand which has completely ruined my hair 🙁 I’m hoping if I win a Glampalm that it could bring my hair back from the dead or else my hair will probably end up like this girls in this photo with using my current hair straightener!

  78. My 15 year old daughter has very long frizzy/ wavy hair. She hates it! She’s just started straightening her hair with a cheap straightening iron. Considering she has many more years ahead of her of straightening Im worried her hair will be destroyed by theses cheaper & damaging versions. If I’m lucky enough to win a a Glam Palm hair iron not only will my ‘ little girl’ be absolutely thrilled but I will be able to stop worrying about her hair health!

  79. Looks like a great product! It would absolutely help me have a Good Hair Day as any day I can straighten my hair and hide my bald spots is a GREAT hair day!

  80. 3 boys under 5, 2 & 3 months – streaked blonde hair – not a good duo – GlamPalm would be a super timesaver/something to make me feel pretty 🙂

  81. You had me at “lazy girl” but for me, definitely the ability to not use a heat protector – my hair hates them so I go without at the moment which results in a slightly fried look. I’d be happy to ditch that!

  82. The simple fact of not needing to use a heat protecting product is enough to win me over – I can’t find one that works on my hair. Needless to say having a good hair day = damaged hair = not good!

  83. My hair is a total disaster when I don’t spend the time straightening it, and using countless products as well. Being a full time single mum and full time student, I don’t have much time for myself so this miracle styler would harness a good hair day by saving my hair, my time and my patience, please help me deal with this mop on my head! Hopefully making me feel good about myself.
    [email protected]

  84. Yet another great post, thanks Nikki. 🙂

    2014 is my year for recovery & rehabilitation from Breast Cancer. Now that my hair has grown back again (albeit shorter) but unfortunately it’s extremely dry & damaged due to my chemotherapy treatment. Part of the collateral damage from being a cancer patient I’m told.

    Naturally Organic in Chermside is my hair salon of choice now and we’re working towards trying to resurrect my previous healthier hair condition. Anything that can help this process would be a god send at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I accepted my diagnosis and took the challenge on with both hands last year, but I’d like an easier time of it this year.

    My hair previously was long brown and curly, so I can empathise with those ladies that live in humid climates like Brisbane. It’s a constant battle. But at this point in time, I’d just be happy with a product that would help improve my hairs condition because I’m just thankful that I have hair again.

  85. My beloved GHD suddenly died on me when we were in Melbourne a few weeks back and ever since, it’s been top-knot city here! The GlamPalm hair iron would help me harness the power of a Good Hair Day by ending the constant top-knot state and allowing me to let my (unruly when not straightened) hair down!

  86. Annie Reuss, I take your “this” and raise you THIS 🙂

    This was me trying to explain to my kids why I don’t like playing hairdressers when it involves brushing my hair.

  87. I would love this Glampalm styler because I have curly fine and “ahem ” damaged hair because it is coloured and mature hair. I love that you don’t need a heat protector and that you can style it with it 80percent dry.
    I also have those annoying flyaway hairs around the hair line that need to be touched up in the humidity so this would be even better for my hair than my current GHD.

  88. Hi Nikki, ever so rarely I am ahead of the curve and usually rely on you to shine a light of beauty products. But I am a curly headed lass who reads hair blogs in her spare time and came across a rave review of the glam palm from a South African beauty maven. In the review she trialled and compared all hair irons on the market. She was a convert to Glam Palm. So am I after getting one for Christmas for all the reasons you described. It’s been a dream on my curly tresses.

  89. Me in a hat. It’s not a good look. But then neither is me with a fuzz ball of bristles others might call hair. Enter GlamPalm, the miracle wonder that won’t make my hair dry/dehydrated/horrible to feel as it calms and straightens. I’d love to know what a GlamPalm good hair day looks like!

  90. I live in the Pilbara WA. It’s hot. Every. Day! So I often wear my new shorter shoulder length hair up. Up in a pony, up in a bun, or my speciality style – up in a ridiculous top knot thingy on top of my head!! I simply cannot bring myself to blow dry my hair!! Did I mention, it’s too hot. But this, this magic little device, may just be the answer. Naturally leave my hair to dry, return later to sauna/damp bathroom and spend 10 minutes straightening, smoothing, and fixing my hair – ta da – style! Yes please 🙂

  91. After 29 years my hairdresser left me! Well, she and her family moved to the country!! I have never before had to think about my hair – the cut, the colour, the length or the style. But now I am all at sea! I have found a new stylist (I think) but with my new style I have to use a flat iron which I am finding incredibly challenging. I am scared I am frying my hair because the flat iron I am using came free when I bought my toaster!! Anything to help this poor struggling hair flat iron virgin would be appreciated!

  92. I’m with you Nikki, I have thick, thick straight, and I’d describe it as horse tail hair! The first time I used a straightener, I had beautiful hair. I’ve used and killed at least four in the past and currently use the GHD but I’m ready to switch to a new one, and I’d love to try the GlamPalm.

  93. I would give this to my mother in law to harness the power of a Good Hair Day! She is in her mid sixties and recently went to my hairdresser and they used this brand of straightener on her hair. Wow she looked amazing and the best part she said that ‘she felt like a new girl’ even at her age! With this she could be rocking a good hair day every day and who shouldn’t at that age?

  94. I have a toddler, I work from home blogging and saelling homewares and also help the husband run the family business… I need something like this in the mornings! Its small, it’s handy, it’s effective… NEED!!

  95. Anything that means less product in my hair has to be a good thing. My only good hair days at the moment are after a visit to the salon, by the looks of things, this would change all that.

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