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I’ve been extolling the virtues of a summer maxi frock for a quite a few years now.

I believe there are two reasons why the maxi dress endures.

1. You do not need to shave your legs to wear it.

2. You can wear it with flat sandals and still look dressed up.

Two very good reasons, don’t you think?

Queensland-based label Verily has been offering up maxi frocks for as long as I’ve been championing them.

Designer Leonie Macleod just knows how to cut a pattern to fit and flatter all shapes and sizes of women.

She also knows that the key to a woman’s wardrobe is creating easy-t0-wear clothes that don’t need ironing.

This maxi dress very much falls into that category – it’s in a fine jersey and in a design that helps create a waist where some of us might be lacking.

I’m in love with the colour and the geometric print – which offers more than a nod to 1970s style when the maxi dress really did reign supreme … pass the Jatz and corn relish dip while I show you the dress on the model.

The model

Verily mint maxi

Verily Mint Maxi $99

and me

Verily maxi | Blooming Leopard necklace | Zoe Kratzmann wedges

Verily Mint Maxi* (I’m wearing size 14) | Blooming Leopard necklace* | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Samantha Wills ring and arm party | Michael Kors watch

Style tip: the ideal maxi dress is one that does not have too much fabric. Opt for streamlined shapes to avoid tent-like proportions.

Would I find maxi dresses in your summer wardrobe?

* These pieces were given to me for editorial consideration

Comments 28

  1. I have just bought a maxi from blue bungalow who I found on your site. It is beautiful and such good value. I am taking it to Bali for the wedding we are attending in April. I’m sure I will wear it before, though. And they threw in a free bangle!!

  2. I LOVE this dress. The colours are gorgeous and I love that it has sleeves to cover the upper arms. I’m not a fan of my upper arms so when I wear a maxi dress, it needs to have some sort of sleeve. As always, you style it beautifully. 🙂

  3. Ooooh I saw this in Leonie’s email last week and it really caught my eye. It looks gorgeous on you … and will soon be joining my wardrobe too! Great cut for those of us minimising hips and covering arms … i.e. me!

  4. Once again, another Model and Me post where I think you should be featured in the brand’s campaign, Nikki. You look super chic! I love maxi dresses, my husband hates them. I am very short and curvy so I can feel swamped in them. For me, I think the key is to make sure I’m still showing flesh up top, it’s not too big and I can maintain a bit of shape. I’ve just ordered a black and white chevron stripe maxi from Shabby Sisters, so will keep you posted on how it looks on me!

  5. What a gorgeous dress for summer, and it looks great on you. I hate anything that clings during the hot months, so this would be an ideal addition to my summer wardrobe.

  6. I ADORE this dress on you Nikki,it is lovely and I hope Maxi dresses never ever go out of fashion as they are a big part of my wardrobe I love them! I cannot tell you how many I own cause you might think I have too many but there is a LOT and I may have bought a couple of new ones for upcoming parties as I love them so much.Great dress post Nikki and have fun with Mrs Woog and enjoy Sydney:)

  7. I love a maxi! I have two (so restrained) – one very bright and one monochrome. And I think this Verily mint is a very pretty colour.

  8. I absolutely LOVE this dress, which looks fabulous on you! Sadly, it’s too long for me (as are most maxi dresses) 🙁

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