Everydaystyle New Year's Eve edition

Everyday style – the New Year’s Eve edition

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Following on from the eating fest that is Christmas, comes the night of nights: New Year’s Eve. With it is of course bubbles, fashion and bleary eyes the next day.

It was so lovely to see everyone’s NYE #everydaystyle which ranged from sparkly cocktail dresses to comfy outfits to accommodate the summer heat here in Australia.  If you didn’t get a chance to share yours due to celebrations getting in the way (wink wink) make sure you add it in a comment below.

According to all of you over on Instagram and Facebook, this was your favourite SY #everydaystyle outfit this week.  It was put together for the farewell dinner on the Sunshine Coast, following a full day of last-minute packing.

The truck has now been and gone, the goodbyes have all been said and a new, exciting chapter is upon the Styling You household.

 NYD #everydaystyle

Styling You everydaystyle NYE edition

Wearing: sass & bide top (bought on sale before Christmas), Mela Purdie pants (from Zambezee Boutiques), old Country Road flats and Uberkate jewellery

 Your NYE style

Everydaystyle New Year's Eve edition

Left column from top: @irismaystyle | @amusedredhead

Middle column from top: @beautifullifeindustries | @thefashionablemum | @annalspurling

Right column: @mamastylista 

Blog Roll

Not everyone who’s joining in with #everydaystyle has a style blog – or any blog – but each week, I’d like to introduce you to a couple who do. You may be able to identify your style with them. You may connect with their lifestyle, their age, their shape or where they live.

Each woman may inspire you to stretch outside your style comfort zone a little. If that’s the case, subscribe to their blogs, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and show them the love. They’re worth it.

B Being Cool Blog Roll

Belinda from B Being Cool is a mother of three young children, a teacher and she’s on a quest to find out what it takes to be cool!  Her blog is a mix of everyday style, wanna-be-domestic-goddess recipes and life in general.  Pop on over for some light hearted reading from a blogger anyone can relate to, and a style we can all easily wear.

The beetleshack blog roll

Emily from The Beetleshack brings together a stylish bohemian feel with her #everydaystyle whilst wrangling three young children and blogging it all with gorgeous photography to match. Her blog is a sunshiney place where you just can’t help but feel  happy as you browse through her pics of fashion, family and life.

Join In

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can.

After all the celebrations recently, it will be nice to get back to, well everyday style next week.  I look forward to seeing what you’re all wearing.

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  1. Lovely I do love Em and Belinda I read both their blogs ,the one thing I have noticed doing this challenge I need to take out shares in Katie’s as a LOT of my dresses seem to be from there.
    I do hope you unpacking is going well Nikki !

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