3 Australia Day outfits that don’t feature denim underpants

Nikki Parkinson Fashion 38 Comments

This time last year we spent Australia Day in Bali on a day trip to Lembongan.

Plenty of Aussies on board the boat but lots of other nationalities too. No pavlova or Triple J’s Hottest 100 though.

This year we’re hosting our families. Not a huge gathering but a gathering all the same. The cool music kids (big and little) in the party are all set for the Hottest 100 and I’ll ask stupid questions like who sings that song about a 87 times.

I’m one of those annoying people who knows a song from listening to it but could not tell you the name of the artist or the song’s name. Lucky Mr and Miss SY are like Google for music in that department.

Anyhoo, I digress.

We will be gathering. There is a pool. The banana lounges are ready and the barbecue primed for an all-day sausage tasting/sizzle featuring sausages from our new butcher (check out their range). There will be pavlova and caramel tart. And cocktail onions and kabana.

All the Aussie retro things.

I’ll probably be in a swimsuit with a cover-up all day but I’ve sourced the perfect oneย in the reduced-reduced sales.

And yes it features pineapples.

Are you having a gathering or heading to one on Australia Day? If so, have I got some Australia Day outfits for you?

Never fear below is a denim-underpants-free zone.

And remember with any of these style/shopping posts, look in your wardrobe first … inspiration begins at home.

Pool party

Australia Day outfits: pool party

1. Gorman swimsuit $129 (on sale) | 2. Blue Bungalow maxi dress $59 | 3. Sportsgirl hat $29.95 | 4. Minkpink sunnies $29.95 @ The Iconic | 5. Misano flats

At the beach

Australia Day outfits at the beach

1.ย Robyn Lawley Swimwear bikini $179.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Tigerlily hat $69.95 @ The Iconic | 3. Mist dress $175 @ Sequins and Sand | 4. Havaianas $39.99 | 5. Proof sunglasses $139.99

Picnic in the park

Australia Day outfits | picnic in the park

1. Lola Australia shirt $138 | 2. Sussan sunglasses $34.95 | 3. Country Road hat $59.95 | 4. Zoe Kratzmann sandals $150 (on sale) @ Style Tread | 5. Country Road shorts $69.95

Any of these outfits appeal for Sunday – or any weekend day for the rest of summer? Tell me your Australia Day plans … if you have any?

  • Marianne

    Oh gosh Nikki – I just clicked through to look at that gorgeous maxi dress in option 1, and have just ordered a different maxi from there…so excited (even though it won’t be here in time for the weekend)!!

    • You can’t go wrong – Blue Bungalow do such a great edit for our warm weather!

  • barbarabriguglio

    Love the Lola shirt! It is on my shopping list already!

  • Ella Spurling

    Loving all the outfits Nikki – particularly number 3. I will be on a plane to Bali on Sunday. Once there, cocktails will be consumed! Enjoy your banana lounge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nikki you should download the free app Shazam – it ‘listens’ to music playing around you and then tells you the song & artist. Keep it to yourself and your family will be very impressed with your new found music ‘knowledge’!

  • I’d love to see a post on how to wear the usual fashion no-nos like denim undies! Haha.

  • Kelly

    Pleased to see no denim undies. Or Australian flag bikinis! We are going to a friends place for a BBQ and I will be campaigning for the Hottest 100 to be on (even though I am way past listening to JJJ on a regular basis). All those options look cool and comfortable – just perfect.

  • Great outfits Nikki. We’ll be at the park having a family BBQ. It’s looks like I’ll have to crack out #3!

    • You could crack out any of your gorgeous outfits Vanessa! Hope Melbourne comes to the party with the weather.

    • You could crack out any of your gorgeous outfits Vanessa! Hope Melbourne comes to the party with the weather.

  • We will be having a small gathering at our place with friends. There will definitely be chilled white wine, a BBQ, some backyard cricket and Triple J’s Hottest 100.
    Love the Sportsgirl hat and Sussan sunnies!
    (PS: Nikki – download the Shazam app. That’s how I discover a lot of the titles and artists of songs I hear on the radio…and in fact I downloaded 3 songs during the Hottest 100 last year with it!)

    • I have it but have never used it! Will use it on Sunday and from now on to show that I really am a musical genius in disguise!

  • Reannon Hope

    All I ever plan to do on Oz Day is listen to the J’s. It’s been my tradition since I was about 15 & I’m not sure if it’ll ever change. I’ll swim in the pool, Tim will be home so he might cook a BBQ, he might not, sometimes we might see some friends but all in all it’s a day of chilling out & pumping the tunes for me. Pretty darn perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sounds pretty darn good to me Reannon. The Js are a tradition here too. If we get asked somewhere the first question Mr SY ever asks is if they’ll be playing them. If not we cannot go!!

  • Sonal

    Great selec-see-ons Nikki! Love them all…ESP my girl Maxi and the Mist dress. We are having a first double digit birthday this weekend! Yay big boy now… Prob the maxi will win. Enjoy your gathering by your cool pool and retro banana lounge. ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love all the outfits Nikki as you know I love playing resorts a LOT,it sounds like you have the day planned and I’m sure it will be fun,those banana lounges are lovely and the food sounds fantastic too.
    We have a 21st on Australia Day I think though it could be another day on the weekend my brain is a little foggy ,I think everything has caught up with me.I am like that with music I know all the words but not the title or the artist,though I am handy at trivia nights for words to songs,have a great time and I am glad no denim undies will be on show!

    • Shh … don’t tell a soul but I bought two more of those banana lounges today … and it’s totally understandable that things have caught up with you Lisa xx

  • Outfit one would have to be my fav! Pineapples really are the in thing at the moment aren’t they. I have to say I do love them! May have to take some inspiration from this as I’ve got a few bbq’s on this coming weekend! thanks Nikki ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Petra

    I like the pineapple swimmers and maxi dress – perfect! I’m renovating all weekend (every weekend for the last 5 months!!). Following weekend have a family park/picnic so need a new cool dress/sandals. Good excuse to go shopping (Robina here I come)…..:-)

    • Oh wow that’s a big job you’ve been doing – the following weekend will be one to look forward to!

  • Liz

    Oh my God Nikki! Don’t you ever slow down? You’ve just moved and now you’re having a family gathering! Energy plus, where do get it from? I want some please!
    Love all your clothing choices for Australia Day, have a great day and make sure you get some chill in’ time too girl!

    • It’s not a big gathering Liz – collectively between both families we’ve got about 14 here on the day – 5 of those are kids. Keeping it simple and fun. There will be a banana lounge with my name on it!

  • I would love to be spending the day at the beach but if the weather is anything like Sydney has showcased this week (mid twenties and overcast!), I think we will be doing a picnic at the park or just having a BBQ at home. As long as I get to listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100, I’m a happy gal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am so excited I could burst for this weekend…I have FOUR, yes FOUR days off in a row…it will involve a combination of relaxing, friends and bubbles {in no particular order}. Enjoy your celebrations lovely xx PS – the pineapple cossie is fabulous!

    • Oh WOW Bev, you certainly deserve that!

    • Lisa Mckenzie

      Well enjoy your 4 days off Bev ,you deserve it x

  • I love that there are no short shorts. Maybe I’m jealous because I can’t wear them. I wouldn’t even be able to find a pair that would cover my big butt

    • There is short and there is short. Even my 17YO doesn’t wear the underpants-short ones!

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    Gorgeous choices! Wedding anniversary number 12 coming up on Sunday…… hoping this week is not 39 degrees like our wedding day!