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What kind of Christmas Day have you got planned?

We’ve only done one really dressed-up Christmas Day in recent history, opting for a fancy hotel lunch that bought on a food coma that lasted for days … just without a fridge full of leftovers.

I’d do the hotel gig again in a flash but definitely not this year.

This year it’s our last on the the Sunshine Coast so we’re staying put, hoping for a picture-perfect morning for a surf and swim before breakfast and a casual lunch at home feasting on prawns, ham and salad.

Fancy schmancy-ness will come in the form of Champagne.

However you choose to celebrate, there are bound to be well-meaning friend and relatives (in our family that’s usually me) waving a camera around to record the day.

My vanity usually gets in the way and I’ll have always slapped on a bit of a face before any selfie or non-selfie action.

If you don’t suffer from the same vanity and are quite happy to face Christmas Day like any other, then I salute you. As you were.

If you’re like me, here are some easy Christmas Day beauty tips.

They’re about looking and feeling yourself but with a little bit of polish.

Some of these tips need to be implemented before the day.

Some will help you fake it till you make it on the day.

1. If your hair colour is due for a refresh, get on the phone now and book in to avoid disappointment. If you like to DIY at home, set aside the time when you won’t be interrupted – just don’t leave it till Christmas Eve – or after too much Christmas cheer.

2. Hair overdue for a style cut? Book that in too. Even a trim and tidy will help you harness a Good Hair Day on December 25.

3. Book a spray tan or get working on the gradual tan. Only if you want to, of course. I’ve become quite partial to a fortnightly salon spray tan. Part of that is finding an express (wash off in 1.5 hours) tan in a colour that’s just right for my skin tone. My Christmas Eve one is already booked. In between I’m all about the gradual tan because you really just can’t stuff it up. I’d just suggest exfoliating it all off every week or so and starting over to avoid patchiness. My current faves are Bondi Sands (particularly the Everyday SPF 15+) and EcoTan’s Winter Skin. If you get caught up in the busy-ness of it all then don’t fret, you can fake it on Christmas morning with a wash-off instant tan. Loving these two at the moment.

Christmas Day beauty instant tan

1. J Bronze Shimmer Instant Illuminser | 2. Loving Tan Picture Perfect Instant Body Makeup

4.  Christmas nails make all the difference. Or is that just me? I love a festive nail – on fingers and toes. Either in red or a bright, summer colour to suit what I’m wearing. Book in or plan your DIY mani and pedi time at home now.

Christmas nails

5.  Don’t drop your skincare routine. In the busy-ness of pre-Christmas carry-ons, it’s so easy to let good skincare habits drop. Your skin needs even more help so make it a priority to cleanse and moisturise morning and night. A good night cream or serum is your friend. So is a pick-me-up use a mask such as the new Radical Instant Revitalising Mask (1) and an eye treatment such as Eye Slices (2).

Christmas Day beauty tips -  skin boosters

6.  Get your makeup routine sorted for the day. Time is usually of the essence. Either you’re heading somewhere to visit other people or you’ve got “other” people coming to you. Refresh yourself with my two-minute makeup routine tips here. If your day is on the super casual side, I’d swap out the foundation for a BB cream.

Breaking this routine down even more – particularly if it’s hot and sticky where you do Christmas, I’d employ my holiday routine pictured below.

Mix the CC or BB cream (1) with the bronzing cream (2) in your fingertips and apply to face. Dust over a mineral powder (3) to set and finish with a coral lippy (4). Sunglasses on if outside or add a lick of mascara if inside.

Christmas Day casual makeup

1. Jane Iredale Dream Tint CC Cream | 2. Innoxa Skin Perfecting 5 in 1 Bronzing BB Creme | 3. bareMinerals Original SPF 15 foundation | 4. Covergirl lip Perfection jumbo gloss balm in Coral Twist

7.  If your day involves time outdoors, keep the sunscreen handy and re-apply often if you’re in and out of a pool or the surf. Here are three I’ve been trialling and loving right now – all are SPF 50+ and the BB cream is a definite option instead of foundation.

Three new SPF 50+ sunscreens

1. Invisible Zinc – a beach bag essential because it’s four hour water resistant. It’s medium thickness on application and rubs in well. | 2. La Roche-Posay melt in BB cream – the first 50+ BB that I’ve come across. It’s gorgeous and light to wear on your face. | 3. Dermalogica Sport – a great formulation that is light enough you can wear each day and top up without feeling sticky.

8. Treat yourself to a new lip colour or gloss. A red, pink or a coral work a treat for Christmas Day and adding a pop of lippy is always a good idea. Just ask your Nan.

Christmas Day beauty lipstick

1. NIVEA Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose | 2. Lipstick Queen Endless Summer lipstick in Perfect Wave | 3. Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Siren Red

9. Smile. It’s just one day. Enjoy it for what it is.

What are you doing Christmas Day? Does makeup or a beauty routine factor into your pre-Christmas preparations?

* The above featured beauty products were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Nikki, sometimes I truly feel like we’re kindred spirits! Last month, I booked all my appointments for Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 December – waxing, spray tan, mani, pedi and hair. A girl’s gotta look her best in all those pics (that I will be taking)!
    I’m going to wear a black and white chevron frock from Country Road for Christmas Day with bright orange sandals from Target. What colour(s) would you recommend for my fingers and toes?

  2. I love lip gloss pencils too! The easiest way to wear red lips during the day. Models Prefer from Priceline also have fabulous lip gloss pencils. Loving Nothing To Hide for a red and Kiss & Make Up for a pink with some ommph. I think they’re $9.99 each.

    SSG xxx

  3. Thanks for the great tips and reminders Nikki! Treating myself to a salon colour on the 23rd (usually DIY to hide the greys). Will be reaching for my Garnier BB at about 5.30am on the big day – our excited eldest wakes the house up then!! (my face looked ghostly pale in last year’s pics!) Must get out the red nail polish AND give my dry feet some attention, and use my face mask more often. I feel another list coming on!! xx

  4. I’m new to the BB cream (and won’t ever stray!) but was really interested to see the BB bronzing stuff – must investigate that the next time I’m in Myer! Thanks for great tips – love the light make-up ideas (that’s me down to a T).

  5. Hi Nikii – great tips. My hairdresser is becoming so popular ( as she should, she’s fabulous) I have booked well in advance last year and this for my pre-Christmas zhuzh. Now you mention it, I think I might see if I can get a pedicure squeezed in somewhere – love pretty toes with pretty sparkly sandals for Christmas (or any time really).

  6. No I am Vain like you I have my hair booked for the 23rd of December to keep my blonde natural looking and to get my sparkles covered :)I am doing the gradual tan at the moment and it is coming along nicely.I have a new dress purchased for Christmas day and I think i will be having bright pink nails and of course I do my makeup and I will try the tip about the bronzing cream with the BB cream I haven’t tried that yet.I have upped the skincare routine actually doing a enzyme peel once a week.
    We take turns hosting Christmas lunch and dinner both sides of the family so this year it is my Mums turn for lunch and then we are off to dinner at my SIL’s place which is 5 minutes away.I would love to stay home one year but while we have healthy parents we must spend the time with them.
    Thank you for the tips Nikki and i love your Uberkate rings and those fine rings are very pretty too!

  7. Hi Nikki,
    I found your website by accident a month ago when googling ‘business casual’ and love the site!
    If your day involves swimming do you still wear your BB cream or just stick to sunscreen ? I use Clinique’s CC cream and would like to wear it on Christmas Day but don’t want the ‘my face is melting’ look when I go in the pool.

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