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4 fashion sites I’m loving right now

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I just love finding out about new businesses, people who are making a go of it in the online world.

So in the interests of spreading the love, I’m sharing four fashion sites with you today. Have fun clicking, exploring and buying.

Consider this a community service post …



Love the concept behind DressDouble. When you sign up you need your measuring tape handy because you input your body measurements so you can be matched up to clothes that fit your size and with people who are your size. With sizing being so inconsistent, this is a brilliant way to shop.  Many of the stores matching my profile are US based but ship to Australia. You can also list clothes here that you want to sell – and even give away “hand me downs”.  The social marketplace aspect of the site lends itself beautifully to this.

Bohemian Traders

Bohemian Traders

You may have seen the Bohemian Traders accessories I included in this Model and Me post? This site is the brainchild of my blogging friend Em from The Beetleshack. It reflects her personal love of all things bohemian and has me channelling that side of my wardrobe personality. I love that the essence of what’s available for sale doesn’t change but the stock does – keeping things fresh. My faves – hands down – are the clutches. They are such an easy way to add an interest to an outfit.

The LBD Boutique

The LBD Boutique

If you missed out on winning a dress from the LBD Boutique in my Christmas giveaway and you were keen to find out more about this online store, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now up and running and offering an LBD to suit you. An LBD is a wardrobe staple – from casual to formal there is always a place in my wardrobe for one or many. Love the Dress My Shape page that takes you straight to LBDs in the range that would suit you. The fabric used in all of the dresses is a polyester/spandex combination. It’s ideal for travelling as it takes up next to no space and doesn’t crush. Oh and be quick Stylers … there’s 40% off store wide until midnight, January 9.

Vintage Pip

Vintage Pip

You may have noted my love for (obsession with?) pineapples, flamingos and anything retro-tropical? Well can you imagine how excited I was to hear about Vintage Pip – a store offering fabulous accessories to match all my loves? The stock changes as many of the affordable accessories are limited editions. Definitely one if you too have a love of the quirky and fabulous. I particularly love the Erstwilder pieces by Melbourne jewellery designer Louise Camille.

Found any fabulous online fashion site lately? Share them below.

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  1. Hi Nikki, just letting people know that we now have Australian retailers on board (Portmans, Dotti, Peter Alexander, Nooki) with more to come. Use your body measurements to get the best fit.

  2. I am dying to get my hands on some Bohemian Traders gear- kimono, freedom skirt, poppy pants….clearly everything! Will check out the others as I’m starting to love shopping online just to find something differnt.

  3. Thanks for those sites. I really like some of the stuff on Shabby Sisters at the moment ( Want enable my terrible shopping habit and tell me I need the Warrior Princess necklace?

  4. I love that Bohemian Traders bag – gorgeous fabric! I discovered the LBD boutique recently too and featured one of their dresses in a What I Wore post. Such a great little store. x

  5. Yay, I love discovering new online stores – particularly through friends because you know you’re getting an honest opinion. I have a Knotted Yarn Necklace from Bohemian Traders which I adore. I have also earmarked a few pieces for myself and some lucky girlfriends in the near future! Thanks for the four fab finds, Nikki.

  6. Looking forward to seeing some reviews on the LBD site as it looks great. Kind of hard to see them properly being black! Going to send my sister off to Mossman for a reccy!

  7. J’adore Bohemian Traders! I love my clutch so much I can’t bear to put it away in the box with my other handbags, so I have it on my side table!

    Vintage Pip should be called Kimba Shop Here! I’m particularly in love with the hairclips.

  8. Love bohemian traders such gorgeous one off pieces and I follow vintage pip on IG and yes they do have lovely things.Thank You Nikki for sharing the other 2 websites ,I have not heard of them but will have a look when I have time!
    The dress double sounds like an great idea.

      1. Nikki he has had some stents put in and is inn westmead hospital and stable ,so fingers crossed he makes a good recovery,I am still In a bit of an emotional state but trying to be positive ,thank you for your kind words it means a lot xx

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