The Model and Me: Kaftans by Annalisa

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Long-time readers will already be in the know in regards to my love of the kaftan.

In my imagination, I’m living a resort life and kaftan-ing it up at any given moment.

Especially at this time of year.

Ok, sure there are some occasions when a kaftan will not work but in summer I am able to harness a kaftan for just about any occasion – casual or dressing or anything in between.

I wear them with flats, I wear them with wedges and I wear them with heels.

They make me feel all kinds of special AND comfortable.

I have worn long kaftans but it’s the shorter ones that suit me best.

And if the kaftan shows my shape in some way then it works even better.

Shape when wearing a kaftan can be achieved by either choosing sheer fabrics worn over a fitted slip or choosing kaftans that include a tie or sides that are sewn to create shape down the side of your body.

Kaftans by Annalisa is a Melbourne-based label specialising in hand-made kaftans that are flattering thanks to the way they accentuate the bust, draping from underneath over the hips.

Sizing is available in size 8-26 – as well as maternity.

Here is a a model wearing a the Ebony black and white kaftan.

The model

Kaftans by Annalisa ebony kaftan

Kaftans by Annalisa Ebony kaftan $229.95

and me

Kaftans by Annalisa Ebony kaftan | Stuart Weitzman platforms | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace

Kaftans by Annalisa Ebony kaftan (I’m wearing size 14)* | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | Stuart Weitzman platforms (photographed on location at Seminyak, Bali)

This is a semi-sheer kaftan and I’m wearing a black Metalicus slip underneath.

I love that the neckline is flattering and I also love that the tapering of this kaftan on each side helps to create shape.

I also love the slits in the sleeve – these are optional but I strongly suggest you go for them. They are such a flattering way to cover your upper arms if this is a thing you want covered.

The classic black and white fabric provides the ideal canvas for a pop of colour.

And in this case I reached for a Red Phoenix Emporium necklace I bought last summer. The gorgeous girls behind this accessories label have just re-launched their website (if you register you can get 10% off your next purchase).

The platforms I’m wearing continue to serve me well. I love that they are essentially a splashy neutral. I bought them on sale – and on a whim – at Shopbop back in August, which was the end of the US summer.

They are incredibly comfortable to wear and go a long way to fulfil my resort-life fantasy.

Love a kaftan? Think I can still get away with them when I move to Brisbane?

* This kaftan was gifted to me for editorial consideration.

PS. It was so amazing to see everyone getting on board and sharing their daily style with the #everydaystyle hashtag. It’s never too late. Details here.

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  2. I love a kaftan or similar loose top Nikki – but being in Melbourne where the weather can be… unpredictable…. do you have any suggestions about what might be suitable to layer over one?

  3. Totally love this on you. But you know I love everything you style. I love Kaftans that you can cinch in with a tie belt or with panels because sometimes they make me look bigger than I am. That necklace looks smashing with the black and white. I may need to make a purchase…

  4. You know I put the kaftan on to resort it up at the local beach when the kids go to Open Water Swim School on a Saturday!! I got myself a couple of slip dresses so I can wear another couple of kaftans I have. I also have the complete Barbara (of Tom and Barbara from The Good Life) kaftan that came straight out of the Home Counties a few years ago when my darling m-i-l handed it over, she had been given it and was never going to wear it! So far it’s only done the spray tan cover-up run but I think it needs to be worn elsewhere this summer. I should try and get my head around instagram and join in the #everdaystyle fun.

  5. Wowser! I think Annalisa should be using you as their model, Nikki. You have seriously up-styled that kaftan to perfection. Love the accessories too. Hot, hot, hot!

  6. ok this is an awkies question, but important for us NORMAL women, and I’ve been dying to ask..

    Wearing dresses in the heat brings about the issue of…ahem….chub rub?

    How do we deal with this stylishly (I am not suggesting that you have chub to rub, but you may have some good ideas…)

    Perhaps a post on the issue?
    gorgeous outfit as per usual…

    Thanking you profusely…

    1. It’s only a problem for me if I have to walk long distances – and on really hot humid days. Wearing bike-pant style cotton underwear will help. As will using a barrier cream such as Silic barrier cream before getting dressed. Hope that helps xx

  7. That is a gorgeous kaftan (which you look fabulously stylish in) and yes you can still wear them here … I heard some smart lady say once, “forget the rules, write your own”! 🙂 I love those shoes too!

  8. Of course you will get away with a kaftan when you move to Brisbane Nilkki ,i live nowhere near the beach and I love a good kaftan and i agree with you they can be casual or Dressy or anywhere in between,they are one of my favourite sorts of dresses kaftans and a Maxi well they are the BEST dresses.I play resorts all the time because we have a pool 🙂
    I love this one on you and Can i say it looks way better on you than the model your accessorising is way better, and you look stunning Nikki!

  9. Kaftans reign supreme! I am sooooo glad they are back in fashion but BETTER 🙂 You can definitely wear them in Brissy – especially if you get to have a pool in your backyard! If not, there’s always wine….. 😉

  10. Ohhhh, that looks so glamorous – I’ve started wearing kaftans and wedges around our pool for wine-time, and hubby thinks I’m ridiculous!

    1. Oh Katy, husbands just don’t get it do they! Nothing more shattering to your self esteem than being made to feel ridiculous. Kaftan, wedges, wine , pool, summer evening – sounds like heaven! I love this kaftan. I only have one, which I always reserve for wearing after swimming. I am rethinking the whole thing after being an SY follower for a while now!

    2. Katy I play resorts quite often we do have a pool but live far from the beach and i agree with Nikki so NOT ridiculous!

  11. I absolutely love luv lurve the kaftan….Nikki you look truly gorgeous in this one. You look bee-you-ti-full !!!!!! Of course you must continue when you are in Brisbane…it’s very cool and stoiylish!!!!
    I love luv luff this one on you ….woo hooo x 😉

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