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I’ve been getting a bit reflective – as I’m wont to do at this time of year.

Reflections are good, don’t you think?

For me, it’s a chance to stop and actually take stock and be grateful for everything that’s happened in 2013 – personally and professionally. And it’s been a big year on both fronts.

Personally, planning for our move to Brisbane, helping and moving our eldest son to Brisbane for uni, supporting our daughter through Year 12 and gearing up our youngest for moving away from his mates has brought with it pretty much all the feels you could feel.

Professionally, I still pinch myself that I’ve built something from nothing.

My daughter wrote and handed a letter to me on graduation night that sums it up and, yes, had me in tears:

You have no idea how much I admire you. You one day decided to quit your day job and do something you love. You began as a mum sitting at a computer in the lounge room and now you’ve built a successful business … and all that time you balanced work and being a super mum!

Normally I shy very much away from the super mum title but when it comes from one of the few people you hope thinks that way then I’m happy to be super in her eyes.

I am beyond grateful that I’ve been able to make blogging my job.

5 highlights

1. Travelling to The Whitsundays with my fellow bloggers at The Remarkables Group. Blogging – or working for yourself – can seem quite isolating at times – there’ no water cooler or tea room. I’m grateful that I get daily support from other bloggers within my agency and that we get to meet up in person. Thanks to Tourism Queensland 2013’s meet-up included a back drop of turquoise waters, white sands and the best damn chilli mud crab I ever did taste.

whitsundays whitehaven beach

2. Spending the week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AustraliaMaybelline New York Australia once again had me on board as their official blogger at Australia’s premier industry fashion event. It’s a week of hard work surrounded by a whole lot of glamour but I love every minute of it.

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson and Hair Romance's Christina Butcher at MBFWA 2013

3. Being offered a book deal with Hachette AustraliaWhat started as a Styling You manifesto, became a series on the blog, became an e-book and will now be a published full-colour book. I still can’t quite believe it all – especially the bit where I completed the writing and the photo shoot within three months of signing the contract. Bring on the launch in August 2014.

Unlock Your Style to be published by Hachette Australia August 2014

4. Meeting some SY readers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival SydneyI also worked with Maybelline NY for MBFFS. The buzz was big for me this time as I got to share the experience with 10 Styling You readers and their guests. Putting faces to some of my beautiful readers was most definitely a highlight. I hope to do more of these types of events in 2014.

SY readers meet Ruby Rose at MBFFS

5. Getting inspired (all over again) at Problogger Event. The blogging community is largely a welcoming and accepting one. Many of us have “grown up” together in this industry and getting together with other bloggers has been a key part of that growing up. There is always something new to learn, rules to be shaped, creativity to be heightened. This is the best blogging event in Australia and will always be on my must-attend list. If you blog, I highly recommend you make it a goal to attend in 2014.


The 5 posts you liked the most

I don’t get too hung up on my blog stats. I use them to set some of my professional goals but I also like using them to get more of an idea of what you like reading more of. Here are the five most viewed posts of 2013.

1. 13 tips for travelling to Bali if you’re a newbie

A surprise one for me. I’m not a travel blogger. Just a blogger who likes to travel and do culturally important things like hunt down the best spa, cocktails and shopping opportunities. By luck, I found myself in Bali twice this year, having never been before. This post was written at the airport waiting for our delayed flight home from our family trip in January. I updated it after my girls’ trip in October.

The W Hotel Seminyak Bali

2. How to wear ankle boots

Ankle boots were THE boot of choice for autumn-winter 2013 and it seems you were scratching your head as much as I was on how to wear them. This was a post in my Wardrobe Boot Camp series but it seemed to help out more people than just the reader asking the boot camp question.

How to wear ankle boots

3. Does your hair need the new ghd eclipse styler?

When ghd launches something new, I take notice. My hair comes from a pre-straightening iron era. It was not pretty. No wonder we all got perms. This ghd is a good step forward in protecting our hair as it styles it.

ghd eclipse

4. 12 tips for where to shop in Melbourne

I can find ways to shop anywhere – anytime – but it seems that Melbourne is still King when it comes to shopping as a destination. Thanks so much to everyone who added to this post. I didn’t get to travel to Melbourne in 2013 and visit some of the recommended places. Need to change that for 2014.

12 Melbourne shopping tips

5. So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 15)

My weekly Nina Proudman style posts continued to attract her fans throughout the 2013 series. We travelled with her on her roller coaster of emotions (heightened by pregnancy) – most of us still at the end of the ride wondering how we will ever get back on after the final two episodes. This post was the first coinciding with the series returning to our TVs. Stay tuned for more updates on 2014.



None of the 2013 highlights above would be possible at all without the support I’ve received from my agency, The Remarkables Group, and through them the brands and companies that have come on board to sponsor this blog. Their support has enabled me to devote time and energy to creating blog posts that hopefully help and entertain you. I thank you for any support you may have given these companies throughout the year.

I also thank-you if you’ve clicked through on any of the banner ads on my blog. Most of these businesses are small, independent online businesses. They are just like me – trying to make a go of something that they can call their own.

Mostly, I thank-you for showing up here every day … to look, read and chat.

I promise to show up in 2014 with all of the above and more.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year + 2013 highlights for Styling You

Tell me … do you have plans tonight? If so what are you wearing? #everydaystyle will be on the blog Friday and we’d like to feature as many NYE outfits as possible. Be a joiner!

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  1. Wow, you’ve had such an incredible year and it has been an absolute joy to follow along in fact this post just reinforces to me how much I LOVE your blog. It truly is my favourite! It is the only blog that I read religiously and it is the only blog that has really made a difference to my life. It has helped me to get out of my post baby style rut, find my own style and most importantly feel good. So thank you and I wish you only good things for 2014!

  2. Oh Nik what a ripper year. I bet that letter from your daughter was pretty much number one highlight?! I can’t think of anything more wonderful than our kids thinking we’re amazing. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for you!

  3. Ah Nikki, that girl of yours is a peach – here’s hoping she doesn’t challenge you too much over the next few years. Not a big one planned here for this evening – big enough actually as we are hauling the kids down to the beach for the local fireworks, a night-time picnic and catching up with friends! We might even stay up to watch the Bridge at midnight on tele. Ragers huh? It was lovely to meet you in person this year – just lovely! Can’t wait til you launch that book! 2014 is going to be a good year, I just know it!

  4. Happy New Year Nikki! 2013 has been a fantastic year for you, and 2014 is going to be awesome also – with a new house and a new book! The letter from your daughter brought tears to my eyes. How lovely of her! Your blog is the first blog I got hooked on. I love it! I’d lost my fashion way quite a bit and through you and your blog you’re guiding me back on track and I’ve found some amazing places to buy stuff that suits me and have bought some lovely fashion pieces through reading your blog. I also very much admire your blogging style and have learnt much from you without you even realising. Best of luck for your move to Brisbane. A new house will be so exciting! Now you’re closer, maybe I’ll get to meet you sometime during the new year. Cheers to an awesome 2014! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for all the fun, advice and good ol’ information on so many great topics your blog provided this year Nikki.

    I found you via your Nina Proudman series after an Instagram buddy took a pic of a necklace you recommended. How I love the myriad ways the interweb intertwines us all and acts as the ultimate networker!

    I’m so glad I found you. It led to a fabulous night with you at the fashion festival, a guest post for your amazing blog (what an honour) and the inspiration to take my own blog to a new level in 2014. I agree with Miss SY – you are super and should be really proud of everything you’ve achieved.

    I very much look forward to continuing the ride (albeit a tad further south) with you in 2014! Good luck with the move lovely xx

  6. It has been a fabulous year! I have really enjoyed popping in every day and reading your blog! It has been the source of much inspiration and many many purchases! Enjoy NYE and all the best for 2014! Cheers Nikki!

  7. Nikki, what a great year it has been! I really enjoy Styling You and the great community that you’ve gathered around it, particularly the Unlock FB ladies and your generous advice, tips and involvement on Instagram.

    I hope your new home brings you much joy, lovely neighbours and that your office, resplendent with crisp new IKEA shelves, is a place of inspiration and prosperity for you.

    And that note from your daughter – wow! Trust me, not every daughter is so blessed by a mother’s example of chasing down her dreams.

    Happy New Year to the whole SY family, from a loyal fangirl!

    Annette x

    1. Oh Annette, I’m so grateful for your part in the SY community too. I can’t wait to “build” my office. First time I won’t be in the lounge room!! And yes, I’m super stoked with my daughter and that I’ve seemingly done something right there in earning her respect. Happy New Year to you!

  8. I started my love affair with your blog during the ”Unlock your style bootcamp” series, then bought the ebook. You have been on my screen everyday Nikki – whether by reading your blog or following you on twitter and instagram. You have taught me a lot about my own personal style, and as a result I have learned a lot about myself. Thank you for sharing your life and passions with us daily – I love hearing about it all. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year’s eve with lots of champagne and goodies, and look forward to seeing what amazing things lie in store for 2014!

  9. How to wear ankle boots was my first experience at SY, having googled that exact question during our albeit short boot season here in qld. What a wonderful revelation it has been. I had, erroneously, thought that blogging was simply a day to day account of someone’s life, put on the web for all to see – like an online version of big brother – a waste of time. How SY has opened my eyes to the world of blogging and all the information, tips and help bloggers are willing to share. So congratulations Nikki on your success. Happy 2014!

  10. Happy new year Nikki I hope next year brings you all the very best of things! I love your highlights of the year,you certainly have had a big one.i want to thank you agin for your blog it is my fave place to visit everyday and you have taught me lots.
    We are going to a party and it is in a backyard so I am rethinking on wearing my Camilla as it drags a little on the ground without wedges,so I might wear something else. I will let you know though.
    Wishing you happiness and health for you and your family and I hope you are doing something nice xx

  11. I do love a good recap episode! Happy New Year my friend…can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you! Success, happiness and good health I hope xx

  12. Always good to reflect at the end of the year and absorb all that has happened. You have achieved so much and I am so happy to see you achieve your goals. Looking forward to reading your blog and purchasing your book in 2014. Wishing all the best for 2014 and that you settle into your new place of residence. May 2014 sparkle and shine for you everyday. Vicki x

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