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Still on the look out for an easy-to-wear outfit for Christmas Day or across the summer?

I’ve found another for you.

My girls – my soul sisters – got together last week to celebrate the year before everyone goes their separate way and does their Christmas thing with family and travel.

There was no stipulation about a festive dress code but I’m no Christmas Grinch. Quite the opposite.

While I do avoid flashing earrings and Santa hats, I do relish any opportunity to don the colours of the season.

It may also help that I love wearing red at any time of the year.

Anyhoo, this maxi at Bella Lido was perfect for a balmy evening of eating, drinking and talking. You know? The kind of evening that goes all too quickly.

The model

Bella Lido striped maxi dress Bella Lido striped maxi dress $109

and me

Bella Lido maxi dress and sandals | Dinosaur Designs bangle | Salita Matthews earrings | Uberkate rings | Ellen S Design Store necklace

Bella Lido maxi dress* and sandals | Dinosaur Designs bangle | Salita Matthews earrings | Uberkate rings | Ellen S Design Store necklace*

Now, I’m not one to belt things around the waist but I would do the tie that comes with this dress around the hips. I guess the beauty of it is that you can choose where that would sit best for you. There are no loops to deal with.

I’m wearing a strapless bra but you could do a normal bra – either coloured to match or complement so it’s purposely seen or under a tank-style top or slip. The straps on this dress are also adjustable like a bra strap so you can make it sit where it suits you – higher or lower on the bust.

See how I’ve knotted the corner? I find just flashing a hint of my ankles makes this style of maxi dress less overwhelming on my bottom half because it helps to balance out proportions.

Care wise, it’s 100% rayon. I wash this on a quick wash cycle with a reduced spin and hang up on a hanger to dry. You may still need to give it a light iron (my need to things to be just so gets in my way here!).

Not a fan of red? There are plenty of other striped options in the same design.

Are you still embracing the maxi dress in your wardrobe? Like this one? 

PS. If you live on the Sunshine Coast or are visiting over the summer holidays, my two fave Coast-based labels Bella Lido and Verily (together with Kith & Co homewares, Bark Accessories and Hasa Knapp sleepwear) have opened a pop-up store on The Esplanade at Mooloolaba. You’ll find it under the Pennisular Resort in Mooloolaba. Open until January 31.

* These pieces were sent to me for editorial consideration.

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  1. Love the dress, it looks great on you! Loving the knot too. I haven’t done that yet but probably because my maxis tend to be more of a fitted column. Or have a little split. I have def done this with long flowing skirts though, works a treat 🙂

  2. I jumped onto Claire’s site today and ordered a dress for Christmas – thanks Nikki. And, as I mentioned to Claire, as much as I love that dress, my tuck shop mum arms are not to be forced onto anyone at Christmas….or any time of year! Cheers. Jodie

  3. Love love love!!! And as a vertically challenged person I will definitely be embracing this knot-at-the-bottom look!! You look fab lovely xx

  4. I am totally in with embracing the colours of the season and red looks so great on you. I love how the knot at the bottom changes the look of this dress. I think if I was to wear this dress I would need to use the waist tie. I have been admiring all the items on the Bella Lido site and at least one of their dresses is definitely on my summer buying list. My husband keeps telling me that knee length dresses suit me much better than maxi dresses so maybe he is right. I have been looking at the short version of this dress and also the polly dress. But what colour to choose??

  5. I love this dress on you Nikki and as you know i am a BIG fan of a maxi dress and I don’t belt at the waist either cause i think it accentuates me not having one. I knot my long maxi’s too,so I must be doing something right in the style department it is better than holding on to the hem and tripping over!
    I like this dress much better on you than the model and it does look cool and chic,this is one very nice dress,Thank-You for sharing your wardrobe with us:)

  6. Nikki you make that dress look so flattering, cool and stylish that I couldn’t resist ordering one myself!
    I do the hem tie on my maxis because I have a lot of stairs in my home and otherwise I’d have to be constantly clutching the skirt to make sure I don’t fall.

  7. Really nice Nikki – looks better on a blonde!!! I haven’t done the maxi yet – as my legs are my best feature so I tend to cover up the top and wear knee-high dresses 🙂

  8. I hope maxi dresses become a wardrobe staple that NEVER goes out of fashion – I have quite the collection of maxi dresses & skirts – flattering, comfortable AND you can throw on as easily as a tshirt. How can anyone NOT love a maxi??

  9. I tie all my maxi dresses up like that, mainly cause I am short and it stops me tripping over them, it also saves me rehemming them and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise fairly plain dress!

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