The Model and Me: Sacha Drake Grecian maxi dress

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You already know that I think Queensland-based designer Sacha Drake is all kinds of genius don’t you?

If not, you may be new to Styling You, so I’ll give you a brief run down.

Sacha designs frocks. And she gets women. Like REALLY gets women.

She gets that we’re not all the same shape but we still want to dress to feel and look our best.

She gets that we might not want to be a slave to the current trends but we do want to feel modern – because style does not come with a use-by date.

And she gets that we do appreciate a frock that not only offers a multitude of uses but is easy to care for … all the while making us look effortlessly chic.

Sacha has been creating these multi-wear frocks for more than 10 years now. Many women back in the day discovered the Sacha Drake label via the Ultimate Black Dress – it’s still a big seller and can be worn 20 different ways.

There are two new multi-wear frocks in the Sacha Drake collection – the Catelyn – a gorgeous short black frock I’ve featured on four different women in my forthcoming book – and the Grecian maxi, the frock I chose to wear for Mr SY’s annual Christmas party, a small gathering for 1800 people.

The theme of the night was New York.

Elmo and King Kong could be spotted in the room but, not being a fan AT ALL of fancy dress, I opted for a modern take on Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look.

And the Grecian provided the perfect blank canvas for that look.  Check out the Grecian’s versatility on the model …

The Model

Sacha Drake Grecian Maxi Dress

Sacha Drake Grecian maxi dress $299 (some guidelines on how to create these styles in the video below)

and me

The Model and Me | Sacha Drake Grecian gown | Salita Matthews necklace | Samantha Wills ring | Her Fashion Box Clutch | Mimco earrings

Sacha Drake Grecian dress* (I’m wearing size 14) | Salita Matthews necklace | Samantha Wills ring | Her Fashion Box Clutch* | Mimco earrings

As Sacha says in the above video, it really is possible to play with the straps and create your own look. My look was a version of the cross-over but I’ve bought the straps back around the front again.

I chose to wear a strapless bra so I wouldn’t have to worry about bra straps and the shoulder pieces slipping all night. If you’re small busted, the in-built bust holder will be enough support for you.

The pleats are incredibly and surprisingly flattering, draping over the body, allowing me to leave the nana pants at home.

I love that next time I wear this dress, I can do so in a different way and suddenly it’s a whole new look.

It’s a “forever” dress that I can faithfully call upon summer or winter to see me through any dressy occasion.

That’s always a test for me when adding a more dressy garment to my wardrobe. I have to know that it’s going to go the distance with me.

Bonus points for the fact you can wash it at home, hang it up to dry and be ready to go again.

I’d pack it travelling if I knew I may need something for an occasion out.

The Model and Me | Sacha Drake Grecian gown | Salita Matthews necklace | Samantha Wills ring | Her Fashion Box Clutch | Mimco earrings

Get used to seeing me wearing this necklace. A LOT. Not just for bringing down the cost-per-wear ratio but because I just can’t get enough of it. The freshwater pearls, the big diamantes, the tiny brass-coloured bees … it’s the statement necklace that keeps on stating.

I’ve had the Mimco studs forever and they work with this by still being glam but letting the necklace do the talking. The white Samantha Wills Bardot ring ties it together at my finger tips.

I had been waiting on a clear perspex clutch from MNO.Logie that I ordered at the beginning of October (I’m assured it’s on its way!) to work with the outfit but when this one arrived from Her Fashion Box, it proved more than a suitable substitute.

Her Fashion Box works like subscription beauty box companies but includes fashion pieces with some beauty samples delivered to your door each month.

Beauty note

My hair stylist, Maria at Suite Three, knows her way around some old-school hair construction. Oh yes, she does.

You can see the back of this ‘do here. I’m not kidding you when I say there were about 100 pins to pull out of my hair the morning after. I got about 10 out the night before but gave up and settled on sleep instead.

There was also no way I was getting a brush through this without a good shampoo and condition but I’m not complaining. I just love it.

Makeup-wise, I went for a soft smokey eye and a red lip as predicted here.

My lip colour is my fave red of all time that I really wish Napoleon Perdis would bring back – it’s called Lady in Red and is a hybrid lipstick/gloss in just the right shade for my skin tone. Lucky I stocked up when it was released as a limited edition.

Nails are a matchy-matchy Christmas gel red. ‘Tis the season and all that.

Oh, and that glow? It’s all faux baby. I’ve been getting an Aviva City Tan (Miami) express spray tan at Lime Health and Beauty every fortnight of late. The colour is just right for me.

A little extra bronzer on the face balances out my face with the rest of me.

The Model and Me Sacha Drake Grecian Gown | Hair by Suite Three Hair | Salita Matthews necklace

… and because the occasion to frock up would not have happened except for Mr SY’s work place inviting partners to share in the Christmas joy … and because  I do love a man in a suit – particularly when that man is Mr SY – here he is too.

Scrub up ok, don’t we?

Mr and Mrs SY

Is this a type of dress you’d get great wardrobe longevity out of? Do you have any other of Sacha’s “many-ways” frocks?

PS. My blogging mate Mrs Woog also has and loves the Sacha Drake Grecian maxi dress. If you missed her post, check it out here.

PPS. There’s just a couple of days left until the SY Christmas Giveaway closes. One of the prizes is an in-store styling session at Sacha Drake for you and a friend where you’ll both gifted with a gown or frock of your choice.

* These pieces were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Divine Nikki. I bought the Grecian last week (oh all right and mayhap one or two other frocks) at SD Paddington’s VIP night last week. Ms SD is truly deserving of sainthood for as you say “getting women.” Course, I may have to sell the children on eBay to fund my addiction, but I feel this is entirely reasonable!

  2. Saw you in the Grecian Maxi – two hours later, I had one in my wardrobe! Solved an impending fashion dilemma – thank you.

  3. Nikki you look gorgeous! I have a Sasha in my wardrobe – the 6 ways maternity dress. I never wore it while pregnant but it’s so versatile that I can wear it whenever!

  4. I am huge fan of Sasha, with 3 of her frocks now (Margery, Cate & a Tiered Halter from a few seasons ago). I absolutely love the quality and the feel. Your photo with Mr SY is one for the pool room. 🙂

  5. I read SY but never comment….until now…. I just have to say how classic, elegant & just plain stunning the Sacha Drake Grecian maxi dress is & how gorgeous & graceful you look Nikki. Who says youth & thin are pre-requisites to being beautiful?!

  6. You looked fabulous Nikki. That dress looks amazing and I love how it can be worn so many different ways. Sadly I don’t get the opportunity to attend anything nearly fancy enough for such a glamorous gown.

      1. I look forward to seeing that Nikki. We can always count on you for some shopping justification. I have looked at the ultimate black dress in the past but was worried the length would not be any good. I like to stick to just above the knee or full length.

          1. Well for a long time I thought I was 172cm but was measured by my Naturopath recently and it turns out I am only 170cm. I wasn’t all that happy about loosing those 2cm, must have been measured with my shoes on previously.

  7. Wow Nikki, when you glam up you go all out! I think you look absolutely stunning and Mr SY looks very handsome indeed. Hope you guys had an awesome night!

  8. Nikki you look fab, I am also a statement necklace girl! Can you recommend a good strapless bra (you mentioned you were wearing one) I am a DD/E so need some solid scaffolding 🙂

    1. My girlfriend swears by her Fine Line strapless bras and has a bigger bust than me so I went looking and found a black one without a full cup (full cup is not for my sideways boobs). No silicone, all scaffolding. Didn’t have to hitch it up at all all night.

  9. Wow – Nikki you look simply gorgeous! Off to check out the range – I need a new dress for a wedding in March. Thanks as always for the inspiration xx

  10. LOVE Sacha Drake…well thanks to you introducing me to her dresses that day! The quality is just amazing and I love the fact that most of her dresses are so versatile. Looking hot as always 😉

  11. Wow Nikki – both you and Mr SY look fantastic. That dress looks like one of those ‘wonder-pieces’ that you can make work for any occasion, and so flattering in any of the styles shown.
    Hope there was plenty of bacon on Sunday to help you recover!

  12. OMG that dress is so clever and you look amazing in it,I would consider buying this dress if i had a occasion to wear as it is so elegant and chic.
    I am with you on the fancy dress thing Iam not a fan and you Look much classier wearing this “Bridget Bardot” look and I think you look even better than her Nikki!Love your hair and those pearls in your up do so lovely and that necklace :)I can see why you will wear it a lot, it is stunning.Thank you for sharing your Pics with us I think this is your BEST EVER Model and Me Post,You are one Gorgeous looking woman xx

  13. You look stunning. I have the Sacha Drake reversible wrap dress in black which I’ve put to very good use over the years. Really like this dress but would like to try before I buy, so must look out for a stockist. xT

    1. I would say standard Amy. The only difference being that Sacha cuts her patterns on a size 14 as well so her designs better reflect the upper sizes, rather than just the addition of more fabric, there is more shape.

  14. Great dress Nikki, beautiful photo with hubby & you are looking extra fabulous – can’t wait to read your post what you have changed to achieve that!

  15. Ab fab Nikki 🙂 Love the ring, and your hair and make-up are just perfect for the outfit. The tan is amazing too – suits your blonde hair. Cute couple photo!

  16. You look gorgeous Nikki. Mr SY must have been proud as punch to have such an elegant partner at his Christmas do. Love your hair. Sacha drake dress I have my eye on is the Iris. I’ve seen the 20 ways dress – but I am completely hopeless with wrapping and tying – I would probably never get it right (I can’t even tie a sarong so it looks right). Also loving those accordion pleats.

  17. You look fantastic Nikki! And Mr SY scrubs up alright too 😉 I’ve been thinking of trying a Sacha Drake dress (the reversible wrap to start with) and I think you’ve convinced me.

      1. Ordered the dress at lunchtime yesterday and it was in my hot little hands before I left for work today! Tried it on, love the feel and the look (could possibly go down a size…). Can’t wait to wear it to a party on Friday night 🙂

  18. Oh my gosh, you are both stunning.
    I have a Sacha Drake convertible dress too, I love it.
    I just want to thank you for encouraging me to make the best of what I have- my face, body and clothes. With a bit of clever work we can all look our best, and turn heads. xxx

  19. You looked fabulous Nikki! I sneaked a peak on Instagram Saturday am. Hope it was a fun night. Thanks, as ever, for talking us through your preparations. SY is definitely my ‘got to’ place for fashion and beauty tips, as well a good read : ).

  20. a question about statement necklaces for you Nikki — do you find them heavy?? I have tried a couple and I just wonder how I would go with wearing them all day/night – and I wish I had an occasion or many to justify getting your lovely frock too 🙂

    1. This one and all my Salita Matthews necklaces are heavy but she seems to design them so that they sit comfortably so I don’t feel the weight once they’re on. There are also plenty of statement necklaces out there that are lighter. Weight isn’t key to it being a statement.

      1. Thanks Nikki – how quick a reply is that!!! and I think through this blog today I have found a gift for my 19yr old daughter and maybe myself too – HerFashionBox – love the idea!!

  21. Hi Nikki, you look gorgeous and I love that dress. Can you tell me what the length is like as I am 161 cm so may be too long, would it be possible to take it up? I would go and try it in but have moved from Brisbane to New York but would be perfect for an evening out here. Thank you, Carla

  22. How funny! I just bought this dress last week to wear to a wedding! So versatile and I wore it strapless with a gorgeous turquoise necklace and ring. Everyone needs one of these! You look fantastic!

  23. You look truly fabulous and very elegant Nikki (you both do). I’ve seen that video of that dress and all the amazing ways you can wear it. On another note, do you know where I could get a 1950’s style pencil skirt anywhere on the coast? I’m looking for one that is longer and shaped in at the hem, seems all the ‘pencil’ skirts I can find are short and not tapered in and they just don’t suit me, I need the old fashion type! Cheers, Sonya

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