How to get fashion tips from magazines

How to get fashion tips from magazines

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I’m a magazine subscriber from way back.

It just makes sense to me. I love receiving mail and I love saving some dollars so subscribing to my fave magazines just makes sense.

Magazines to me represent little moments of indulgence – away from my computer.

The pristine state in which the mags arrive still excites me. The whole SY household knows that they are completely out of bounds until I’ve flicked through at least once.

The pristine state doesn’t usually last for long because those magazines form part of my research.

Shopping counts as research, right?


Glad we’re on the same page.

How to get fashion tips from magazines

Once I’ve finished with a mag, it’s been well loved. Pages are post-it-noted, I’ve used the apps featured on the pages to check out products and behind-the-scenes footage of features in each magazine.

(This has been a huge step with magazines and such a great development. Apps such as viewa mean that using my smart phone to get so much more out of each edition.)

Magazines also give me inspiration and ideas on how to put together outfits. They keep me in the loop about new designers and collections.

Many magazines are also now running their own stores, offering the easiest way to buy an edited collection at any time of the day or night.

I thought I’d share some of my ideas on how to get fashion tips from magazines using three of my fave magazines.

Feel free to steal them and take them on board too.

Elle Australia

Elle Australia is the new kid on the magazine block – launched with much fanfare at MBFWA in April.

I pre-subscribed on the back of that launch and haven’t been disappointed. I feel like a grown-up fashion person reading this mag. The style mix seems to be a good balance of aspirational and accessible.

How to get fashion tips from magazines

1. An aspirational-featured item can be inspirational. Short of a Lotto win, a pair of Prada heels is not in my budget but a similar style of the shoe featured may be found in a similar chain store pair – not a copy but more an inspired style. And that’s more in line with my purchasing habits.

2. Featuring real people is always food for fashion thought. I love seeing images of real women, reading what their job is and hearing about their style choices. The world would be boring if we all dressed the same and it’s so much easier to get ideas from a mix of real people than styled models.

3. Elle has a knack of breaking down those trends into maybe not your everyday look but hints of your potential everyday look. So helpful when fashion trends can appear nothing short of kooky on first (and second, and third looks).

The Australian Women’s Weekly

There’s a reason why the Weekly reigns supreme as Australia’s top-selling monthly magazine. It gets Australian women – and it has no equal when it comes to appealing to a demographic of women over a “certain” age.

Clearly its appeal is not just based on its fashion pages. These pages only make up one section of what the magazine offers but it’s on these pages that I’m more likely to find fashion that I can immediately relate to and connect with.

How to get fashion tips from magazines

1.  Labels featured are accessible and and affordable. The editorial spreads offer great ideas on how to style those accessible and affordable pieces.

2.  Style director Judith Cook answers readers’ questions. Judith knows her way around a wardrobe dilemma as she’s been dressing women for 40 years. Another in my books who proves that style doesn’t come with a use-by-date.

3.  The magazine features a plus-size fashion page. It might seem a token offering but I always find it contains great ideas and useful information.

Shop Til You Drop

I still remember the first edition of this mag. It was like the arrival of my dream magazine. A chance to window shop from the comfort of my own home. It was before the advent of online shopping – well, the easy accessible online shopping that we know today – and each month it brought me so much inspiration.

Now the mag is fortnightly. To be honest I’d stopped buying for a couple of years as it really was no longer “talking” to me.

I jumped back on board when I saw that Alexandra Carlton was appointed editor. She is The Business in my books and I’ve loved falling in love again with this mag. Yes, many of the fashion ideas featured are not any I’d be taking up soon but there’s a whole of bunch of useful stuff in there for me and maybe for you.

How to get fashion tips from magazines

1. The shopping list: this edit of the fortnight’s hottest buys can be all the inspiration you need for a little injection into your wardrobe. Plus you can shop each of the featured pieces from the Shop website.

2. Shop uses size 14 models as part of the mix and doesn’t make a big thing about it. In a recent swimsuit and cover-ups spread, the size 14 model was styled and featured as many times as the size 8.  This combination makes it so much easier to imagine a garment on yourself.

3.  Icons indicated at a glance whether the featured garment is also available in sizes 18 and up. This is inclusive and helpful.

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Comments 76

  1. My all time favourite magazine would be house and gardens trying to get ideas to build a new home love being inspired.

  2. I simply adore Shop Till You Drop!
    As a busy working mum it’s my way to window shop.
    I can dip in and out as the kids allow;
    Dreaming up beautiful outfits to stand out from crowd.
    It’s my little escape for moments when I’m down;
    Showing me the treasures they found.
    Classics, high end and fashions for the street;
    Would love a subscription – the perfect treat!

  3. The Australian Women’s Weekly is my absolute favourite. It’s made by Women for Women. I love all their stories of real people and people who has interesting stories to tell. It’s a good quality magazine that seems to get better each year. The recipes which I collect are to die for. I buy their cookbooks and having been using their birthday cake recipes since I made my first birthday cake for my eldest daughter. Would love to win a subscription.

  4. After all the fabulous things you have said about the re-launched Elle – I would love to win a subscription to it, and yes a token plus size page is a step in the right direction!!!! I am hoping with al my heart that in the not too distant future brands that go above a size 14, are featured within the entire magazine NOT just in a token plus size page! thanks for the fabulous blog post and competitions Nikki, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you !

  5. I would love a subscription to The Australian Women’s Weekly because I’m over fifty and at an age in life when I need all the help I can get as I continually reinvent my style to suit my advancing years. Too many women give up the ghost of being fashionable as they age, either through lack of interest, or because they feel it’s not appropriate to keep up with fashion anymore, or because they’re afraid of looking like mutton dressed up as lamb. Like me they probably rely on old faithfuls and ancient relics in their cupboards, spending money treating their children or grandchildren to the clothes of the moment. Australian Women’s Weekly would be a fantastic prompt for me to pay more attention to updating my own style and helping my similar aged friends and blog readers to look up-to-the-minute-stylish too.

  6. If Woman’s Day arrived on my step,
    I’d take a break, sit down, be set.
    Chick goss, recipes, fashion galore,
    all at my fingertips to explore.
    Indulge in some luxury, time out for me,
    That’s why this subscription would be perfect you see.

  7. Elle Magazine would be my pick, Nikki makes it sound quite slick
    My style could use a little tweak – yes inspiration’s what I seek!

  8. My pick would be AWW – I love the fact that it’s aspirational and accessible at the same time, and offers a great mix of features and tips. Always looks gorgeous too!

  9. I would love the subscription to Empire for my husband, he is a movie fanatic and loves reading this from cover to cover over and over again!

  10. I’d like Womens Fitness or Real Living, it would be a toss up… draw it out of the hat I reckon! Or maybe I should accept that I just won’t have time to sit down with a magazine these days and get a “man magazine” for my husband. Yeah, he’d like that!

  11. I would love a subscription to Elle. I bought a copy of it recently to read on a flight and loved everything about it. It’s a beautifully presented publication, stylish and glamorous. I felt sophisticated reading it and love the insight into fashion trends, relationships, travel, reality and more. It’s a great addition to the female publications list in Australia and is definitely on the top of my favourite reads list.

  12. I’d LOVE to win a subscription to Shop Til You Drop. My sisters and I pore over every issue for budget fashion and beauty ideas. I’ve sourced so many items from that particular magazine it’s not funny.

  13. I would love a subscription to Shop Til You Drop. The idea of window shopping from the comfort of home appeals so much to we busy women. With such comprehensive fashion ideas, examples, and advice, those trips to the shops will be a breeze.

  14. As a 60 plus follower of this blog I would love a subscription to Elle to fuel my new interest in fashion and to keep me on the straight and narrow ( or the frilly and flouncy) track of fashion. Thanks Nikki!

  15. I’d love an Elle subscription! I have flipped through a few times at the hairdresser and enjoyed it, it might be nice to have that little bit of hairdresser luxury at home (well, the mag and cappuccino part anyway). After browsing the fashion mags at the salon and leaving with new hair, I always feel that little bit less frumpy and I take ideas home with me, but the chance to really devour the mag might hopefully translate to a better wardrobe. I’ve finally, finally lost the baby weight after two years, perhaps it’s time I enlisted the mags to help me update my frumpy wardrobe.

  16. Australian Womens Weekly not only has fashion and homeware updates but recipes and interesting articles which make it a bit of a mixed bag which I think makes it a bit more interesting,

  17. I would love to win a copy of good health to start the new year on a positive and for extra motivation for my healthy new years resolution!!!

  18. Australian House & Garden Magazine. I have recently signed a contract for my first home (OMG!) so I’d love some help to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible.

  19. Real Living magazine is my current indulgence. Being defence, we live in rentals and move frequently, and unlike other decorating/lifestyle mags, Real Living offers me alternates for my portable lifestyle.

  20. House and Garden……such a beautiful mag…..complete indulgence for me to sit with this magazine and imagine my dream home…*sigh*

  21. Shop Til You Drop, for me please !! As a recent finder and lover of all things fashion, oh and um shopping !! I would love to learn more tricks, be inspired, and keep on trend.

  22. I would love a subscription to the Australian Women’s Weekly. I think it does reign supreme because of it’s diverse subjects.

  23. Australian Women’s Weekly: as a fairly “new” Australian its always got something to teach me about Aussie culture (and especially food!).

  24. I would love a Womens Weekly subscription because I often forget to buy it until half way through the month and then think I’ll wait till next months der

  25. I would love to receive the Elle magazine. It’s got a touch of the American layout which makes it stand out from the rest of the Aussie mags.

  26. I would have to go for the AWW, such a solid magazine with so much to offer in the reading dept, which is really what you need in a magazine!!

  27. I’m a new fan of Elle Australia and would love to subscribe to it. I love how chockers full of fashion it is, there’s a great mix of celebrity and designer interviews, helpful tips, real life reads and just great advice for any budding fashionista! Also the perfect amount of budget and luxury buys!

  28. Recipes +
    I know it’s ‘a ‘cheapie’, but I have a little one starting school next year and the thought of having to pack school lunches for the next decade or so is scaring me to death!
    I’m sure this jam-packed, choc-full of recipes mag will provide me with the inspiration and survival skills I’ll need to face this daunting role.

  29. I’d go for Gourmet Traveller because it has a great mix of food and travel to dream about, and dream about what you would wear on holiday!

  30. I’m fortunate enough to read them all as part of my job (ah okay, I read every inch of SHOP about 20 times before it hits the printer) so I won’t be subscribing (obvs). But I just want to say YOU are the business, Ms Parkinson. Thank you for sharing your insights – I love hearing what both you and your readers have to say about SHOP (and Elle and the AWW – two of my favourites). Maybe some of your Sydney readers would like to come into the SHOP office one day next year and talk about what they like/don’t like about mags? I’d love to meet them (and maybe rustle up a goodie bag or two). Anyway, for now, thanks again for your support, for being one of the “it’s cool, all media can be mates!” bloggers and for being an all-round good one! (And I’m hanging out for your book!) Alex Carlton x

  31. A subscription to me means “advice and tips about something I’m really into” with a peaceful cup of tea! I subscribed to Real Living since it begun, which inspired the look of my recently moved into new house. Subscribing to Styling You has taught me so much! Friends and family comment on the sudden stylish flair I now possess – thanks to Nikki! Sooo a subscription to Elle Australia would continue my personal style journey and keep on trend with the latest joys of fashion!
    [email protected]

  32. I would love a subscription to Shop Til You Drop. Living in a small country town with a couple of dress shops you are likely to run into someone wearing the same outfit at any event you attend. I need to find some great styling tips to mix things up a bit and also some great online shops.

  33. Australian Elle sounds great – I love to discover new trends, and think a mix of aspiration for inspiration and accessibility appeals greatly!

  34. I love AWW. I love that it covers EVERYTHING! Fashion, food, celebs, real life stories, hints, tips EVERYTHING!
    I rarely throw my mags out, I stash them because I think I’ll need to go back to them for something. I love sitting down for an arvo to flick through my collections & find things I had forgotten about. I will never move to digital mags because I just love them too too much 🙂

  35. From every cell,
    I’m going to yell,
    I would choose Australian Elle!
    Elle’s great for a bit of glam
    (as most days you’ll see me pushing a pram)
    those shiny pages are idea heaven,
    to get my style up and revvin’!
    [email protected]

  36. ‘Shop’ has a great fashion eye
    That helps me to research before I buy
    So for me the mag that comes out on top
    Has to be Shop Til You Drop.

  37. ‘Shop’ has a great fashion eye
    That helps me to research before I buy
    So for me the mag that comes out on top
    Has to be Shop Til You Drop.

  38. SHOP TILL YOU DROP – for sure. After 12 months on a shopping ban I’m back to work full time in Jan so ready to SHOP IT UP HARD and need some inspo!!

  39. Would love to win a subscription to AWW, I only buy it occasionally because it doesn’t fit into my budget, but every time I do I love it to pieces.

  40. Good Health is a favourite for me with such good tips and stories. I usually read my mother’s copy, so I would love to have my own.

  41. I already subscribe to AWW, New Idea and Woman’s Day. Real Living is a fabulous magazine I buy every other month so to subscribe would be great please.

  42. Wow. Would love a subscription to Elle magazine. As a busy Mum I need all the fashion help I can get so I don’t turn into a frump!

  43. Shop till you Drop. My life is full of home and design magazines for work and I’d love something a little different to flick through and covet. There’s only so many white and timber kitchens I can absorb and I want some colour!

  44. I would love to win a subscription to Australian Women’s Weekly as it has been a favourite of mine ever since I can remember as well as my elderly Mum’s. She is a pensioner & cannot afford to buy it regularly any more so I would love to share the subscription with her. AWW contains everything that interests me such as affordable & achievable fashion ideas as well as simple uncomplicated new recipes to serve to my family & friends. It also has human interest stories as well as just the right mix of celebrity gossip so a bit of everything! it is such a relaxing easy read & one can fill in a lot of time as well as keeping it to refer back to recipes etc in future.

  45. It would be Good Health for me. Eating clean and taking a more considered approach to my health has been a focus over the last 6 months. It is great to read info from a wide range of sources, test out a few things and see what works for me.

  46. I would love a subscription to Elle as it has fashion that is chic,interesting stories and i love reading about “Real” women and i do like a mag with some depth to it!
    I am glad I am not the only one who gets inspiration from Magazines.

  47. I just love Elle and I have purchased every issue since the launch. A fresh reflection on everything. I have to admit I have stopped reading Shop Til You Drop only for the reason that I felt it was not for me anymore. But after reading your reflection on the magazine I amy have a look and reconsider purchasing.

  48. I’m an Elle girl through and through. I grew up reading it in the USA then picked up the UK version when I lived in London. Now I’m thrilled it has started in Australia. I’ve bought every issue so far so it would make sense to get a subscription.

  49. I am crazy addicted to magazines. But I don’t have a subscription to any of the ones listed above, I just buy them the second they come out. I would love an Elle subscription though. It is my favourite mag at the moment because it feels like luxury, and it has so much inspiration (cough shoes and bags)

  50. I subscribed to ELLE when it launched and I adore it – as you said it is the perfect blend of inspiration and aspiration 🙂
    I used to buy Shop til you Drop but had stopped – I have read a copy of the new format and I loved it – so if I were to win I would get a subscription to this – the only problem being that I know it will encourage me to buy more clothes as I love how they present them and how easy it is to locate and buy new clothes 🙂

  51. Great post Nikki. I have been a long time subscriber of shop til you drop and it has been my favorite and only fashion-mag I read as a rule. Lately it has been losing me too and I’m still not convinced with the new look. I’d love a subscription to convince me to keep reading and help me to fall in love with the mag again 🙂

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