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The last of the boxes are being unpacked at the new SY headquarters, allen keys are being put away for now, and the new house is coming together beautifully.

Whilst moving, the SY #everydaystyle  has consisted of cool, comfortable clothes suitable for shifting and lifting furniture, but there was reason for celebration yesterday and it called for a much-needed mani pedi as well as a glass of bubbles.

Thanks to all of you, Styling You celebrated a Facebook milestone, ticking over to 20,000 in our community!  Thank you all for liking, sharing and commenting on Facebook as it simply wouldn’t be the same without all of you. *Mwah*

SY Everyday style

Everydaystyle the moving edition

 Wearing: @sacha_drake silk kaftan (from 3 years ago), @misanoshoes and a glass of champagne

Your Everyday Style

Everydaystyle January 2014

 Left column from top: @withoneglance | @glamourmama1 | @sarahderrig

Middle column from top: @abiggirlnowblog | @queenofthrift | @sugercoatit

Right column from top: @sewcooklaughlive | @flippstarr

Blog Roll

Not everyone who’s joining in with #everydaystyle has a style blog – or any blog – but each week, I’d like to introduce you to a couple who do. You may be able to identify your style with them. You may connect with their lifestyle, their age, their shape or where they live.

Each woman may inspire you to stretch outside your style comfort zone a little. If that’s the case, subscribe to their blogs, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and show them the love. They’re worth it.

Redcliffe Style in the blogroll


Rachel from Redcliffe Style started her blog in October 2011 as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoys. It’s a light-hearted blog about style in the suburbs, as well as beauty, life, reviews and blogging tips. Keep an eye out for her hilarious photobombing dog in her #everydaystyle pics!

Style Unearthed in the SY blogroll


Sarah from Style Unearthed is a mum of two, who has had a body transformation over recent years after the birth of her second child, which required a wardrobe transformation as her clothes no longer fit.  She blogs about unearthing her own style, and shares tips and tricks she’s learning along the way as she explores her own fashion overhaul.

Join In

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can.

Now that life is getting back to normal, and the festive season seems to be behind us, it’s great to see your #everydaystyle shining through.  Keep sharing.

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  1. Thanks for including me in the feature Nikki! This is the first week I’ve shared my #everydaystyle and it has certainly helped me think about putting together a more, um – together (?) outfit. Albeit with peanut butter toddler handprints at times. Glamour AND goo c’est la vie. Well done on the unpacking enjoy that well earnt glass of bubbles! x

  2. It’s been fun watching your #everyday style during your ‘move’ Nikki, and I don’t know how you manage to look so glam every day when you’re moving furniture and unpacking boxes. It’s an art at the best of times to look semi respectable let alone well groomed, but you’ve perfected it during your relocation I reckon! I’m also really enjoying reading about other #everyday style players and their blogs – love, love Redcliffe Style – Heloooo Rachel!

    1. Some days I’ve showered and changed for “resort hour” Johanna … it’s been a way to keep my sanity and sit for half an hour in an ordered corner of the house and just chill. Making that small effort has helped me immensely.

  3. I look forward to this post each Friday! I enjoy discovering new gorgeous women to follow on IG to help inspire my fashion choices. Special mention to the fabulous Little Miss rocking her chic glasses and hot pink necklace – LOVE!

  4. Thank you Nikki for featuring me again,that is sweet even though I have been feeling like crap I have been joining in,because it makes me feel better!I have really enjoyed doing this everyday it had made me think more about what I am wearing and I have found some gorgeous women with great style,I do love Rachel from redcliffstyle outfits and so many other chic women who have joined in.
    I am so glad you have nearly finished unpacking and can finally enjoy your new house it looks lovely from the glimpses you have shown us and your #everydaystyle is lovely.I do hope you get your internet ASAP.
    PS thank you to all your kind readers who have sent me messages on IG my dad came home last night after 2 lots of angiograms to unblock his hearts arteries and had a total of 4 heart attacks while in hospital and I don’t know how many more before that,my sister is still in hospital ATM hopefully once her Iv antibiotics are finished she can come home,but she will have to have her bowel checked to see what damage the septic diverticulitis has done and probably changed her diet.I am overwhelmed with the kindness of some people on IG it is very much appreciated and it is like a little family xo

    1. I think you’re an absolute trooper for continuing to participate in the Everyday Style challenge, Lisa. I happen to think you put together fabulous outfits! Glad to hear your dad is home from hospital and I hope your sister starts feeling better very soon. You’re obviously an amazing daughter and sister. Please make sure you’re taking care of yourself too! xx

      1. Thank you Sonia ,you are the sweetest girl and I really appreciate you liking my outfit and the lovely messages.I was hoping my sis would get out today but she is not well enough 🙁 I promise to take care of me too Sonia xx

    2. Lisa, you’ve had a very rough week and I get why it feels better to make a bit of an outfit effort when times are tough – it’s one of the few things we can control when other things are out of control. Glad you’re feeling the love! x

  5. Wow – can’t believe it’s January 10th! Another 3 weeks and school starts! Looking forward to looking at the blogs and checking out the photos above. Thanks for sharing these! Have a great day in our (thankfully) cooler weather!

  6. I love watching all the gorgeous people share their everyday style on Instagram and Facebook. So good to see that their are so many stylistas around. Love those two blogs you have shared with us today. Thank you Nikki

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