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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of layering when it comes to giving an outfit a lift.

The problem is that in summer that’s not something that comes easily as it can be too damn hot to even think of adding any extra layers.

On these days I tend to layer with accessories. A necklace goes a long way.

But there is one clothing piece that is your summer layering friend.

The cape.

I’m not talking Batman or Superman here. I’m talking a short-sleeved garment that acts like a jacket but in a floaty-I-can-still-breathe-kind-of-way.

Today I’m featuring a cape from Australian and Victorian-based label Elm.

(Elm is a specialist in quality knitwear and natural fibres. It uses exclusive, artistic prints in designs that flatter and are timeless. Elm doesn’t have an online store but welcomes retail inquiries via its Facebook page.)

This cape ticks all my boxes in the summer style department not least because it adds a pop of colour – much like I’d ask of a scarf or accessory at another time of the year.

The model

Elm cape

Elm cape $119.95

and me

Elm cape | Madeleine Charles cami | Country Road pants | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings and bracelet

Elm cape* (I’m wearing size L) | Madeleine Charles cami | Country Road pants | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Samantha Wills ring | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings and bracelet

Elm cape | Madeleine Charles cami | Country Road pants | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings and bracelet

I love that with a cape like this I can pop the lightest of light camis underneath, keep my cool and keep covered without sweating from places one shouldn’t sweat from.

It’s a versatile wardrobe piece that could be worked with shorts, jeans or a streamlined shift dress. I love that the design and the print is adaptable in that way.

If you follow along with #everydaystyle you’ll know that I just can’t get enough of these Country Road utility pants I’m wearing with the cape. Miss SY has them too. They are light enough to wear when it’s hot but still help you feel a little bit dressed up.

You may be lucky to still find this colour in your local store – online this style is still available in other colours.

The Model and Me | Elm cape | Country Road pants | Madeleine Charles cami | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings and bracelet | Samantha Wills ring

Thoughts on a cape as a summer wardrobe essential? Have these pants in your wardrobe?

* This garment was sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I’ve been thinking to buy a Camilla cape, but this one is a quarter of the price and gorgeous! Always worried whether they woukd make me look a little frumpy…I think NOT!

  2. I love the layered look also. After reading a few of your blog posts I went to see what Metalicus was all about….. oh dear….I’m addicted…Have spent quite a bit in their fantastic sales. Thanks Nikki they are my new must shop at. I got the slip too (the essential basic you talk about)!

  3. Love that Cape! Looks beautiful on you. I saw those pants in an earlier post of yours & went out and immediately bought them – they just looked superb. I have to say though that I haven’t see you look as good in those pants as you did in the original post where you looked HOT! I love the look here too but I think what I preferred more about the original way you styled them was the top & scarf combo (it was spot on) and especially the flat shoes. Flats are better than heels with these pants in my opinion. The others thing is that the look like they’ve stretched compared to the original post. I wish now that I had bought the 12 instead of the 14 as mine have already stretched too & don’t look as slimming as they did when they fit better. I hope these comments don’t offend you as I seriously LOVE you & your style. Very inspirational & has definitely made me more confident in wearing colour rather than my usual black!
    Here is the pic…

    1. They don’t offend and everyone’s opinion is welcome. It’s possible that I’ve lost more weight since then – I don’t know as I don’t weigh myself. As for the heels and the different styling? I like to mix it up so it’s not the same every time.

  4. Well what a coincidence! I am wearing my kimono/cape from Cotton On today with a pair of Denim shorts which I will be posting on your #everydaystyle. I have a pair of those pants too in orange (one of my signature colours) and I love, love, love them. xx

  5. I have those pants too. And agree they are super comfy … I really like the chambray look but the colour is outside of my comfort box. it has been a good lesson in working out how they will work for me. Love a cape/kimono too. I am trying to work one into my work wardrobe.

  6. Ps…love a little cape or kimono style jacket. Also very fond of a pashmina or sheer shawl.. In India they are known as a dupatta … Perfect layer to cover up or add interest.

  7. Nikki, I also think your styling is far superior. The look is perfect. Loving your wonderful blog…you are so REAL….divinely so. Thanks for the tips and the words.

  8. I love a cape or a kimono type jacket they do add a little bit of interest and polish especially when you want to look more dressy.I love this one on you Nikki it is so pretty and I love those pants I bought a similar pair from glassons and loved them so much I wore them 2 days in a row!
    I prefer the way you have styled the jacket Nikki than the way the model is styled,lovely outfit!I love your model and me posts.

  9. The cape looks great so my only hesitation is the fabric- is it something natural? I prefer to avoid synthetics in summer if I can.

    As for the pants, I don’t have those ones, but I do have some drawstring ones from Elk that are similarly comfy, cool and a bit dressy. I bought 1 pair and loved them so much I bought another pair in a different colour and fabric the next season.

  10. *how to wear them. You do it well. Love those pants too! Am very happy that there are an array of comfy pants available in shops at the moment that still look great. Sorry for split comment, my phone is misbehaving.

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