How to shop for beauty gifts for women

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I know that there are very few men who read Styling You (if you ARE male and read here, it’s time to de-lurk in the comments below … we promise we’ll be kind) so this post is the kind that you might want to print out or send a link to the gift-buying male in your household.

Despite what men frequently think and express in our general direction, we are simple creatures.

We have simple needs.

Especially when it comes to gift buying.

We want things that we wouldn’t normally go out and buy ourselves. We want things that represent a little indulgence or time out.

So it’s no surprise that beauty gifts are high on many a woman’s wishlist – at Christmas or any time of the year.

This guide on how to shop for beauty gifts for women will help anyone navigate the potential minefield that is the beauty industry.

Tip 1

Buy what she already loves. You don’t have to be a mind reader here. Just do a little investigative work. You know those drawers and cabinets you share in the bathroom? Check them to see if there is a trend in the products she already loves and buys. Is there a skincare or makeup brand you see more of? Is there a favourite perfume or fragrance that she’s close to running out of? These are your red hot clues as to what will make a great beauty gift for your partner. Once you have some brand names, get help in store, salon or online to make sure you’re on track with the type of product within those ranges that will suit.

Tip 2

Add on some pampering. So you’ve sussed out that she loves a certain type of skincare? Want to know how to really woo us? Add in a facial voucher with a gift of product. That way we get the immediacy of the gift plus it keeps on giving with a little time out for ourselves. Maybe she already visits a particular salon or spa – once a month or once a year? There’s a reason she goes to that particular one – a voucher for the same place will show that you really know her. Once the voucher is given, don’t let time slip away. Make sure she books in sooner rather than later.

Tip 3

Think of the indulgence factor. With beauty products, there are essentials and there are indulgence purchases. We’re pretty good at having the essentials always stocked but surprise us with some indulgence products from brands that we love and we’re blown away. Think gorgeous hand washes, hand creams and body lotions … candles and luxe lipsticks. We love all the things.

Tip 4

Take advantage of special gift packs. At Christmas time beauty is all about the value-for-money gift pack. Our favourite brands package up products together where if we were to buy those same products separately we’d pay more money. It’s a win-win scenario on the budget front. And you look particularly generous.

Tip 5

Electronic appliances CAN be ok. Normally no gift guide of mine features an appliance. There are kitchen exceptions at the luxe end of the scale (hello bright red KitchenAid mixer, one day you’ll be mine …) but there are also exceptions in the beauty department. Namely, styling irons and my everyday skincare essential, the Clarisonic. We will gladly open such items on Christmas Day or any day for that matter.

My top 12 for 2013

Top 12 beauty gifts 2013

1. ghd white eclipse $300 | 2. Lush Star Light Star Bright bath melt $5.25 | 3. L’Occitane Uplifting Verbana collection $100 | 4. Jurlique Hand Care Essentials $85 | 5. Clarisonic Mia $139 | 6. Molton Brown The Helping Hands gift $45 | 7. Stila Limited Edition Portrait of a Perfect Eye Palette $24 | 8. Sodashi Rejuvenate Skin Care Kit $226.60 | 9. Dermalogica Complexion Essentials Duo $99 | 10. Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Regal Brush collection $99 | 11. People for Plants Flavour Your Lips $19.95 | 12. Jane Iredale Brilliant refillable rose compact $29

Do you have any beauty products on your Christmas wishlist? 

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  1. I have no idea what a Clarosonic Mia is, so I’m off to check it out. I’d love the Napoleon brushes. Any set of beautiful brushes really. Might buy some for myself 😉 I’d also love either of the hand creams (Jurlique and Molton Brown are both beautiful). I’m likely to get something from Crabtree and Evelyn, and I’ll be very very very happy with that too.

  2. L’Occitane Verbana collection… I’m going to get it tattooed on my forehead, because apparently after thirty years and constantly throwing hints out left right and centre, (to an obviously selectively deaf husband), I am extremely hard to buy for. That’s it i’m sick of feeling guilty and buying him something to give to me to make things easier for him. NO MORE, having said that I will probably get either nothing or a cordless drill for christmas. over it soo much.

  3. You’ve got it, spot on! I’m definitely going to be leaving this post open on the Ipad for a few days 🙂 I’d love to know how the Clarisonic works for you – does it really make a difference? A friend introduced me to a similar idea with NuSkin and I was a bit sceptical … so would love to hear more about your experience with Clarisonic one day.

  4. Nikki so true. Witnessed by the hours I spent looking at stuff in Sephora in LA when we were there in November my OH and sister both know now beauty products are 100% fool proof presents for me. I am looking forward to some loot under the tree (especially as I was made to go and wait outside whilst they purchased things!!). I also agree with the part about buying stuff I wouldn’t normally buy for myself – I don’t need a super cute glittery bath melt but I would really love one!

  5. Very true Nikki must leave this page open for hubby to read ( i need some more Dermalogica and a Facial from them please) I would not mind trying the people for plants range either.I love what you have chosen Nikki and it is very true we are very simple creatures when it comes to gift buying unlike our male counterparts.Great Post Nikki!

  6. I just love Deramalogica and have been using for over a year now. I will have to take a look at a few of the other products you have recommended.

  7. Huge Aesop fan here and love their body wash , hand cream, ginger flight essence…skin care is out of bounds, perfume again off limits, top quality make up is welcome after you’ve checked the make up cabinet, noted brand and colour and then let the sales person of said brand lead you, big fan of YSLand Revlon and Chanel (esp Chanel lipsticks, their sales people are fantastic and pop in samples galore when its your bloke or teen buying for mum) …love the Xmas multi packs and freebies.

  8. I have been using Clarins for over 20 years and love their products but always try to take advantage of their gift with purchases and the great $50 facials they do at Myer Chadstone. I went to get my regular moisturiser yesterday and they had it in a gift pack with extra products that I will actually use for less than the usual price of the moisturiser – score for me!!

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