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Looking back over the #everydaystyle pics from this week, it’s easy to see that it has moved from shorts and tops (worthy of unpacking) to the regular SY style with a resort-wear-esque feel to it.

The tides have shifted Stylers, and the move is becoming a foggy distant memory.  Almost.

One of the upsides of moving, is that it’s the perfect opportunity to edit, and re-organise your wardrobe.  This week, whilst thinking about heading back to the office and the subsequent work wardrobe, that was the advice for you: it’s time to edit.

If you’re finding that you look into your wardrobe and see the same old clothes and you’re lacking #everydaystyle motivation, consider arranging your pieces so that they’re easy-to-access, and this includes your accessories.  You all know how I feel about accessories.  Read more about it in this post.

SY #everydaystyle

A pineapple everydaystyle

Wearing:@countryroad tee, pants and sandals, @vintagepip pineapple ring, @coolbabycool pineapple bracelet

Your #everydaystyle

Everydaystyle readers

 Left column (from top) : @sam_stories | @chasingcait

Centre column (from top) : @willtommia | @sisterinstyle | @katierainbird

Right column (from top) : @icurvy | @ashllieclare

Blog Roll

Not everyone who’s joining in with #everydaystyle has a style blog – or any blog – but each week, I’d like to introduce you to a couple who do. You may be able to identify your style with them. You may connect with their lifestyle, their age, their shape or where they live.

Each woman may inspire you to stretch outside your style comfort zone a little. If that’s the case, subscribe to their blogs, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and show them the love. They’re worth it.

Iris May Style on the styling you blogroll

Bev from Iris May Style writes her blog as a tribute to her stylish mum; Iris May.  Before moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Bev owned a boutique bridal store in a tiny village in Staffordshire, England and spent her days dressing gorgeous brides for their big day.  She now lives her life with her daughter and husband pinching themselves at living a stones throw from the beach.  Her everyday style is chic and polished.  If you’re over 30, but still want to hang onto your style, this is the blog for you.

Shoppe Girls on the Styling You blogroll

Vicki from Shoppe Girls is in her 40’s and proud to say so.  She is the mother of two teenage girls, as well as a proud (young) nana thanks to her grown step-children.  She has a passion for fashion and loves to look her best.  Her blog, Shoppe Girls has been going for three years, and she loves to connect and engage with her audience.  Vicki’s everyday style is one that many of us can relate to, and she’s a lovely soul to boot.  Check her out!

Join In

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can.

It can be tough to keep your #everydaystyle looking fresh in this heat, but your pics have showed such a range of great ways to look stylish and stay cool.  Impressive!  


Comments 29

  1. I am loving the everyday style photos. So much great inspiration from real women. One thing I think I should try more of is belts with dresses but I struggle to decide on the best type of belts to buy. Would love to see some hot tips on how to choose the right belt.

  2. Loving the #everydaystyle posts I’m seeing on IG so far and I’ve been reading the two blogs you’ve shared too. These ladies have amazing style!!

  3. I have really enjoyed your #everyday style challenge Nikki and I follow all those girls you have listed I love their style and IG is one friendly community that’s for sure. I have been overwhelmed at the nice comments from outfits I thought were just blah,especially would like to thank @irmaystyle Bev you are the sweetest and @samstories she is lovely too.
    Nikki because of Instagram I now have read some of irismaystyle’s blog which really resonates with me because we are the same age!
    I love checking out all the pics everyday.I do hope you are feeling better Nikki and I love your pineapple tee it is gorgeous.

    1. Lisa – right back at ya xx. Thank you gorgeous girl for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by, I truly appreciate your support. AND yes, how stunning does Sam look? xx
      Nikki – this fantastic community is all down to you – be proud x

      1. Your very very welcome Bev ,I enjoy your blog very much and I agree with you about Nikki’s community,she has done an awesome job xx

  4. Great blogs and fabulous pinned outfits. Everyone’s style is so different but amazing to see (that’s why I love my hobby of people-watching at cafes) 🙂

  5. Gosh I love the dress that sam_stories is wearing. And her shoes! Off to check them out on IG. And thanks for the new blog suggestions too 🙂

  6. I may just have squealed with excitement this morning dearest Nikki.Thank you so much for the shout out – it truly means the world to this newbie blogger.xx
    Joining in with everydaystyle is such a blast. I adore the community spirit and watching so many gorgeous women show their individual style. Taking part really makes you look at what you have already have in your wardrobe and challenges you to be more creative. Well done you, for inspiring so many fabulous women to join in.

    1. You’re very welcome Bev … everydaystyle does that for me too … I’m enjoying old favourites and spicing it up with new pieces but importantly I’m thinking about what I put on! The women who join in just make it all the more inspirational.

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely kind words Nikki. The everyday style hashtag has opened my world to so many stylish and lovely people. Thanks again Vicki xx

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