Why you need to shop for jackets – now

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I’ve made no secret here over the past couple of years about my love of the jacket – or blazer.

It’s the single item in my wardrobe that can take a casual jeans and tee or frock to dressed up and ready for business … or fun.

The tricky part can be finding jackets at reasonable prices and in styles that will serve you well season after season.

That is why I’m telling gently instructing you to shop for jackets now.

There are two times of year in which I’ve secured my best jacket buys: spring and autumn. If I had to nominate just one time of year, it would be spring because that is when I find I have the most choice when it comes to jackets best suited to my wardrobe needs.

Before I saw the light in regards to jackets, I would see them in store in November and think that I couldn’t possibly wear them in a hot, stinky Queensland summer. I was partially correct.

If I were out of aircon in the middle of the day, then yes, there is no way I would want anything on my arms.

What I came to realise though was that if I were going somewhere at night or flying to Sydney for a meeting, these kinds of jackets were exactly what I needed more of.

My first spring jacket purchase was three years ago – a nude-coloured drape jacket from Witchery. It’s still serving me well.

I’ve since venture on beyond the neutral colours and have a collection that also includes patterns, stripes and block colours.

Last week, I added two jackets to that collection – both from Sussan*.

Sussan has yielded me many a jacket over the past couple of years. I love that I can often get something a little bit different but for about $100 – as opposed to paying up to $300.

Plus, when I’m buying something like the white jacket pictured below, I want to know that I can easily wash it at home because there is no way I get more than one wear out of white anything (lucky, I’ve been sponsored by Vanish NapiSan this year).

Sussan jacket Sass and Bide top Mela Purdie pants Uberkate earrings Salita Matthews necklace Michael Kors watch Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels

Sussan jacket | sass and bide top | Mela Purdie pants | Uberkate earrings** | Salita Matthews necklace | Michael Kors watch | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels

… a little word on this photo. I actually wore this outfit last Friday night in Sydney but after being in so many photos over the previous two days, I completely forgot to get a photo at the time. It was meant to have a background of a fancy Surry Hills bar but instead I had to put it all together again at home for this post.

Here’s some slight proof I actually wore it out for real with my blogging mates Hair Romance and Mrs Woog. Excuse the fuzziness … it kind of matches our fuzziness at the time 😉

The Winery

The chambray jacket below is a stunner. I just love it. Love it so much that I used it in an outfit last week for some of the publicity photos taken for my forthcoming book. It’s such a fresh, easy colour to wear – this spring and beyond.

Sussan jacket Mela Purdie shirt NYDJ jeans Bella Lido sandals Samantha Wills ring Michael Kors watch Uberkate bracelet

 Sussan jacket | Mela Purdie top | NYDJ jeans | Bella Lido sandals | Samantha Wills ring | Uberkate bracelet | Michael Kors watch

Are you with me on the power of the jacket? Bought any recently that will work across the seasons? 

* Sussan sent me a gift card which I put towards buying these two jackets. 

** These were sent to me for editorial consideration.

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  1. I struggle to need to wear a jacket, but I’ve always loved a tailored jacket/blazer. I’m incredibly picky on them though and when I see others with jacket sleeves over their hands, I cringe.

  2. Love the styling with jackets! Sussan recently sent me a gift card too and I was over the moon:-)) I must tell you how much I loved all your outfits for your book photo shoots and the eye make up was just gorgeous! You are full of inspiration Nikki, always!!

  3. I like jackets/blazers too. I always had them sorted in winter but am finding some lighter weight versions for warmer (but not heat of summer) weather I like/wear equally as much. Especially now I have learnt about this layering caper and that your top can be longer than your jacket!

  4. Agree with you all the way Nikki. It’s so funny you mentioned jackets today because I thought my winter jackets had run their course this year. But yesterday Sydney cloaked her sunny skies in thundery clouds and cold rain and I had to break out a blazer! I love that a nicely cut blazer can take plain ol’ jeans and t-shirt up a level in sophistication. Add a scarf and an oversized handbag and all of a sudden you’ve got (as Bridget Jones puts it) the whole “celebrity getting off plane” look 😉
    PS. I just finished the 3rd BJ book and, despite v.bad reviews, I thought it was a hoot!

  5. I’m with you on the jacket/blazer thing Nikki – despite a clean out I still have black, navy, grey, bright pink and denim in my collection! And I’m on the hunt for a white tuxedo-style jacket to round out the collection 🙂 I love all the ponte options that are around – they’re structured enough to dress up a simple skirt/pants/dress for a work suiting option, but comfy like a cardy, and the stretch enables sleeves to be pushed up when I want a more casual look (eg with jeans and a T). I’ve been wearing blazers since my teens and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

  6. That blue jacket is gorgeous – and looks much better on you than it does on the Sussan website. Will definitely check it out – thanks for the tip!

  7. yes, Yes, YES!
    Wore a cardi to work yesterday, felt OK. Wearing a blazer today (hot pink too, mind you), feel fabulous! Going to take your shopping advice and start hunting for more jackets now. I’ve got the neutrals covered, I just need a few more colours.
    (PS you looked stunning in every single look for your book!)

  8. i think this is one of my best “learnings” from you Nikki – It has really helped step up my work wardrobe from leaning too close to casual to now closer to the corporate ladder I find myself slowly climbing 🙂 – combined with my new found love in finding quirky jewellry I am too also finding myself NiKKi-sed!!!

  9. Goodmorning, I can’t believe it, but I just did it. Clicked the links and got the white one online.

    1. I have NEVER shopped in Sussans
    2. I never buy jackets if I can avoid it.
    3. I almost never buy things without trying them on first…
    (fingers crossed they are true sizes and not like CR cos they are sold out of 8s)

    So put that in your catalogue/ resume for future sponsors of the influence you have over your readers, young lady.
    I’m still a bit shocked at my actions, but there you have it. I’ve been nikki-ised… (online version of hypnotised)

  10. Yes I do love a jacket it can take an outfit from nice to wow just by adding a jacket ,I must check out Sussans as I need a Taupe or natural coloured one in my wardrobe.I love both these Jackets on you ,Stunning as always Nikki, I do love the chambray one,it is dressier than a denim jacket,thanks for this post!

  11. Love that little white jacket! I took my 2 beautiful daughters (and tiny granddaughter) to Sydney a couple of months ago. So of course, there was SHOPPING. Picked up a gorgeous turquoise jacket from Metalicus and a classic black from Zara. The hard part is waiting all the way to next winter to wear them. Too hot, even this early today to think about jackets – but as you say, the best time to buy. BIG congrats on your book!

    1. That is frustrating … for me they’re not a daily thing here at this time of year but sometimes I have to travel to Sydney and I need them because it’s cooler. Either way buying them now means I have the right weight jackets for autumn through winter.

  12. Great timing as usual Nikki, I have some birthday cash coming my day and a need for a jacket or two for meetings and job interviews… thanks again!

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