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Oh hi there.

How goes it in the real world?

I’m in that limbo land that comes between packing up one life and unpacking to start another.

We’re almost there. And I LOVE our new home.

Mr SY spent yesterday building half of IKEA for my office/lady room and today I’ll fill those new furniture bits and pieces with my office/lady stuff.

I still can’t quite believe that the SY office is no longer part of our lounge. I’ll be all grown up with a door to close behind me at the end of the day.

Anyhoo, I’ll bring you a mini tour of the house once we’re all done with the unpacking but today I’ve got a quick Model and Me for you.

My father-in-law kindly bought us a big party esky for Christmas but he must have thought that wasn’t a girlie enough gift because I scored a Country Road gift card as well. Winning.

Second day of the Boxing Day sales, that gift card was burning a hole in my purse … plus I had to pick Miss SY up from her CR Christmas casual gig. I’d had my eye on this dress before Christmas but decided to be good on account of the huge money drain that comes with moving.

The dress was still there on this day so I took this as a sign. It wasn’t on sale but, with a gift card, buying it felt like it was on sale. You’re following my logic here, aren’t you?

The model

country road white dress

Country Road dress $149

and me

Country Road dress | Bohemian Traders necklaces and clutch* | Swedish Hasbeens clogs | Dinosaur Designs pink ring | Uberkate silver rings | Michael Kors watch

Country Road dress | Bohemian Traders necklaces and clutch* | Swedish Hasbeens clogs | Dinosaur Designs pink ring | Uberkate silver rings | Michael Kors watch

I’m wearing the size 16. The 14 was no longer available at the store and I suspect that had I tried the 14 it would have worked for me.

I’m happy with the 16 though – it’s more tunic than shift on me and that works in this heat.

I’m also wearing a white Seed slip underneath. The cut-outs were a little too see-through for me.

I really do love finding white frocks for summer.

I embrace their blank canvas fashion status and pop a little colour if I so desire.

Yesterday I was in a pink mood for the McGrath Foundation’s Pink Test day at the cricket, so pink it was.

On a beauty note, can I just say it was extremely therapeutic to get out of my packing clothes, do my hair and pop on some makeup – and pink lippy – after days of not doing so?

Where do you stand on the summer white dress front?

*These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration.

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  1. I would never have considered this dress , after seeing it on the model, but seeing you in it made me think maybe I could try a white dress- after thinking on it all week. So I headed to Robina today , tried it on and love it! Looking forward to Mondays model and me.

  2. There is a white dress I’m lusting after in portmans. I’ve tried it on and put it back. Gone back in and stroked it lol. I have just decided that if it’s still there today it’s supposed to come home with me. 🙂

  3. Nikki stunning ……… I so want that dress, shopping down the Norwood parade in the morning so might just have to pop pass country road. I’m so happy you are loving your new home and just can’t wait to see a little of it when you are all set up. We have been city people for all our lives but last year took to the country move. Lets just say you can’t change the city girl, any way love your blog and I look forward to your emails every day and your out fits you pick. I would love to try that dress with some gold or silver thongs and some chunky mint green jewellery. Keep up this wonderful blog as you are very good at what you do. Great work Nikki. Kind regards Becky. 😉

    1. Hi Cassandra, YES, I’ve been doing them for 3.5 years now … I was asked to be a model for a local fashion boutique’s spring Metalicus parade and the dress I wore was also on the Metalicus Facebook page at the same time. So I thought I’d show the model image and the “me” image! It kind of took off and lately I’ve been posting them every Monday.

  4. Happy New Year and welcome to Brisbane! Totally love the dress and been thinking of adding some Bohemian Traders coin necklaces to my accessories collection. I love white against tan skin. Because I’m so pale, all white can wash me out, but I love adding colour to break up the white.

  5. Love the white frock, a fabulous easy to wear item for those hot Brisbane days, and the Bohemian Traders clutch is gorgeous. Hope the unpacking is nearly finished and you’re not too tired. We’ve moved 11 times, internationally and 19 times in all. I don’t really want to move ever again … know what you’re going through with all the disruption to life 😉

  6. Love a white dress for summer but only with some skin colour! I have a Veronika Maine white tunic that I love but it is a tad short so only feel comfortable in it at the beach holiday zone. The first thing I noticed Nicky, was the length difference between you and the model. If I saw it on her only, I wouldn’t consider trying it on yet it looks great on you! Country Road should think about that!
    Also pleased that you are joining us in Brisbane and will be following your local finds.

  7. I love a white dress … just not on me. You look great Nikki and I bet it was nice to be in non packing clothes with your hair and make up done! Enjoy setting up the lady room!

  8. I love a white dress … just not on me. You look great Nikki and I bet it was nice to be in non packing clothes with your hair and make up done! Enjoy setting up the lady room!

  9. Cool, comfortable and so stylish. Love this outfit Nikki! Never been one for a white dress as I am so fair but admire it on everyone else! Need to invest in one of the Bohemian Traders necklaces – they’re gorgeous!
    Welcome to Brisbane – the snippets of your new home look divine. Hope you are settling in well + the internet is connected soon!

  10. That outfit is just perfection – so divine. You look like you feel fantastic in it too. I’m yet to find the perfect white dress for me, but in the mean time have been building a cache of white tunics that I wear over leggings in winter, and white kaftans that go over the swimmers in summer.

  11. I love a white dress Nikki i bought a similar style with cut outs ,and I can wear different coloured slips under.I do prefer it on you than the model.
    I am very glad to hear that you are settling into your new home well,can’t wait to see the house tour.
    Thank you for sharing your new dress Nikki ,I do love the model and me posts!

  12. Love it! You look amazing as usual. You’ve inspired me to buy but they come in s,m,l, xl etc which one would be a 14?
    Welcome to Brisbane! x

  13. Lovely dress Nikki – I bought myself a nice white tunic-style top from TS boutique and always feel cool in it – I team it with (just above the knee) white tights and white wedge slip-ons. I find a necklace is too hot around my neck in the heat, but I love your pink one and pink shoes!

  14. You look stunning- and congratulations on the move! I tend to wear more white during the summer, but find with very pale legs (neon white) it can look a bit strange. Have yet to find the perfect fake tan for me :). Will be on the lookout for the Swedish Hasbeens!

  15. A change is as good as a holiday – unless you are moving house which can be so exhausting. Can’t wait to see more of the home. Loving the verandah already.

  16. I freaking LOVE and LUFF my Swedish Hasbeens. White is so crisp for summer. Welcome to the Hood. Fingers and Toes the bush turkeys leave you alone x

    1. These were my first pair and won’t be my last – sad that Jean Brown is no longer here to buy more. And thanks for welcome – have sent Mr SY out to Woolies twice as he is made of sterner stuff than me. May venture today.

  17. I love a white dress for summer and this one looks fab on you. I only have one white dress which I can wear for part of a day (before a sticky hand or food finds it) but for a few hours there I feel fresh, summery and well, white! My fave accessory for a white dress is a fake/spray tan but I am loving your pop of pink too!

  18. Wow! Nikki looking fab in white. Your Monday morning posts are my favourite such a lovely way to start the week. Even with the big move you have still managed a blog post and it is very much appreciated. Welcome to Brisbane and many new adventures.

  19. Love this! I’m a white pants kinda girl who’s a wanna be summer dress girl but has struggled to find something that feels right. This looks perfect …. so much so that I’m over at the CR website now 😉
    You’re looking fantastic!
    PS Love the Queenslander with verandah shots

  20. Love this look on you. Beautifully accessorised as ever, making your own personal stamp on the outfit. A white dress epitomises fresh, cool and stylish Summer dressing to me. Look forward to seeing more posts from your deck : ).

  21. I love a white dress for summer. Refreshing and luxurious for those hot summer days. I too bought a Country Road off white dress as well. I love this dress on you. You look fabulous. Hope the moving and unpacking has all been kind to you. Vicki xo

      1. I am thinking about purchasing this dress for myself. Is it lined? Can you see through the cutouts? This dress really looks amazing on you.

      2. I am thinking about purchasing this dress for myself. Is it lined? Can you see through the cutouts? This dress really looks amazing on you.

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