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Remember when we gave you the heads up about Queensland fashion label Maiocchi responding to social media feedback from its customers about the models used in the label’s campaigns?

In a nutshell, Maiocchi customers were not happy that young, size 8 models were being used to market the label to them. They wanted women who were older and of an average size representing the brand they know and buy.

All this was music to my ears. It’s something I’ve been banging on about for years. I don’t want to be marketed to by girls young enough to be my daughter.

It’s also a big reason why I started the Model and Me posts three-plus years ago. I realised that women find it super difficult to visualise how they could look in a garment as shown on a model.

I don’t represent all sizes of women but I do represent a different size.

In my wildest bloggie dreams I’d love to be able to feature those same Model and Me garments on four – or more – different women but logistically and cost-wise it’s not possible right now. I have done this as part of my forthcoming book, though.

And that’s why I’m stoked that Maiocchi has done this shoot with five of its customers and Facebook fans.

All of the frocks featured are part of the label’s current summer collection, Love at the Fete.

Maiocchi designer Deanne Mayochhi and 5 customers wearing her designs

Maiocchi designer Deanne Mayocchi (second from left) with five of her customers showing how fabulous her designs look on a range of sizes and ages

Maiocchi customer wearing Maiocchi summer 2013

Maiocchi real woman campaign

Maiocchi customer wearing Maiocchi summer 2013 Maiocchi customer wearing Maiocchi summer 2013

Maiocchi customer wearing Maiocchi summer 2013

What do you think? Would you like more fashion labels to do this?

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  1. What a positive story, but Maiocchi are only half way there. Unfortunately when you go to buy something on the website there are hardly any larger sizes available. Most only go up until a 14. Majority of the dresses have no sleeves and most larger sized people won’t wear no sleeve garments

    1. With this photoshoot, they were using actual customers of the label – fans who already buy it and support via their Facebook page – so in that respect, it’s a reflection on that – size 6-16. The designs do sell quickly so it could be a case that the sizing was there but it’s been sold. They also wholesale to boutiques – it’s not just stock for their stores or online.

      Re the arm thing – in QLD we just get them out because it’s just too damn hot but the label also does a range of shrugs and cardis to work back with their designs. For example:

  2. I’ve never said this out loud, but I find it extremely frustrating from the other end of the spectrum. As a smallish, 40 something mother my body is not the way it used to be either. But I find it very difficult to find clothes that fit. XS is often too big – width and particularly height, which is ridiculous when I’m not THAT small!

    1. Oh I hear you. I do. When I did one-on-one sessions with clients I had a number of size 4-6 women – and it is difficult. If you look at Dina above – she’s stoked that Maiocchhi are now doing size 6 as the 8s were too big for her. All women are real and we all deserve to be heard!

  3. This is a wonderful idea more labels should do this especially the different body shapes and ages.I love to support Australian local businesses where possible so they will get more of my $ if they did this.

  4. Oh, I so love this! Rachel is a friend and I’ve sat in her shoe shop in Paddington moaning about lack of representation for plus sizes. Hopefully more labels will follow in Maiocchi’s footsteps.

  5. When you start a new life in another country it takes quite a while to get to know all of the different fashion labels available. I have always been a frock type of girl (having an instant outfit really does float my boat) so I must check out Maiocchi – Fabulous to see their frocks on ‘real woman’ too – after all, that’s who buys them. Lets’s hope more labels follow suit.
    Right I’m off to check them out!

  6. I would love more labels to do this. The problem is a size 6-8 looks completely different in a dress that a thirty-something size 12 does (after children!!!).

  7. We’ll done Maiocchi, it’s inspired me to try on some of the dresses at my local Gold Coast stockist. More labels need to recognise who their market is and market to them. Too many labels think their market is younger in age than what it is, in reality.

  8. ABSOLUTELY ! more labels NEED to do this if they want to keep and attract women to their designs! I was recently sent a survey by MESOP (one of my favourite labels and it’s all made in Melbourne and fabulous) and I told them very clearly that as a 44 year old woman my absolute pet peeve is seeing their clothes modeled by some gorgeous 17 year old waif who needs to digest some carbs! I want to see their beautiful clothes on someone I can relate it ! OVER IT !

  9. What Johanne said! These are the things that will set businesses apart and allow them to be successful even in difficult times!! Well done Maiocchi!!

  10. Brilliant! This label is stocked in a boutique near my work but I’ve never tried one of the dresses on, becasue I wasn’t sure they’d suit me. This campaign is the kind that will make me try one on because I can see that their are different styles to suit different body types.AND I’d love to support a small business with a great campaign that listens to their customers.

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