What would Nina Proudman want for Christmas?

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I’ve been thinking about Nina* a bit lately.

Have you?

It will be Nina Proudman’s first Christmas as a mum – and her first without Patrick.  That’s a whole lot of joy and sadness rolled up into one sleep-deprived festive season, isn’t it?

I’ve been thinking about whether she’s had to adjust her wardrobe a bit.

Back into her old jeans? Or enjoying the comfort of her maternity ones like most of us do long after the baby is born?

I wonder if she knows her days of wearing those gorgeous fine gold chains are numbered.

Is she breastfeeding and needing some tops and frocks to accommodate?

I took the liberty of scouring the interwebs on her behalf and found 10 things I think she’d happily see wrapped under the Christmas tree this year.

What would Nina Proudman want for Christmas

1. NOM nursing maxi dress $119.95 @ Queen Bee: We know that Nina loves a maxi dress but anyone who’s ever breastfed knows that they’re generally not conducive to feeding while out and about. Not so this one. And I’m thinking it would work back beautifully with most of her kimonos and cardi/jackets.

2. Ripe Maternity feeding tank $64.95 @ Queen Bee: Nina’s tunic wardrobe will still work while feeding. She just needs several of these tanks to make them work.

3. Johnny Was tunic $249 @ Zambezee Boutique: There is always room in Nina’s wardrobe for a new tunic, don’t you think?

4. Nancybird bag $385: We know Nina is a fan of the cross-body small shoulder bag but a baby will change all that. I’m thinking she won’t want to opt for a massive bag but this one might be a good compromise.

5. Django and Juliette boots $289.95 @ Styletread: It’s so not boot season but that doesn’t seem to bother Nina. We see her wearing them all through a Melbourne summer. Maybe she needs a new pair after all that running around while pregnant last series?

6. Craybands $20 for bag of 15: As any new mum quickly discovers, the “scrape-back” becomes not just a hair-style of necessity. Craybands are kind to your hair.

7. Bambino Bling bangles $19.95 each: I know that Nina is not a chunky jewellery fan but none of her necklaces will survive baby and toddler grabbing. One of these on her wrist will not only look good but also offer up an option for her baby to play with or chew on when out as they’re made from non-toxic BPA-free silicone.

8. Blue Bungalow scarf $29.95:  Scarves took a back seat in Nina’s pregnancy wardrobe as the costume designers found they were a little too much with her main accessory – the baby bump. I’m thinking they’ll be back. They can’t be broken by a baby’s vice-like grip and are great for covering up if you choose to while breastfeeding in public. (Apologies – when I wrote this post yesterday this scarf was on the Blue Bungalow site. It’s no longer there but here’s a link to all the scarves available on this site)

9. Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Concealer $14.95: As an on-call gyno, I’m sure Nina is quite up on the power of concealer to fake it till you make it. Those early months of motherhood will be something else though. Best to stock up and be prepared.

10. Mavi jeans $102 (on sale) at The Iconic: Given that Nina wore super tight jeans her whole pregnancy, I’m guessing she’ll be back in her regulars quick smart. If not, it’s always good to pick up a pair on sale in a size that fits you now … or stay in the maternity ones like I did. Trying on your pre-pregnancy jeans too soon does absolutely nothing for a woman’s body confidence. Nothing, I tell you.

Are you missing Nina too? What would you buy her for Christmas? Live in Melbourne and have seen any filming of Offspring taking place? Spill!

* I know Nina is not real. Just in case you were concerned about me 🙂 

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  1. Hi Nikki, check out the offspring twitter page, they have posted photo’s on that. I was on Smith street last week, someone was filming, I assumed it was them, next time being a Fitzroy local will take photos. Was cold last week hence if filming in Melbourne or if filming October through to November you still need boots! Today not so 40 degrees here !

  2. If it makes you feel better I can confirm that they are back filming again – they’ve have been at ‘Nina’s’ house a lot recently, and are coming to my place in January sometime, so you’ll get Nina back soon!

  3. Awww, this is a lovely post! Yes I have been thinking of Nina a lot lately, especially after Kat Stewart gave an interview about the next season of Offspring. Can’t wait to see what the next chapter will bring. Merry Christmas, Proudmans!

  4. I feel your pain, and don’t mean to rub it in, but I went to an Eddie Perfect gig in Melbourne.
    He is so freakin’ talented.
    Thanks for this post, Nikki, love it xx

  5. Missing Offspring so much, and yeah, Nina and the baby have really been on my mind. My wish for her would be a beautiful sleeping baby. I find a full night sleep from my toddlers such a gift!!! Hoping she gets to have quality time with Patrick in her dreams x

  6. I love and miss Nina. Love duplicating her pieces that work for me during our Qld winter – but things get a little messy and out of kilter in summer. Any suggestions?

  7. I miss Nina Too and I know she is not real but she is too me 🙂 I think i would buy Nina a nice owl decoration for her Christmas tree and a pretty fine gold bracelet Id Bracelet with The baby and Patrick’s names engraved on the back and of course one of those Gorgeous colourful teething necklaces I have seen on DTLL.
    Nikki I do love what you have chosen for Nina,Nancybird bags are the best I love mine!

  8. I miss Nina! I think an Uberkate bespoke piece with Patricks name + the babies name on it would be a gorgeous gift for Nina.

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