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I’ve been talking quite a bit here about the power of a beauty boost.

That it’s ok to do things that make us feel good about ourselves. We’ve been confessing those things here.

That it’s ok to compliment our sisters, mothers and girlfriends about the way they look.

That it’s ok to harness the power of colour for a good hair day.

But what if life really makes it difficult for you to prioritise YOU. To prioritise getting your hair cut and coloured?

I want to introduce you to a special SY reader.

I put a call-out on Facebook last month for an SY reader in Sydney who was really in need of a hair makeover from the amazing team at Schwarzkopf Australia.

Many responded – and I thank you – but one response stood out and received plenty of likes from other members of our community.

Louise is a 38-year-old, who with partner Vicky, is mum to two girls (4.5 years and 20 months). She’s a part-time primary school teacher working in a learning support role to help kids who need literacy and numeracy help.

In June this year, our youngest daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood condition called Neutropenia.

Neutrophils are one of the main types of white blood cells – they fight bacteria and fungi infections. Our daughter doesn’t have enough of these and so is susceptible to developing septicemia (blood poisoning) within hours. Whenever she develops a temperature of 38 degrees or higher we have to rush her into Sydney Children’s hospital for blood tests and IV antibiotics. In the first five months since diagnosis she has been admitted into Sydney Children’s Hospital seven times.

She has had over 65 rounds of IV antibiotics and at least 10 courses of oral antibiotics for skin infection, a perforated ear drum and other infections too. She has now been put onto a drug called GCSF which makes her bone marrow work at 100 times its normal capacity (this helps her Neutrophil level start out of the dangerous zone) but this medication has lots of side effects the worst one being deep bone pain.

I have to inject the drug every other day. But it is working well and she responds very well to it (thank goodness). At some point towards the end of next year, she will need to come of the drug and have bone marrow biopsy to see if they can work out what type of Nuetropenia she has.

Looking after herself has, understandably, not been a high priority over the past stressful six months.

Schwarzkopf hair makeover before

Louise confessed to me that her hair was in desperate need of some help. It had been at least six months since she’d had her hair cut and coloured. With the hospital stays, clinic visits, mum stuff and working part time, she just hadn’t had the time. She doesn’t feel comfortable asking anyone except family to mind her daughter as her condition can change so quickly and become life threatening.

I have really neglected my hair over the last year or so and it was definitely showing! I had lots of breakages and damaged hair (due to always pulling it back in a pony tail). Also after two pregnancies and extended breastfeeding my hair has been falling out quite a lot and has started to grow back but I have lots of fly away bits. 

Schwarzkopf’s national technical educator Grant Withnell took Louise’s lifestyle on board, giving her a colour refresher option she can do at home in 10 minutes.

He gave Louise a cut and blowdry and put the semi-permanent Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour silver toner through her hair.

I was really pleased. I would NEVER have thought to use a silver toner on my hair but I love the results. My hair feels so soft and silky and looks so shiny. I am really surprised with how well the semi permanent worked on my hair.

I love that it was quick (Grant only left it on for 10 minutes) and it is something I can easily do at home to give my hair a really nice boost between colours. 

Schwarzkopf hair makeover AFTER

At home care

Grant recommended that Louise use the LIVE Colour silver toner every eight washes and care for her hair using the Schwarzkopf Extra Care range of shampoos and conditioners (straight and glossy and liquid silk).

Before straightening her hair, she now uses the Schwarzkopf Guardian Angel Spray. Afterwards, a tiny amount of Schwarzkopf Straight and Glossy Zero Frizz Creme keeps the frizzies at bay.

All the products are affordable and can easily be incorporated into Louise’s day-to-day life.

The verdict

My hair always looks so good when its been coloured and I always wish I hadn’t left it so long between colours.

Your BE.YOU.TIFUL confession

Have you visited Schwarzkopf Australia’s BE.YOU.TIFUL site yet?

The site’s aim is to make us feel ok about taking time to look and feel our best.  Head on over to BE.YOU.TIFUL and share your beauty confession for a chance to win one of 10 hair and beauty packs each week … or just read the ones already there and be proud of who you are and the individuality you create, no matter how much or little effort it takes. You can also find more inspiration on the Schwarzkopf Australia Facebook page.

So tell me, has your hair been a little neglected of late? Could a little pre-Christmas TLC help?

Photo credit: Thanks to Christina at Hair Romance for taking Louise’s photos for me.

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  1. I am going to my girlfriends tonight, she colours my hair every 6 weeks for me, so I am lucky. I love Louise’s hair, add will pop over to Be you tiful site for sure. I use liquid silk on my Havanese dogs hair, recommended by his breeder, works wonderfully !!

  2. My thoughts and very best wishes are with Louise and her family. Well deserving of a special hair treat. And wow, Louise, you look stunning. Sometimes it can be crazy hard to find time for yourself, but the power of the positive boost it brings is worth it.

  3. Congratulations Louise. Such a deserving winner and doesn’t Louise look fabulous. I too applaud Louise and everything she must be going through. Enjoy looking fabulous. x

  4. Congratulations Louise and Bravo SY Nikki & Shwarzkopf. Hope you enjoyed the pampering and makeover Louise and feel that it is something you can can keep up. I think when you feel good about yourself you have so much more to give others.

  5. Louise you look lovely ,your hair is stunning and I am so glad someone who really needed a beauty boost got to have this treatment.
    I applaud you being such a wonderful Mum I can’t imagine what it is like to have a child who is chronically ill and needs such high demand care,I hope your daughter stays out of hospital for a long time and the new meds do their job xx

  6. What an incredibly deserving winner. Louise, you look fabulous!
    I’m fortunate that I can and do prioritise my hair appointments. It’s something just for me and it gives me a boost of confidence.
    I hope Louise and family have a wonderful Christmas. xx

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