Farewell Sunshine Coast. It’s been swell

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As you read this post, our “life” is being loaded on to a big truck.

Destination Brisbane.

This farewell has been a long time coming. It’s been part of our long-term plan since Mr SY took his first job in Brisbane five and a half years ago.

Planning and prepping for this moment does make it easier but today is definitely bittersweet.

We’re excited about our new stage but the Sunshine Coast holds a very big piece of our heart.

Always will.

I arrived here 23 and a half years ago. Fresh faced and single.

I’m leaving with a not-so-fresh face, married and with three kids – one who’s an adult himself, another who’s graduated from school.

It’s here that I worked most of my life as a journalist.

It’s here that I had the guts to leave that life and go it alone in the world of business and ultimately blogging.

It’s here that I met amazing girlfriends who have supported me every step of the way.

For the past five months – as part of my coming to terms with the fact we are doing the opposite of a sea change – I’ve photographed the beach closest to our home on my regular morning walks using my iPhone.

These are my fave photos from that time … a parting gift from me to you from this special corner of the world.

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Farewell Sunshine Coast. It’s been swell.

If you’ve done a big move, do you have any tips for settling in quickly to a new city?

PS. Here are my top 5 things to do on the Sunshine Coast should you be visiting any time soon.

  • Maaret Jane

    I moved from Brisbane to Marcus Dunes 3 months ago & finally felt ‘home’ 2 weeks ago when we put all out pictures up, should have done it straight away! The hardest thing is making friends so have felt quite lonely! No doubt you will love Brisbane, she is a beautiful city! Wishing you well!!!

    • We do love Brisbane – it helps with having friends and family already here … enjoy the Coast!

  • retrosmith

    Hope the move has gone smoothly 🙂 Brisbane will be lucky to have you!

    • thanks … as you’ve seen via instagram it’s progressed nicely – feel a bit whacked now though!

  • stinkb0mb

    How exciting a new adventure! I hope you’re going to do a post on your new home because it looks like a stunner from the outside!

    • Going to put some photos up on the blog tomorrow Rach … stay tuned.

      • stinkb0mb

        Yay!! Thank you! x

  • bec twoworlds

    all the very best with the move….I have recently done the opposite and moved from Brisbane to the sunshine coast and loving every moment.. I’m wondering where in Brisbane you are landing.
    Bec x

  • Helen Jane Chand

    Looks like you were living in a beautiful part of the world. I have yet to visit the Sunshine Coast.We moved from the UK to Lake Macquarie (The Hunter) in 2004 and then down to Wollongong in 2008. At first in both places we were renting, first as we had just emmigrated and second, couldn`t sell in time in LM so rented our place out. With the renting option , both times I decided on apartments for 6 mths near the water, great views in case homesick and low maintenance to explore our surroundings. Which I did. Exhausting the family with ventures to local attractions, beaches, markets, museums, basically so we could embrace our wonderful new sunny locations. It really helped moving to Wollongong as Miss 15 at the time was less than happy , so it kept her from sulking in her room. Good luck in Brisbane.Pool looks great .

    • Great plan there Helen! We’re renting here too – and renting out our house on the Coast – has made it easier and is a good plan for us at the moment.

  • Lisa

    We moved from the city (2 hours away) to a coastal beach town in August, I am still finding my feet in regards to friends but having casual/ptime work has helped a little to ease into a routine. I know you will have no trouble as it looks like it was a shift that was meant to happen. Congrats on the new chapter for you all xx

    • Hi Lisa, yes it will be ok – we have family and friends here already – I may not have lived in Brisbane since my uni days but our ties are strong here. Enjoying our new neighbourhood!

  • Thanks everyone … huge day yesterday … so much more to do over the coming few days. We all LOVE the house and it already feels like home. I really appreciate all your tips. xx

  • England to Australia. My only advice is embrace every day. Yes it’s different, but treat everyday as an adventure, a new beginning…just until it starts to feel normal that is xx

  • What a beautiful journey you’ve had on the Sunshine Coast. Here’s cheers to your new chapter in Brisbane. See you soon….! x

  • Me

    We’ve moved from Melbourne to Napier (NZ), back to Melbourne then to KL (Malaysia) then to Cairo (Egypt) and back to Melbourne. You know Brisbane so you’re not going in cold, that will make it easier but watch the 3 month mark. That’s when the ‘dip’ hits and it’s always the toughest. That’s when the excitement of the new city has worn off and the reality has set in. You miss everything from your old city and blame the new city for all your woes. It passes but can hit when you least expect it. The Sunshine Coast will always hold a special place in your heart and there will always be a part of you that thinks of it as home. My ears prick up whenever I hear of the cities or countries that I’ve lived in…they will always be ‘home’ to me!

  • 26 Years & Counting

    There’s always Brisbane bloggers to keep you company! 🙂

  • MotherDownUnder

    You have taken some stunning photos of the coast!
    I think you will take Brisbane by storm…it really is such a friendly, easy city!

    • Thanks for making me so welcome – the muffins at the door and company on Saturday afternoon. See you tomorrow.

  • All the best for your move to the big smoke Nikki. I’m sure you will rock it. I don’t have any tips at all sorry, but I have a feeling you won’t need them anyway 🙂

  • Reannon Hope

    We moved from the beach in NSW to the hills in WA almost 7 years ago. It took me a loooooooong time to settle & feel at home so my advice is give it time xxx

  • I love the SUnshine COast so much, it is my hometown (Buderim really) and I long to be back there again. I moved to Rockhampton by myself when I was a new kid on the block and my biggest tip is to ask people over for dinner/drinks if you like them! You probably will do this anyway but it really sets the scene for friendship!

  • Marianne

    We did the move from Brisbane to Cairns 2.5 years ago, and are currently looking at the option of moving from here to Canberra in the near future (for hubby’s work – again!). I also moved around a lot growing up, so as a general rule I don’t seem to collect things (besides shoes), and am a fiend at packing and unpacking now. My top tip is are to get the kitchen and bathrooms unpacked first – once you know you can get something to eat easily and that you have all your pampering essentials available, somehow I just breathe easier. I also tend to work in a flurry of activity for 2 or so days to make sure I get things unpacked as soon as I can – I don’t actually understand how people can live out of a suitcase or boxes for months on end until they ‘get around to it’. That would do my head in. Finally, take the time to walk your neighbourhood at different times each day, so you can see how the area looks at all times of the day. I got lost at one place when I went for a walk at night, and hadn’t actually seen the approach to my street in the dark before – very embarrassing (but I stand by the fact that things look different between night and day!!).

    • I’m very much with you on your method of going hard to get settled Marianne … we did the same and just having a couple of rooms to start with that were chaos-free made it so much easier.

  • Petra

    The pics are great – especially the last two – very artistic! We’ve done 12 moves (interstate as well as local) in 9 years and about to do another one shortly. We’re experts now! I can recommend finding the places that make up your routine – cafes, boutiques, hairdresser, beauty therapist etc. Routine is so important. Looking forward to hearing how you settle in!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Nikki your pics are gorgeous ,I wish you well In Brisbane and hope you will be happy and settle in quickly and make some new friends and some new shopping haunts .
    Just think of me when you are playing resorts in your kaftan and with your new pool xo

  • Kathryn

    I moved around a LOT when I was young and on my own, I loved the thrill of a new place and new opportunities. But we haven’t moved for 14 years now and I don’t see us moving at all for a long time to come. If ever! I’ve found that the best way to settle in is to get out and explore and take any and every opportunity to connect with people in your local community. At the library, in cafes, at school drop off etc.
    New chapters are exciting. I wish you and your family all the very best for the adventures ahead.

  • Sam

    As Dr Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Best Wishes.

  • Kathryn

    I moved around a LOT when I was young and on my own, I loved the thrill of a new place and new opportunities. But we haven’t moved for 14 years now and I don’t see us moving at all for a long time to come. If ever! The best way to settle in is to get out and explore and take any and every opportunity to connect with people in your local community. At the library, in cafes, at school drop off etc.
    Have you lived in Brisbane before? I’ve got friends who moved away from a town and then back a few years later who said it was a bit surreal and very different to how they remembered it. People’s lives have moved on, new connections/relationships, not fitting in quite like they thought they would etc. And that was difficult for them. While they’ve maintained their longstanding relationships, they were grateful for stronger connections they established with new friends. Mostly through their kids.
    New chapters are exciting. I wish you and your family all the very best for the adventures ahead.

    • Kathryn

      I’m sure you’ll do this anyway, but meet the people in your street, not just on either side, but up and down the block a bit. Especially those with kids. School holidays are a great time for connecting while everyone is still relaxed and in holiday mode.

  • Libby Gee

    We packed up our whole lives too, 7 years ago yesterday. Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. Was extremely difficult leaving all our friends and family behind and knowing nobody up here. Our boys starting a new school as well, year 10 and grade 6, so not the age where you are still welcome in the classroom or your kids will be seen with you!! Lucky for you your little boy is at that young age, so grab every opportunity to be involved in his new school life. A great way to meet new people. I’m sure you will have no trouble settling in and be a good judge of character working out who your new friends will be. Enjoy exploring all those new haunts. And remember, your already a Queenslander, so the transition shouldn’t be as hard as it was for us. Good Luck

  • aw Nikki, It’s one of life’s major stressors moving house! I feel for you. Yes I have had a major move, from Sydney to Moree, All I can say is that there’s lots of avenues in to making new friends- Paticularly through the school and your little man- best way ever. Also try joining clubs (perhaps a photography club that trips around taking photos of different things in your new area) and doing courses at your local TAFE or community college- I made lots of different(non work or kiddo related) friends that way. I have a friend who did a Barista course and a hatmaking course to make new friends when she moved towns! Even though you think you know heaps on a subject if you do a course on it, you get the certificate (probably with A grades!) and make those new friends in the process.

  • Kim

    I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane 12 years ago … best thing to do is get rid of stuff (unclutter)!

    • Kim

      p.s. love the photos 🙂

  • Kelly

    From those photos it is so easy to see why you and many others love the Sunshine Coast. Such a beautiful place. I bet Mr SY won’t know what to do with himself without all that commuting! Good luck with the move … there are so many lovely things just waiting for you to explore in Brisbane!!

  • Mindy Roestenburg

    They are fantastic photos Nikki, what a great way to take it all in before your big move. At least you are still close enough to be able to pop back for a visit. I hope the move goes smoothly and you enjoy being able to set up your new home. I am glad that we are not the only ones who plan these things so far in advance. We will be moving in five years time about 640kms away. We made a big step closer last year by buying a block of land which we will ultimately build our new home on. It was the right size and the right location so we decided to go for it. I am so excited about it as I know it will be a great thing for our family and the beginning of a great stage of our life as it is coinciding with my husband retiring.

  • Deb

    Good luck with the move. There are so many lovely bloggers and instagram ers in Brisbane, I’m sure you will have no trouble settling in.

  • I’m so excited for you, there is such joy in discovering your new hood. You must establish where to go for good coffee, good food, a farmers market, acupuncturist, hair and nail salon, the rest will soon fall into place after that. We made a sea change three years ago, and I’m sure its our last big move. I wish you a swift move, and hope you sleep soundly in your new digs tonight. xx

  • Kym O’Gorman

    Good luck with the move! And enjoy the change – what a great way to declutter and have a fresh start. And welcome to the neighbourhood. Here are some tips for settling into Paddington and surrounds:

    Fundies have great health food and gf options (have just restarted my own GF path thanks to your Hashimoto’s blog – I have it too).

    Rogue Renard have Brisbane’s best smashed avo on toast – and have a great gf option.

    Flute Coffee at Rosalie have good coffee, and are lovely.

    Rosalie Gourmet Market have everything yummy under the sun! Especially cheese…oh the cheese.

    Craft Wine Boutique at Red Hill have amazing wines and champagnes.

    Enjoy – it’s a great neighbourhood.

  • Kathy Anderson

    Beautiful photos Nikki, you’re obviously an early riser! All the best with the big move & your new life in the city. We have been in the same house for 30 years so can’t pass on any moving tips but it should all be a great new adventure.

  • Johanne Taylor

    Good luck with the move, we are 6 weeks in at our new home and still have a number of boxes packed in a corner as we wait for some new joinery to be built (very bad timing pre-Christmas).

    My advice: claim the biggest wardrobe space, then spend some time to sort out your accessories (Howard’s Storage World is my new favourite store); then take it slowly with decorating the new place till you work out how you use the spaces. Also, walk different routes around your new neighborhood. You see so much more when you’re travelling at walking pace: you find the quiet little cafes and shops that become your favorites and it’s a great way to work out alternate travel routes when traffic(sorry- one of the negatives of city living!) is an issue.

  • Megan Angliss

    I hope a new neighbour pops in to say hi, leaves a note in your letterbox with their details I.C.E or brings champagne when the truck departs… That’s what I try to do. Welcome to Brisbane x

  • Sha

    Might be too late but pack a box of kitchen basics like kettle, tea, cups, cutlery and so on as in my experience the ikitchen is the first room the movers will pack up. Take this box with you in the car so you are not sorting through boxes just to make a much needed cuppa tonight. Thinking of you today as you move. It really is bittersweet especially when leaving such a beautiful place.

    • Nikki @ Styling You

      Ah thanks Sha, our kitchen was packed up on NYE so just have the basics out that we taking in our car this morning … and the champagne is in the esky!

  • BabyMacBlogBeth

    Oh Nikki – good luck today my love! It’s always tough – the first 6 months to a year and then you will get into your groove. Tackle it head on, accept every invitation and offer as you never know who you might meet. Don’t jump into (friendship) bed with the first people that you meet. You will only get out of it what you put in…go for it! New chapters and beginnings and all that. NOTHING in life worth doing isn’t a bit scary and a risk….GO FOR IT! Love you lady cakes x

    • Nikki @ Styling You

      Solid advice Beth – THANK-YOU x PS. Can you pls pop up tomorrow for some new vignetting action.

  • shoppegirls

    Sad to say goodbye. Moving on for new beginnings. X

    • Nikki @ Styling You

      Absolutely! New beginnings are good!