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Queensland served a hot and steamy weekend, Stylers … with a good dose of stress on the side.

Friday afternoon didn’t go as planned. I got the phone call that no parent wants from their child’s school.

Master SY had been winded by a soccer ball to the stomach, fell and knocked himself unconscious. He was out for eight minutes.

The drive to school was the longest I’ve ever done. Every possible red light stopped me in my tracks.

When I arrived there, the ambulance was waiting for me, my little boy strapped inside, brace around his neck and VERY QUIET.

Anyone who knows my son, knows this is highly unusual behaviour.

I think that’s what scared me the most. He’d come to and had been gradually able to answer questions about who he was but he was quiet.

It’s about 20 minutes from school to Nambour General Hospital and it wasn’t until the last 100 metres that my normally chatty boy started chatting.

It was about then I resumed normal breathing.

What ensued was the normal run of tests, CT scan and ultrasound x-rays. We were allowed to go home about five hours later. I could have kissed every nurse and doctor we saw during that time.

Once in the door, all the adrenalin of the afternoon dissipated and I was left feeling as drained as the vat of sauv blanc I was about to mainline.

He’s fine now. Of course.

You know how kids are after they’ve been sick or injured? They wake up full of beans, leaving their parents feeling like they’ve been hit by a truck.

There was no time for any catch-up Saturday either, with a VERY long journey to and from the Gold Coast to pick up Miss SY from Schoolies.

I hadn’t factored in the logistics of 28,000 kids all needing to picked up from Surfers Paradise at 10am. That’s a whole lot of cars in and out of the glitter strip – at the one time.

No hospital incidents or accidents though. Just don’t get me started on the ridiculous media coverage of Schoolies Week that focussed only on the minority of students there. It really doesn’t make good TV or front page news if kids are just having a bit of fun – not doing drugs, nude selfies or hitting others with coffee mugs.ย The set-up on the Gold Coast is incredibly well organised and a credit to the teams who work all year to make it a safe place to celebrate the end of school.

Anyhoo, I digress …

The hot and steamy factor, punctuated by cooling storms, was a reminder that summer is almost here.

And with it comes a reminder that the main aim of getting dressed each day to counteract the hot and steamy is always about keeping as cool as possible.

The key wardrobe piece that allows me to do that is the cotton frock or tunic.

My summer wardrobe is full of them … but there’s always room for one more.

This one is one that came in very handy on my recent trip to Bali. It’s by Sunshine Coast-based label Boom Shankar – a label I’ve long been a fan of.

I’m going to go out on a limb and declare this summer’s collection my favourite ever. Some of Boom Shankar’s tried and true shapes are there but you’ll also find some new ones as well as some stunning, bright coloured patterned fabrics.

The model

Boom Shankar Neelam tunic

Boom Shankar Neelam tunic $79

and me

Boom Shankar tunic Red Phoenix Emporium earrings Angle Diamond Dot necklace Zoe Kratzmann sandals Miu Miu sunglasses

Boom Shankar tunic* ย (I’m wearing the size 14 and a white stretch slip underneath) | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Angle Diamond Dot necklace | Zoe Kratzmann sandals* | Miu Miu sunglasses

This was photographed just outside our villa in Bali. It was the middle of the day and the humidity was extremely unforgiving.

Yet, when I wear something like this I still manage to feel comfortable.

Oh, and I can’t ever resist adding more pops of colour to an already colourful piece. I find accessories provide a successful diversionary tactic when you are feeling far from cool on the in – and out – side.

Do you love a cotton frock for summer? A fan of Boom Shankar?

PS. I’ve started photographing and posting on Instagram and Facebookย my daily outfits … a look at my #everydaystyle. The idea with these posts is to show you different outfits I wear over the course of a week to suit what my day is dishing up. You’ll see pieces I’ve featured on the blog mixed up with old wardrobe favourites.

PPS. Did you catch this post on Friday about Queensland label Maiocchi photographing frocks from its summer collection on five of its customers – not models. You know how much I approve of that?!

* This garment was gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Just catching up on some posts that I haven’t read. What a fright for you and your son, glad to hear all was ok. But don’t those minutes drag on and feel like an eternity while you’re waiting? I’ve loved Boom Shankar for many years and used to travel to Eumundi markets just to buy their clothes. That was pre online shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I love the outfit. I am always amazed how you look like you have shape in a dress like this. i have junk in my trunk and as such have to nip in my waist or just look huge all over! I think it would work with a belt though. Love the accessories as per usual ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I can’t do the belt thing Steph as I have a short waist and it just emphasises my hips. This style works for me as the neckline is low and flattering, the slip underneath helps with shape and my legs are not too bad for an old chick so they’re out and proud! It’s also more of an a-line design rather than a tent-like tunic so more streamlined.

  3. What a scare for you all, so glad he’s ok. Kids do certainly bounce much better than us parents!
    I keep looking at this dress on Birdsnest but have been concerned it would be a bit ‘tentish’ (is that a word?!). It looks great on you though so now I’m really tempted! Any tips to make sure dresses of this style hide our bits and are comfortable but don’t look like a mumu? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. My bounce isn’t back yet! What’s with that?! Re the dress, this still isn’t actually too tentish at all. I have got a size 14 on though and usually would go a 16 in certain styles around my hips. It’s more A-line than tentish. If you come across a dress that has a lot of fabric in it, it’s always worth trying down a size (or two) as this makes it look less like a tent. Applies to all sizes. Just yesterday, Miss SY was choosing her clothes for work this Christmas at Country Road and we started with her normal size but came down two sizes in the dress as there was so much fabric in it. Now it’s perfect for her.

  4. Ohh I have my eye on the yellow version of this! You look gorgeous in the tunic and I love the earrings + Angel Diamond Dot necklace.

    I’m glad Master SY is okay – what a scary and stressful afternoon that would have been xx

  5. Lovely Nikki – just caught up with today’s post. Been minding my 1yo grand-daughter since I opened my eyes this morning – a joy, but exhausting! So glad young master SY is ok – those are the calls every parent dreads, for sure. I have admired the Boom Shankar label ever since I first spotted it, at my hairdresser. She stocks a small range of clothing, mostly Boom Shankar -along with a selection of handbags, shoes and jewellery. What more could a girl want in one place!

  6. I’ve seen quite a bit of Boom Shankar – on Birdsnest, on Style and Shenanigans and now on you – and it always looks fabulous! This frock would be perfect for slipping on over bathers after getting out of the pool.
    PS: so glad to hear Master SY has bounced back to his best. xx

  7. What – no flower headdress????? Love the tunic. Not warm enough here to wear that yet. Still snow forecasts on the radio!!!!!

  8. Oh, I love that tunic, you look fabulous – I’m collecting cotton dresses for summer! I must check out their on-line service. Yep, the weekend was horridly humid – summer seems to start around September in Queensland (or earlier)! LOVED seeing “real” women in the Maiocchi ad – they looked better than the skinny young ones! Glad your little one was alright – I would have had dozens of panic attacks all afternoon, and they would have hospitalised ME ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Good collection to have Petra … it does get stinky from September and I make the most use of cool frocks from that time. And I don’t know how but I held it together till we got home … then cried into my wine!

  9. Oh yes I love cool cotton and viscose frocks in the heat and the humidity and love this one on you Nikki,so pretty and I love the pops of colour you have worn with it! Stunning!I do love Boom Shankar dresses as well.
    I feel for you having your son taken to hospital by ambulance so so scary I am sure that your heart stopped beating,mine does still when one of mine is hurt ,I think that every Mother does.Yes and it always suprises you when they bounce back so quickly!
    I hope your daughter had a great time at the Gold Coast and I do hope you have a quieter week planned to help you recover:)

  10. Glad to hear Master SY is ok. I can only imagine how scary that was though … hope you have recovered too. Perhaps a little spa treatment is required to make sure? ๐Ÿ˜‰ That outfit would have been perfect yesterday when the humidity in Brisbane was pretty gross. Love the pops of colour too! Oh and I am liking the everyday style posts too!!

  11. Good to hear your young man is OK. We have been in the same situation with our eldest just recently and it just awful! He is fine though and even though he is now 20, he is still my baby!
    Love the Boom Shankar on you.

  12. So glad to hear your little man is ok.
    Re: tunic, model is simply gorgeous but I would never ever consider buying it…modelled on you, I think yes, perhaps that would be nice for the summer.

  13. So sorry to hear about your boy. Such a worrying time. Glad he eventually came through ok. Busy weekend for you. Amazed you had time to blog. Love the tunic. Perfect the hoy, humid weather weโ€™re apparently in for.

  14. Oh this tunic is gorgeous! I love Boom Shankar. Definitely. So sorry to hear about your boy. So bloody frightening. My then 3 year old was concussed at kindy once. Just awful. But then they do bounce back. WISH I COULD! GOD! I am still recovering.

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