Why my feet and calves won’t ache this summer: Revitive LV

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Are you ready for another of my health confessions?

This one’s not new. It’s related to my auto-immune thyroid disorder, Hashimotos, which I’ve talked about at length before.

One of the many and varied symptoms I have with this condition is what I like to affectionately dub, the Summer Cankle.

See, I don’t have cankles all year round. Just when the heat and humidity rises – or when I’m travelling on an aircraft for longer than about four hours.

My feet are not pretty at the best of times thanks to a childhood of not wearing shoes (not even to school) that caused widespread toes which can do a Star Trek “V” Vulcan salute.

Extremely attractive.

Add to the dodgy toe formation, a pair of swollen ankles and aching calves and I’m truly a vision made for a hair removal or hosiery commercial. NOT.

So when the people at Revitive LV contacted me to see if I’d like to give their electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) machine a trial, I didn’t have to think twice.

This is something I would have considered buying myself as a way to get through a summer without swollen, aching feet and calves.

At the same time as considering such a purchase, I also would have been skeptical that:

1. It would actually make a difference.

2. I would actually get it out and use it.

Memories of me asking for a foot spa for Mother’s Day circa 2005 came flashing back. In my head I thought it was going to relieve my pregnancy-induced aching and swollen feet  – that I’d get it out every night and give my feet some TLC. Well, at least once a week.

Did that happen? What do you think? NO!

What did happen is that less than two years later it was sold for a few dollars in a garage sale.

Here’s the thing, if it had actually worked, I would have created a habit of using it.

With the Revitive LV, I noticed a difference from the very first use. That was enough of an incentive to keep it under the lounge room sofa and switch it on every night since – except the six days I was in Bali and boy, oh boy, did I wish I had it there.

When we finally arrived after a day of travelling, not only were my lower legs severely huffy and puffy but they were then assaulted with a humidity they hadn’t experienced since last summer.

An attractive combination all round.

Revitive LV before and after treatment

Coming home it was a different story. The humidity was lower but the cankles were just as attention seeking.

First thing I did on waking the next morning was get myself positioned on the sofa with the book I never had five minutes to read in Bali and switch on the Revitive LV for 30 minutes.

In one session, the huffy and puffiness was reduced. That sealed the deal on my love affair with the Revitive LV. It’s here to stay.

I will LoVe my legs this summer 🙂

How does it work?

According to Revitive LV’s research, 82% of women have experienced leg health-related problems.

The Revitive LV is circulation-boosting therapy for legs and feet. Good circulation helps with muscle tone, and preventing tired, aching legs and feet often associated with fluid retention.

Good circulation is also essential for good vein health. I’m lucky for now that this is something I don’t have to worry about but given how many hours I sit at a desk each day, using the Revitive LV will be a good preventative step, I feel.

The LV uses EMS technology to send pulses through the bottom of your feet. These start off as tingles on a level of about 10 and rise to a strength that actually contracts your calf muscles on about level 20.

Yes, it felt strange to begin with but not uncomfortable or painful. Now, I’m quite used to it and look forward to my 30 minute session in front of the TV after dinner.

If I’ve had a particularly desk-bound day, I’ve put it on under my desk for an extra 30 minutes too.


A Revitive LV unit costs $229 (you can buy online here or at selected pharmacies and electrical retailers). Yes, that’s a significant initial outlay but considering how much I spend on salon beauty treatments every month, the cost is put in perspective (apparently 1 in 5 women spend more than $50 a month on salon treatments so I’m not alone!).

The only relief I used to access when my ankles and calves were really swollen and achy was with lymphatic drainage massage. Yes, this felt wonderful and was super relaxing but weekly or even fortnightly appointments really do add up – and eat into my shoe budget.

Having the convenience of a treatment I can do at home takes the unknown, ongoing cost factor out of the equation. Plus, by using it on a regular basis – not just when my legs are swollen – I’ll go some way to preventing them getting in that state in the first place.

Revitive LV review


How could a Revitive LV help you LoVe your legs more this summer?

Entries open on Thursday, November 7 at 5am (AEST) and close on Thursday, November 14 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. He or she will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions, here.

Want more leg health tips? Head on over to the Revitive LV Facebook page.

* The Revitive LV is suitable for use in the second and third trimester of pregnancies. 

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Comments 79

  1. I was so hoping that I might win this comp.
    The last few days have been a nightmare with my feet and lower legs
    Ive been in so much pain that i can hardly walk and now i cant even get shoes on 🙁
    Ive been saving my pennies and im going to waddle slowly off to Harvey Norman to purchase one this morning.
    Hope they wont me waddling through the store barefoot.

      1. I purchased one of these lovely machines yesterday and im using it as we speak…at least today i can get my shoes back on even though they are still a little tight.
        I think my veins might go into shock with all this zapping…lol

      2. I purchased one of these lovely machines yesterday and im using it as we speak…at least today i can get my shoes back on even though they are still a little tight.
        I think my veins might go into shock with all this zapping…lol

  2. I too suffer from fluid retention in my feet and ankles in hot weather..which is a problem when living in QLD, from the moment i get up until I go to bed my ankles and feet ache.
    the Revitive LV might stop the nightly bargaining with kids to massage my feet…poor things…it will be one of those stories in the future…remember when mum use to make us massage her feet everynight!!

  3. Being very pregnant (with diabetes) in the heat of summer means I look part human, part veiny elephant. I’d love my legs to look a little more pre pregnancy!

  4. I too suffer from fluid retention in my feet and ankles in hot weather. I visited Hong Kong earlier this year when it was very hot and humid and I could hardly walk by the end of the three day trip! It seems to be getting worse as I get older so I would love to win the Revitive LV so that the oncoming summer doesn’t seem so scary!

  5. I have dreams of answering all my emails in a timely fashion while my legs get pampered by the Revitive and my ankles become slimmer – instead of the normal cramping. An even bigger dream is for my mother to use this. She had her knees and ankles replaced two years ago. She doesn’t walk much because her arthritis plays up, and because she doesn’t walk, fluid pools in her legs and oozes out. An awful cycle that’s landed her back in hospital twice. A Revitive rejuvenation for my mum would stop the hospital yo-yo-ing. So what if my email inbox is never empty!

  6. I’m just wondering if this little machine could save my marriage – well at least stop some arguments! Every evening hubby and I have a “”difference of opinion”” over whether or not he should massage my sore and tired feet. I think yes, but he says no. I’m thinking if I won a Revitive LV I could solve our problems (first world only) and also relieve my tired and aching bones.

  7. Revitive LV sounds like the answer to get the circulation back in my legs. I had a machine like this and it worked wonders. Would love to own one again.

  8. A revitive LV sounds like a good solution to my swollen ankles and getting my circulation going again. I live in the tropics so it is often too hot to do a lot of walking.

  9. Had my first varicose veins stripped at age 14 so needless to day I have some circulation issues. Go to bed with aching legs and wake up with aching legs. Like Nikki I have tried massages but they provide only short term relief. Revitive LV sounds like the answer to my prayers ([email protected])

  10. I work in a large office that cannot for the life of them get the aircon right. So in the middle of summer every single woman is sitting in front of tiny desk fans and complaining about hot and bothered swollen feet. Not to mention the unspoken competition of who is wearing the most fabulous – but more than likely toe shredding – shoes. Imagine the joy I could spread by sharing this around! Half an hour under every desk and we would have a happier workplace and I can be, like I already play on the internetz, the hero of women throughout the world!

    Except for my boss. She can suck it.

  11. Oh Nikki, I feel your pain at the unsightly cankles as I too have had the dreaded hashi for about 25 years now. I never had cankles before that! I’m 52 and was made redundant 2 years ago. Who wants to give a 50 year old a job right? Well, I have just started as a casual retail assistant and did my first long shift (10am to 9pm) yesterday. Love the job but am a cankled cripple today. Do I sound desperate for some relief? I’ll try anything and this machine sounds like it has my hot weather cankles name all over it 🙂

  12. My circulation at 79 is not so good. I try walking but with Arthritis it is hard. This machine would help me no end.

  13. I would love to win revitive LV sure it would help my circulation. Have few health issues that Iam sure I would benefit using this machine on a daily bases.

  14. Last year I was involved in an accident & broke my spine! Not fun & I don’t recommend it!! Fortunately amazing surgeons inserted 2 rods & 16 screws to stabile my spine. It’s truly amazing, the skill of these people & the care I received.
    I have spinal cord damage. I spent 1 month in the Austin, acute spinal ward and 3months at the Royal Telbot spinal Rehabilitation unit. With amazing therapy and care, I’ve now learnt to walk again. The spinal cord damage has caused problems with both of my legs. My feet have lost feeling, my ankle is fixed & I experience neuropathic pain. This is hot & burning feet, legs most of the time. Medication & therapy helps.
    I would though adore Revitive LV, I’m sure it could help me regain more function in my legs & reduce swelling. I believe it’s all about training my nerve pathways. When I woke from surgery I was paralysed and could not walk. I spent 3 months in my wheelchair & still use it plus a walking stick.
    I am however a ‘Lucky Duck’, very few other patients walked. :(.
    Lets hope my luck continues & I win!!! Lol I will cross my toes!! And it’s a miracle that I can :). Much thanks for reading about my journey. Fiona

  15. Hot weather = puffed up, aching and burning feet for me 🙁 I would use the Revitive LV at my desk while I work and hopefully would then be able to stay on my feet more to care for my family. I would LoVe my legs more with painfree feet to carry them!! Thanks 🙂

  16. I am vertically and horizontally challenged! That is, I am short
    and wide and a lot of stress is placed on my ankles! This makes shopping anywhere there are shelves with products high up an even bigger challenge! Usually I can find a tall person to help me retrieve a product I am after on a top shelf but on this occasion I seemed to be the only one in the supermarket.
    Looking up at the tin of champignons I needed for my stir fry I asked myself if I really needed them. The answer was yes! A quick look around
    and still no sign of a tall person so I proceeded to scale the shelf. With one hand on a higher shelf I stood on the bottom shelf and tried to reach but the damn champignons were not at the front and I still couldn’t reach far enough back. Two feet on the bottom shelf and “bang, crash, opera” the bottom shelf slammed to the ground. As I tried to keep grasp of the top shelf it slammed to the floor along with a mountains of cans that somehow avoided my feet!
    To my embarrassment a store worker came round the corner of the isle to see what the noise was and was concerned I was OK. I felt my face go bright red as I pulled a can of champignons from the wreckage and screamed, “Got them! You know you really should employ a “tall dude” for this sort of stuff” as I picked myself up and made a scurry to the checkout!
    Perhaps if I had had the help and LoVe of the Revitive LV I would have had better circulation. I’d have been lighter on my feet enabling me to jump and reach without touching the shelves and, swiftly and elegantly exited the store with my head held high and reputation intact!

  17. In the spirit of the women only trick that is multi-tasking, my hours spent feeding bubs on the couch can now be put to good use using the Revitive LV to counteract the cankles caused by said hours on the couch! Reducing cankles will make me want to step outside more and enjoy the summer with our babes ❤

  18. I had the worst cankles when I was pregnant with Esther. With my 2nd pregnancy with Magdalene, my feet did swell but not as much as the first time. It was painful having all that fluid on my legs and feet. So glad you have found something to alleviate that swelling Nikki, especially since summer arrived early here in QLD.

  19. My legs constantly pain due to poor circulation and the Revitive LV may help get my blood pumping so that I can once again enjoy morning walks

  20. Well, as it happens I have Hashimotos as well … my thyroid is not a happy little camper. Even though I don’t travel as much as I once did, I am always on my feet and I am not only exhausted by the end of the day, I’m flat out lasting the whole day. Anything that could help would be a Godsend.

  21. LoVe – not something I associate with my legs usually!! To think, this wizard machine can help me gain self love of my legs would be a godsend and blessing with the hideous warm weather coming on!

  22. This is spooky! As I write this I had just been doing some research on these circulation machines for my 84 year old Mum who thought she was still 45 and tried to put a clock up on the wall, fell backwards and broke her hip. She is in hospital recovering from her hip replacement operation yesterday and I thought once she has graduated from rehab this would be perfect for her at home. But… everyone else here also has definite needs as well for this machine, so good luck to one and all, we all deserve it I think! Cheers Fiona Wypych. xx

  23. How could a Revitive LV help me LoVe my legs more this summer?

    I also suffer from thyroid disorder and a few other ailments that see me turn in to an oompa loompa in a moments notice. Summer or winter. Joy. This competition had me all excited, as I desperately wish to try the Revitive experience.

    However after seeing just some of the other entries, Jane’s 93 year old grandmother, Julie and Bennie M, Maria’s mother in law, along with Elaine, and Kayleen, I think perhaps I shall hope that one of the more deserving shall win. Will definitely put it on my wish list. Thanks for the review. I was not aware there was anything to ease the pain and discomfort of fluid retention and bad circulation. 🙂

  24. Never knew what a cankle was until after my first pregnancy! During summer my ankles often become so swollen I end up sitting for most of the day rather than being active. I tend to live in thongs because it is impossible to get shoes on mid afternoon. I would love the Revitive LV and

  25. I NEED one of these!! I have had a problem with cankles all of my life and it gets even worse when I fly! I am flying to the UK over Christmas with my 7 year old daughter so this is essential for me when I get back. I thought I would have to live with cankles for the rest of my life but to hear there may be a cure is the best thing I have heard all day!!

  26. I would love one of these, I have had two spinal surgeries and I am on medications for nerve pain in my legs , my feet are often swollen from the combination of drugs i take. Would love to know if this machine would reduce my leg pain, and i already know it will reduce the swelling from ms S.Y , thanks for the information 🙂

  27. Being 40 and having hypemobile joints (due to doing extensive gymnastic when I was young) I have fractured both ankles twice in the past 15rs including last year (left) and sprained either of them at least twice a year (last year right), I have to be extremely careful where I walk and what I do. I do suffer from fluid retention around my ankle joints and occasionally calves due to the constant damage Ive done on my ankles and this coming summer the humidity and heat will trigger ankle swellings. This machine will help me have a painfree summer and attractive ankles when wearing sandals. I dont want cankles anymore!!!!!

  28. Cankles and fluid retention and big veins – oh my!
    I could while away the hours
    Outside! With the flowers!
    And actually live
    Not put off by heat or humidity
    I would love to have that ability
    If I only had a Revitive.
    (Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Can you tell I’ve just watched The Wizard of Oz with my sick daughter?!)

  29. Tall and thin like a giraffe,
    If only I didn’t have large elephant feet,
    How am I to embrace summer acrobatics (in a public gymnasium,
    Beautiful Revitive dedicated to rehabilitate my feet.

  30. I would love to win this for my 93 year old grandmother! She is such an amazing woman, still living independently, and she always looks so lovely, great jewellery and smart clothes all the time. She does however, have a lot of trouble with swollen ankles and feet, and it slows her down quite a bit. I know she would be overjoyed with a Revitive LV!!

  31. Way up here in the N.T.
    My cankles greatest affliction
    Is by far the humidity
    Working hard all day in the heat & sun
    With cankles puffing & aching
    Really is no fun
    To pull up at the end of the day
    And sit down with Revitive LV
    Sure would soothe my aches away.
    [email protected]

  32. I’d love to look and feel less bloated. I have really bad circulation. I can look blue, purple or red from weather extremities. I just want to look my pinky fair skin.

  33. would love to win this for my mother in law who has broken her ankle after surgery her feet are very swollen & very sore.

  34. I love christmas, but not a fan of my feet and ankles looking like a Xmas ham in my strappy shoes! Would LoVe to regularly use the revitive LV and love my legs this summer!

  35. my podiatrist actually recommended to look into investing in one of these ; he said “LoVe your feet, they carry you through thick and thin”

  36. What a great idea Nikki and I have been looking at this nifty little gadget myself at our local pharmacy. I am thinking I may even buy one of these in the next day or so given the hot weather coming our way over the weekend and the amount of standing I will be doing.

    What I have noticed I am struggling with, is that when my ankles swell up ( due to long hours in a car usually or sitting for too long) it becomes impossible to do up my straps on my shoes and also even to get them on over the top part of my foot as it becomes a problem when they swell up, especially the good high heels for night time. It seems to be very difficult to find nice strappy sandals that are on trend, but adjustable for the fluctuating size of my ankles and feet.

    Are there any brands you could recommend I look at Nikki? I understand that by answering me, it will void my entry into the competition and that is OK.. Thanks Nikki.

    1. Hi Jen, just found this now … I would look for strappy sandals that have a bit of elastic near the buckle – so not a particular brand but more a style. That way they won’t be too loose or too tight but just right.

  37. wow how awesome is this 🙂 With doing 3 cleaning jobs 6 days a week now as my husband is unalbe to work as he had an accident 18 months ago and hurt his back. This would make my feet and ankles feel amazing instead of creeky each time i get up, or maybe the problem is i am just getting old i turned 45 last week 🙁 It would be wonderful to able to keep up with my 3 teen sons also and especially the twins as they are 14 and full of life ha ha, thanks so much for the chance to try the Revitive LV, and good luck to everyone 🙂 have an awesome day

  38. My feet are bad, drive me mad,
    My ankles have puffy lumps!
    Revitive LV sounds perfect for me
    With Hashimitos, bad veins and soon 73!

  39. My Grandma suffered from severe varicose veins that required surgery. While mine are no where near as bad as hers were, they can become very painful if I’m on my feet for long periods of time – with 5 boys and my pram + feet my only transport – thats quite often!! Frankly – I’m also self concious about them. I’ve just noticed that one of my older boys is unfortunately going down the same road, it would be great to have a preventative measure for him to use! I LoVe the circulation aspect of the Revitive LV – vein health for me and my son 🙂

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to win the amazing sounding Revitive LV.
    I first saw the advert on tv and yelled for my husband to come look as a glimmer of hope for some relief. I am 26 and like many out there have extreme back pain, 24hr’s a day, 7 day’s a week.
    I have had several spinal surgeries from the age of 14 and am unable to find anything to give me relief. I am a fighter and despite my pain I have successful career and the world’s best husband who does all the house work including cooking due to my injury. I am in so much pain and on so many medications I would love to have some relief, any relief please.

  41. The Revitive LV would be a blessing for me
    I’m over having to wear pants to hide my cankles
    skirts and shorts would set my summers free

  42. Both my parents have been operated on for horrific varicose veins and I really want to avoid going down that path. I have a busy life chasing after 4 active children( one with several disabilities) and get sooo tired at night . I have been diagnosed with a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis and an autoimmune thyroid condition. The Revitive LV would keep me young for my kids and pain free as I could boost my circulation and reduce my pain.

  43. My mother and I both share the same agonising pain. I had ruined my feet from too much exercising , pounding up and down for years. Have so many issues with my feet, wearing high heels and dancing in them for hours. My feet are swollen, sore and difficult to walk on. Had fractures, mortons neuroma and bad knees, rheumatism arthritis and would welcome any relief.

  44. As a nurse I have to worry about my feet, ankles and legs all of the time. Constantly on my feet (all hospitals have concrete floors) really gives them a bashing. A Revitive LV is just what I need at the end of a long day and night.
    Thanks Nikki for the chance.

  45. Many years ago I had a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg, ten years later another one. The second one has left residual swelling, especially once I am up and about. Now, the truth is, I am about to turn 57 and yes, I am still vain! My family don’t like that I won’t show my legs, but since I’m aiming to be the hottest 60 year old around, I think the Revitive LV may just help me get there!

  46. My feet is full of pain

    but with the Revitive LV, i feel like i have something to gain
    All i want is for the pain and swallon feet to go away !

  47. I hate my legs for 2 reasons.

    1. I have flat feet and walking means pain
    2. I now lead a less active life due to pain restriction.

    A Revitive LV will ease that pain and allow me to love and appreciate the legs that still manage to carry me!

  48. My lower legs and ankles balloon in Summer and like with you they
    balloon after plane flights and they are so sore. Sometimes it takes
    weeks for them to get back to normal. I call it tree trunk syndrome and
    once this creeps in you also end up with waddleitis as its impossible
    to walk correctly as every move hurts. Shoe shopping is not something
    you even want to think about doing.
    So I very much would love to
    win this competition to help keep the tree trunks away. I dont have
    ambitions to go into the Guinness book of world records for the largest
    ankles so please help.

  49. Great to know that this little machine works for you Nikki!
    This Revitive LV Machine may help the oedema I get in my very much operated on leg,I have to elevated it every single day if I don’t you cannot even see I can’t walk,so this may make my life a little less uncomfortable and painful!

  50. I’d love to LoVe my legs this summer but with good old Hashimotos and 40 plus degrees combined with high humidity..things are not looking good..HELLLPPP….please. 😉 cdkelvinAThotmailDOTcom

  51. I would really like to help my 17 year old daughter who suffers terribly with achy ankles and feet. I usually run her a radox bath in desperation to give her some relief. I think the Revitive LV might be the answer we are looking for. 🙂

  52. Nikki, thanks so much for doing the hard yards and trialling the Revitive LV for us thyroidy, cankly people! You’re a gem. This product looks like it will make my life a whole lot more comfortable : )

  53. In my third trimester of pregnancy – due in the middle of January in SEQLD. Eek!! I flew to Melbourne a week or two ago and had the most swollen feet ever, it was ridiculous, even the lovely cool Victorian weather didn’t help – I was heavily swollen from the knees down. It took me three days of trying to stay off my feet (with a toddler!) to get them somewhat back to normal. I am currently requesting almost nightly foot rubs from my husband to keep the cankles at bay but it’s not as successful as I’d hoped. Having the Revitive LV would be such a huge help!!

  54. You mean that I could bare my ankles this summer? I have “athletic calves” which makes life difficult when purchasing knee high boots. The athletic calves also translate to athletic ankles – although that is a harder one to talk my way round. Would love one of these. Dont have the humidity that you do but we certainly have the high temps in summer.

  55. This would be perfect for my mother-in-law! She is always rushed off her feet helping her kids, taking care of her gorgeous grandchildren and being there for everyone else. She totally forgets to take time out for herself and this would be just the thing for her to enjoy with a cup of tea, a trashy mag and the added bonus of no more cankles! Merry Christmas, Carolyn!

  56. I love my mum and hate to see her in so much pain with her ankles (which she keeps calling her wrists lol) she’s not that old, it’s just a freudian slip! She does so much for her family and asks little in return. I want to win it for her…but when I wear my heels for too long, it will be my turn 😉

  57. I looked at your cankle before and after shots……amazing……..my ankles regularly look like that after my knee replacement. Would love to have non puffy feet and knees!

  58. Ah cankleitis, how I loathe thee. All my pretty short dresses are packed away for the summer so I can hide my giant ankles and calves this summer under long pants, how practical (not). My cankles are thanks to recurring swelling that is the product of one (or seven) too many netball induced ankle injuries and now I’m pregnant it’s an even more attractive prospect below the knee. Ankles I miss you, legs I wanna LoVe you, Revitive for me!!

  59. The Revitive LV may see my cankles finally come out of summer hibernation for the first time since having kids (15 years and counting). Now to find something that covers tuckshop arms and cellulite.

  60. How good would a Revitive LV be for my legs in summer? I could actually stay cool for a change and wear knee length skirt or, heaven forbid, shorts! I feel like summer is all about keeping curtains on the tree trunks that are my ankles! ([email protected])

  61. Hi great article thanks. I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos recently and wd be really interested to read your previous posts but couldn’t find them . Wd appreciate the link please. I was also interested to watch ABC program recently about cholesterol as I am also taking statins for that. The cholesterol arrived with the Hashimotos. I exchanged. Tweet with Prof Phelps who said that once the Hashimotos is under control the cholesterol should go down without having to take the nasty statins. Just wondered about your thoughts or if you had experienced the same . Love your blog too. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Denyse, I’ve thankfully never had a problem with my cholesterol – it’s checked every year along with my thyroid. I haven’t written a specific post about my condition exactly, more mentioned it many times over the past couple of years. Here’s a search link that will lead you back through many of those posts: https://www.stylingyou.com.au/?s=thyroid … it’s a long road but lifestyle stuff is so important to help with any medical help you may be getting. I also got lots of info and help through Sarah Wilson’s site http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/category/autoimmune/

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